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WCW On Pay Per View in the 90's - Every event Reviewed

Discussion in 'General Wrestling' started by Keith, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Uncensored 1995

    Setting: Tupelo, Mississippi

    Attendance: 5,782

    WCW's debut Uncensored event was a joke due to confusing booking and because for an event where anything could go it was very tame. It carried on the run of weak supercards, though it had its moments, and probably wasn't as bad as some of the recent shows. Though when it was bad, it was truly awful.

    The King of the Road Match - Dustin Rhodes VS. The Blacktop Bully
    One of the most baffling matches in history. Rhodes and Blacktop brawled in the back of a 18-Wheeler trunk while it was driving down the road!:lmaoThey brawled in stacks of hay and into different sections of the trunk. At certain points when the trunk would drive round a corner it would send Rhodes and Bully off balance. The only way to win this mess of a concept was to ring a bell at the top of one of the final sections8D To make this an even more messed up spectacle WCW were un-willing to show any blood (yes at fucking Uncensored!:fp:) so when either Bully and Dustin would bleed the camera would cut to a wide angle. On a side note both Bully and Rhodes were fired days later for breaking company policy. Bully ka Barry Darsow returned to the Indie circuit for the next two years, but would appear in WCW again before the end of the decade. Dustin who had a decent WCW run from 1991-95 was to enter a very new chapter in his career when signing for the WWF late in the year. Credit to both guys who worked their asses off, but this hot mess couldn't be saved. **

    Martial Arts Match - Jim Duggan VS. Meng (W/Col. Robert Parker)
    Not much to say about this, two washed up guys, a bad concept and a match that didn't even stick to its own rules. Duggan refused to use Martial arts. It was lame. *1/2

    Boxing Match - Johnny B. Badd VS. Arn Anderson
    Another departure from the sport fans has paid to see:hm: Despite this I thought this watchable. Both men gave it their all and it flowed pretty well as a match. Badd got the feel good win in the 4th round. **1/2

    Randy Savage VS. Avalanche
    Just a regular singles match. It was a solid match again some good work from Macho. The finish was very strange, as Ric Flair in drag (a image I will never get out of my mind) causes the DQ. Hogan comes out to even up the sides. ***

    Sting VS. Big Bubba
    I loved Sting dropping a leg on Bubba's hat the heel's reaction:lmao This match had a lively start, it dragged in the middle because Bubba is not so good as a mat wrestler, but picked up again at the end. Overall it was solid and got a decent response from the crowd. ***

    Texas Tornado Match - Harlem Heat VS. The Nasty Boys
    Not a terrible match, but when you consider these two teams are supposed to hate each other it was very tame. The ending descended into a brawl in the concession stand which made it into a cartoonish brawl. Credit to Sherri who once again got involved with the boys and even took a Nasty's pitstop. The Nastys won, but the camera man missed the fall. Slick work WCW!8D **1/2

    Strap Match - Vader (W/Ric Flair) VS. Hulk Hogan (W/The Renegade & Jimmy Hart)
    Not a patch on their Superbrawl match. The main problem was that all the outside interfearence from the Renegade (fake Ultimate Warrior), Flair, Jimmy Hart and Arn Anderson took away from the flow of the match. The finish was so confusing. Hogan dragged Flair to all four corners and for some reason this counted as a victory for Hogan. A let down. **1/2

    Best Match: Sting VS. Big Bubba Rogers

    Worst Match:
    Martial Arts Match

    Event Rating: 4/10
  2. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    100 Gs weren't spent on that king of the road match. ...no wonder everyone was fired.
  3. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    It looked like some Lo-Fi indie film to me. But then that's a insult to Lo-Fi indie films;)
  4. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Slamboree 1995: A Legend's Reunion


    Date: May 21, 1995

    Setting: St. Petersburg, Florida

    Commentary Team: Eric Bischoff and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

