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  • I saw in the sb yesterday you made a custom WS logo of some kind? It looked good! You planning on making avis and such with it?
    I have plans on making a WS logo for the forum, but I don't plan on making avatars until I'm caught up with the sports icons. I have a few surprises down the road.
    I am just about to start tallying up so I would need it tonight...if you can do 10 right off the top of your head that would be fine
    Ugh, I don't know if I can name 20 wrestlers of all time, but I'll try.
    You PM a list in order of the 20 worst in ring wrestlers in WWF/E history. Like ones that for some reason got a push or titles even though they were terrible and please put them in order.
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Added Impact Wrestling Slammiversary to the Prediction Schedule - as with Fyter Fest, if the show is recorded before hand then the title will not be defended at it.
Gonna be watching that new season tonight when I get off work.
Pepe Silvia wrote on Pat's profile.
Right now, the chat doesn't seem to be connected. :cudi so when the show starts, post in the thread until we know or not. But it's good to stay in it until we know.
Fuck yeah! :mark: Chase Elliott wins!

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