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20th Anniversary of Russo taking over WCW

Sep 13, 2019
Thunder really sucked before Russo bc it was just a bunch of random matches that didn't have anything going for them...it sucked after Russo too bc his angles were trash but at least it had angles
I agree totally there’s nothing out right awful its just pointless and boring.It’s amazing they had 2 hours in primetime on TBS and they didn’t even try.

I can’t remember when thunder changes when I think back it was a few weeks after Russo shows up.


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Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
I agree totally there’s nothing out right awful its just pointless and boring.It’s amazing they had 2 hours in primetime on TBS and they didn’t even try.

I can’t remember when thunder changes when I think back it was a few weeks after Russo shows up.
I've been rewatching them as the Network uploads them in classic content drops and from what I remember it was around November when they started building toward Mayhem, before that the only angles you really saw were in replays of Nitro
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Sep 13, 2019
They pay tribute to Gorilla Monsoon with a graphic.

Outside Bret Hart & Benoit arrive to the building together.
-Total Package & Liz arrive to heckle them for being Canadian.
-Them’s fighting words.
-TP calls for security while Liz calls for Immigration.
-Security arrives.Immigration does not.
-In the background of all this Sid arrives in a taxi because William Goldberg murdered his car last week.

Clips from last week

At the announce table Heenan pays tribute to Gorilla Monsoon he’s breaking up.
He says the pearly gates of heaven will now be known as the Gorilla Position.Bobby starts crying and Tony gets really excited and starts hyping matches like a robot.
Thoughts-This was heartbreaking I felt so bad for Bobby you could tell how much Monsoon meant to him.Tony came across here like an emotionless dick.

Backstage Malenko finds Saturn he wants answers about what happened last week.
Saturn says he was trying to stop Douglas but then he saw Rey about to attack him so he hit him in self defense.

Mysterio vs Saturn
Before the bell Saturn apologizes to Rey about last week.
They shake hands but Rey armdrags him.
Rey goes for a frankensteiner but Saturn kills him with a running powerbomb.
Rey hits a ridiculous top rope frankensteiner on Saturn who was standing on the top
Douglas runs down and reaches into his elbow pad for I’m guessing a chain but Malenko comes down and stops him.
Kidman comes down to watch Rey’s back.
Kidman gets in the ring and the ref calls for the DQ
Winner-Saturn by DQ
Post Match Malenko is in the ring beside Rey & Kidman.
Kidman issues a tag match challenge to Douglas for later tonight.
Malenko leaves with Douglas & Saturn but their arguing.

A Meng Video Package airs
Backstage Ric Flair is randomly watching the Meng package putting Meng over to Arn who’s busy brushing his teeth.Also Ric really likes Surge.
Thoughts-Very odd.I’m glad Arn believes in good oral hygiene.

Disco vs Kaz Hayashi
Disco is cruiserweight champion.
Tony tells us Disco wants to be called D.I. from now on.
Disco gets the stunner which they called The Chartbuster for the pin.
Post match Disco says he can’t believe how easy the cruiserweight division is and he’ll be champ forever.
Thoughts-Fine match.They gave Kaz a few showcase spots he’s super talented.The cruiserweight division is pretty lame right now.

Meng beats Konnan relatively quickly with the death grip.
The announcers push Meng as an unstoppable monster.
Thoughts-It was a match.This is another random Meng push we’ll see how long this lasts.

Backstage Brad Armstrong is jumped from behind by Berlyn & his Bodyguard.
Berlyn yells at him in German.
They turn around to leave but Brad gets up and steals Berlyn’s cane.
Brad hits the bodyguard with the cane.
Security appears to break it up.
Thoughts-It might be that I’m 1/15th german but I sympathize with Berlyn in this storyline he just wants to speak his native tongue and Brad’s being a dick.Plus Brad stole his cane.I hope Berlyn wins at Havoc.

Hall & Nash arrive in the crowd and they’ve got beer.
Heenan interviews them he asks when their coming back.
Nash says never.
Hall says his back hurt from carrying this company for so long.
They wish Dusty Rhodes a happy birthday.
Nash then says their getting the band back together and he’ll come back in July 2012.
Heenan sells this like a real response and tells the crowd if their still alive in 2012 they’ll get to see the greatest tag team he’s ever seen wrestle again.
Thoughts-Again their treating everything as a joke but their super over with the crowd.

During Goldberg’s entrance Sid confronts him but its only words as security gets between them.Sid laughs like a crazy man.

Goldberg beats Horace with the jackhammer
Post match Goldberg cuts a promo on Sid.He doesn’t like him and their gonna fight at the ppv.
Thoughts-Alot better than last week Goldberg steamrolled Horace as he should.

Mean Gene interviews Hulk Hogan
Hulk cuts a promo on the internet,websites and people in the back thinking He’s done.He claims at Halloween Havoc he will have the last laugh.

Nitro Girl Search Segment.
Gene introduces Kimberly who gets a big pop.He pervs on her for a bit.
She has her name written on her top and also it must he very cold in Biloxi.
They introduced the 2 finalists
She likes to dance.That’s the only thing she likes.She’s very boring don’t vote for her.

She’s a JYD & Ted Dibiase fan.She also likes to dance.

Kimberly tells us to go vote on the website.She invites Gene to come party with her in Philly next week.

Backstage Torrie wipes lipstick off Kidman’s face.
David Flair enters and asks what’s going on.Torrie bails.
Thoughts-I guess David didn’t watch nitro week where Kidman was banging Torrie in the shower?

Knobbs w/ Hart & Morrus vs Stevie Ray in a Street Fight.
Knobbs brings a trash can.
Stevie calls for Booker who has a chair.
Morrus and Booker brawl.
Hart hits Stevie with the trash can and puts Knobbs on top for the pin.
Thoughts-Garbage Match.Garbage Feud.

A video package on The Revolution’s recent problems

Douglas comes out and says its time to air the revolution’s dirty laundry.
He calls out the other members.
Benoit,Malenko and Saturn come out.
Douglas blames Malenko for Saturn getting a DQ win tonight when he should won clean.
Douglas doesn’t like that Benoit is so chummy with Bret Hart.
Benoit says if it wasn’t for the Hart’s there’d be no Benoit.
Thoughts-Benoit shows he has no idea how babies are made.
Benoit says there’s no Revolution if there’s no Benoit.
He takes off the shirt and throws it down before leaving.
Saturn yells at Douglas for making this mess and getting him in a tag match tonight.
Malenko says he’ll partner with Saturn and get things back on track.
Leaving Douglas wondering what just happened.
Thoughts-It was fine but I’m not interested at all so far in this angle.