    Attendance: 7,000

    The end of this fucking promo:lmao

    Comments: The third Slamboree was a big improvement on the previous two. The main reason were WCW cutting down on the Legends matches. Many of the matches on the night were at least satisfying. By the standards of WCW during this era this wasn't a solid show. Having said that, no match was truly special on the night. Many falling somewhere in the middle. Eric Bischoff took over announce duties for the evening from regular Tony Schiavone who was undergoing neck surgery. Bischoff making his announcing debut often sounded like a radio DJ hyped up on speed8D In fairness Easy E was not as bad as Vince's bland face announcing in WWF. WCW hosted four dark matches pre-PPV on its Main Event programme. The most notable of a useless bunch was Meng's win over Brain Pillman in the Quarterfinals of the U.S. Title tournament. The soon to be departing Steve Austin beat jobber Eddie Jackie:hmm:New team the Blue Bloods (William Regal and Bobby Eaton) injured Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs before the Bloods squash victory, this cast doubt over if Knobbs would be able to join partner Jerry Saggs for their tag title shot later in the night.

    WCW Tag Team Championship: Harlem Heat (C) (W/Sister Sherri) VS. The Nasty Boys
    Another match in the never ending feud that has flattened to deceive. Once again Sherri proves a fashion icon:mark: At one point Eric claims that The Nasty Boys were both born locally even though the ring introduction announced them as being from New York. To add to the confusion the WWF claimed the Nastys hailed from Pennsylvania:lmao As expected Saggs went solo for the challengers. Just when it looked as if the numbers game was going to win out Knobbs made his way up the ramp to a decent pop, helping his partner to the tag belts at 10:52 of a mostly flat opener. **1/2

    Kevin Sullivan VS. The Man with No Name (aka The Butcher:sj:)
    Sullivan beats TMWNN at 05:24 in a useless filler match which the fans couldn't give two shits about. Post-match some bearded guy in a cloak surrounded by Ice appears and rambles something about Hulkamania and different cities, demanding "Sullivan come forward my son." The Taskmaster looking freaked escape through the crowd. As baffling as this segment was it was at least better than watching the piss poor match that had gone before:obama *1/2

    Macho and Hogan cut a decent but silly WWF style promo hyping up their tag main event later in the evening. Slim Jim gets a cheap promotional plug too:p

    Legends Match
    In the only legend's match of this year's card Wahoo McDaniel defeated Dick Mudoch with a reverse chop off the ropes in what was a fair novelty bout lasting 06:18. To add to the novelty the screen was in retro black and white throughout the match and legendary announcer Gordon Solie called the match with Heenan:) **1/2

    IGWP Title Match: The Great Muta (C) VS. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff
    Early on in this one Bisch gets a dig in at the out of favour Steve Austin. When pointing out that this is Muta's first match on American soil since facing Austin at Spring Stampede the previous year adding "Orndorff is a very different prospect." Give it two years Eric!:pipe: Even with Orndorff's age and limited mobility this made for a surprisingly smooth and solid effort. Muta who did a fine job in carrying the action was cheered by the US crowd in a break from the norm. The champion retained with a top rope moonsault at 14:11. ***

    Television Title: Arn Anderson (C) VS. Alex Wright
    Arn's experience carried "The Wonder Kid" to probably the best match of his career at this point. There's nothing much more to be said about this one. It was solid, nothing more, nothing less. Double A retained with a DDT after 11:36. ***

    Meng VS. Road Warrior
    This bonus match:lmao proved just a standard brawl. The two went went to a lame double count at 04:41. "Rematch!" "Rematch!":D **

    Easily the worst part of the show as WCW hosted its Hall of Fame ceremony live on the PPV. To make matters worse the ceremony dragged on for ten minutes!8D Host Gordon Solie inducted Wahoo McDaniel (a "big fisher":D), Terry Funk (who rambled), Angelo Puffo (Macho's Dad), Antonio Inoki, Big John Studd (Studd who had recently passed away was inducted by his son), and Dusty Rhodes (who was joined by young son and future WWE superstar Cordy). The Dream who received a strong pop then inducted a choked up Solie:Clap: All were most deserving of course.

