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  • They're pretty busy, so if you keep asking them how you're going it's probably not gonna help.
    You should judge your progress off your success, and seeing how you're European Champ, you've done pretty well so far. Keep doing what you're doing, continue to try and beat whoever you face, and you should be fine.
    I'll respond to your PM in a bit, have to go run some errands bro. I'm explain everything then but trust me when I say I hear ya.
    Hey, I just had a look and changed one setting in the admincp and it seems to be showing up now in your posts.
    Just wanted to say win or lose thank you for representing SD well in your tting thread. It means alot to me.
    Only because managers are generally used for guys who don't tend to speak, yet The Miz is the opposite and is a character who has always had alot to say. If you wanna keep both, I'd say use Miz more and tone it down on using Heyman so much.
    Sorta' kinda'. They just had their last TV tapings though and NXT will become the new FCW TV in a few weeks, so I'm just going to keep it like this for now.
    Thanks. I noticed after it was done that it looks like I'm a WWE mark with the first 3 top shows being WWE shows, almost made me bump up ROH's rating or something haha. When i did this a few times back in March though, Impact was my top show because it was damn good back then.
    Triple H and Stone Cold were basically just mid-card guys who were getting pushes at that time also, like the one's today who people expect big things from, but most fall flat. In hindsight, it's hard not to call them stars, but they really weren't at all in 1996. WCW was crazy hot with the nWo angle, which in my opinion saved wrestling because it made everyone step it up.
    That brings me to another point. I hate it when they try to just blame ratings problems on one or two guys. For instance Shawn...was he on Raw every second of the show? No, he had one or two segments at the most usually, so how can you blame him for the whole show not drawing. That falls on the entire company, not just a few guys.
    The match against Austin, while probably one of his worst 'Mania matches, is definitely the most inspirational. Some call it stupidity that he even went through with the match, but I think it was a mixture of that and love for the business.
    Oh yeah, no one could find me a bad PPV match that Shawn had except for maybe one of the ones during the D-X/McMahons feud. Even against Austin at 'Mania 14 with his back so messed up he still put on a quality main event.
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