Brad Armstrong vs La Parka
Parka bumps the ref.
Brad throw him to the outside.
Berlyn comes out with his bodyguard.
The bodyguard hits La Parka with a chair and rolls him in the ring.
Berlyn hits Brad with a reverse neckbreaker causing Brad to land on Parka for the pin.
Winner-Brad Armstrong
Thoughts-What a stupid finish.What a stupid feud.WCW has way too much interference it’s ridiculous.

Backstage Henning hits on Torrie.
He says “my arms are big and I got 2 CD’s on the market”.
Shockingly she didn’t have sex with him right then after that great pickup line.
David Flair shows up and wants to talk to Torrie.
Henning tells him to scram before beating him severely.
Torrie runs away.
Henning leaves calling for Torrie.

Berlyn w/ Bodyguard vs Norman Smiley
-The announcers tell us Berlyn vs Brad Armstrong is now official for halloween Havoc.They said that last week aswell.
-Berlyn gets the pin with his whacky neckbreaker.
Winner- Berlyn
Thoughts-Wow somebody won clean with no interference how novel.

Mean Gene interviews Ric Flair.
-Gene tells us DDP vs Flair will happen at Halloween Havoc.
-Flair says somebody told him Henning attacked his son.
-He challenges Henning tonight.
-He talks about wanting to bang Kimberly.
Thoughts-I guess Ric was too busy watching Meng video packages while drinking Surge to know his son was attacked.

Malenko & Saturn w/ Douglas vs Rey & Kidman
Douglas grabs the ref and throws Saturn a chain.
Saturn KO’s kidman with the chain and gets the pin.
Winners:Malenko & Saturn
Post match Malenko sees the replay.He gets pissed rips off his revolution t shirt and spits in Douglas’s face before leaving
Thoughts-Fine match I just don’t care about the storyline.Plus more interference oh boy.

A Goldberg Video Package Airs.

Sid vs Van Hammer
Sid knocks out the ref.
Rick Steiner runs in
Sid & Steiner do the double team stuff powerbomb for the pin
Thoughts-Again Sid needing a 2 on 1 advantage when he’s supposed to be a monster in the semi main event of the ppv and he’s facing geeks.Stupid.

Tenay joins the announcers and talks about Hart vs Beniot last week.
They show some clips of the match.

A Dustin Rhodes video package
-He’s got white face paint and he’s hanging outside a young boys bedroom.
He says “Come with me my son and live forever in complete bliss!”
The boys eyes turn black.
Thoughts-This is a horrible idea.

The announcers say that was the stuff of nightmares.
Tony wonders when this man will show up to Nitro.
Thoughts-My 1st thought would be to call the cops while Tony wonders when this creepy dude is coming to nitro.We are 2 very different people.

Henning w/ Curly Bill vs Ric Flair
Curly Bill holds down Ric’s leg while he’s getting pinned.
David Flair attacks Curly to stop him.
Ric gets the pin with a schoolboy.
Winner-Ric Flair
Thoughts-Again with the interference.Why can’t Ric just beat Henning seeing he has a big match at the ppv and henning isn’t even on the card?

Footage from a couple weeks ago air.TP hits Bret in the face with a bat.
Tony says they thought his face was crushed or his career was over but he’s fine with only a few scratches.
Thoughts-Well that’s a relief.

Total Package & Liz head out for the main event.She rips off his clothes while Tony & Heenan get turned on.

Total Package & Rick Steiner vs Bret Hart & Benoit
Benoit hits the top rope headbutt on Steiner but Sid runs in to break up the pin for the DQ.
Winners by DQ-Hart & Benoit
Post match Sid attacks Bret
Sid and Steiner hit benoit with the stuff powerbomb
3 on 1 attack on Bret.
Goldberg runs out and spears Steiner.
Sid tells Goldberg you can’t touch me.
Goldberg then spears Sid.
The announcers say the match at the ppv is off because Goldberg wasn’t supposed to touch Sid till the ppv.
Thoughts-Yay more interference.The stuff with Goldberg got over real big.Nice cliffhanger with the Sid/Goldberg possibly being off the ppv.

Final Thoughts-Another lackluster show with way too much interference.
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Aug 6, 2010
Think they just used Thunder to promote Nitro and PPV's a lot of the time. Also as a way to give a lot of the b-talent run outs.
Sep 13, 2019
Thunder(Final Show before Russo)
We open at the announce table with Tenay,Larry Z and Kevin Nash.
Nash says everyone says he was a terrible booker but he was smart enough to book himself into retirement while still getting paid a big fat contract by WCW.
Nash also says that his tenure as booker was disastrous so WCW removed him and are now making him do commentary on thunder to recoup their losses.

Jim Duggan beats Buddy Lee Parker with The Old Glory Kneedrop
Post match Nash takes Tenay to task for making up move names as he can’t comprehend The Old Glory Kneedrop being a real thing.

Al Greene comes out and Nash confuses him with The Reverend Al Greene.Nash signs “Let’s Stay Together”.
Lash Leroux gets a nice reaction in his hometown.
Lash Leroux beats Al Greene with The WhipLash
Thoughts:They gave a new guy who’s getting a title shot at the ppv a win in his hometown.Good basic booking.

Total Package & Liz make their way to the ring for a promo.
Tenay has breaking news for next week’s Thunder Total Package vs Buff will be the main event.
Nash & Larry talk about Liz’s boobs.
TP says He’s been out of the ring for nearly 9 months with arm surgery and he didn’t receive a single call or letter from any of the wrestlers or the fans.
He says everyone is jealous of his awesome physique,his -4% body fat and because he’s an amazing athlete.
Buff comes out to a pretty big pop especially from the ladies.
Buff calls him a liar.
Buff says he checked on TP but he won’t return his calls.
Buff challenges TP to a match next week that was announced at the beginning of this segment.
Buff wants to know what’s going on between TP & Sting.He can’t believe his 2 friends would turn their backs on him & the fans.
Rick Steiner wanders out distracting Buff.
TP attacks Buff from behind.
Rick joins TP in attacking Buff.
La Parka makes the save with a chair...Really La Parka I swear.
Rick,TP and Liz bail laughing.
Nash reveals TP’s secret that he’s terrified of skeletons.
Thoughts:Okay but weird segment.TP got alot of heat from the crowd and Buff was over.The La Parka run in was totally random.