    Sting VS. Big Bubba Rogers: Lights out match
    Whatever the “Lights out” rule means is never clear. Seems to be a basic No DQ style match. Sting’s blue and red face paint is bad ass!:mark: He looks jacked here too. The match is a solid effort, telling a nice story, the only drawback that it ended a little sudden at 09:29. A grudge match like this should have been given at least 12 minutes. Another drawback of dragging out the HOF. The wrestlers worked the crowd nicely, in the slow building early minutes. Sting takes the first major advantage when slamming Bubba into a ringside table (which the Stinger had carried to the ring). Bubba turns the tide with a handful of dust to Sting’s eyes. Back inside Bubba scores a two count off a sidewalk slam. Sting comes back with a hot looking splash from the top for a near fall of his own. Moments later Sting traps Bubba under the table opening him up for the Scorpion Deathlock and the submission win. ***

    A video with naff 90’s graphics and a terribly cheesy voice over plays to show the history leading up to our main event.

    Main Event – Ric Flair and Vader (W/Arn Anderson) VS. Hulk Hogan and Macho Man (W/Jimmy Hart and The Renegade)

    Another lively, if overbooked main event. For the main issues you could watch the Hogan-Vader match from the previous PPV. Speaking of which the Hogan-Vader exchanges were nothing special for most of this match. Hogan’s heel tactics (like thumbing Vader in the eye) were a strange novelty to see here. Savage’s eye catching top rope double axe handle to Vader on the floor looked to have swung things for the faces, however back inside Vader floored the former Mega Powers with a double clothesline. Flair did some impressive selling including taking a boot from Hogan on the apron following his trademark turnbuckle back flip. Hogan putting Flair’s own figure four on him was another nice spot. Finally making the tag Vader takes control again with a splash, only to miss the top rope version. Flair and Macho are both tagged in at the same time. Flair (again) caught on the top for a rocket launcher. Just as Savage has victory in his sights his top rope elbow attempt is intercepted by Anderson, who is then neutralise by the Renegade. This distraction is enough for Vader to nail Savage and set him up for a top rope moonsault on the inside. Vader connects, but Hogan is able to make the save just before the three. Savage finally makes the hot tag and a well rested Hulkster slams Vader for a big pop. In an overbooked finish Double A once again uses outside interference to help ‘Slick Ric’, but instead of hitting Hogan with a top rope axe handle, Flair takes the blow followed by the Leg Drop of Doom for the three count and the face team win at 18:57. The heels managed to regain their heat post-match when attacking Macho’s Dad Angelo Puffo who had been watching the match at ringside. Another add-on was Paul “The Giant” Wright who made his first appearance for the company appearing at the entrance way during the match. At this point it was unclear whose side the seven plus footer was on. ***

    Best Match: Sting VS. Big Bubba (Lights Out)

    Worst Match: Kevin Sullivan VS. The Man with No Name

    Event Rating: 6/10

    Next time on WCW on PPV in the 90's Macho and "The Natural Boy" look to recreate their WrestlemaniaVIII magic as they headline The Great American Bash!

  5. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    The Great American Bash 1995


    Date: June 18, 1995

    Setting: Dayton, Ohio

    Attendance: 6,000 (sell out and most of them paid)

    The Bash at one time the old NWA's top show of the year returned to beef up interest. In his on-going efforts to compete with the WWF Eric wanted to add more PPV's per year to the line-up. This time TGAB felt like a B show (note there was no Hogan on it). But like many WCW PPV's of this time it was billed as one match card. Luckily the main event delivered. Otherwise it was another forgettable show.

