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The Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho 2009 Feud

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Part I: The Beginning
    Smackdown 05/01/2009

    Chris Jericho comes out and speaks down to the fans, calling them ignorant and clueless. He calls himself the biggest superstar ever to be drafted to Smackdown. He says he’s taking over and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Jericho then says he shouldn’t have to be in this fatal 4 way match tonight, but he will do it and go on to win the World Title at Judgement Day. Suddenly, Edge comes out and makes fun of Jericho terrorizing old people and that he was the one to beat Cena, when Cena was the one to beat Jericho for the title. Edge says his angry man in a suit gimmick won’t work on his show, he says there’s nothing like walking into the world’s most famous arena…..The air Canada center in Toronto :lmao (It’s funny cause this is in MSG) And knowing you’re better then everyone. Edge says Smackdown isn’t his to take because it belongs to him, suddenly CM Punk comes out. Punk shows footage of him cashing in on Edge, Jericho cuts in and says nobody cares about him. He says he allowed Edge to do it ‘cause he’s the champion but not him. Punk shrugs him off and Jericho ends up leaving out of protest and Punk says tonight, he's got a match vs. Edge. It's non-title, but after he beats Edge, he's going to cash in Money in the Bank.

    Backstage: Chris Jericho rants to Teddy Long, as the Great Khali comes in talking nonsense. As Singh says Khali says he’s the number one playboy and Jericho needs to get over himself.

    Number One Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
    Kane pretty much dominates early with the other 3 bumping great for him; Kane throws Rey onto both Jeff and Jericho on the floor as we go to a commercial. When we comeback the match has picked up as all 4 begin battle one another, we get a lot of mini little match-ups it’s most 2 battling one on the floor and the other slowly getting up to do a move. Jeff would hit the whisper in wind and the Swanton on Kane but as Jeff covers, Jericho pulls him off just so him can cover Kane himself :lmao FUCKIN’ HEEL Jericho :lmao always gotta get that glory. Kane is pissed, so he beats up all three men before throwing chairs into the ring. As Kane leaves Rey hits the 619 on Jericho, but as Rey comes off the ropes Jericho hits him with a chair forcing a DQ :lmao wat? We are now down to Jeff vs. Rey; it ruled so hard. It got around 6 or 7 minutes and it’s back-and-forth crisp and smooth counters. And the crowd was super hot for everything, they do this sweet double crossbody, but because Rey is smaller he got the better. They did this amazing counter when Jeff caught a moonsault and tried the twist of fate but Rey countered into the Jacknife pin but Jeff would counter that with a roll for two. The match would end when Rey hits the 619 and follows up with the Senton but when Rey lands Jeff counters by rolling Rey onto his back for the win. GREAT STUFF! Man I really wish we would have gotten a Rey/Jeff series of friendly matches back in 2008/2009. As for this 4 way match it told a great story, with Kane being a monster, it started the Jericho/Rey thing and got Jeff the shot at the world title. *** - ***1/4

    Backstage: Chris Jericho yells at Teddy Long for being useless and threatens to quit, Morrison walks over and tells Jericho he’s looking at a quitter. They begin to brawl as wrestlers and security breaks it up. Suddenly, Punk walks over stops in front of Jericho looks at his briefcase and whistles skipping away.

    Smackdown 05/08/2009

    Teddy Long comes out and introduces Rey Mysterio back to Smackdown; he says it feels so good to be home on Smackdown. He says last week he came so close but he can admit Jeff was the better man and he knows he will get another shot down the line. But as for now, he’s willing to face anyone for IC title. Well, that’s when Jericho’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. Jericho tries to intimidate Teddy, he says he’s the face of Smackdown not Rey or anyone else on this show. Jericho demands Teddy apology to him about what happen in the Fatal 4 way last week. Rey cuts in and tells Jericho to shut up. Jericho tells him to watch his mouth, and Rey again tells him to shut up before shoving him to the mat. Rey says he doesn’t need to hear his crap and leaves, Suddenly Jeff Hardy comes out and says if Jericho wants respect and a title match he’s gotta beat him. Jeff calls Jericho the biggest liar and hypocrite he’s ever seen; he then tells Jericho that if Jericho can beat him tonight Teddy will make the Judgment Day match a triple threat match. Jeff then slaps the shit out of Jericho, and Jericho leaves as Teddy makes the match official.

    Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
    Edge is on commentary for this so we already know how this will end, yeah so this is fine nothing spectacular. Lots of back and forth to start with neither man capable of controlling the pacing of the match. At one point Rey comes out and that distraction allows Jeff to jump Jericho, minutes later Jeff tries the running poetry in motion off the steps but he crashes and burns hitting the rails. Jericho begins working the back and keeping Jeff grounded, it’s alright the whole thing feels like a filler now. Anyway Jeff begins to make a comeback, but Jericho cuts him off and applies the Walls but Jeff reaches the ropes. Jeff would come back with a front face buster but misses the Swanton as Jericho hits the Lionsault for two, the two would brawl around ringside for a bit when shockingly Jericho throws Jeff into Edge, before rolling Jeff back in for two. Edge then gets onto the apron and begins to argue with Jericho allowing Jeff to roll him up for two. Edge begins to leave as Jericho tries to use the ropes for a pin but Rey points it out to the ref to stop the pin. Jericho tells Rey to keep out of this but as he turns around he walks right into the Twist of fate for the win. Post-Match: Rey hits Jericho with the seated Senton off the top. Like I said the match was just an angle-advancement, just here to basically set up Rey/Jericho. **1/2

    Smackdown 05/15/2009

    Chris Jericho comes out and talks about what the meaning of Judgement Day is and how he’s not afraid of it. He then talks about ever since he’s comeback to Smackdown he’s been screwed to, lied to and cheated on. BECAUSE IT’S ALL BE A CONSPIRACY AGAINST HIM! Jericho says it will all end this Sunday, and he doesn’t mind going through everyone to do so. He then turns his attention to Rey by telling him he took the chance of being the world title away from him so now he’s gonna take the IC title away from him. Jericho then promises that the people will not see a 619 on Sunday and they will see a new champion, he then demands Rey to come out but instead Edge does. Edge says he’s only been here for a few weeks and he’s already sick of him. Edge then talks about how this has always been his show and Jericho may be a nine time IC champ this Sunday, but he’s a nine time world champ. Edge then calls Rey out, the two then argue some more until Teddy comes out and sets up Edge vs. Chris Jericho tonight.

    Backstage: Rey Mysterio cuts a promo about how Jericho is an egotistical fool, and he’s not gonna let him walk all over him.

    Edge vs. Chris Jericho
    So this was fine, it wasn’t as much as a filler as Jeff/Jericho was as they played a good game of one-upmanship. Jericho targets the arm of Edge trying to stop him from using the arm. I liked how aggressive Jericho is as he not letting up a bit and is still trash talking, but he takes a few seconds to gloat after baseball sliding kicking Edge out of the ring, allowing Edge to throw him into the steps. Only thing that really upset me is that neither man really sells the arm unless it’s being worked on. I did legit laugh when both men try the roll-up pin with both men trying to put their foot on the ropes to steal the pin but get caught. Again both men trade submission attempts with Edge locking in the Sharpshooter and Jericho locking in the walls but both men get to the ropes, the re forces Jericho to break as Edge hits the spear knocking Jericho to the floor. Jericho picks up a chair but Edge kicks it back into his face for the DQ. Post-Match: Jeff runs down and hits the twist of fate on Edge onto the chair before diving off the top onto Jericho on the floor. Suddenly, CM Punk comes out to cash in but Umaga stops it as the two brawls to the floor. Edge and Jeff begin to brawl into the crowd on one side as Umaga and Punk brawl on the other. As Jericho leaves Rey attacks him from behind and they brawl on the ramp. **1/2 - **3/4