Clips from Nitro of the Torrie/Kidman/David Flair/Henning situations

Tenay wants to know about the women Nash has been bringing to Nitro.
Nash is a gentleman and doesn’t tell.

Knobbs & Morrus w/ Jimmy Hart vs The Armstrong Brothers
Morrus hits the No Laughing Matter for the pin.
Winners-Knobbs & Morrus
Post match Knobbs calls out Harlem Heat and they run out.
Nash screams “Oh my god it’s Wesley Snipes!!!” when he sees Booker.
Knobbs & Morrus bail.
Stevie Ray calls them doughnut eatin milk drinkin fruit booty’s.
Larry wants to see some fruit booty’s get kicked.
Thoughts:This was okay but I just don’t care about Knobbs & Morrus as the top contenders for the tag titles at a major ppv like Halloween Havoc.WCW has got to have some better teams.

Clips of Rey vs Saturn from Nitro

Clips of Goldberg & Sid from Nitro.Nash does a nfl films parody voiceover.
Thoughts:This was hilarious.

Horace vs Brian Adams
Nash is adding The Old Glory to every move name.
Tenay says Benoit & Malenko are in New Japan.
Nash promises to be on commentary next week and he’s gonna narrate a video package on The Total Package.
Adams hits a piledriver for the pin.
Winner:Brian Adams
Thoughts:Who could care about this match? Answer not me.

A video package hyping Sting vs Hogan at Halloween Havoc.

Mean Gene interviews Lash Leroux
Lash calls himself the 22 year old cajun sensation sweeping the nation.
He hypes his match against Disco at Halloween Havoc.
Gene wants to know if Lash can Dance.Lash says he can.
Gene calls him a breath of fresh air in our great industry.
Nash thinks Lash is gonna get laid tonight.
Thoughts:Not bad.Lash was in his hometown he got a win earlier and now cut a decent promo and if you believe Nash he will be having sex tonight.I still hate the initials sideburns for moral reasons but Lash was decent tonight.

A video package hyping Brad Armstrong vs Berlyn for Halloween Havoc.

Prince Iaukea vs Berlyn w/ Bodyguard
Tenay announces that tonight’s main event has just been signed TP & Steiner vs Buff & La Parka.
Nash says half the roster didn’t bother to show up tonight so this is what they decided to book for a main event.Tenay says “Welcome to the All Shoot Edition of Thunder!”
The bodyguard knocks Iaukea out with one punch.
Berlyn hits his neckbreaker for the pin.
Thoughts:Yay more interference.Nash is out of his mind.

A Meng video package

Luther Biggs w/ Coach Buzz Stern vs Meng
Buzz is Glacier in a new gimmick.
Nash claims Meng and Barry White are the same person you never see them at the same time.
Meng gets the death grip
Meng puts the death grip on Buzz as well.
Nash says people should know you ain’t getting beat after a sweet video package like Meng got.

Saturn vs Mysterio
Rey gets a rollup out of nowhere for the pin.
Post match Saturn flips out and grabs a chain attacking rey and the ref.He hits a top rope elbow drop and applies the rings of saturn until refs break it up.

Halloween Havoc hype video

TP & Steiner w/ Liz vs Buff & La Parka
The match starts with all 4 men fighting on the outside brawl and choking eachother with cables and stuff.The ref just allows it
Buff goes outside to hit on Liz but TP kicks his ass.
Old Glory choke by Buff on TP
Buff goes for the blockbuster but La Parka is in the way so he hits him with it.
Buff leaves and match just ends.
The announcers are baffled.
TP & Steiner pound on La Parka as we go off the air.

Final thoughts:Nash was the highlight of the show.He was the most entertaining I’ve ever seen him and if Thunder is gonna be lame duck this would be a good role for him to bring some entertainment to the viewers.If you remove Nash this was another not much happening edition of Thunder.
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Sep 13, 2019
A limo arrives and a limo driver who clearly hates his life opens the door
Sid looking dapper in a suit steps out the Limo with 3 lawyers.

Show open and Pyro

Juvi vs Evan Karagias
We wrestle about 3 minutes to mostly silence.
Juvi hits a crossbody from the top.
Crowd explodes as Bret Hart just walks out.
Everyone is baffled.The match just ends.
Winner-Bret Hart I guess?
Bret says he asked for promo time but was told no so he is just gonna take it.
He says he came to the WCW almost 2 years ago and keeps getting lied to.
He left WWF for one reason to beat Hulk Hogan for the WCW Title.
The new writers have told him politics are being played and that match with Hogan will never happen.
Cue Sting’s music.
Sting tells him to quit whining promises are never kept in this business.
Sting offers Bret a title shot tonight.Bret accepts.
The announcers ponder what effect that match might have on the wcw title match at Halloween Havoc.
Thoughts-Interesting.That’s a pretty big title match before the ppv.

At the announce table Tony informs us this is Russo/Ferrera’s 1st show after leaving the WWF.He runs down some matches Sting vs Bret,Total Package vs Goldberg,Harlem Heat vs The Filthy Animals for the tag titles and Madusa vs Mona in an evening gown match.Bobby guarantees both women will be completely naked.This news excites Tony and they fail miserably at a high five.
Thoughts-That tag match is way bigger than the one at the ppv.Tony continues to be portrayed at a horny pervert no matter who the writers are.Them focusing so much on who’s writing the show is baffling especially in 1999.

Backstage Tenay interviews Sid with his lawyers.Sid starts talking but his lawyer advise him to stop.

Outside Goldberg arrives and Tony wonders what this means.
Thoughts-My guess is he’ll try to get his hands on Sid.Tony should know these things after 2 decades on the job.

Backstage Sid tells his lawyers the match with Goldberg is off.They agree.

Disco vs Vampiro
Lash Leroux comes out to do commentary.
Match goes barely a minute.Vampiro dominates for 55 seconds but misses a senton allowing Disco to hit the chartbuster for the pin.
Post match Lash attacks Disco and hits him with the Whiplash.
Thoughts-So rushed rendering what they did pointless.The cruiserweight Division has seen better days.

Backstage Larry Z interviews Goldberg who promises he will Jackhammer Sid at the ppv.
Thoughts-Wait I thought the match was off?

Seven promo airs.He hangs out outside the little boys window watching him play with blocks.He tells WCW to fear him.

Backstage Tenay interviews Madusa.She’s pissed at the new writers putting her in an evening gown match cause she’s a real wrestler not one of these fluff girls who takes off their clothes to get a big push.She says she’s quitting wcw instead of doing the match.

