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Watching NXT from the start (2012 - ???)

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by Koutei Senshi, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    pretty sure this was still feed me more time
  2. Cwalker

    Cwalker Praying for a Peyton Royce leak

    Was it? Makes sense I guess. He debuted in 2012 right? I definitely don’t remember that gimmick in NXT
  3. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    This is during his main event HIAC angle with Punk.

    It's one of those have a current main roster guy come in and quash a local nxt guy for tv time.
  4. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 16
    October 3rd, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Earlier Today, Kassius Ohno arrived at the building when Richie Steamboat attacks him from behind.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Richie Steamboat
    This is a fun time, Richie uses his speed and him riding high after a big win last week as momentum to counter everything Drew throws at him early, he has some nice counters and strikes until Drew catches him with a sick boot to the chest and begins working it. Sadly, because the match is so short the heat is a bit rushed, and Drew can't really do much. Richie makes a comeback, but OhNo comes out and distracts him allowing Drew to hit the Future Shock DDT for the win. **1/2

    Aiden English vs. Big E. Langston
    E is getting the "FIVE COUNT" now :mark: This gets about a minute, E destroys him before hitting the Big Ending for a 3. He then makes the ref count 2 times to make it 5. After the match; E hits another Big Ending and counts to 5. He's not done, he hits a 3rd Big Ending and gets another 5 count.

    In the back, Richie is looking for OhNo.

    CM Punk comes to NXT next week.

    Michael McGillicutty comes down to the ring, he says he's heard he's the #1 Contender to the NXT World Heavyweight Championship. But he also heard this is Seth's first title defense, but it's also going to be his last. He calls out Seth who doesn't come out until Michael calls him a "Paper Champion" Seth comes out and says he talks too much, he say's he's really talented in the ring, but makes us forget with how much he runs his mouth. Michael responds with "cool story, but no". Rollins asks if he has any respect for him, so he just says he doesn't. He calls him a paper champion again, and Rollins says the title is all the proof he needs and he never had any footsteps to make a path for him. He challenges him to fight now, but McGillicutty leaves. And just says "Goodbye" :lmao

    Earlier today, Briley Piece is with Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd who are in matching Jeans and wifebeaters. He asks them on their thoughts on tonight's match against The Ascension. TJ says they would be fooled not to be prepared against a team like The Ascension. He says the main thing that makes a tag team is trust, he trusts Justin like Justin trusts him, that's why they're former tag champions. Tonight we bring the fight to The Ascension. Justin goes to talk, but the lights flicker and The Ascension are in a box :lmao

    As Kassius Ohno makes his way down to the ring, Richie attacks him from behind until refs pull him off. Ohno gets in the ring dazed.

    Percy Watson vs. Kassius Ohno
    OhNo showcase for a few minutes, Death Blow ends it.

    The Ascension vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd
    Justin and TJ do what they can, but the Ascension sucks so bad. Their offense is boing, and they keep doing that fake intense yelling. They isolate Justin, which thankfully got cut out due to a break. TJ has a nice hot tag and cleans house until Connor catches him on the floor with a shitty punch and rams him into the apron allowing them to takeover again. Lots of the same holds they did against Justin, they do here. Justin's hot tag lasts all of 15 seconds until he misses the 450 and the Ascension sneak in to hit the "Fall of Man" AKA Total Elimination for the win. **1/4
  5. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 17
    October 10th, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Backstage: CM Punk says if you look up the word "Respect" in the dictionary you will find words like admiration and reverence, all words fitting the WWE Champion for so long he would allow him to gain respect and admiration, but he's been treated with contempt and seen more main events than he'd competed in. He says he's here to watch Seth Rollins defend his title, and he hopes everyone can appreciate how special it is to have the WWE Champion here as an observer.

    Bo Dallas vs. Johnny Curtis
    This is just here for Bo to continue this push that nobody wants, he's so bad at everything, Curtis is also a moron who targets the midsection and kidney for 80% of the match, just to lock in a headlock for no reason. Bo's comeback is shit, and he hits a god awful spear for the win. Horrible.

