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WWF Raw, PPV's 1997 Reviews

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin
    WWF Tag Team Champions: Legion of Doom
    WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels

    WWF RAW is WAR: Episode 234
    November 17th, 1997
    Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

    Video recap of the Ken/HHH match from last week, after RAW last week Slaughter got involved and Ken rolled up Shawn with Slaughter counting the 3, but he really counted 5 :lmao Shawn wasn’t even in the match. No wonder they didn’t air that shit.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring, JR announces at the DX PPV it will be Austin/Rocky for the IC title. Austin grabs a mic and says if anybody wants to see Rocky get his ass whipped give me a hell yeah, he then calls out Rocky Maivia and whoever he wants to fight right now. The Nation come out on the stage, Faarooq, Kama and D-Lo come down but Rocky heads to the back. Austin beats up D-Lo as the rest of the Nation watch on, suddenly Rock runs down and steals the belt. Austin has this AWESOME! “ahh shit, good move” look on his face. Austin comes over to commentary and says he will get his belt back.

    Butterbean is back AGAIN!

    Tonight: Dude Love vs. Rocky Maivia and Jerry Lawler vs. Marc Mero

    Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
    This is not good; Mero’s body blows look like complete shit now, idk how he can fuck up the only good thing he is good at. This has a ton of Lawler stalling and comedy antics. It doesn’t work as Mero isn’t impressive enough and his stuff looks terrible. Lawler’s kid comes out to join commentary before trying to fuck Sable. Lawler hits a piledriver but Sable broke up the pin for the DQ. Her glasses fell off and she has a black eye, JR tires to say she was kicked in the head by her “Horse” yeah, okay JR. Mero low blows Lawler and hits him with a TKO before getting in Sable’s face.

    Los Boricuas vs. Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    Jim Cornette says early today someone went into the Los Boricuas dressing room and trashed it, they also stole their jewels and clothes. Los Boricuas music hits again but this time it’s the Road Dogg and Bill Gunn wearing the Boricuas stuff. All 4 brawl for a bit until the rest of the Boricuas run down, Dogg and Billy bail to the back.

    Ken Shamrock video package.

    Sunny comes out to referee the next match.

    Tarantula, El Torito & Battalion vs. Mini Nova, Taurus & Max Mini
    Goes about 2 minutes or so, before KANE and Paul Bearer come out. Everyone leaves, and the match is just sort of over. The Headbangers come out to fight Kane, they break the boombox over his head but KANE no-sells it and kill them both.

    D-Generation X comes out, Shawn says Ken wants some respect from DX, the problem is DX respects nobody. Shawn says he ran Bet out of the WWF, he’s beaten everyone in his family and the only thing left for him to do and that’s to beat the hell out of Bret’s friends like you Ken. Triple H calls Slaughter out to the ring, Slaughter makes his way out. Triple H gets in his face and says DX makes the rules not him, they run the WWF and the next time he sticks his chin in DX business it will be the last thing he does. Triple H then begins to make jokes about Slaughter dick and how his wife is not happy, Triple H makes references about fuckin’ Slaughters wife so he hits him. DX jump him and it’s a 4-1 beatdown. Triple H kills him with a briefcase shot to the head and pedigrees him.

    WWF Light Heavyweight Title Tournament: Scott Taylor vs. Eric Shelly
    This is pretty bad; it’s just here for Jeff Jarrett to phone in and cut some shitty promo. He says he will make his in-ring return next week. Scott Taylor wins with a flying DDT off the top.

    Marc Mero and Sable come out, and calls for JR to interview him in the ring. Mero says his woman and his property is being stalked by this fat boxer wannabe, Butterbean. He says he wants to kick Beans butt now and challenges him to a fight NOW! Butterbean and his manager hops the rail. They get into a shitty shoving match but refs run down and break it up. Mero and Sable leave. What a fuckin’ waste of time, I can’t wait for this year to be over.

    Vader/Goldust is scheduled for next, but Goldust who is wearing checked face paint, a sick shirt with black tights and his arm in a sling :lmao comes out with Jerry Briso. Goldust says he’s an involute, he’s broken and crippled. Vader says the whole world knows he’s not hurt; he doesn’t care about the letter. Vader reads the note but Goldust pulls a steel pipe out of his sling and nails Vader in the head with it.

    Commissioner Slaughter comes out, he says a few months ago he accepted his new role and knew it wouldn’t be easy. He says people say he’s drunk with power, but I’ve done my job and done it well. He says DX crossed the line and got personal, you can call me names all night long, on December 7th, and he challenges HHH to a match.

    The Nation of Domination comes down to the ring, Rocky says the match is a none-title match. He says he is not a thief, and when he was the IC champ everyone told him he was the best damn IC champ ever. You people wanted The Rock, now The Rock has answered the call.

    Rocky Maivia (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. Dude Love
    This goes 5 minutes or so before the Nation attack Dude for the DQ. 5 matches on the show and only 1 of them had a clean finish, I guess Russo is now in charge. GREAT! It’s a 4-1 beatdown until Steve Austin makes the save. They clean house, but Rocky manages to grab the IC title and leave.
  2. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin
    WWF Tag Team Champions: Legion of Doom
    WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels

    WWF RAW is WAR: Episode 235
    November 24th, 1997
    Fayetteville, North Carolina

    Rick Rude’s music hits but out comes Harvey Whippleman dressed as Rude (Rude has now jumped ship to WCW) He does the Rude into, ripping the crowd before introducing D-Generation X. Shawn says lord knows, that was a tough spot to fill and he shoves Harvey out of the ring. He says taking advantage of live air time is what he does since Survivor Series he hasn’t had a lot of sleep. He says there’s a lot of controversy surrounding what happen. He says he never thought it would end that way, yes he and Bret had problems personally and professionally. Shawn says he wants the world to know he takes full responsibility for what happen at SSeries and the world should know that Bret Hart is still under contract with the WWF until November 30th. Shawn says Bret deserved better, Vince and the WWF deserve better and he wants everyone to know, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels has finally had a meeting without anyone knowing. Shawn says he and Bret will settle this tonight. It will either end with a handshake or a fight.

    Tonight: Jeff Jarrett in ring return, Rocky in action too

    WWF Tag Team Championships: Legion of Doom vs. Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    Road/Billy debut the Outlaws theme song, but they just don’t have the intro down yet. LOD runs up the ramp and brawls with them down to the ring, Sold match, LOD run offense with Gunn/Dogg bumping for everything to the best of their abilities. Hawk goes shoulder-first into the ring post which allows the heels to take over for a few moments. They do a cool false hot tag spot so while the ref is keeping Animal out, Dogg hits Hawk with one of the tag belts but only for a two count. Animals eventually get the hot tag and he looks gassed 10 seconds in, the ref gets bumped. But when LOD go for the doomsday Dogg hits Animal in the back with a chair and Gunn rolls him up, with a 2nd ref running down to count the three. Gunn/Dogg run away to the back and leaves in a car. ** - **1/4

    A limo pulls up and JR thinks it might be Bret Hart.

