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Chuck Taylor's Grenade
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  • The last DGUSA show I saw was filled with a buncha guys like Arik Cannon, Jon Davis, & Johnny Gargano. DG probably flips the bill on the half dozen or so Japs they send over. It's a shame 'cause DG's Japanese TV was really good for awhile. The US branch would be wise to make them leave the northeast where there's a gillion other of these "Super Indy" types. Gabe's best ever house in either DGUSA or ROH was in Arizona, so why does he constantly mark out for these stupid East Coast triple shots? SMH.
    Does Gabe still love booking all-junior shows in the same 5 buildings in the Northeast? :lmao He does give Chuck a home promotion at least. :p
    Me too. But yeah, fuck Davey Richards! Too bad everyone sees how much he blows cock now. It makes me feel less special instead of being the minority like in '09. :( ROH still loves to push him though, guy must be a huge draw.
    Dude, what's going on? I mean despite the fact we've apparently exited the hyperbolic time chamber and landed in another world. How are you, my friend?
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Hello, I'm Blaze, and I'm a mark. :lol
The End Is Near, an wake as beautiful as a field of dreams.
Wrestle Fucking Mania brother!
Tearjerker wrote on Davey Wrestling's profile.
Did you get my message by any chance?

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