    Alicia Fox & Kaitlyn vs. Audrey Marie & Paige
    HOLY SHIT! This gets 6 minutes, and it's not bad, all 4 busts out mat wrestling and counters which instantly put a smile on my face. Don't get me wrong, it's not the smoothest or cleanest transitions but god damn all 4 are trying. The heel team isolates Audrey targeting the head and neck area, for a bit. Paige has a fun hot tag as the match breaks down. Paige rolls up Foxxy for the win. **1/2

    Backstage: Jake Carter is talking to some blonde chick, you can't see her face only the back of her head so that's great. She leaves, and Trent Baretta comes in and asks if he just struck out. Carter says he has a whole team of girls and says that one wanted the top spot, but he couldn't give it to her, so she left. He challenges Trent next week who accepts.

    Backstage: Briley Pierce interviews Seth Rollins, he asks him how he feels about his first title defense. Seth says ever since he won this title all he could do is think about this moment. He says he's not nervous, but McGillicutty should be because he disrespected him last week. CM Punk then comes on and says just because he's the champion, it won't get him what he wants. He can say that because he's had a stranglehold on this belt for a wrestling for a year and he's beaten everyone and everything, and he STILL has no respect. They'll tell you that you have to earn respect, but they've earned both of their titles. He says to not try to earn respect, but to beat the respect out of him, and get the justice he deserves.

    Leo Kruger vs. Dante Dash
    Kraven showcase, he wins with a spinning side-neckbreaker.

    Backstage: Briley Pierce interviews Michael McGillicutty. He asks why anyone cares about respect when he beats Seth, Seth can have all the respect he wants. And when he leaves him laying, he's coming after CM Punk and will show him the respect by beating him for the WWE Championship.

    CM Punk joins William Regal, and Jim Ross on commentary.

    NXT Championship: Michael McGillicutty vs. Seth Rollins
    This is fine, but the 2 breaks really hurt this. As they take a break 3 minutes in, so we don't see how Michael takes over but he does and works the head a bunch that doesn't get sold, Seth makes comebacks but takes too long with follow-ups which allows Micahels to cut him off and takeover again. Seth' selling is no existent, but he tries to make up with his bumping. We take another break in the middle of Seth's comeback, and we cut right back into the Michael comeback for a minute before Seth makes the big comeback. Seth hits a nice dive to the floor, but again takes too long going for the springboard back in which allows Michael so hits dropkick in mid-air for two. They go into their counters and near-falls now, with Michael having the BLKOUT scouted each time, which forces Seth to come up with something new, which is a Slice Bread #2 for the win. **1/2
  6. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 18
    October 17th, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal
    Absolutely NOT! Alex wins, but Jinder attacks him from behind and locks in the Camel Clutch. And now I remember why I stopped watching NXT in 2012.

    Trent Baretta vs. Jake Carter
    Solid Trent showcase, Vader's kid still has no idea what he's supposed to be outside the "good looking/arrogant" kid, he has most of the basic's down and even throws some Vaderesque body shots so he's not a total failer next generational kid. He targets the mid-section and head cause that's what he's been told to do. Trent has an okay comeback and hits the Busaiku Knee for the win. *3/4

    Big E video package.

    Damien Sandow vs. Brandon Traven
    Sandow showcase, it didn't need 6 minutes but whatever. Sandow hits the Straightjacket Neckbreaker for the win.

    The Ascension & Kassius Ohno vs. The Usos & Richie Steamboat
    This is fine, they continue to build the two feuds with OhNo trying to avoid Richie at all costs so lots of running away frustrating him. Ascension does their isolation stuff, which is the same stuff they've been doing since they've debuted. Shitty Body holds and shitty intense selling. I love how openly JR and Regal about not knowing which Uso twin is which, it's gotten to the point where they will either say "TWIN" or "Is that Jimmy or Jay" :lmao shit is hilarious. Richie has a fun hot tag, lots of flying highspots, he cleans house but as he goes for a running dive Hero hits a forearm to the back of the head from the apron and covers for the win. **1/4
  7. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 19
    October 24th, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Earlier Today, Heath Slater goes up to Dusty and asks for a title shot tonight, he says no but Vickie Guererro comes over and says she's here to represent the future of wrestling Heath. Dusty then says for Vickie Heath can have his match, but it's none-title. And if Heath wins he can have a future title match.