    Judgement Day 2009

    WWE Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
    Great first match to kick off the feud with, especially when they tease the 619 10 seconds into the match. Rey plays the speedy underdog so well, and his bumping here is just great. He makes everything Jericho do look violent. I would say the first 5-7 minutes or so of the match is back and forth but Rey tries that high risk move one too many times and he gets dropped onto his hamstring before Jericho connects with the springboard dropkick to the back of Rey’s head knocking him to the floor. Jericho would try to slow the match down, but Rey doesn’t take it as again he tries the 619 but Jericho just throws his body at Rey’s knees which as AWESOME! A couple of minutes later Jericho would hit the tilt-a-whirl torture rack backbreaker :mark: Jericho then turns his attention to Rey’s mask, which allows the opening for Rey to make that giant comeback but another tilt-a-whirl move this one being a backbreaker to the knee stops Rey’s momentum. For a third time Jericho has the 619 scouted but this time Rey has a counter for that and tries a springboard but Jericho catches him, but Rey manages to slip him over and again tries the 619 but Jericho catches the feet and locks in the walls, but Rey fights out and into a cradle for two :mark: Rey kicks him in the head but Jericho hits the pop-up powerbomb for two. AWSOME! The match would end when Jericho tries a corner charge but Rey drop toe holds him into the turnbuckle and hits the 619 into the corner and finishes him off with the splash for the win. GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Finishing stretch, I loved the story with Jericho having the 619 scouted and it took Rey 4 times to figure it out so he had to hit it from using a different position. ***1/4

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Will be interesting to see how you compare this feud to their one in WCW. I would say that one was just as good, but in a different way, as it helped to keep the Cruiserweight scene fresh, and they had a slightly less watered down aerial series.
  3. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    WCW feud wasn't as good in terms of storytelling and psychology. Marking for moves instead of the whole match isn't a sign of greatness IMO
  4. The Cork

    The Cork Well-Known Member

    My fave feud.

    Didn't know they had a match a Judgment Day too though, have to catchup on the network later.

    Have fun reviewing the match at the Bash, I swear that is one of the best WWE matches of all time.
  5. God, I loved this feud. It was so much better than there WCW feud too both guys were so much better in the ring and well Jericho was better on the mic to help the feud grow. Pretty easy.
  6. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    No, I think Jericho was great on the mic during his heel run in WCW. I agree that the WWE matches may have been better, but I still think the WCW matches were exciting to watch.
  7. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Part II: Why do you wear a mask?

    Smackdown 05/22/2009

    Backstage: Rey is sitting down in a chair and from ringside JR interviews him, Rey says Jericho is talented in the ring and at running his mouth and he was so happy he could do it using the 619. Rey says he’s gonna represent for all the fans, he then says he’s moving on from Jericho and wants to face the young hungry guys. He then says he wants to represent the IC title proud as he lists some past Latino IC champs. Rey then says he hopes one day he can be called the best IC champ of all time. JR asks him why he wears the mask, and Rey says cause he’s ugly :lmao before going into the history of Lucha and the Mysterio family. He says he would never take off this mask ‘cause it’s disrespectful to all of Lucha. He then ends it by saying without this mask he’s not a superhero, he wouldn’t even be Rey Mysterio. Suddenly, Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes down to the ring.

    Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
    This was fun, but just like the last 2 Smackdown Jericho matches it just feels like a filler for time waste. I should also point out this is a rematch from their Superstars match that happen like 24 hours ago. The early portion of the match is all Punk as he’s one step ahead of Jericho at all times. But as soon as he tries the high risk springboard clothesline it fails him as Jericho dropkicks the ropes and Punk falls on his knee. So from that you would think oh he fell on the knee, Jericho must have saw that so he’s probably gonna work the knee RIGHT! WRONG! Instead he just does a bunch of stuff and the match begins to fall apart, we get some sloppy reversals and some alright back and forth stuff with both men countering out of signature and finishing moves. Jericho manages to lock in the walls but Punk gets to the ropes, then out of desperation Punk hits the GTS but Umaga comes down and beats the shit out of him with a leather strap. **1/2

    Backstage: Chris Jericho walks in on Edge talking to Teddy Long, he says he heard Rey talking about pride but he’s nothing more than a coward that hides behind a mask. Jericho asks Teddy to give him a match with Rey at Extreme Rules and Teddy says it’s already booked in a no holds bared match.