    Goldust comes down to the ring; he’s in a wheelchair and has some lady pushing him. Michael Cole tries to interview him. Goldust says he’s an invalid and now a paraplegic, he says he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be 100% again. He asks Cold to cross his legs because he can’t feel his bones. The nurse begins to rub him down and Goldust starts doing his southern accent :lmao Vader comes out and says there ain’t nothing wrong with him and he better get out of the chair before he makes him a permanent part of it. He begins attacking Vader but the nurse throws rubbing alcohol in his eyes and Goldust begins beating him up. The nurse reveals herself…………AND IT’S LUNA! Vader says he can’t see out of that eye as he leaves.

    Video package on Sergeant Slaughter airs.

    Michael Cole brings out Commish Slaughter, Cole asks him when he accepted the role did he think it would ever come to this? Slaughter says it wasn’t the attack it was him crossing the line and mentioning his family, he says he won’t be facing the commissioner he will be facing SGT. SLAUGHTER!!! He says he is now making this Slaughter rules match...A BOT CAMP MATCH!

    WWF Light Heavyweight Title Tournament: Flash Flanagan vs. Brian Christopher (w/Jerry “The King” Lawler)
    Flash is one of Lawler's’ USWA kids so that’s the only reason he’s here, this is a shitty Lawler’s kid showcase outside of this nasty sunset flip powerbomb to the floor, that the cameraman missed and shot it from the other side of the ring so we missed the landing and only heard the splat. Lawler’s kid hits a Flying Legdrop off the top for the win.


    D-Generation X come down to the ring, Triple H says Slaughter can come out and call him MAGGOT and SCUM! But remember this, the same stuff you talk now doesn’t scare me anymore. Shawn introduces Bret Hart…………………..IT’S A MIDGET IN A BRET HART mask :lmao Triple trolls on the mic, with short jokes and does commentary. Shawn applies the sharpshooter and the midget taps out. DX celebrates and the midget says Shawn is the icon, showstopper, main event and is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. They brand him with a WCW sticker and kicks him out of the ring. Suddenly, Jim Neidhart comes out and says DX are nothing but low life scum and he’s gonna kick their butt. Shawn says he has an opportunity for Jim that Bret never gave him. He says 10 years ago when he got here he saw the best tag team which was the Hart Foundation, Shawn says Neidhart carried the Hart Foundation and the Harts never gave him the respect and credit he deserved. He says Bret is at home, and Davey is at home with “THE OLD PHONY KNEE INJURY” I KNOW THAT ONE WELL :lmaolmao:lmaolmao:lmaolmao:lmao FUCK YOU SHAWN :lmaolmao He asks where Owen is and Jim says Owen is at home with the family. He says well that means Jim you are all alone, why are you here? You have a wife and kid, well I’m gonna give you that opportunity to join D-GENERATION X and they want his answer tonight. 11pm.

    Savio Vega vs. Ken Shamrock
    Decent Ken showcase, best Savio has looked all year. Ken wins with an ankle lock.

    The Nation of Domination come out, Rocky is wearing this all denim outfit with a fanny pack :lmao Rocky says let's get two things clear, 1. Rock is the people champion. The mic keeps cutting out and the lights flicker. He says on December 7th, the match will be on his terms because he’s the champ and he’s got it like that. On the tron, "ROCKY SUCKS" shows up and the fans chant with it. He says The Rock isn't a jackass and tells the Nation to go take care of this. Steve Austin is in the control truck and says when he’s in the airport and your beeper goes off, you look down and it says 316 you know your ass belongs to Stone Cold. He says ith him learning all this technology you got to wonder is it Love or Memorex…………Austin is in the ring, Rocky then looks at his Beeper and does this AMAZING shocked expression, Austin turns him around and they begin to brawl. The Nation run down for the save but Austin grabs a chair and scares them away. Rocky still has the belt.

    Crush comes down to the ring, but we cut to backstage and Jeff Jarrett says terms of his contract was broken so he refuses to wrestle. He says no one in the world wants to see him wrestle a biker…………THE LIGHTS GO OUT. KANE and Paul Bearer come out, Crush tries to fight him but just ends up getting chokeslammed and Tombstoned. D.O.A rush out to get Crush out of the ring, so do refs and officials. Brisco accidently bumps into Kane so Kane chokeslams him.

    Jim Neidhart is introduced as the newest member of D-Generation X

    Vader vs. Shawn Michaels (w/D-Generation X)
    Vader has his ever covered up after that incident earlier tonight, this is like 3 minutes. Vader is clearly holding back, Shawn bumps but not like he’s been doing, he’s also super loud at calling shit again. Vader goes for the Vaderbomb but Triple H throws coffee in his good eye which allows Shawn to hit two Sweet Chin Musics and cover for the win. After the match, Shawn, Jim and Hunter celebrate but Chyna low blows Jim and they beat hi down to end the show.

  3. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    These dX centric shows are making me think the hbk injury was a blessing in disguise.
  4. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    would have died by 1999 if wasn't for the back injury
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  5. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    YAY! Final month of the year.

    WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin
    WWF Tag Team Champions: Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels

    WWF RAW is WAR: Episode 236
    December 1st. 1997
    Roanoke, Virginia

    Road Dogg and Bill Gunn come down to the ring, Dogg debuts “Oh you didn’t know, your ass better call somebody” bit. Dogg says LOD are not here because they are at home licking their wounds. Dogg says this Sunday everyone will get to witness them taking on LOD one more time, he says the gold is here to stay. Gunn says tonight they will beat the Headbangers in an NON-TITLE match. Suddenly, LOD comes through the crowd and attack them. The crowd has been chanting LOD for 3 minutes straight. Animal says there ain’t no way in hell they can beat us fair and square, he says they will do everything in their power to make sure they don’t leave the building with their tag title. Hawk just yells WHAT A RUSH!

    Tonight: Rocky vs. Vader, Jeff Jarrett vs. Ahmed Johnson, Jim Neidhart vs. HHH & The Lightweights.

    Sunny comes down wearing this awesome hot pink slutty outfit, she’s here to do her weekly ring announcing.

    Semi-Finals of the WWF Light Heavyweight Title Tournament: Aguila vs. TAKA Michinoku
    This is cool, crisp spots and moves by TAKA he did a good enough carrying Aguila around for 5 minutes. TAKA hits the Michinoku Driver for the win.*3/4

    Luna and Goldust come out and Goldust is wearing………….I HAVE NO WORDS……..JUST LOOK


    Luna says the bitch is back and says Goldust was a prisoner first when he was a child to an overweight father than to a petite gold-digger. She says she set him free, she calls him “THE ARTEST FORMALLY KNOWN AS GOLDUST,” She says there will be whips and chains, Lawler says Vader is determined to give Goldust a whipping, Luna says Vader will learn that pain and pleasure go together, they begin making out and finally, this ends.