    Brodus Clay (w/The Funkadactyls) vs. Camacho
    Brodus showcase, big splash ends it.


    Byron Saxton is with Richie Steamboat on the stage, Saxton says Richie isn't cleared to compete tonight. Richie says Ohno is a coward for hitting him in the back of the head last week. Ohno comes out onto the stage, he says Junior Steamboat is hurt.......and is FINISHED! He says it's time for him to sit with his dad and reminisce about the good times, even though he never had any. Ohno then hands him a white towel and tells him it's time to throw it in.

    Kassius Ohno vs. Trent Baretta
    Good times, they do some good counter wrestling to start before it turns into an Ohno style match where he slows down the pace with striking. Trent keeps trying to quicken it up, but Ohno is the veteran so he doesn't allow it and keeps him grounded. Ohno works the next with different cravats and throws, Trent doesn't get a comeback, cause Richie comes out with the towel and throws it into Ohno's face temporarily blinding him, he then turns and walks into the Busaiku Knee from Trent who covers for the win. **3/4

    Layla & Alicia Fox vs. Paige & Audrey Marie
    Oh Layla how I miss you, Paige and Foxxy start they have another good mat sequence with counters and big moves, Audrey and Layla get in, they do some stuff it's not all bad but you can clearly see it's choreographed. Layla/Foxx cause they're black have to play the heel role :side: Foxxy busts out her psycho rough style as she beats the shit out of Audrey for a bit during the heat segment. Paige has a solid hot tag leading to the match breaking down, Paige has Layla set for the Cradle DDT, but Audrey tags herself in. So Paige slams Layla instead, Audrey covers her but Layla counters into a rollup pin for the win. Backstage: Paige yells at her, who shrugs her off. **

    Backstage: Briley Pierce interviews Seth about his match later, Seth says he was always told to respect his elders, but in Vickie's case she's just older and louder. As for Heath, his 15 minutes of fame is up and his time is now.

    Lincoln Broderick vs. Bronson
    Both guys are the new high breed big man, so they're jacked up well Lincoln is Bronson is more of the thicker man. And neither guy is a giant, Bronson mixes up power and amateur wrestling before locking in a leg lock for the win.

    Backstage: Ohno is tearing up a room.

    United States Champion Antonio Cesaro comes down to the ring, he says he is the champion of everyone here and as the champion, he takes this title to a level that no American can ever reach. Ask not what your United States Champion can do for you, ask what you can do for your United States Champion. He asks them all to rise for the national anthem. HE THEN ASKS FOR THE NATION ANTHEM OF SWITZERLAND BE PLAYED! But Tyson Kidd comes out instead, he says if he wants them to do something for him, he should cut out the man purse in America. Kidd says he wants a shot at his US Title right here, and Claudio yells in German. Kidd says he gets it he can speak 5 different languages but he has something that's universal. SLAP! Kidd fights him out of the ring, and Cesaro backs up.

    Heath Slater (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Seth Rollins
    Decent champ showcase, the highlight is Regal calling Heath a "Silly Ginger Git" on commentary. The match is mainly focused on Heath/Vickie with her yelling at him the whole time to "Do Something" so yeah, Seth does Seth stuff, he again hits the standing Slice bread #2 for the win. **
  8. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Still don't get how the son of Haku had to play a Chicano.
  9. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 20
    October 31st, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    The Uso's vs. Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis
    Curtis is on some extra suspect shit tonight, which includes him grinding next to Michael along with sticking his ass out on the stage. The new NXT commentary refers to Curtis as "Dirty Curty" so that's a thing, Curtis starts dancing and gyrating, which pisses Michael off. They have some really cool double teams as they isolate Jimmy Uso working the neck, cutting off the ring. Michael keeps yelling at Curtis to pay attention and to focus, which messes up his focus allowing Jimmy to avoid a charge and tag Jey in. He cleans house, and the Uso's hit the big splash for the win. **1/4

    The Ascension watches on from their shitty skybox seats.