Mean Gene is with Kimberly for the nitro girl search segment.They introduce the finalists.
Finalists #1 Stacy.She’s a baltimore ravens cheerleader who loves wrestling.
She also shows us her butt.
Finalists #2 Chiquita.She loves to dance and brags about going to the Academy of Movement.
She shows us her butt too.
Kimberly tries to plug how to vote but Buff’s music plays and he comes out.
He tells the women not to touch him.He then talks about the new writers and claims he’s their handpicked chosen one.
Gene asks if they’ve told him that.
Buff says they didn’t have to because its all over the internet.
Buff says he won’t forget the little people when he becomes a huge megastar.Then he poses.

Backstage Larry interviews Mona.She says this evening gown match is a huge opportunity for her in WCW.She promises to rip off Madusa’s clothes.

Backstage Kimberly is searching for David Flair.

Harlem Heat(c) vs Rey and Konnan-Tag Title Match
Kidman,Torrie in a mink coat and Eddie G as Tony calls him come out and sit at the announce table.
Tony informs us he doesn’t care about this match and starts flirting with Torrie.
Kidman informs us that Tony has a boner.Tony doesn’t deny this.
Rey hits a spinboard crotch to the face on Stevie who catches him but Konnan grabs Stevie’s feet causing him to fall back and Rey to get the pin.
Winners and new champs Rey and Konnan
Post match they celebrate with the other Filthy Animals.
Thoughts-I’m surprised Rey and Konnan won the belts when Rey & Kidman have been the team of the group.Konnan looked awful he was sucking wind after barely doing anything.

Backstage a horny Kimberly finds David Flair.She talks about his recent woman problems and maybe him batting up the wrong tree.She says DDP is away making a movie and she’s so lonely.She invites him to her hotel room 801 at the marriott and gives him the keycard.
Her eyes are up here David.

Tenay interviews Rey & Konnan on winning the tag titles with the rest of The Filthy Animals.Stacy Keibler is with them in leather.The First Family interrupts to demand they still receive their tag title shot at the ppv.Konnan grants their demand.
Thoughts-God no I can’t avoid the 1st family I was hoping Russo would just ignore their title shot.Also Mike Tenay is creepy AF the only thing more creepy than Seven hanging outside my bedroom window would be creepy ass Mike Tenay.But saying all that by the looks of this photo Stacy has the hots for him so what do I know.

Meng vs Morrus w/ Jimmy Hart
Hall & Nash sit in the front row during this match they are enthralled by the action.
Finish comes when Morrus starts talking to Hart allowing Meng to get the death grip.

Backstage Sid and his lawyers walk.

Backstage Goldberg walks.

Sid comes out holding a document.
He calls out his lawyers.
He says this document is the contract for the match against Goldberg which is off because Bill attacked him last week.
Goldberg comes out and spears the lawyers.
Sid hits him with a Big Boot and a Powerbomb.
Sid says “The match is on!” and then stuffs the contract in Bill’s mouth.Then exits.
Goldberg goes to leave but Hall & Nash are laughing at him.Hall throws a toothpick in his face.Goldberg attacks them and security breaks it up and kick Hall & Nash out of the building.

Tenay interviews Bret about his title shot tonight.Bret wants Hogan at Havoc.Sting runs in and attacks him.They brawl until security breaks it up.

Outside the building Hall & Nash want to get back in the building but security won’t let them.

Backstage Goldberg searches for Sid.

Berlyn w/ Bodyguard vs Rick Steiner
Brad Armstrong runs in to attack Berlyn but Rick grabs him and puts him in a sleeper.
Bodyguard tries to hit him with a chair but Brad moves and Rick gets hit instead.
Berlyn gets the pin.
Post match Brad checks on Rick.
Rick chokes Brad
And then beats his ass all the way to the back.Crowd pops big for Rick.
Thoughts-Rick Steiner just turned babyface with me.What a way to build Brad for his match at the ppv.

Backstage Hall & Nash re-enter the building.Hall complains about them taking their booze.Nash reaches into the crotch of his pants and pulls out some cough medicine and starts chugging it.

Kim arrives at the hotel and gets in the elevator.
Thoughts-I wonder how far they’ll go with this?

Kim enters her hotel room and there’s someone in the bathroom.She tells them to get ready for her in there and she’ll get ready for them out here.
She strips down to her lingerie.
Pours some champagne so we get an ample cleavage shot.
And gets some prescription pills out of her purse cause she likes to party.She says “These will knock you out.”
Ric comes out of the bathroom and takes a bump on the bed
He informs her David couldn’t make it so he’s gonna give her the 14-Time spanking her daddy shoulda gave her a long time ago.
Thoughts-I’m glad Kimberly is featured more as she’s only been on Nitro plugging the nitro girl search contest lately.The crowd really popped when she showed her boobs.She looked great and the Ric Flair surprise adds a new wrinkle to his match at the ppv against DDP.

Backstage Goldberg is on a rampage looking for Sid.He asks ICP where he is but they don’t know so he kills them.
Thoughts-I didn’t know Goldberg’s ass had its own team.

Larry Z interviews Total Package & Liz who are watching nitro on a monitor about the Goldberg match.
Larry addresses him as Mr.Package.
TP claims he’s not concerned but he acts very paranoid.
TP says beating up clowns doesn’t impress him. Bill could beat up all the clowns in the Barnum & Bailey circus for all he cares.
He says 2 years ago Goldberg was in his & Sting’s car begging them to get him a job at WCW.
He claims he’s the greatest physical specimen but then looks down at Liz’s boobs and seems to have 2nd thoughts.TP & Liz excuse themselves.

We see a split screen of Mona getting ready and Madusa packing her bags.

David Flair vs Kidman w/ Torrie
Heenan promises that Halloween Havoc will be the greatest ppv ever.
Kidman kisses Torrie sending David into a rage eventually after he waits 30 seconds.
Torrie gets on the apron and flashes David to a HUGE pop.He covers her up.
Kidman hits the shooting star smashing David right in the face with his knee for the pin.
Post match Kidman makes out with Torrie while the rest of The Flithy Animals attack David.
Tony says Ric Flair can’t help his son because he’s got his hands full having sex with Kimberly at the hotel.
Tony says “Women get you nowhere.” Heenan agrees.
Thoughts-Bad night for David he turns down having sex with Kimberly then gets beat by the guy that stole his girlfriend,took a legit knee to the face on the finish and got beatdown after the match.What a geek.This crowd really likes boobs and WCW is providing them.