    Smackdown 05/29/2009

    Rey Mysterio comes down to the ring and gets on the mic, he keeps switching between English and Spanish so I kinda gave up but what I did get was him saying he can’t wait to hit Jericho in the head over and over again, he starts listing area codes as moves which is hilarious for some reason, suddenly. Jericho comes out and tells Rey he’s gonna smack him in the head with a steel chair and give him brain damage :lmao but he won’t be done cause he’s gonna take that IC title and cave in his head. Rey tells him to shut up, and his words don’t mean anything because the last time he did it failed him 1st time that he wouldn’t be able to hit the 619 but he hit it. 2nd time was that he was gonna take this title and he didn’t. Jericho calls him and his fans worthless, he asks Rey why he wears a mask and honest men don’t wear mask. In fact only dirty, criminal men do. Jericho promises to rip the mask of and expose him for the fraud that he is. He then tells him the mask will be his down falls. Jericho then takes a cheap shot but Rey fights him off.

    Edge & Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy
    I should point out before the match; backstage Edge and Jericho have this little promo taking shots at one another until Jericho says he better find another partner because he’s done for the night. Edge comes out first but Jericho doesn’t so we just skip his entrance and Rey comes out. But as he’s talking to kids in the crowd some big guy wearing a Rey masks smashes his head off the barricade. It turns out to be Jericho :mark: Jericho continues to assault him and tries to take off the mask but Jeff makes the save, AWESOME! Justin Roberts announces that Jeff has Okayed this now becoming a 2-1 match. Jeff gets the better early on but he crashes and burns off a plancha attempt which allows the numbers game to work against him. They don’t tag team it up, instead its Jericho beats him up for a bit, and then Edge beats him up and so on. Jeff comeback was a ton of fun even though he doesn’t sell anything. The match would end when during some miss communication Edge runs into Jericho allowing Jeff to hit the whisper in the wind, he would connect with the Twist of Fate on Jericho but out of nowhere Edge drills him with the spear for the win. Post-Match: Edge brings a ladder into the ring and drills Jeff with it. So yeah the match was fine nothing special. ** - **1/4


    Smackdown 06/05/2009

    Chris Jericho comes down to the ring and gets on the mic, he tells Rey to be afraid ‘cause this Sunday he’s gonna rip off his mask and shame him. He’s gonna expose him for the fraud that he is, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that.

    Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth
    HAHAHAHAHAAHHA! @ Truth trying to get Jericho to do the wats up, and the way Jericho turns it around on him is phenomenal. As for the match its 3 minutes of Jericho squash he wins with the Codebreakers. Post-Match: Jericho celebrated up the ramp, but Rey Mysterio attacked him! They got pulled apart by referees and people, and Jericho went down the side of the ramp to the floor, but out of nowhere Rey hits the FUCKIN’ Seated Senton onto him.

