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WWE TLC 2017 Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'WWE PPV's' started by Captain Charisma, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Captain Charisma

    Captain Charisma GLORIOUS

    So TLC 2017 is over, with only one stipulation match... So what are pros and cons for you about this show? Also rate it 1-10.

    Main event: It was full of spots, it was fun and some spots were ridiculous -especially Strowman ones- but they were good. I liked the story telling. They use Angle well too.
    AJ v Finn: A great match. That's a huge con.
    Asuka v Emma: IDK what people think about this as Emma got a lot more offense than most thought but I didn't want a squash on a PPv. Also Emma is so talented and misused.Emma and Asuka had a great match back in NXT. I liked when powers are almost equal in ring in terms of booking. So a competitive match was nice. Also I don't think Asuka lost anything because Emma got some offense.
    CW Match: Not the title. It was meh but tag match was fun. Didn't surprised as all of them are talented.

    Jordan v Elias: Okay for a filler to calm the audience before main event but vegetables?

    I give this show like... 7 or 7.5. Liked the matches but it was TLC and had one stipulation match. That sucked a lot for me.
  2. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    I'm glad they kept the gimmick matches to a minimum...seeing chairs matches and stairs matches were not going to make the show better.

    I was mainly entertained throughout.

    No pro for Elias doing the opening to Let's Go Crazy by Prince in Minnesota :smh
  3. Jimmy King

    Jimmy King ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Balor vs Styles definitely was my match of the night. Top notch stuff from both guys.

    I thought the main event was fun. It told a fun story and I enjoyed the interactions between Braun and Kane, looks like it'll be another big man putting over Braun eventually like the stuff with Braun and Big Show earlier in the year. I thought Kurt looked great in the match, especially his comeback later on with the Angle slams on The Bar.

    Fun show overall, it kept me entertained.

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