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  • Did you use to watch NWA-TNA during the Wednesday era?

    If not you'll like this ☆MrTheTOKidV5ᴴᴰ | Backup © 2011/2013☆™ - YouTube. I've seen them all years ago, but hey I figure you would like Punk from way back when I first saw him as a Raven disciple. Some damn good Truth, Hall, Hennig, Styles, Brown, AMW, and Jarrett too.

    For reference ep3 is the birth of The Truth, 14 has a good Hall showing, ep50 is the first slammiversary, 60 is the debut of 3Lk... Stings first run is in there too
    Okay, missed the bonus question. Just saw that there was only 6 matches listed and it wasn't there. Should have looked in the Bonus spot.
    Hey, just a note for the predictions thread, pretty sure a match was announced for Hell in a Cell on Smackdown. Don't know if you want you include it, but reading the spoilers, it said it was.
    Totally, matter of fact he's gonna be defending the title on pre-show next PPV 8D
    LMAO I took the time to come up with names for BDC and I forget who else and for RRS I just put PMS.
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