    4 Corners Elimination Match: Chainz (w/D.O.A) vs. D-Lo Brown (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. Miguel Perez (w/Los Boricuas) vs. Recon (w/The Truth Commission)
    God awful, I hate stable warz. Chainz beat Recon with a shitty DVD after some help from D-Lo, Miguel pinned D-Lo with an inside cradle, Chainz then hits a DVD but Savio jumps in. everyone brawls because fuck life, this is terrible.

    D-Generation X come out on the stage, Shawn is in a wheelchair with a lollipop in his mouth. Shawn says once again DX showed the world no matter how many millions people want to throw around, DX is still ahead of the Pack. He says DX can play anyone as a sucker, and tonight Triple H is gonna finish what they started. Triple H says Neidhart is the biggest idiot they’ve ever seen, he says Slaughter can make any match he wants because he’s gonna bring all the heavy artillery he’s got……But, there’s once piece of artillery he’s not gonna use. He’s gonna save that for his old lady……….AND IT’S THE BIG BAZOOKA! Shawn says he’s not injured and thanks to the workout Chyna has been putting him through, she has been putting him through hard times. He says these leg workouts have been tough and his leg pain is at an all time high. They then do this troll job twisting Shawn’s “Fake ankle” 360 degrees.

    Rocky Miavia (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. Vader
    Before the bell, Austin drives his pickup truck into the building, he’playing music so WWE edits the shit out of it and play some generic ass music to replace it. The camera keeps cutting between Austin drinking beer on top of the roof and the match, really killed the vibe of the match so fuck, I’m just skipping to the end. At one point, Goldust comes out and attacks Vader before rolling him back in. Rock hits the not names yet, people’s elbow. But Vader kicks out and chases Goldust to the back so Rock wins via count out. Austin and Rock talk shit at towards one another until the Nation leaves.

    Scott Taylor comes out for his match……….BUT THE LIGHTS GO OUT! Kane and Paul Bearer come down to the ring, Scott tries to dropkick Kane a few times but no effect so Kane chokeslams him and follows it up with a tombstone. Paul Bearer says this is all The Undertakers fault until he faces his brother KANE.

    Eight days ago Ahmed Johnson was in a car crash and his car flipped upside down, this nikka can’t catch a break. Oh good, we have a picture. Jeff Jarrett comes out onto the stage and says he will not be wrestling here tonight, he says WWF dropped the ball again on him. He says last week was a biker and now Ahmed, he was one of the reasons he left the WWF in the first place. He calls him an idiot and knows everyone knows he can beat him in seconds. Ahmed calls him a “CHICKEN SHIT” Slaughter comes out and says he will wrestle at the DX PPV against THE UNDERTAKER!!! And if he doesn’t he’s suspended.

    The Headbangers vs. Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    They do some stuff, it’s pretty meh and forgettable. LOD run out and attack Dogg/Gunn for the DQ. The champs bail to the back and again hop in a car leaving the building, LOD and the Headbangers have words.

    Jim Cornette is in the ring and introduces Marc Mero and Sable, Jim says Mero has had a pretty good win/loss record for his two years in WWF but the problem is the fans don’t care about him and Sable is the start of this duo. He says people in the back are talking about how Mero is leeching on Sable spotlight. Mero says the people are failing to see how talented he is. He says he is the star and Sable was nothing before she got here, and she will be nothing once he kicks her to the curb. Mero keeps calling butterbean, butterball :lmao Mero have Sable put on some gloves and Mero practices by punching Sable’s hands. Mero then says for 7 months he sat in rehab while she used the WWF for her own personal catwalk, he says she modeled Taker and Austin t-shirts and now she owes him money :lmao He calls her pathetic and forces her to leave the ring.

    HHH (w/D-Generation X) vs. Jim Neidhart
    This goes a few minutes, Jim tries he really tries but he’s just isn’t good anymore and he comes off a bit Vader adjace. DX get involve which leads to Hunter hitting Jim in the back with a steel chair behind the refs back for the win. After the match; DX continue to beat Jim down, Hunter hits a pedigree onto the steel chair. Shawn then spraypaints WCW on his back as JR shits all over it :lmao Jim tries to make a comeback, but fails, the handcuff him to the top rope and continue to beat on him until Slaughter and Ken Shamrock make the save. Ken applies the ankle lock as Shawn taps, still with the lollipop in his mouth and Slaughter applies the cobra clutch as RAW goes off the air.
  6. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Shawn no selling shamrock and months later he shows he can still chew gum while knocked out by Mike Tyson.....goat.
  7. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin
    WWF Tag Team Champions: Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels

    this is one of my favorite intros's ever, idk why. It just is

    WWF In Your House: D-Generation X
    December 9th, 1997
    Springfield, Massachusetts

    Commentary: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler

    WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Brian Christopher vs. TAKA Michinoku
    Lawler’s kid tries his best to get heat by ripping up a TAKA sign and whipping his ASS with it. This takes a little while to get going as Lawler’s kid controls the early portion and isn’t good at all, I’m convinced his laugh taunt gimmick is worse than TJ dabbing in 2017. Thankfully, TAKA has had enough of that shit and fly’s around with great dives and spots. Credit Lawler’s kid he may be the shits but he does a great job here bumping for TAKA really going over and above to put his stuff over. I don’t understand Lawler’s kid’s gimmick or story-telling because he just does a move, then taunt does a move, taunt cover. Maybe I might have no clue but I thought you want to win a match, and especially with a title on the line. You should be desperate, or maybe his gimmick is he’s so cocky and confident that he can win any time that he toys with the opponent. Either way, I don’t get him. He’s terrible. TAKA rolls out of the way from a Tennessee Jam and hit the Michinoku Driver for the win. After the match; Pat and Jerry present TAKA with the belt, they then do the photos for the Japanese press. **1/2

    Los Boricuas vs. The Disciples of Apocalypse
    Crush is still not here after a KANE chokeslam and tombstone, PUSSY! So ref Tim White kicks Savio Vega to the back keeping it 3on3. This was pure trash for 8 minutes, Miguel fake breaks his leg a few minutes in and sells it until the match beaks down, he then gets up and hits a standing leg drop and Jose covers for the win :lmao

    Backstage: Dox is with Butterbean and his manager, Dox asks if he’s 100% because he had a fight last night. Bean says adrenaline will help push him tonight, he says Mero has his hands full.

    Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Sable, they first show a video package between Butterbean/Mero because we all want to know the backstory and relive this shit. Cole then goes to ask her a question but Mero storms over and says she doesn't have permission to speak and this is his moment.

    Tough Man Fight: Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs. Butterbean
    So the rules…………NOPE! DID NOT WATCH! FUCK OFF! Wiki says it went 10 minutes HAHAHAHAHAHAAH! Only 4 more RAW’s and 2 hours left on the show. I can do this.


    Goldust and Luna come out; Goldust reads Green Eggs and ham.