Sting(c) vs Bret Hart-WCW World Title Match
Tony has never seen Sting more confident but he can’t believe his recent actions.
Bobby says this is the real sting and this was his plan since he started in WCW.
Thoughts-So Sting’s plan was to be a squeaky clean babyface for 12 years and then turn heel?Okay that’s a poor plan but you gotta admire his patience in accomplishing that goal.
Bret dominates early and the crowd is hot.
Bret gets the sharpshooter but Sting gets to the ropes.
Sting hits a splash from the top rope.
Big pop from the crowd as Liz comes out.
Tony is trying to read the look on her face.Bobby says he’s never looked at her face she might have a goatee for all he cares.
Liz gets on the apron and distracts the ref.
The Total Package comes out with a bat.
Bret sees TP and pulls him in the ring and pummels him.
Bret goes for the sharpshooter but TP hit him in his ankle with a bat.
Sting locks on the scorpion deathlock and Bret quickly taps.
Winner and still champion Sting
Post match Liz & TP head to the back while a fan holds a “Lex Luger Steroid Man” sign.
Sting celebrates.
The trainer checks on Bret while Tony says his career is certainly over.
Thoughts-Decent match that the crowd was really into.The announcers really pushed Hart winning and facing Hogan at Havoc.This is the 2nd time in the last month that Tony has claimed Bret’s career is over after a bat related attack.

Tony thanks the new creative team for this spectacular edition of nitro and especially this evening gown match.

Backstage Hall & Nash offer Mean Gene some Nyquil.He’s not interested.They ask him where Goldberg is.He points them in his direction.

Backstage Ric Flair waits for his cue to start walking.

Here comes Mona and she’s very excited about this New York City Evening Gown match.Heenan guarantees both women will be naked.
Here comes Madusa.I guess she didn’t quit then.
Tony complains that she’s not wearing a regulation evening gown because its gotta go below the knee.Mona is angry as well.
Mona beats Madusa in a new york city evening gown match
Finish was Madusa hitting Mona with a chair then she goes to the announcers and complains about being forced into this type of match.Tony says we didn’t book this but their enjoying it.Mona sneaks up to her and rips off her dress for the win.
Post match Madusa shoots of the new writers and then tells them to kiss her ass.
Tony & Bobby think she might be mad.
Thoughts-They tried to work a match with German suplexs,Top rope crossbody’s and a seated middle rope dropkick.But the crowd and the announcers only cared about seeing them take their clothes off.

Backstage Ric Flair finds David.David tells him he just got beat up by Kidman.Ric can’t believe Kidman beat him up and tells him they need to go do something about this.

Backstage Hall & Nash stole some Villano masks and search for Señor Goldberg.

La Parka beats Buff Bagwell
Buff was mocking himself.He told La Parka to kick him and he did for the pin.
The announcers are baffled.
Post match Buff goes to the announce table looks into the camera and says “Hey Russo did I do a good JOB?....How about you come out here Big Man?..Who else are you gonna have beat me?”
Buff goes back into the ring and Jeff Jarrett appears and breaks a guitar over his head.
Jeff says Buff doesn’t have stroke he has stroke because he’s boys with Vince Russo.He grabs his junk and then leaves.
Thoughts:Beyond stupid.They are spending a ton of time on this show focusing on the writers and letting you know its all fake.

Backstage Hall & Nash still in Villano masks are let in the building by Security.Nash then vomits on Doug Dillinger.

Back in the arena Tony tells us the Big Outsider is kinda sick.Heenan says he hurled.

Eddie Guerrero vs Saturn vs Chavo-3 way elimination match
No one gets an entrance.
Douglas is at ringside.
Filthy animals come out and confront Douglas
Saturn dives on the outside onto Kidman.
Chavo suplexes Saturn from the apron into the ring and Eddy hits Saturn with the Frog Splash for the pin.Saturn is eliminated.
Chavo hits Eddy with the tornado DDT and pins him.
Post match The Filthy Animals attack Chavo and help Eddy to the back.

In his dressing room Total Package works out.Tony claims he’s nervous but he’s ready.Bobby says if he’s not nervous he should be

td^pKRmZ- appears on the screen.Tony informs us if we enter this code into WCW Mayhem The Videogame for PS1 & N64 you unlock the following Halloween Havoc matches Sting vs Hogan,Hart vs TP and Disco vs Lash.Bobby tells us it just keeps getting better.

Tony thanks the new creative team for this night and he plugs the main event.He then screams with excitement “JUMP UP ON YOUR TABLE AND SAY IT LOUD...IT’S THE RETURN OF THE HARDCORE MATCH TO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING!!!”.Bobby says he likes these matches.

They plug ticket on-sales later this week.Heenan claims he might bring Torrie with him.Tony becomes very interested

Horace vs Norman Smiley-Hardcore match
Horace makes his entrance with a trash can.
Smiley makes his entrance.These dudes know what’s up.
2 fans do the Big Wiggle
Smiley is terrified.
Horace dominates.
Horace then sets up a table and charges Norman to put him through it but Norman moves and Horace goes through the table.
Norman pokes him with his foot to make sure he’s out and then pins him.
Winner-Norman Smiley

Backstage Ric Flair is walking.

Ric Flair calls out The Filthy Animals.
They come out and beat Ric severely.
David tries to make the save but gets beat up also.
They strip Ric and steal his clothes,money and watch.
Heenan says you usually need to go to Central Park to get mugged like this is Philly.
Thoughts-I’m really surprised they turned them heel but they really have put them over strong all night.

Backstage Total Package is searching for Liz.He goes into the women’s dressing room and finds her face down unconscious with pieces of a guitar near her head.He calls for medics.
The announcers wonder who could have done this.
Thoughts-The announcers looked like idiots here there’s only 1 guy in the promotion who breaks guitar over people’s heads and he’s been a woman beater in the WWF for months before he came here.

Total Package vs Goldberg
Goldberg Dominates.
Hall & Nash come out.Hall chugs cough medicine while Nash takes a nap.
Sting runs out.
And attacks Goldberg with a bat.
Bret comes out limping.
Bret tries to take off Sting’s head with the bat while he’s against the post but Sting ducks and the bat breaks.
Bret goes to put Sting in the sharpshooter but TP breaks it up.
TP puts him in the rack but Goldberg spears TP.
And hits the jackhammer for the pin.
Show goes off the air with Goldberg & Bret celebrating.
Thoughts-Crowd was really hot for this whole segment.TP was actually working hard.I didn’t mind the inference here because the match was short,it featured big stars and the crowd ate it up while the last couple weeks the matches were really long and the crowd didn’t care.