    Backstage: Briley Pierce Interviews Trent, up Ohno interrupts. He says he and Richie got one over on him last week and calls it a fluke. Ohno challenges next week and Trent accepts for next week.


    Xavier Woods vs. Leo Kruger
    This is solid, Kraven does his thing while Woods bumps around for him. He works on the back and hits himself too cause he like the pain now. The side-standing neckbreaker wins it for him.

    Big E "FIVE" video package.

    Byron Saxton is with Big E Langston on the stage, he asks why the 5 count? E says he loves the number five. It's a beautiful number, a glorious number, and in fact, he has 5 fingers on each hand. He has 5 toes on each foot. You have a high 5. You've got a low 5. Vickie then comes out, she says she's here to recruit guys for her stable. He says he has what she needs and claps a lot to send the powder into her face, and gets pissed and leaves.

    Jinder Mahal comes down to the ring, he says he's missing his crown jewel the NXT championship and demands a title rematch. Justin Gabriel then comes out and says he deserves a title match more than him. Jinder says he was eliminated in the first round :lmao Justin totally ignores him and asks for a fan vote. Drew McIntyre comes out now. He says he can list off why he should be the one getting the title match, but he is also the 1 that has a pinfall win over Seth so I deserve it. FUCK! Bo comes out now, he says everyone has had a chance and it's his turn. Dusty comes out onto the stage and books a Fatal 4-Way #1 Contenders Match NEXT WEEK!

    CJ Parker vs. Roman Reigns
    ROMAN! :mark: HOLY SHIT! I totally forgot about his "Samoan" theme and that he used to trunks. He's pretty green here but shows flashes of his greatness. Regal and the other guy talk up Roman's potential and his star quality. He hits a Belly-to-back side slam for the win. Regal says Roman is the future and will become a big star someday.

    WWE United States Championship: Tyson Kidd vs. Antonio Cesaro
    So this gets 9 minutes and totally rules, they have this awesome mat wrestling sequence to star with all counters, reversals and holds, flash pin attempts all smooth and crisp, but typical a break hurts this as we cut back with Cesaro now dominating working the mid-section. Kidd fights out with some awesome elbows to the face and body, and has this awesome comeback mixing up kicks and highspots totally taking Cesaro off his game. He hits the springboard elbow for two but takes too much time as he can't believe that wasn't 3. That allows Cesaro to counter the sharpshooter and hit a sick Pop-Up European and finishes him off with the Neutralizer for the win. If this would have gotten 5 more minutes this would be my current NXT MOTY! **3/4
  10. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    And soon....cocky Roman in a suit :mark:
  11. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Prequel Fandango gimmick :lmao
  12. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 21
    November 7th, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Video package hyping up tonights Fatal 4-Way #1 Contenders match.

    Kassius Ohno vs. Trent Baretta
    Another fun one between them, Trent uses his speed early but Ohno counters with experience and ring savvy he blocks a sunset flip and places the ring apron over Trent's face blinding him, just so he can kick him in the head while he was blinded. Ohno targets the head and neck, nothing special or anything, it's also serverly rushed due to the short time. Trent has a nice comeback, before they go into the near falls and counters of the big moves. Ohno smartly forces Trent to chase him around the ring, and when he slides in he catches him with the Roaring Elbow for the win. After the match; Ohno goes for the Death Blow, but Trent ducks it and forces Ohno to bail. **1/2

    Corey Graves is coming (Even though we've already seen him before) but now he's coming alone. STAY DOWN!

    Memo Montenegro vs. Big E. Langston
    SQUASH! Big Ending for the win After the match, he hits the big Ending and counts to 5.

    After the match; Vickie Guerrero comes on the tron, she says Big E will not be laughing for long, and she's offering FIVE thousand dollars to anyone who will put him on the shelf. A jobber attacks E from behind, but E drops him with the Big ending and counts the 5.