    Backstage: Michael Cole is with LOD, he asks them about tonight’s match. Animal says no one can beat them fair and square. He says they take pride in being the best the WWF has to offer and they look forward to kicking their teeth down their throat. Hawk calls them boogers and he picked them just to flick them. OOOOOOOOOOH WHAT A BOOGER!!!!! :lmaolmao:lmaolmao

    WWF Tag Team Championships: The Legion of Doom vs. Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    Gunn and Dogg do a shit ton of stalling in their entrance, this is pretty much the same match they had in the title switch and every LOD match this year. LOD beat the shit out of them, it’s pretty great it’s the best showing LOD has had to date as they give no fucks and just annihilates them. Gunn and Dogg do a phenomenal job being the coward heels that just got their asses kicked for all the shit they’ve been doing to LOD. They manage to weather the storm and sucker Hawk in before hitting him in the back with a water cooler behind the refs back. LOD pretty much, do the no sell and shitty half ass bumps before making a comeback. LOD go for doomsday, but the fuckin’ Godwinns run out and hit Animal with the bucket, Hawk then picks up the bucket and nails Dogg and Billy for the DQ. *3/4

    Backstage: Michael Cole is with Triple H and Chyna, Hunter says this is not Slaughter's generation this is DX’s and X marks the spot. He says when he’s done he might take a swing by his house and let his old lady take a smoke on the piece pipe.

    Boot Camp Match: Triple H (w/Chyna) vs. Sgt. Slaughter
    I like Slaughter, I like him at lot. I feel I don’t watch enough old school Slaughter matches, but this going 17 minutes is fuckin’ ridiculous. I’m sorry but no way should it have taken HHH 17 minutes to beat a retired wrestler who is 49, and hasn’t been in the ring for years. This should have been 7 minutes at best, it low key buries HHH. But with that being said, they both work hard and bump for one another. Slaughter's methodical offense was good as he picks apart HHH and enjoys ever second of it. Funny moment, Slaughter tries to pin HHH on the floor but the ref says it has to be done in the ring, how you create a match, your own match and forget a rule. They clearly are having a tough time, well filling time. Lots of filler stuff and waiting, Slaughter applies the cobra clutch but Chyna breaks it up, the ref gets in her face so she nails him. She goes to nail him with a steel chair but Slaughter throws power in her face, Triple H then takes off his boot and nails Slaughter with it. He goes for it again but Slaughter ducks and again applies the clutch. Chyna is back in, even though she’s still blind. She low blows him and that allows Hunter to hit the pedigree for the win. Trim 10 minutes off and this could have been a MOTNC *3/4

    Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Jeff Jarrett, he asks if Jeff is nervous and Jeff says he will add Taker to the list of wrestlers he’s beaten and when he wins he will be the number #1 contender.

    Jeff Jarrett vs. The Undertaker
    Jeff’s attire and theme is atrocious, he has to do his own intro on his song calling himself the best. It’s all bad; I wish I was old enough in WWF to know what Vince was doing with Jeff, because nothing about him screams star or even good. This is fine; Jeff uses his quickness and punches to piss off Taker early so Taker kills him with his GOAT punches and shit, he does all his usual spots and moves until KANE comes out. He Chokeslams Jeff which forces the ref to ring the bell and Taker is DQ’ed. Kane punches Taker, but Taker refuses so KANE does his pyro taunt and leaves. Jeff begins attacking Taker and goes for the figure-four but Taker chokeslams him leaves. Jeff slowly gets up and is announced as the winner, he celebrates like he just won a 30-minute classic :lmao *3/4

    In the crowd; Michael Cole is with Mark Henry, Mark says he should be back in a week or so. He says Stone Cold is his man and he’s picking him to win the next match.

    Rocky Miavia is now THE ROCK!!!!!

    WWF Intercontinental Championship: The Rock (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Austin comes out in his pick-up truck, he doesn’t even wait for the bell before attacking the Rock, so the Nation jumps him 3-1. They go to check on Rocky so Austin backdrops D-LO onto the hood of the car breaking the win with his foot, he then hits him with a STUNNER ON THE ROOF AND ROLLS BACK INTO THE RING to start the match. This goes about 5 minutes, they show off brief glimpses of their chemistry leaving us wanting more and showing that these two are clearly the future of the company. The nation try to get involved but KAMA accidently hits Faarooq in the head with a steel chair on the floor, and Austin sends him into the side of the truck leaving it a 1on1 match. Lots of punches and kicks, playing it real safe. Austin makes a comeback and hits the stunner for the win. **1/4 - **1/2

    WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Ken Shamrock vs. Shawn Michaels (w/Triple H & Chyna)
    So this is great, Shawn does amazing job bumping and selling for Ken. He plays the vet that wants to slow down Ken but Ken doesn’t know any better and just whips his ass. Shawn even does HHH’s own corner bump and totally shits on it because 1997 Shawn is the greatest bumper in history. Ken pretty much dominates for like 5-7 minutes, it’s good. Shawn is still on his streak of blatantly calling shit in the ring, and just yelling them at Ken. Shawn takes over after some DX interference, he works the lower back then the head, it all gets no sold anyway. Ken’s comeback is great all his stuff continues to look stiff and painful, during the comeback Ken hits the belly-to-belly but as he goes for the Ankle Lock, but Triple H attacks him for the DQ. After the match; DX attack Ken and beat him down, until………….OWEN HART RUNS OUT AND DROPKICKS SHAWN OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! FUCK YEAH! OWEN THEN JUMPS ON HIM AND BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF HIM WITH SOME AMAZING PUNCHES. He then bails through the crowd before Triple H can get his hands on him. DX celebrate to end the show. ***
  8. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Slaughter used to do a corner bump that shits all over the Ray Stevens(NOT Flair) corner bump.

    Jeff Jarrett only got jobs because his dad was owed favors for territory shit.

    Butterbean boxing matches >>>>>Golovkin

    And Owen cut his own fingers to make it look like he hardway'd HBK.
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  9. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin
    WWF Tag Team Champions: Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

    WWF RAW is WAR: Episode 237
    December 8th, 1997
    Portland, Maine

    Fuckin’ hell they have Jim Ross, Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly on commentary. I swear to god this better be a first-hour thing and a one-time only thing.

    Vince McMahon comes down to the ring and gets on the mic, he says there is no denying the popularity of Stone Cold. He says as of late Austin has been getting away with murder, attacking refs, officials, and announcers. He says Austin went too far last night; he endangered the lives of all the fans by driving his pickup truck. Then he used it as a weapon, he hit another ref when he hit the stunner. He says LIVE tonight here on RAW, Austin will defend the IC title against The Rock. Stone Cold then comes out, he says he does what he wants when he wants, Vince says he’s the proud owner of the WWF and he’s his boss. Austin says he’s still not impressed. Austin asks the crowd if they wanna see him whip Vince ass to a huge “Hell Yeah” Vince says he needs to tone down his language, Austin says he’s gonna drink some beer and come out…later tonight and whips some bodies ASS.