Final Thoughts-Not a great show but it had a ton more energy than the last 2 weeks I’ve been watching.Lots of newsworthy stuff happened.Maybe there was too much stuff going on but to show there’s a new direction you had to deviate from the boring formula WCW had been doing.It felt like a tamer version of 99 Raw.

I’m kinda puzzled by the decisions to keep Sting heel seeing the fans have been cheering him just as loud since he turned on Hogan and its so weird for the announcers to talk about him being an awful person yet the fans love him.
Turning Filthy Animals heel.They were the only cool young group that were over as babyfaces and now their just heel out of nowhere.
Hall & Nash being heel.The fans absolutely love them and want to cheer them so having them as heels is really counterproductive for all involved.

Thumbs somewhat up.It didn’t blow me away but it was different and I leave this show optimistic as there’s a ton of directions they can go.I’m actually looking forward to Halloween Havoc but I’m not looking forward to the go home Thunder.
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Sep 13, 2019

Show open with pyro.

We start with our announcers Scott Hudson & Larry Zbyszko.
Thought-Crap! I was looking forward to week 2 of Nash.

Maestro vs Smiley

Larry says Maestro is a strange bird who hangs in the hotel lobby after shows and tickles the ivory’s.
They focus on Sid vs Goldberg at the ppv.
Larry thinks Sid is a smart man who is also a monster.
Scott says this thunder is jam packed with action featuring the new team of Blitzkrieg & Kaz Hayashi,Harlem Heat and Buff vs Total Package.
Larry claims Buff vs TP is huge because of TP’s sterling rep in the business.
This crowd noise is incredibly fake sounding.Just a constant roar.
Smiley locks on the Norman’s Conquest for the submission
Thoughts-Nothing match.

Hype video for Disco vs Lash at Halloween Havoc.

MVP vs Horace
MVP was Dale Torborg 2 weeks ago beating Maestro.
Horace in the last week has lost to Brian Adams & Smiley.
They focus on Sting vs Hogan at the ppv.
Larry thinks if Sting loses at the ppv good guy Sting will come back.
They’ve never heard Hulk like they did a couple weeks ago when he was shooting on the internet.
Larry says Horace has never laughed in his life.
Scott says he’s a very unpleasant man.
MVP isn’t a barrel of laughs either.
Scott claims MVP is emotionless and has no soul.
Also rumor of a MLB career abound.
They say this match is just as important as a ppv world title match as each man wants to rise up the ranks and become half as big as Hulk Hogan.
Horace hits with Samoan Drop called The H Bomb for the pin.
Thoughts-Another nothing match.

Hype video for DDP vs Ric Flair at Halloween Havoc

Curly Bill vs Lash Leroux
Curly is a redneck wearing Tommy Hilfiger jeans.
Scott calls him Curly Fries.
Scott claims Curly is Henning & The Windham’s gopher.
They focus of DDP vs Flair at the ppv.They claim the winner will receive a world title shot.Larry can’t wait to watch it.
Lash hits the whiplash for the pin.
Winner-Lash Leroux
Thoughts-Another boring match.I’m surprised they gave Curly Bill so much offense.

Clip from Nitro of The 1st Family demanding their tag title shot for Halloween Havoc.

Harlem Heat vs Regal & Taylor w/ Finlay
No Entrances for either team.
Larry claims No One likes Regal cause he’s a pompous goof and Taylor is a jerk.
Morrus & Knobbs run in to attack Harlem Heat for the DQ.
Winners by DQ-Harlem Heat
Post match Harlem Heat send Morrus & Knobbs packaging
Brian Knobbs screams us to commercial break

Sid video package where a guy screams “SHAKE THAT BOTTLE OF RAGE!!!” over and over while Sid chokeslams & powerbombs fools.It ends with Sid saying “Sid...Nuff Said!”.

Scott calls Goldberg The Bomb.

Sid vs Goldberg Halloween Havoc Hype Video.

Goldberg video package.

Brad Armstrong vs Berlyn Halloween Havoc video package.
Thoughts-This is alot of video packages in a row.

Kendall Windham w/ Curly Bill vs Brad Armstrong

Scott tells us his car has poor suspension because that was something we needed to know.
Scott tells us Tenay is already in Vegas for the ppv.
Larry says he’s leaving for vegas the minute this show goes off the air so he can roll them bones.
Scott says the rednecks hate rap but they love to interfere.
Windham takes his boot off and gives it to Curly.
Curly gets it the ring to hit Brad with said boot but Brad ducks and he hits Windham.
Brad hits the float over russian legsweep for the pin.
Winner-Brad Armstrong

Juvi & Silver King vs Blitzkrieg & Kayashi

No entrance for Blitzkrieg & Kayashi.
Larry claims Silver King is drinking Jalapeño Powder on the way to the ring.
Silver King knocks Blitzkrieg to the outside.
Juvi gets the Juvi Driver on Kaz for the pin.
Winners-Juvi & Silver King
Thoughts-This was excellent non stop action from start to finish.The 1st worthwhile thing on this show.

Rick Steiner vs La Parka

Scott talks about Buff phoning it in on Nitro because he doesn’t like the new creative direction from the new writers.
They plug Steiner vs Benoit for the TV title at the ppv.
Steiner cuts a promo before the bell.He tells us to bite him.
They talk about La Parka’s huge win against Buff on Nitro and then tell us it shouldn’t count because Buff didn’t agree with the creative direction so he didn’t try.
Steiner gets the pin with the top rope bulldog in like 2 minutes
Thoughts-Total squash.La Parka got zero offense.

Steiner vs Benoit Halloween Havoc video package

Sting vs Hogan Halloween Havoc video package

Clips from last’s monday’s New Nitro video package

Bret Hart vs Total Package Halloween Havoc video package

Pyro means its time for the main event.Hudson promises it will be hot!

TP & Liz make their way to the ring.
TP is very excited about posing

They change things up by doing their posing routine in the entrance.Scott & Larry perv on Liz.

Once they get in the ring TP gives Liz the focus.

Buff gets no entrance he’s already in the ring.