    Kurt Angle's kid is in the ring, he's waiting for a match.....................BUT BRAY WYATT! COMES OUT! HE' BACK! He says he's awake now and says look daddy I got my wings back. He yells at the people to wake up and take his hand. He asks if people are ready to come with him to change the work, Jason says all Bray does is talk and he's not here to talk he challenges him to fight. Bray says Jason has it all wrong, he doesn't want to hurt him, because he's a monster and Jason is no match for him. But he's a monster, and he is never alone. LUKE HARPER COMES OUT :mark:

    Jason Jordan vs. Luke Harper
    Awesome Luke squashing, he destroys Kurt's kid for about 2 minutes before hitting the black hole slam for the win. After the match; Bray Wyatt announces him as the first son of the Wyatt Family, Luke Harper.

    Bryon Saxton is on the stage and brings out Roman Reigns, Roman comes out looking fly af in a suit. Roman calls Saxton over just to grab his mic and tells him to leave, Roman says he feels phenomenal and says there is nothing he cannot do. HE IS THE MAN, WHETHER YOU ARE WITH ME OR AGAINST ME! Everybody wants to be Roman Reigns.

    #1 Contenders Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match: Justin Gabriel vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas
    This happens, and oh boy it's not good. A positive note is all 4 being in the ring the whole time, and not doing tags in some 4 ways. Justin and Drew have a nice interaction but that gets ruined as Bo keeps coming in trying to team up with Justin, they do some double teams before Justin turns on him to no pop or boo whatsoever:lmao Jinder keeps his distance on the floor and lets the other 3 do most of the work before trying to pick the bones, Jinder and Drew then briefly team up DAT 3MB FORESHADOWING! Then at around the 6-minute mark, Bo sneaks a spear in and pins Drew, he then follows up catching Justin coming off the top with a god awful spear pinning him. FUCK EVERYTHING! WHY TRIPLE H? WHY ARE YOU STILL BOOKING JINDER/BO AS LEGIT GUYS? Fuck me, Jinder and Bo for another 6 minutes, it's so bad these two are the absolute worse. Jinder locks in the Camel Clutch and Bo taps. *1/2
    Chris likes this.
  13. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 22
    November 14th, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Backstage: Jinder cuts a promo, but Bo comes over and asks for a rematch tonight and to put his title shot on the line. Jinder refuses and Bo calls him scared, and Jindeer falls for it and accepts. What an idiot.

    The Ascension vs. Percy Watson & Yoshi Tatsu
    Shitty Ascension squash. NEXT!

    Backstage: Aksana tells Layla her hair is so bad, that it makes her's look good. Layla says she won't take grooming tips from an Eastern-European TRASH! She says she'll take out the trash in the ring later tonight. Oh great.

    Oliver Gray vs. Corey Graves
    Graves showcase, Saxton referring to Graves as the "Bad guy, that your girlfriend wants" is terrible. Graves works the leg, and this Grey kid does a great job selling it, he's done the most selling I've seen maybe this whole review. Graves locks in a calf crusher style move for the win.

    Big E video package.

    Some new interviewer is on the stage, I think it's the guy who does commentary too. He brings out Big E and asks him his thoughts on his bounty on his head. E says he's worried, he worried for anyone dumb enough to try and claim the bounty. He's Big E, and the E stands for End. An end to anyone across the ring from him. And if you don't believe him, he'll give you a reason. No. He'll give you FIVE reasons. FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. Camacho runs out and hits him from behind and runs away, and Big E is mad.

    Layla vs. Aksana
    Aksana is so bad, she can barely go 2 minutes and they have her go 5 with a Layla who's on the downside of her career. Layla hits a Trish like Chic Kick for the.

    Earlier Today, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are in a field somewhere. He says ever since the beginning, there have been those people. Simple, every day, normal people, denouncing his name. They call him a liar and say that his words mean nothing, but they should play a game. A fun little game. Let's pretend everything he says is true and he's told you no lie, that he's every bit of a monster that they think he is. Then how do you stop him? How do you stop something that wins wars without lifting a finger? How do you stop something that's been worshipped by every culture since the dawn of ages? How do you stop something that can never be destroyed? And if you're looking for that angle, then please, come find him. He's out here with all of his friends. And if you're looking for the whereabouts, look into the sky, follow the BUZZARDS!

