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Yo I'm new here.

Discussion in 'Introductions Board' started by Grubball Owner, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Thanks!
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  2. For some reason this site won't show Imgur but when you click on the image. It'll take you to the link.
  3. Admin Post
    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    IDK i post all my gifs just fine using Imgur.
  4. I was to be a slider show.
  5. I fixed my Wishlist to have pictures. By the way. The way you are acting. Is why most people hates Moderators and Admins. Also I dare you to change your name to Allah. Or are you afraid of the Bacon haters and dog haters?
  6. Admin Post
    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    dares what are you 15?
  7. Nope but I have a heart of gold. I guess you not man/woman enough to changed your username from god to allah cause you are a chicken. You are afraid of the pig haters, dog haters, women haters and kids haters. But with me I got a 15 nicknames. One of them is Danger cause the Haven home for boys nickname me that who rode my bus. Cause they knew that I won't go back down from a fight. Like a true American. Not like the wussies.
  8. Admin Post
    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    you know you can't give yourself nicknames.

    "Like a true American" :Shaqlol:

    Your move now, KID
  9. Jesus, man. Just post quality posts and people here will respect you. It's not like your a Mojo Rawley fan after all.
  10. Admin Post
    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    I waited for 24 hours, Nikka, where ya'll at?

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