Total Package w/ Liz vs Buff
Scott claims Buff phoned in his performance on Nitro.
Larry says TP has a tremendous distraction at ringside in Liz because she’s so hot you always need to watch her even when you don’t want to because she’s so dangerous.Hudson agrees saying she has a couple of big distractions.
Thoughts-He means boobs.
TP keeps bailing but Buff is on his tail.
Scott & Larry praise Buff’s performance tonight.
Outside the ring Liz hits Buff from behind
He chases after her.TP clotheslines Buff from behind.
Scott warns Bret Hart to focus on Liz at the ppv.
Scott & Larry keep focusing on Liz.
TP dominates
Scott & Larry bury Buff’s performance tonight.
Buff makes a brief comeback before TP takes over.
They talk about TP’s steel plate in his forearm.
Buff goes for the Blockbuster but Liz trips him.
TP gets the rack and Buff submits
They give a final plug for the ppv and then rush off the air.

Final Thoughts-What a dreadfully boring show.Only highlight was the lucha tag which was great.So many video packages.
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Sep 13, 2019
I like the use of boldin' to break this up. A very good overview, I'd be postin' more in here if these Thunders and Nitros were more fresh in my memory so I could bring things up. Keep it up.
I’m trying some different things with my reviews especially since these Russo 3 hour nitro’s are like 6 months of content in one show I felt like I was writing an opus for that 1st one.
Sep 13, 2019
Halloween Havoc 1999

We open on the WCW Logo

Video Package highlighting Sid vs Goldberg and Sting vs Hogan

In the arena Tony welcomes us by immediately coughing on mic and then he hypes the card while pyro explodes.

At the announce table spiders crawl on Tony & Bobby’s faces they are unfazed because they are professionals.
Tony then gives us some breaking news that The Powers That Be have stripped The Filthy Animals of the tag titles due to Mysterio being hurt.He then says we will crown new champs tonight in a 6 man 3 team falls count anywhere streetfight between The Filthy Animals,1st Family and Harlem Heat.

Disco(c) vs Lash Leroux-Cruiserweight Title
Heenan calls Disco half man half goose.
Heenan loves this look on Disco and thinks it would be great for Mike Tenay.Tony agrees.
Heenan sees big things for Lash
The announcers ignore this match and talk about the rest of the card.
Disco hits the chartbuster for the pin.
Winner and still champion Disco
Post match Disco offers a handshake.Lash takes it but kicks him in the stomach and hits him with the whiplash on the title.
Thoughts-Total nothing match made moreso by the announcers not really paying attention to it.

Back at the announce table Tony & Bobby talk about the recent problems in The Revolution.We see footage of earlier today Malenko & Benoit arriving at the building.Saturn was waiting for him.Dean and Chris tell him that they can shove The Revolution up their ass.
Thoughts-That sounds uncomfortable and impossible.

Backstage Tenay interviews Harlem Heat.Booker talks about beating punk asses and getting back the tag titles.Tenay says he can relate to that.Stevie talks fruit booty’s & filthy egg sucking animals.
Stevie wants a kiss.Neither Tenay nor Booker is cool with that.

First Family w/ Hart vs Harlem Heat vs Filthy Animals
Falls Count Anywhere Streetfight for the Tag Titles

Filthy Animals come out with the titles even though we were informed they were stripped of them earlier today.
Filthy Animals get the biggest pop of the 3 teams even though they mugged Ric Flair on Nitro even stealing his socks.They leave their camcorder with the announcers.Bobby tries to convince Tony in pawning it and splitting the money.
Backstage Stevie pins Knobbs with a mummy.
Winners and new champions Harlem Heat
Post match as Harlem Heat are making their way back to the ring to retrieve their titles Kidman pins Morrus.Everyone’s confused.
The refs huddle and decides Harlem Heat are the rightful champs

Outside Ric & David Flair arrive.Ric has a crowbar.

In a moment not on Tony’s format sheet DDP & Kimberly come out for a promo.
Kim calls the wcw title a stupid belt.
She says Ric spanked her 14 times in the hotel room.
She says when DDP spanks her its a good thing.But when Ric does it its a bad thing.
DDP calls himself The King of Bada Bing Bada Boom Bada Bang.
He say Ric was alone with Kim in a hotel room and all he wanted to do was spank it.
He makes a bunch of jerking off jokes leading to him announcing that their match tonight will be a strap match.
He closes by saying “Their gonna wack it and jack it all night all!”
Thoughts-I think a child wrote this segment.

Backstage Goldberg arrives.He asks a security guard where Sid is and then goes looking for him.

Backstage Tenay interviews Eddy Guerrero who has Kidman & Torrie with him.Tenay informs them that The Revolution & The Filthy Animals are barred from ringside for Eddy vs Saturn.They freak out.Kidman & Torrie exit.Tenay points out that Eddy’s watch looks like the one they stole from Ric Flair.Eddy is offended he was being called a theft.

Eddy Guerrero vs Saturn
During his entrance Eddy has Heenan hold his watch and tells him to keep it away from that untrustworthy scumbag Schiavone.
Heenan bites the watch to make sure its real.It is.
Eddy hits a top rope superplex
Ric Flair comes out with a crowbar and attacks Eddy.
The ref throws the match out
Winner:Guerrero I guess they never specified a winner
Post match Kidman runs out and Ric beats him with the crowbar.
Torrie runs out and Ric makes out with her.She likes it.
Ric leaves but then comes back to reclaim his watch from Heenan.
They show a slow mo replay of Ric making out with Torrie then Tony alerts us something in happening backstage.

Backstage Goldberg in pummeling Sid.Security pulls Goldberg away.Sid comes up bleeding.

At the announce table Tony is shocked at what we just saw.He comments on the blood.Heenan says it looks like someone hit Sid in the face with 55 tomatoes.They both yell at us about what this could mean.
Thoughts-That’s an oddly specific amount of tomatoes.

In another moment not on Tony’s format sheet Buff Bagwell comes out for a promo.
Buff says if you watched Nitro you know that he has a problem with the new writers from up north that are gonna save WCW.
He also has a problem with Jeff Jarrett.
He claims he has stroke because he wasn’t on the show but he came to Vegas and made it happen.
He threatens to shove his foot up Jarrett’s hillbilly tennessee ass.
He tells Heenan to play Jarrett’s music.Heenan tells tony to do it
Jarrett runs out
Buff and Jarrett brawl
Total Package comes out.
TP grabs the guitar and goes to hit Jarrett but accidentally hits Buff.
Jarrett bails and TP goes after him.
Thoughts-I guess they now think Jarrett attacked Liz on Nitro cause on Monday the announcers couldn’t figure out who did it.

Backstage Tenay is with Sid who is getting stitches.Sid screams “LET IT BLEED!!!” and everyone runs away.

Brad Armstrong vs Berlyn w/ Bodyguard
Brad comes out to no reaction
Berlyn hit the neckbreaker for the pin.
Thoughts-No one cared at all.