    Legion of Doom vs. The Godwinns (w/Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)
    The do stuff for a few minutes, it’s all LOD until…………….THE LIGHTS GO OUT AND KANE COMES DOWN! The Godwinns throw Animal into the steel steps, Kane then FUCKIN’ HITS A PILEDRIVER ON HAWK…..BUT IT’S FUCKIN’ HAWK SO HE NO SELLS IT AND HOPES RIGHT BACK UP! Kane then chokeslams him and follows up with a tombstone before leaving. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn put the boots to Hawk until Animal chases them away with a steel chair.

    Road Dogg and Bill Gunn are still in the ring after the commercial; Dogg says there are no more tag teams to face. So they’re gonna sing the O-L-D not LOD a song 8D NA NA NA NA Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye. He then challenges to anyone in the back that thinks their tough to come out and face Billy Gunn………………………….DUDE LOVE comes out and accepts.

    Billy Gunn (w/Road Dogg) vs. Dude Love
    This is passable, Gunn is terrible as a singles and Dude just doesn’t stack up like Mankind or Cactus Jack. Gunn does some good bumping in this tho, he hits the fame-asser but doesn’t follow up right away so Dude hits the double arm DDT for the win. After the match; Dogg absolutely murders Dude with a chair shot to the head, shit looked and sounded nasty. They then put one of the title belts over his face and Gunn comes off the top with a legdrop to the face (Gunn didn’t really touch him as Dude was too far away, so his ass just hit the mat and part of his ankle hit the side of the belt) Good angle tho.

    Backstage: The Rock is with the Nation, Rock says he doesn’t blame Austin and his indecisiveness on facing him. Last night showed I can kick his ass all over the arena. The Rock will leave with the Intercontinental belt as the People's Champion and the best damn Intercontinental Champ there ever was.

    Jim Cornette is in the ring and brings out TAKA Michinoku, we then cut to earlier today with JR teaching TAKA how to speak English. JR is teaching him “Slobber Knocker” :lmao Jerry Lawler comes out and calls TAKA a thief and says he has no business being here. He says TAKA is only in America because Japan has too many damn people and he's going to go to Japan and stop them from having kids if he has to so people like this stop coming into his country :lmao Lawler says he needs to speak English, so TAKA says "YOU JACKASS!" Cornette brings out TAKA's first challenge…………….. El Hunico, He and Lawler team up on TAKA, and it's Brian Christopher and they hug. They hit the Spike Piledriver and leave.

    Flash Funk vs. Kurrgan The Interrogator (w/The Jackyl)
    FUCK YEAH! It looks like the Truth Commission is DEAD! Because of the name change, outfit change and new music. Sadly, Kurrgan is still here and he squashes Funk in about a minute.

    D-Generation X come down to the ring, a small table and chairs are set up in the ring. Triple H brags about beating Slaughter and says he’s pathetic. Shawn says Ken Shamrock found out he’s not quite dangerous enough to beat him. He says Ken was schooled, by the only grand slam winner in wrestling history. He says DX has destroyed the hart family, and all of them together are like one huge, nasty turd. And when you look down and see it, the first thing you want to do is flush it. Shawn says sometimes when you flush that huge turd down, sometimes you have that little nugget keeps popping up………….Well, that Owen Hart :lmaolmao Shawn says he will not fall for last night's antics and he knows Owen will probably jump him again, so what DX are gonna do is sit here and play a game of poker until Owen comes out and faces him like a man. Chyna says something in Shawn’s ear so he changes the game to STRIP POKER!

    D.O.A come out as we go to a commercial when we return the poker game is now happening on the floor. DX are pussies.

    D.O.A vs. Los Boricuas
    This goes a few minutes, no one cares I low key wanted to watch the strip poker game. Savio hits one of the Harris brothers with a 2x4 allowing the Boricuas to pick up the win.

    Back from break, the poker game is back in the ring. Shawn loses again and has now stripped down to his underwear. The Headbangers come out and flip the table, Shawn who is clearly a little drunk absolutely murders one of the headbangers with a beer glass to the head. FUCKING HELL HE’S DEAD! DX then beat the shit out of them and Powerbombs the other through the card table. They keep beating on the Headbangers until OWEN HARTS COMES OUT AGAIN, HE GETS A FEW SHOTS IN ON SHAWN BEFORE BAILING THROUGH THE CROWD AGAIN.


    Jeff Jarrett vs. Vader
    As soon as the bell rings, Goldust and Luna come out. Goldust is wearing a trenchcoat, he flashes Vader so Vader chases them to the back and gets counted out.

    Salvio Sincere is in the ring, Marc Mero comes out and says once again he’s proved he’s te greatest Boxer/Wrestler ever. He says once again Vince has him wrestling a jobber, he says Sal is not the pizza boy he is Tom Brandi and his gimmick is stupid. JR then says "MERO'S A REAL BAD MAN TONIGHT! B-A-D-D MAN :mark: Mero then brings out Sable who is wearing a potato sack. Mero asks her to unrobe him………….BUT INSTEAD, SHE TAKES OFF THE POTATO SACK AND DIVES US THE 3RD GREATEST MOMENT OF 1997!!!! Mero goes to cover her up so Sal dropkicks him to the floor the bell he rings and Mero leaves with Sable, so Sal wins via count out looooool


    The Rock comes down to the ring, Vince along with refs and officials are also surrounding the ring. Stone Cold come out in his street clothes, Austin says he’s always ready to compete. He says he will not do it tonight and wants to know what Vince’s consequences are. Vince says he will strip him if he doesn’t wrestle. Austin dares him to take the title away from him, Austin says he's been IC Title and Tag Champion and he's only interested in one belt and that's the WWF Championship belt. So he'll forfeit the damn title since he's got bigger fish to fry and he doesn't want the belt no more. Vince tells Rock to take it so he takes it. Austin offers his hand in congrats and says to trust him…..AUSTIN CLAPS FOR THE ROCK BEFORE HITTING HIM WITH A STUNNER!!! D.T.A. DON’T TRUST ANYBODY!!! Austin picks up the belt and says he's got plans for this belt next week, SAME STONE COLD TIME, SAME STONE COLD CHANNEL!!!!!!! Vince then leaves and is standing on the apron, so Austin runs the ropes and bumps Vince to the floor :lmaolmao:lmao Austin tries to sell it like he didn’t know Vince was there :lmao
  10. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Note what Taka said to Lawler and remember what Nakamura said to Ziggler last night....Be afraid.....Be very afraid.
  11. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

    WWF RAW is WAR: Episode 238
    December 15th, 1997
    Durham, New Hampshire

    Looks like WWF is adamant about having JR, Cole, and Kelly call the first-hour smh.