    Chase Donovan vs. Roman Reigns
    Roman is now doing his signature in the air, so that's a thing. Another solid Roman showcase, he's doing more power moves and looks more comfortable this week than he did last week. Playing the cocky heel. JR says people are already calling ROMAN THE LEBRON OF THE WWE! Roman hits the Belly-to-back side slam for the win.

    Roman has Saxton refer to him as "The Thoroughbred" Roman Reigns.

    #1 Contenders Match: Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas
    I can't do it, I can see why I quit watching NXT so quickly. It was either around this time or late December I stopped until Sami's debut or Ohno/Regal feud. I can't remember. Jinder wins, At least it wasn't Bo, but still Jinder/Seth again. UGH!
  14. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 23
    November 21st, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Backstage: Todd Phillips makes his debut, he goes to interview Ohno. He asks him about his match with Trent tonight. Ohno cuts him off saying he avenged his loss, but that's not enough maybe he will give him the Steamboat treatment and end his career. He then says Trenty will feel more pain than he's ever experienced. Poor little guy's never gonna be the same.

    Alicia Fox vs. Paige
    This is solid, they have a couple of nice counters and basic sequences and transitions before Foxxy hits a slam and takes over. She doesn't really work anything just beat down Paige and keep her grounded. Paige has some nice fire as she fights back before hitting debuting the Paige Turner and covers for the win. **

    Tonight: Ohno/Trent III

    Camacho vs. Big E. Langston
    Fun E showcase for a few minutes, Big Ending wins it. E is upset that the ref only counted the 3, so he picks Cam up and hits another Big Ending and counts to 5. BUT HE'S NOT DONE, ANOTHER BIG ENDING AND ANOTHER 5 COUNT. E is the most over wrestler in NXT.

    Backstage: Trent has been laid out, the camera pans out and KRAVEN is looking sinister.

    Coming back, Todd says Trent hasn't been cleared by the doctors yet, and it's doubtful that he will be able to wrestle tonight.

    Nick Rodgers vs. Bronson
    Bronson showcase, he again works the leg to set up the heel hook for the win.

    Bray Wyatt comes out onto the stage, asks if the little lambs are afraid of him. FEAR ME, LITTLE LAMB. He says there's nothing that could have prepared them for this night because he gives their lives purpose for the first time ever. Congratulations, little lamb, he's about to make you famous. Luke Harper then comes out for his match. Bray sits on the stage in a rocking chair.

    Luke Harper vs. Mike Dalton
    Luke showcase, black hole slam wins it.

    After the match; Bray says he warned them all 2,000 years ago that he is the eater of worlds. And when he decides it's time to start hurting people, believe him, there'll be none of you left.

    Earlier Today; Seth and Jinder have a pull-apart brawl in the back.


    Kassius Ohno comes down to the ring, he says his opponent for tonight is Trent Baretta, and he can assure them that he's never been more ready to tear someone to pieces, but has to ask, "Where's Trent?" He has it on good authority that Trenty had a mishap backstage, so that leaves me without an opponent. He tells the referee to count to 10 and then raise his hand in victory. Dusty Rhodes comes out onto the stage. Dusty says he knows he manipulated the confrontation with Trent Baretta, and he has to answer to him about that. But he knows he's saying he doesn't have a match, but he found a match for him......................RICHIE STEAMBOAT!