    Brian Pillman VS. Alex Wright
    The repackaging of Pillman had began as he showed more of a heelish edge in what was billed as a face vs. face opener. The famous Loose Cannon gimmick was not far off:mark: After the match with Anderson a few months prior I'd say this was Wright's best WCW match to date. Though there were some sloppy moments like "the wonder kid" mistiming a kick out after Pillman's drop kick from the top. The match never really got out of second gear. The finish came when Wright countered a sunset flip attempt into a cradle for the win. Pillman did a solid job in making the rookie look good. ***

    Next we got video of the past DDP Arm Wrestling challenges. On this night if Dave Sullivan could upset Page in the arm wrestling who would get to go on a date with the Diamond Doll (Page's real wife Kimberly). If Page won he would get Dave's pet rabbit:lmao Having an arm wrestling match on PPV was pointless enough, but having these as the stipulations was beyond dumb:eek: To no one's surprise Sullivan caused the upset after a dusty finish when both the Doll and Max Muscle appeared to trip Page during the finish (it turned out it was more the Doll's fault). Credit to Kimberly not only did she look great, but she actually sold the result very well. For such a young performer she did a good job out there. On the other hand Page's heel promo at the end was weak. Of course DDP would come on a long way over the next year and would end up as one of WCW's hottest talents.

    Jim Duggan VS. Sgt. Craig Pittman
    WTF!!! If you wanted further proof that this was a B-card than this slap in the face should provide it. Duggan replaced the injured Bagwell. This tedious and sloppy brawl was a pure insult to both the fans in attendance and those watching on PPV. It's a match that would have sucked the life out of a WCW Saturday Night show! Duggan looked terrible (scary to think he stayed with the company for almost the rest of the decade after this). Pittman was just out of his league. Hacksaw won on a lame DQ when Pittman refused to release "the code red" submission hold. 1/2 Star:gun:

    Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater (W/Col. Robert Parker) VS. Harlem Heat (W/Sister Sherri)
    Another filler style bout that shows the lack of depth in the roster of the time. In another silly set up the match was booked because Parker tried to kiss Sherri on the Main Event before the Bash went on the air. Da Heat had dead weight to work with here and it showed. The finish came when Sherri turns a package over for her team to win, after Parker had used the same tactic. **

    In a replay from the Main Event Nick Bockwinkel announces that Hogan VS. Vader inside a Cage will headline The Bash at the Beach.

    In a promo to hype the main event Slick Ric reinvents history by claiming HE TOOK MACHO'S WIFE!!:lmao Then again maybe he could see into the future?...o_O

    WCW Television Title: The Renegade (W/Jimmy Hart) VS. Arn Anderson (C)
    So the TV title reaches a new low. Renegade keeps a headlock on what seems like 90% of the match. I guess that's one way to hide that the kid couldn't wrestle a lick:( The two mostly trade off holds, and the challenger is just cartoonish, stiff and sloppy. Renegade wins the title with a horrible top rope splash.:DAMN: Arn dropping the belt to the Renegade isn't quite as bad as Austin's U.S. Title job to Hacksaw but it's not far off. Post match WCW give the new champ the fireworks treatment. Paul Wright makes another appearance this time eyeing up the Renegade. **

    WCW Tag Team Championship: The Nasty Boys (C) VS. The Blue Bloods
    Easily the match of the night up to this point. This two teams really clicked and had an entertaining scrap over the belts. It was amusing to hear Bobby Eaton promoted as being from England. He had been with the promotion about ten years and had always been announced as being from Huntsville, Alabama:lmaoBoth Bloods take Nasty's pitstops early on. Knobbs shoots Regal to the floor and connects with a good looking elbow drop. The champions double team on the floor. Eaton is dropped on a chair for his troubles. Sags scores with a pump handle slam for a two. Regal makes a timely tag after hitting a forearm. Knobbs hits a back body drop on Eaton, but then takes one to outside. Regal slows things down for a minute, but Eaton is off target with a high risk move. Sags gets the hot tag and hits a side walk slam, but then his momentum is cooled when Regal pulls down the top rope sending the Nasty Boy to the floor. Back inside Eaton claims a two following a knee of the top. Regal dominates with a chinlock, followed by stiff knees and forearm blows. Leaving his comfort zone proves the Blue Blood's UN-doing as Regal misses a flip again opening the door for a Nasty's exchange. Knobbs takes control but the ref is distracted by Stevie Ray and Sherri. This allows Booker T hit the Harlem Hangover on Knobbs from the blindside. However, as Booker jumps out of the ring the impact knocks Eaton off the top rope. Sags hits a top rope elbow and Knobbs makes the cover for the three count. This messy finish was the only real downside to a otherwise enjoyable match. ***