    The undertaker comes down to the ring and joins Michael Cole in it. Cole announces that at January 18th, at the Royal Rumble it will be The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship………………..IN A CASKET MATCH, Taker says he’s fought Shawn on two occasions and nothing have been settled apart from he can beat Shawn up at will. Taker says Shawn thought when he won the title he had the world at hand, but now he has to look into the eyes of the reaper. And he knows Shawn can’t beat him. Taker says his history in Casket matches are Legendary, he’s only lost one and it took 10 men to do it. He says DX don’t have 10 people and Shawn doesn’t have 10 friends, so he better give his soul to the lord because the rest of his scrawny……….will belong to him. Somebody will REST.IN.PIECE……………Suddenly the lights go out, and Kane along with Paul Bearer come out. They go face to face, as Paul Bearer says what a beautiful family portrait, the only thing missing is their parents, the parents that you MURDERED! UNDERTAKER! Paul says Kane’s suffering for 20 years is all Undertakers fault, Paul says he will give him one more chance to be a man and face his brother. Kane smacks him, but when he goes for it again Taker grabs his hand to block it before leaving.

    Jerry Lawler vs. TAKA Michinoku
    So this is fun, Lawler does Lawler’s kid better than him. But at least here it makes sense, Jerry is taller and weighs more plus he has more experience so it makes sense for him to be a dick to someone he doesn’t respect. This has some good dick Lawler heel antics, and he bumps well for all of TAKA’s high flying. Lawler targets the head, doing a good job slowing the pace down, he hits a piledriver but instead of going for the cover he goes for the fist drop which TAKA avoids. TAKA hits the Michinoku Driver, but Brian Christopher runs out to interfere for the DQ. After the match; TAKA does his best to fight off the Lawler’s and manages to escape after Brian accidently hits Jerry. **1/2

    Backstage: LOD says DX/LOD won’t be pretty, Hawk says yells some stuff and says WHAT A RUSH!

    The Nation of Domination, JR says The Rock is the IC title after last week :lmao but doesn’t have the title because Austin still has it. Rock says he would like to introduce the new IC champ and the people’s champion. The best damn IC champion…………Faarooq tries to take the mic and Rock says with all due respect, the champ is talking. IT BEGINS :mark: Rock says the champ is an unhappy man because that gutless thief of the night Austin stole their title belt. Rock orders Austin to come out and hand him his title back. Stone Cold comes on the stage without the belt, he says Austin doesn’t take orders. He says Rocky stole the belt from him because he’s a piece of trash. And if he wants to find the IC title he better watches the TV and sees what he’s gonna do. He leaves and Rock says he has exactly one hour to return his belt.

    Dude Love vs. Road Dogg (w/Billy Gunn)
    Billy Gunn does the intro this week and it’s awful “Oh you didn’t know………You better recognize” :lmao Gunn joins commentary because fuckin’ 4 man booth. This is passable, Dogg isn’t quite the bumper that Gunn is. JR says their actions of double teaming every is new and calls them THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS!!!!! Gunn likes that and steals it. He then leaves commentary and attacks Dude on the floor allowing Dogg to take over, Dude begins to get more physical and Cole questions if he’s turning into Mankind. Dude hits the Sweet Shin Music and follows up with the double arm DDT for the win. After the match; Gunn tries to hit him with a chair but misses, Dude then fights him up the ramp until the numbers are too much for him. The Outlaws double suplex him onto the steel ramp. Dude fights back, but they shove him off the stage BUT DUDE MISSES THE TABLE AND FALLS ONTO THE CONCRETE ON HIS BACK! HOLY SHIT! The Outlaws pretend to be in shock but put the boots to him for lulz, the refs call for help.


    Mark Henry vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

    JR says Austin has left the arena but has taken a cameraman with him.

    A video package on Owen Hart’s return.

    Jim Cornette joins JR for the war zone.

    Vince McMahon comes down to the ring, he says he knows Owen Hart is here, and he knows Owen can hear him. He says he has been endangering the fans with his antics. He says this will not be tolerated and he is still under contract to the WWF. Vince calls him out, and Owen comes through the crowd into the ring. Vince asks him what’s this all about and who does he think he is? But Owen says WHO THE HELL DOES VINCE THINK HE IS? YOU ONLY THINK I OWE YOU A DAMN APOLOGY! I DON’T OWE YOU A GOD DAMN THING! I’M SICK AND TIRED OF TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE AROUND HERE. THE SHIT STOPS RIGHT HERE! He says his family did what they had to do, and now it’s time for him to do what he has to do. And that remain in the WWF, he says he spent 9 years to earn his reputation and nobody will run him out of the company. Vince says this is all about the WWF Title, so Owen says he is stupid if he thinks this is about a worthless title, a piece of leather with tin on it. THIS IS REAL LIFE! MY RESPECT! MY DIGNITY! He says he will make Shawn Michaels life hell, Owen says you can call me the soul survivor or the black sheep, he doesn’t give a shit. Shawn Michaels, this is not a game this is REAL LIFE and it’s now time for this little nugget to end it. Vince has security come out and says Owen will compete next week just like any other WWF superstar and he'll come down the ramp and security takes Owen out.

    The Sultan (w/The Iron Shiek) vs. Tom Brandi
    NO! Brandi wins with a school boy lol, Mero comes out after and beats him down.

    The Nation of Domination come done to the ring, The Rock says Austin’s time is up, it just goes to show he is gutless, he says Austin has now pissed him off so The Rock and the Nation are gonna come and take his belt back. We cut to TRON with Austin on a bridge, he throws a bunch of swimming gear into the water……AUSTIN then says he doesn’t care about the title or the WWF so he throws the belt into the river.

    Jose Estrada vs. Steve Blackman

    Backstage: D-Generation X are standing by, Shawn says DX aren’t hard to find he’s the guy with all the gold that he took from the Harts. Triple H says Shawn got rid of Bret and Bulldog and he got rid of Neidhart, so maybe it's Chyna's turn. Shawn says Owen would be too scared, so they'll settle who gets to get rid of Owen like they settle all their problems, Rock Paper Scissors. Triple H wins.

    D-Generation X (w/Chyna) vs. Legion of Doom
    Another god LOD showing mainly due to Shawn’s bumping making it look like he dies on everything; LOD take turns beating on both DX members but a cheap shot from Shawn on the apron allows DX to take over, both men are cheating and double teams and taunting of Animal, it’s really good and fun. Sadly once we return from a commercial we go right into the finish, Animal gets the hot tag and cleans house. The Outlaws come out and distract Hawk before I think rubbing alcohol on a cloth and putting it over his nose and mouth, so Hawk passes out. Animal bumps both Shawn and HHH’s heads together so Chyna low blows him for the DQ. After the match; DX watches on as the Outlaws shave off Hawks mohawk. They then all gang up and powerbomb Animal through the announce table. Referees and officials come down to help the LOD as RAW goes off the air. **1/4 - **1/2

    The matches way have been trash on the show, but it had some real important segment for the future.
  12. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Who the hell bumps through a plastic table? No wonder he needs a new hip.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