    Kassius Ohno vs. Richie Steamboat
    Awesome hate by Richie as he comes with a ton of fire, with good looking punches just trying to beat on Ohno who does his best to cover and run, Richie remains one step ahead and refuses to give Ohno space. Ohno does a fantastic job begging off and not being prepared for Richie. This is the best Richie has looked so far, he targets the head and neck of Ohno. Ohno weathers the storm and takes advantage of Richie's hate and kicks him into the ring post allowing him to finally get some offense in after about 3 minutes. He works the head and neck, Richie's selling is so, so but he does take some nice bumps. Ohno gets seemingly more aggressive and takes pleasure in punishing him. Richie makes a solid comeback, he ducks the roaring elbow and hits the sling blade for the win. ***
  15. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

    NXT Episode 24
    November 28th, 2012
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Backstage: Daniel Bryan says tonight marks his return to NXT. And since he's left the show, he's accomplished a lot. He's launched a successful line of t-shirts, he's become World Heavyweight Champion, and he's grown an immaculate beard. AND HE IS THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! He says since he has left NXT and climbed the ladder of success he has a couple of small requests, he demands, that people do not chant "YES" at him during his way to the ring, nobody calls him a goat face, and that his partner stays out of his way. The camera pans out and Kane is standing to the left side. They argue about who the tag team champions are before Bryan storms off.

    Trent Baretta vs. Leo Kruger
    Trent has his ribs taped up after last weeks assault, this is solid but way too short at like 4 minutes. This is Leo's best match so far as he has something to work and doesn't just have to do random things before ending the match. He gets into his Kraven ag attacking the rebs with holds and just throwing Leo around onto his ribs. Trent has a brief comeback, but Leo hits The Kruger End, for the win. **1/4

    Tonight: Seth/Jinder FACE OFF! & Team Hell No vs. McGillicutty/Curtis

    Memo Montenegro vs. Xavier Woods
    Woods' gimmick is the dancing black man who likes to go to parties, this is a woods showcase, he does things. Woods isn't a showcase/squasher guy, he's more of get his ass kicked and show heart before making a comeback and getting a sneak win in. He hits the roll followed by a clothesline for the win. LOL

    Emma vs. Audrey Marie
    Oh look it's Emma, this isn't great as neither on are leaders in the ring, but they do work the match around Audrey using a body scissors so that's great. Emma has a meh comeback, but Audrey hits Chris Harris's Catatonic for the win.

    Backstage: Tony Dawson says he was supposed to interview Roman Reigns but was given a press release instead. It says due to previous engagements Roman has to take a Reigns check in this interview and hopes all his fans understand that as a major blue chipper many companies are in a bidding war to use his services as an endorser. Roman has meetings with his team, that are just a little more important at this time. :mark: Cocky Roman :mark:

    Byron Saxton is in the ring, and introduces Michael Cole. Cole comes out to what must be a rib music, he then introduces Jinder and NXT champion, Seth. WHY!?!?!?! Why did you need to have Saxton intro Cole, just for him to intro the wrestlers? Jinder says last weeks attack was a message, Seth says it was a cowardly attack by a desperate man, and he knows Jinder can't beat him 1on1. Jinder calls Seth a fluke, and just like everyone here is a born loser, oh great they're redoing the Gold Rush promos YAWN! Jinder says in 2 weeks he will humble him, Seth says he is just like the people, and he and the people will never be like Jinder. He says Jinder thinks he deserves HIS title, but NO. I'm better than you, and you will never be NXT champion. They tease a fight but Cole stops it and says he needs to ask another question. He asks Jinder what makes him think he can beat Seth, even though he's never beaten, Seth. Jinder says he doesn't have to stand for this and shoves cole. Jinder then cheapshots Seth and locks in the Camel Clutch until refs break it up.

    WWE Tag Team Championships: Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis vs. Team Hell No
    Curtis new music is hilarious, it's some whack rapper that says "SEXY GIRL" over and over. Curtis is now in leather pants, as the transition continues. I have no idea who Micahel and Johnny got this title match, considering they've only team 1 time and lost that match. But whatever. This gets 8 or 9 minutes, so it's solid for the most part. Bryan is great, he bumps around and gets a great showing out of the challenges, but the numbers catch up to him. Curtis is taking the match seriously, so we get a fun isolation on Bryan, cutting off the ring and working on Bryan's lower back and head. Kane gets the hot tag and does Kane things, the match breaks down and Bryan tags himself in. They have some miscommunications, and Bryan locks in the No Lock and Michael taps out. **3/4

    After the match; the Champs HUG IT OUT!

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