    U.S. Title Tournament Final: Sting VS. Meng (W/Col. Robert Parker)
    So this gets semi-final billing. It should be noted that in one of the previous rounds Macho already a legend faced future legend Steve Austin:mark: That match or almost any other would have been a better choice for the final. With a lack of fresh stars WCW should have used the tournament to give someone a rub. Of course such forward thinking was not how things were done in the company in 95. Sting didn't need this spot. Meng was a washed up mid-card act who worked better in a bodyguard type role at this stage in his career. The match was pretty lack luster for the most part and Sting's babyface win was totally predictable. Credit to the Stinger though for still being over strongly on the night. He was one of WCW's true attractions. **1/2

    Main Event: Macho Man (W/Angelo Poffo) VS. Ric Flair
    This was never going to live up to the heights of their WWF feud. At least WCW put some planning into it, and once again the two had a really dramatic match. It was treated as a grudge match and both sold that with convincing brawling and selling. Flair takes the first major upper hand when sidestepping Savage who strikes the post as a result. Back inside Flair hits a running knee drop before taking time out to mock Macho's father at ringside. As the two brawl again, Macho rips away at Flair's nose:Clap: On the outside Flair targets Poffo once more and when his son checks on him, this opens the door for Ric to take Macho's knee out. Slamming Savage's knee across the guard rail we get classic Nature Boy for the next few minutes. In a nice spot that shows the faces guts Macho kicks away at his foe with his good leg whilst on the mat. Flair hooks the figure four on and even uses the ropes on the blindside of the official. Macho sells it like a Pro and is almost pinned at one stage. After a few minutes he finally reverses the hold causing Flair to release it. When Flair misses a knee drop from the top, Macho hits a top rope clothesline for a near fall. Then hits his elbow from the top rope, but is not ready to put Flair away. A bloody Macho goes after Flair with the ring bell. As the ref steps in the Nature Boy wrestles away Poffo's cane and then strikes Macho with it to steal the win. Awesome crowd heat and these two Pros delivered once again. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of this feud;) ****

    Best Match: Macho Man VS. Flair

    Worst Match: Duggan VS. Pittman

    Event Rating: 4/10

    Next Time on WCW on PPV in the 90's Hogan and Vader look to settle the score inside a cage on the Beach front....

  6. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    I hated this show and didn't watch WCW until Scott Hall came out of the crowd.

    All these goofy shit going on and Macho trying to push his dad as a big deal when he was a journeyman jobber. ugh
  7. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Main event and opener were the only matches I liked on this card, most people don't realize how bad WCW really was before the nWo, it's no surprise they went right back to it after that angle died down
    Deezy likes this.
  8. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    I don't think that matters though. It gave the match a strong personal story.

    See I didn't think the opener was that good. Partly because of Wright still finding his feet. I enjoyed the tag title more.

    I wasn't really following WCW at this time (followed it from about 92-94, and then later), and its scary looking at the lineups for the coming cards that I still have worse to come!:confused: Speaking of which, duty calls;)
  9. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    I haven't seen it in years but I remember thinking that tag match was just basic but it came so late in a pretty bad show that i may have underrated it. No plans on rewatching though
  10. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    You could just stick the network on and jump to that match. I doubt I will watch this show again either. Think Nasty's got a bad rap. Had a decent gimmick for the era and with the right team could have effective matches. The Blue Bloods gimmick sucked, but I like Regal and Eaton as a team.
  11. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Nasty Boys are super underrated, great brawlers that were probably 5 years too early
    Keith likes this.
  12. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    watching the Steiners toss them around never got old.
    Keith likes this.
  13. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    I was going to mention the match with the Steiners. Think that and the Hart Foundation match from Mania 7 are my fave Nasty matches.
  14. dhemo

    dhemo درمان هموروئید

    WOow that was perfect
  15. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Those brawls with Cactus Jack in 94 though :banderas:
    Keith likes this.

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