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Recent content by JKdog

  1. Hello

    Hey everyone, Not sure if this will relate to anyone, but I received a follow request on Instagram from somebody who I used to know from the old pwm forum and it just got me wondering what happened to all those guys. Seem to remember the likes of Vita, KFC, Slim, Itchweed, Andrew, SBS, OJR, The...
  2. Bradley beats Pacman

    Pacquiao was robbed yeah; but it was nowhere near as bad as HBO made it out to be. I think Manny won 8-4 (116-112). I was alarmed at the decision but this isn't even the worst decision in boxing in the last two years. Watch Richard Abril vs. Brandon Rios and explain how Bam Bam got the nod. Then...
  3. UWF Presents: Tuesday Night Turbulence! 10/19/10 - Episode I -

    What's this? An e-fed? Anyway, great effort by both Jay and Slave writing this. I'll openly admit that I have not read it in it's entirity, mainly because it's 20 past midnight here and I am so tired. So I glanced at the results and the segments. Big whup, wanna fight about it! GO UWF!
  4. *Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 10/22

    Well if the WWE give subtle hints of SmackDown dominance (like on Raw) then I'd say it's a definite that SD would lose at Bragging Rights...but SmackDown have dominated on both Raw and SmackDown this week, now in my eyes, that is implying and making it obvious that they will lose at Bragging...
  5. Benjamin and Hass to Return to ROH

    Well I always feel that Shelton Benjamin left the WWE without accomplishing anywhere near enough what a guy of his calibre could and should accomplish. I hope that one day the guy does go back to the WWE and give it one more shot. As for ROH, this is obviosuly a big signing or two for the...
  6. Tough Enough to Possibly Return

    NXT season one and two were entertaining, at least too me. I became invested in the storylines and the superstars, making me actually care about them. I gave NXT a chance and it was fun. Not enough people did that. As for Tough Enough, I have never watched that in my entire life, but I've seen a...
  7. Rhino Leaving TNA?

    Well I have never really liked Raven, and I do not expect a return to the WWE, so the only viable option for the guy would have to be Ring of Honor. EV2.0 is a complete waste of time and the whole unit of them should be scrapped and future endeavoured...except RVD.
  8. calm down i'm back! Sorta weird timing, but as a wise man once said, a wizard is never late...

    calm down i'm back! Sorta weird timing, but as a wise man once said, a wizard is never late...
  9. sup KIC :)

    sup KIC :)
  10. Samoe Joe Suspended

    I have no idea wtf has gone on with Samoa Joe, so don't blame me for taking TNA officials side on this one...he is not bigger than the company, and he barged into the production truck. Who does he think he is? if that is seen as a breach of etiquette, then don't do it. If someone can explain to...
  11. TNA ReACTION to debut on SpikeTV next week

    In a word - no. I still feel the exact same way about TNA - nothings changed. They have brought new names in...tried to move to Monday Nights...but nothing has worked. They are still in the same position that they were before Hogan and co. came in...actually I take that back...now they have more...
  12. Who Beat Em

    Mr. Kennedy beat Edge
  13. Currently Watching

    Police! Camera! Action!
  14. WWE Television Ratings

    Well I'll be honest with you KFC, a 3.3 is the type of rating that I expect Raw to get every week from now on. Let's face it, they have not recieved any great influx of 'new' fans. I've always felt that no matter what the WWE did in terms of feuds/matches and storylines - they will not receive...
  15. Royal Rumble Point Game

    Dolph Ziggler (20) Evan Bourne (20) CM Punk (20) JTG (20) Great Khali (15) Beth Phoenix (20) Zack Ryder (20) Triple H (20) Drew McIntyre (20) Ted DiBiase (20) John Morrison (20) Kane (40) Cody Rhodes (20) MVP (20) Carlito (20) The Miz (20) Matt Hardy (20) Shawn Michaels (25)...

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