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  • Btw, I'm kinda on a GFXs frenzy, just a matter of when I get a hold of my sisters PC to use Photoshop... But if you need any GFXs done, lemme know.
    Forget about the character change XD, I've had a rethink, want to stay Very European.
    Hey rawisrey is gonna be our fed upkeeper with moving threads ect. Also gonna be one of our presidents and third deciding vote on who wins matches ect
    Don't forget to add a certain Mister Antonio Cesaro to the roster page now :thumbs:
    Not Gunna lie I went at you with everything I had, good job it's been awhile since I've had to resort to "pipe bombs" hahah
    Sorry bro I posted before I got your message. I think Itch and I will do our next turn together. But not sure yet I'll let u know.
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