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  • Thanks to you, I reactivated my facebook and now I have to update everything. LOL!
    :) I wanted a main one... with America Women's Wrestling Association on it... maybe a weekly card one: Uncensored. Then I don't know where to find them, but I want pictures of tag team titles (preferably the KO's tag belts) and the Shimmer's world title. I don't know what to use for the Miss AWWA crown. I wish I can find a Miss FCW crown. It would work.
    hehe, can you make me some graphics for AWWA on BTB? :) Pleaseeeee
    I would have went more red than puplish pink because of the name Scarlett, since most people think red. :) But it looks really good! It reminds me of the Kelly Clarkson one I brought at her concert this past month. With the face on the front of it. It looks really good!
    Do you think Draven's wife will get a rp up before deadline? I'm excited to see her work.
    Finishers, signatures, and entrance tend to be my favorite parts of applications.
    I am trying to come up with a movelist for my manager Chase. The owner said I was allowed to rp as two people as long as I can handle it. It's hard to come up with movelists. lol
    Yeah, guillotine slingshot sounds about right. I was trying to find it online, but I had a really bad description of it. lol
    Hey, do you think you can help me with a name to a move? It's really basic, but the person grabs the opponent's ankles and drops them to the mat as they bounce up under the first rope. I modified my move list and I wanted to have that be a rope hung move.
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