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Wrestling Trivia Thread

Discussion in 'Wrestling Games' started by Champagne Charlie, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    The undertaker
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  2. Swamps

    Swamps Puddin' Bear Smash!

    Correct! Your turn!
  3. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    This wrestler saw Jimmy snuka vs don muraco in a steel cage at MSG when he was a kid and was inspired to become a wrestler.
  4. Swamps

    Swamps Puddin' Bear Smash!

  5. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    Alright go to hell :lol:
  6. Swamps

    Swamps Puddin' Bear Smash!

    This wrestler had a role in the 1980s film "Escape from New York" starring Kurt Russell. The wrestler had a fight to the death with Kurt Russell's character Snake. This wrestler was in the WWF.
  7. Anaconda Vice

    Anaconda Vice Well-Known Member

    Ox Baker

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  8. Swamps

    Swamps Puddin' Bear Smash!

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