Backstage Tenay interviews Ric Flair.Ric says Kimberly told him she loved the spanking on Monday.He also says Torrie loved the kiss earlier today.He promises to bang Kimberly 2 times after the match tonight.
Tony says and I quote “There are some things in life you can’t get enough of and Ric Flair talking about spanking Kimberly is one of these things.”

Beniot(c) vs Rick Steiner-TV Title Match
Malenko comes out with a chair he teases hitting Steiner but blasts Beniot instead.
Steiner gets the pin.
Winner and new champion Rick Steiner
Post match Saturn comes out and Malenko hugs him.
Heenan says this was a plan and beniot got jobbed.

Backstage Tenay interviews Bret Hart.Bret blames Total Package for him not being the wcw world champion right now and why he’s not main eventing against Hogan.

Total Package w/ Liz vs Bret Hart
Total Package and Liz make their way to the ring.
Heenan gets very turned on when he sees liz saying “Now that’s a package!”
Footage from Nitro of TP costing Bret the WCW Title.
Tony says Bret was advised to not compete by the WCW medical team.
Bret takes the advantage early.
He gets distracted by Liz who attacks him from behind.She tries to slap him but he blocks it but TP makes the save.
Bret dominates like 90% of this match.
Bret clotheslined TP over the top rope and both men tumble to the floor causing Bret to re-injure his ankle.
Back in the ring TP locks on a single leg crab and Bret quickly taps.
Winner-Total Package
Thoughts-Felt like a TV match.Bret didn’t really sell the injured ankle till the finish.

Backstage Tenay interviews Goldberg who still wants to kick Sid’s ass.

Madusa comes out oiled up in a bikini to model WCW’s Cologne.
Heenan says that cologne smells awful like manure.
She dances on the announce table,does some double entendres about her boobs with Heenan.
She talks about being forced to do this by the new writers against her will.
Heenan says this is WCW you need to do what your told.
She says its Bullshit and pours the cologne of Heenan’s head.He freaks out saying it smells awful.
Madusa leaves to a big pop.
Tony laughs saying he loves his job.
Thoughts-Baffling.Their trying to sell this cologne by telling you it smells awful.This is an odd strategy.

Sting vs Hogan video package

Sting(c) vs Hulk Hogan-WCW World Title Match
Hogan’s music play but no Hogan.
A small child brought this sign

The announcers are unsure what’s going on.
Sting’s music plays and He comes out.
Tony says Hogan must have had travel issue that’s the only reason he wouldn’t come out.
Heenan says its ego.Hogan wants the big entrance.
Hogan’s music plays again.He eventually comes out in street clothes.
Tony wonders where the red & yellow is.
Hogan has a brief chat with Sting we don’t hear.
Hogan lays down.
Heenan says “I’m Dumbfounded!”
Sting pins Hogan
Winner and still champion Sting
Post match they quickly cut away.The fans are pissed.
Thoughts-I guess this is an explanation for no Hogan on the go home Nitro.Crappy finish from what was advertised as the main event world title match but being so early in the show pretty much telegraphed that.

Sid vs Goldberg video package

Sid(c) vs Goldberg-US Title
Hall & Nash attack Goldberg from behind during his entrance.
Nash opens his Fubu jersey to reveal an Outsiders NWO T-Shirt.
Goldberg opens Sid wound with headbutts and outright punching it.
Rick Steiner comes out with a towel and begs the ref to stop the match.
The ref stops the match due to excessive blood loss
Winner and New champ Goldberg
Post match the announcers put Sid over as a total babyface because he still wants to fight.They promise a rematch.
Thoughts-A babyface turn for Sid makes the last month of needing a crooked heel ref and Rick Steiner to win random matches against low card geeks more baffling.

In another moment not on Tony’s format sheet Sting comes out and says he came to Vegas to fight.He issues an open challenge for later tonight against anyone.

DDP w/ Kimberly vs Ric Flair -Strap Match
They brawl early in the crowd.
They get back to ringside and Ric decides to makeout with Kim
He takes a breather
Then goes back for more
DDP attacked Ric after kissing Kim.
DDP takes over for awhile and Ric gets busted up.
DDP kicks Ric low then wraps the strap around his neck.
DDP hits the diamond cutter for the pin.
Post match DDP diamond cutters the ref
David runs out with a crowbar
Kim seduces him
then knees him in the junk.
Kim slides the crowbar into DDP who destroys Ric ribs and Junk with it.
Tony mourns the lost of Ric Flair genitals.RIP.
DDP hits David with the diamond cutter and elbows his genitals.
Thoughts-Moral of this story is if you’re a Flair and have genitals don’t come to Halloween Havoc 1999.
DDP and Kim leave.
Medics tend to Ric.
Tony claims Ric’s career is over.
Ric starts moving his limbs.Tony says that’s good.
Heenan informs us that’s the only part of Ric’s body that can move.See bit about his genitals earlier.
They rush Ric backstage to an ambulance.
The Filthy Animals attack the medics,Ric and David.
FA throws Ric in the ambulance and steal it speeding away.
Heenan claims this is the last time we’ll every see Flair again.
Thoughts-This was alot of stuff for one segment.It seem to work though.I wonder if DDP get the world title shot they said the winner would get?

Their going really hard on The Filthy Animals who the fans are still cheering as heels.

Sting comes out and wants to know who answered his challenge.
Goldberg comes out.

Sting vs Goldberg
Tony asks someone in the truck if this is a title match.They say no.
Goldberg runs through sting quickly with a spear and jackhammer for the pin.
Winner and new champion Goldberg
Post match Goldberg is announced as the new champion and awarded the belt.
Tony is baffled saying he was told it was non title.
Heenan says maybe someone told the ref something else.
Sting argues with the ref and then gives him the scorpion death drop.
Heenan says “Why Not?”.
Tony signs off saying this was the damnedest night in the history of our great sport and Don’t forget Nitro tomorrow night.Bobby can’t fathom what will happen on Nitro.

Final Thoughts-This was a newsworthy show if you skipped this one you’d be lost although I just watched it and I still feel kinda lost.There was little good wrestling on the show.It felt like a 3 hour commercial free tv show that they made you pay money for with some slightly bigger matches than you’d get on free tv.It felt like a PPV on Speed and I was okay with that being so early in the new creative direction but hopefully it calms down by the next ppv because if this becomes the norm it will be exhausting.

I watched Fall Brawl from the month prior early this week and I fell asleep due to boredom I didn’t fall asleep during this show.

Thumbs somewhat up