    WWF RAW is WAR: Episode 239
    December 22nd, 1997
    Lowell, Massachusetts

    Video recap of LOD getting destroyed by DX and the Outlaws

    D-Generation X come down to the ring wearing bathrobes, Shawn says he wants to know of all the fans of the WWF been good boys and girls because if you have DX has a present for them. Triple H says DX ended LOD after 15 years and hears the Outlaws have been taking credit for them. Well, they’re nothing but vultures picking the bones. He says if the Outlaws are smart they would stay out of DX business. HHH says he won rock, paper, scissors which means he gets to be Owen’s worse nightmare and since he’s the baby if he needs a pacifier come see Triple H because he’s got one for him to suck on, EWWWWWW! He just asked another man to give him head. Shawn says The Undertaker couldn’t beat him the first 2 times and the 3rd will be no different. He says Taker can ask any woman in the world…….HBK does not rest in piece he stays up all night. Shawn says DX are here to give you VERY MARRY CHRISTMASS AND DISROBE SHOWING THONGS. Slaughter comes out and Shawn makes a joke that SGT is fresh out of boot camp so they should put on their robes and not drop the soap. Slaughter says seeing how it’s Christmas he has a gift for the……Shawn has not defended his Euro title in 30 or even 60 days, so he'll defend on Raw against an opponent of his choosing or he'll strip him of the belt. Shawn says he's not afraid to be stripped of anything, and he doesn’t give belts away :lmao so he accepts the challenge. SLAUGHTER SAYS TRIPLE H WILL BE HIS OPPONENT! AND THAT’S AN ORDER! Triple H says he knows Slaughter is just trying to ruin DX-Christmas by having him beat Shawn for the title but it’s not gonna work. Shawn cuts him off and says he was with him until the part when he says he could beat him, Shawn says HE DOESN’T LAY DOWN FOR ANYBODY!!!! DX argue.

    Tonight: The Undertaker vs. The Rock

    Headbanger Thrasher (w/Headbanger Mosh) vs. Henry Godwinn (w/Phineas Godwinn)
    This literally goes like 40 seconds before Phineas gets involved causing a DQ, what’s the fuckin point??? The Godwinns beatdown the Headbangers and whip them with belts before leaving.

    Recap of the last two weeks between Dude Love and the New Age Outlaws.

    In the boiler room; Mankind says Dude Love’s ribs are broken and so are his and he doesn't want to spend the season in pain. HE WANTS TO DRINK EGG NOG AND MAKE THE YULETIDE! He says he's better to give than to receive, and he'll give the Outlaws the beatings of a lifetime. HAVE A NICE DAY!

    A video of when RAW went off the airs last week, they did this long ass segment with Santa being a dick to some kid, so Stone Cold comes out. He does the usual Austin rant before hitting Santa with a stunner.

    Backstage: We get a shot of outside the DX locker room, we hear loud yelling between them.

    The Rock (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. The Undertaker
    This gets some time and is really good, usual Taker offense to start he dominates as JR tells us in the back The Outlaws are on the hunt for Mankind. Taker goes for old school but is distracted when Paul Bearer comes out, the ref is busy looking at Paul so KAMA low blows him and drops him crotch-first onto the top rope. This allows Rocky to take over, he still isn’t good yet but he is throwing better punches. Rock does that god awful claw to the shoulder blades spot, which looks god awful and so fake and stupid. I HATE THAT REST HOLD MORE THAN THE BEAR HUG! The Nation interferes a bit and also distracts the ref allowing Rock to cheat. Taker fights out of that stupid rest hold and begins making his comeback, he hits the chokeslam and follows up with the tombstone……………..BUT THE LIGHTS GO OUT! KANE and Paul Bearer come out, ending the match. The Nation are gone, and Bearer and Kane get in the ring. Paul says Taker is nothing but a shell of the man he once was, he says he can’t believe he once stood by his side and Taker is nothing, but what's so sad is their poor parents are spending Christmas with the worms and the maggots. Taker goes after Bearer, but Kane stopped him. Taker raises his hand to hit Kane, but can’t so Kane beats him up ad leaves him laying. Paul Bearer says 1998 will be the year of KANE!!!!!!!

    Chyna comes down to the ring, followed by Shawn Michaels then HHH, but during HHH’s entrance Owen chop blocks HHH and attacks the knee before leaving. Slaughter laughs it off as DX claims conspiracy. JR says the match will happen later tonight.

    Backstage: The Outlaws are still on the hunt for Mankind, they think they found him so they beat the guy up. It isn’t Mankind so they leave.

    Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs. Scott Taylor
    Before the match Mero cuts a promo, the crowd chants Sable the whole time it’s like a minute and a half long. Mero brings out Sable wearing reindeer outfit :lmao Pretty terrible Mero squash, his body punches now look like shit, so fuck him even more. He wins with a TKO. After the match; Tom Brandi comes out and attacks Mero. Sable then takes off the reindeer outfit to reveal a Mrs. Clause’s outfit on.

    Backstage: HHH and Chyna are in their locker room, HHH says he’s gonna kick Shawn ass, Chyna tries to talk some sense into him, but HHH isn’t having any of it.

    8-Ball vs. Kurrgan (w/The Jacky)
    FUCK OFF! Only 1 show and 30 minutes left of this one, I CAN DO THIS!

    Backstage: The Outlaws continue the hunt for Mankind.

    D-Lo Brown (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. Ken Shamrock
    Rocky isn’t at ringside for this, this is good. Ken goes after D-Lo’s leg and ankle early. Shit looks brutal and D-Lo sells the shit out of it. They some cool mat exchanges then out of nowhere Ken locks in the ankle lock and D-Lo taps out. After the match; The Nation surround the ring but The Rock comes out, Rock says he’s a giving man, a compassionate man, so he's got a Christmas gift for him and a special challenge from The Rock to Ken Shamrock to face him at the Royal Rumble, and Shamrock accepts.

    Backstage: Shawn Michaels is with Chyna, Shawn says he gonna teach HHH a lesion and smack him around, Chyna tries to talk some sense into, but Shawn isn’t having any of it.

    Backstage: Mankind finds the Outlaws and brawls with them. He’s yelling Christmas carols during so, they numbers catch up to him so the Outlaws lock him in a walking freezer.

    Goldust and Luna come out, Goldust is dressed as a Christmas tree. He begins to read it was a night before Christmas……..but Santa comes out. Luna is pissed so Santa beats them up and it’s VADER!!!!!

    WWF European Championship: HHH (w/Chyna) vs. Shawn Michaels (w/Chyna)
    They stall for a bit, but HHH hits a “shoulder tackle” HHH then runs the ropes trolling and hits a shitty splash and covers Shawn for the win. They make a mockery out of the post-match celebration and Slaughter comes out. Shawn fakes crying and says this is the most draining match of his life. Cornette says He cries every time he comes to this town and he's good at crying when needed : lmao JR tops him by saying he lost his smile again :lmao HHH says this is the greatest moment of his life and yells out “Slaughter I DID IT!!!!!!” They laugh at Slaughter and Slaughter says to himself or to the TV that he’ll be defending the title next week against Owen Hart.
  14. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

    WWF RAW is WAR: Episode 240
    December 29th, 1997
    Long Island, New York

    Video recap of DX outsmarting Slaughter and the WWF.

    Tonight: HHH vs. Owen Hart, Steve Austin vs. Goldust

    Goldust and Luna come out, Goldust is dressed as a new born baby. Goldust says he would like the wish, everyone, a happy new year, he enters himself into the 1998 Royal Rumble. He says Austin is in the Rumble too and he keeps saying he’s the toughest SOB in the WWF, well he’s not I am. He says he’s gonna spank Austin and make him his Ken :lmao Stone Cold comes out, he says he’s got a few things to says. He says he doesn’t believe in resolutions so in 1998 the language, fingers, and violence will continue. He says since Goldust is a big piece of crap he’s not gonna wrestle him. He’s got him a gift. A porter potty lowers the roof. Austin says one way Goldust’s is going in, Goldust tries to blindside him but it backfires. Austin beats him up and throws him before tipping it over.

    Long Island Brawl: Los Boricuas vs. D.O.A
    HOLY SHIT! This feud has been going on since July, fuck me. This is the best match in this shitty feud mainly because it’s a wild 6 man brawl with weapons. JR says Crust quit the WWF because Kane dropped him on his head with a tombstone :lmao DOA overcome the 4-3 and Chainz hits a big boot for the win.

    HHH and Chyna come out, HHH is on crutches with his leg in a brace. He says he is injured and won’t be able to defend his Euro title because last night he dislocated his kneecap. So, Owen is gonna have to wait. He also says Shawn is not here because he’s sick, so Deadman will also have to wait. The Undertaker's music hits and a casket is brought out to the ring………….Shawn Michaels then gets out of the casket and celebrates. The lights come on the casket has a bunch of DX graffiti on it. Shawn says DX would like to bring in the new year with style, he says if it was up to the WWF they would have liked him to come out with two SKANKS. But seeing how HBK does what he wants, he wants to first introduce the two newest members of DX………………………….CHYNA NEW BOOBS!!!! Shawn says Chyna is breast damn woman in town, HHH then says if Chyna nipple for ever time somebody said she was the breast looking woman here, she would be a millionaire. HHH says they might have to change their name to Double D-Generation X. Shawn says Owen got off lucky not that HHH is hurt, but when he gets back he will get rid of that nugget. He says, Undertaker now has his 3rd chance but will once again fail. Shawn says 1998 will be the year of DX and nobody will crash their party. Slaughter then comes down, DX make fun of his belly so Slaughter says HHH is in no condition to wrestle……..But HBK is, so it will be Shawn vs. Owen in a WWF Championship match.

    On the ramp, a huge ass crate is there.

    Tonight: 7 wrestlers plan on taking out KANE!!!!

    KAMA (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. Ken Shamrock
    Rocky isn’t at ringside with the Nation, this is fine. Kama is pretty trash, he clearly tries but isn’t good at all. Ken has another good showing and wins with the ankle lock. After the match; The Rock comes out and says Ken was lucky the past two weeks, but he won’t be lucky next week when he faces Faarooq. Faarooq is not pleased with this.

    Still to come; The crate, KANE, Owen vs. Shawn & MIKE TYSON NEWS!!!

    Earlier today: Vince is in the area before the show, he says 1998 will be the most enjoyable and action-packed year in WWF history.

    TAKA mystery partner is…………………. GEORGE “THE ANIMAL” STEELE

    Jerry Lawler & Brian Christoper vs. TAKA Michinoku & George Steele
    Steele is super over, he does his usual Wildman shit and eats one of the turnbuckles. This is mostly the Lawler’s beating on TAKA so it’s watchable. Lawler keeps cheating so Steele has enough and attacks the Lawler’s with a foreign weapon for the DQ. Steele then chases the ref to the back.

    Dude Love is on the TRON, he says he gonna step down and let another man step up. Mankind says he thought he was ready but he’s not……..SO WELCOME BACK CACTUS JACK!!!!! And he’s got a friend in Chainsaw Charlie. Pretty shitty adjace version to the awesome MSG moment.

    Road Dogg (w/Billy Gunn) vs. Cactus Jack
    Cactus comes out with underdeveloped Barbie. This is great, Cactus brawls and beats the shit out of Dogg and Dogg bumps for him huge. Gunn gets involved for the DQ. They brawl up the ramp near the crate…………SUDDENLY, A CRAZY FUCKIN MAN (Terry Funk) COMES OUT OF THE BOX WITH A FUCKING CHAINSAW TO SAVE CACTUS! The Outlaws fun for their lives because it’s Terry Funk swinging a fuckin’ Chainsaw around. *3/4

    Kevin Kelly is in the ring, he brings out Sable to hype up the WWF RAW magazine. Sable says she wants to give all her fans a special treat and a privew….But Maro comes out holding a steel chair. Mero sits in the ring and says he’s just here for the show, he says Sable isn’t gonna do anything to piss him off, Mero keeps saying he’s the star, Kelly keeps telling him to calm down so Mero tells him he’s nothing but a 3rd string announcer and is FAT! FUCK YEAH! MERO :mark: He then punches Kelly in the dick and gets in sable’s face. Fuckin’ Brandi comes in to help so Mero nails him with a chair and hits him with a TKO onto the chair.

    D.O.A, The Headbangers, Flash Funk and Scott Taylor are in the ring. Chainz calls out KANE………So he does, he makes his way down to the ring and sets off his corner fire. Suddenly, The Undertaker come out. They invite him in to help destroy Kane…………..BUT! He helps his brother fight off these jobbers. They clear the ring and stare each other down, Undertaker leaves.

    Backstage: Michael Cole is interviewing The Outlaws………..Suddenly, Chainsaw Charlie is cutting through a door and the Outlaws run away, Jack busts through the door and falls down Shockmaster style, but makes this better is the Cameraman sees the door falling onto him so he puts out his hand blocking it. AWESOME!

    At ringside, Sunny comes out hyping up her cover and her version of the WWF RAW magazine. Jim Ross announces that the WWF has now begun negotiations with Mike Tyson to have him participate at WrestleMania 14 in Boston.

    WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (w/D-Generation X)
    Owen plancha’s Shawn during his entrance and they brawl around ringside and up the ramp. Owen suplex’s him on the ramp before rolling him into the ring, Shawn does 1997 god-like bumping and Owen hate along with being one-step ahead is great. This also is the debut of “passionate main event” JR calls as he puts over everything, yelling and is just into it make me even more into it. I love JR. Owen gets distracted by Chyna which allows Shawn to shove Owen into the steel rails and he takes a nasty bump that looks great. Shawn works the head with a sweet piledriver and follows with a good looking DDT. Shawn slows down the match with a sleeper, but Owen fights out and counters with a backdrop. Owen gets his 2nd wind and makes a comeback, and pinballs Shawn all around the ring. Shawn bumping is A1 and it’s not even close, tons of near falls by Owen. He ducks a desperate SCM attempt by Shawn and hits him with the enzuigir. He doesn’t go for the cover, instead, he locks in the sharpshooter but HHH nails him in the head with a crutch for the DQ. After the match; it’s a 3-1 and RAW just ends. Just like that. ***

    That's how we end 1997? huh, okay.
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