    Rey Mysterio vs. Edge
    So during Rey’s entrance he keeps hesitating when butting heads and talking to fans in Rey masks which ruled. As for the match oh boy was it good, without a doubt best match I think they’ve had together. I know it blows the two PPV ones from ’08 away. It starts off with Edge using his height and weight to keep Rey grounded, but Edge never really had control of the match. Awesome shit early on with Rey’s crisp high flying is on full show, I loved the spots with Edge throwing Rey out of the ring but he rolls through and lands on his feet so Edge drills him with a baseball slide. They kinda do that spot again but this time Rey jumps over the steps and when Edge comes charging in Rey dropkicks the steps into his knees. When we comeback from a commercial Edge gets control back when he throws Rey into the ring-post shoulder first. He doesn’t really do much when he’s in control but Rey’s bumping made whatever Edge was doing looked great. Rey’s comeback was fire its way better than anyone else. They do some real fun reversals and counters that lead to Edge hitting a face busters, but Rey just won’t go away as he hits this beautiful ‘rana that sends Edge to the floor, Rey would follow up with an even prettier Tope Suicida to the floor. At one point Rey tries another ‘Rana or Senton springboard but Edge catches him in mid-air with a powerbomb and locks in the Edge-a-caution, but Rey gets to the ropes. Another real cool spot is Edge countering the 619 into a backbreaker for two. Rey would manage to hit the 619, but when he goes for the splash Edge moves and hits the spear for the win. Post-Match: Edge pulls out a ladder but as he tries to hit Rey with it Jeff runs down and whacks him with a chair, he follows up with a twist of fate onto the ladder. But he’s not done as he climbs the ladder and hits a Legdrop off the top. But yeah, the match ruled. ***1/4

    Extreme Rules 2009

    No Holds Barred Match For The WWE Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
    Before the match, Jericho cuts this phenomenal promo backstage at the merchandise table as he talks about Rey masks, he eventually walks through the fans telling them if they touch him he will knock them out :lmao As soon as the bell rings Rey shoots at him like a cannon, he’s super aggressive and pissed so he’s not even trying to fly around he just wants to beat the shit out of him :mark: He hits a couple of key ones like the senton and legdrop but he’s not relying on it. Jericho would take control when he front suplexes Rey mid-section first onto the top rope, the match would turn into Jericho wanting to go the high flying route but it kept backfiring on him, allowing Rey to get back into it with his own flying moves which included a 619 around the ring-post :mark: Another thing I loved was Jericho who got caught with the 619 on the ring-post had it scouted again, so whenever he was in that position didn’t allow Rey to hit him with it. And the same could be said about any other move that worked for Rey in the Judgement Day match, just superb story-telling. The match would evolve to Jericho who is now in full blown cocky dick mode, so he tries to rip off the mask which pisses Rey off to the point that he fires back with lefts and rights even hitting this great dive through the ropes past the ring-post onto Jericho. I really love that they kept the 619 into the running tilt-a-whirl torture rack back breaker spot cause it looks so fuckin’ awesome. Rey would hit the 619 to the back of the head showing that, when he sees it coming he’s always gonna have a counter for it but as soon as Rey switches it up it works. Okay this is where things got from great to excellent. After the 619 Rey tries the springboard splash but, out of nowhere Jericho catches him with the codebreaker to the falling Rey for two :mark: Jericho grabs a chiair but Rey kicks it back into his face for two, now Rey has the chair and uses it as weapon with the legdrop for two. Rey drop toes Jericho into it but when he tries to leap off it Jericho catches him into the walls. But Rey grabs the chair and nails Jericho with it setting up the 619 again. This time when he does go for it Jericho rips off the mask forcing Rey to cover his face and Jericho school boy rolls him up for the win. FUCKIN’ AMAZING ENDING sequence, and to me one of the best finishes in WWE or wrestling history. ***1/2- ***3/4

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Holy shit I forgot how much I loved this feud.
  9. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Part III: The mask will be your downfall
    Smackdown 06/12/2009

    Champion vs. Champion: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
    Jericho coming out holding Rey’s mask that he ripped off at the PPV is great; it’s like his little badge of honor. Before the match, Jericho gets on the mic and does his usual speech about how he’s better than all the fans, before telling us that unmasking Rey was a good thing. Cause he can now live his life like a normal person instead of hiding under a mask. Jericho then says instead of thanking him Rey has ran away, but first he’s gonna deal with CM Punk. The match was fine, nothing spectacular, it’s not as good as the 5/22 one. I liked the mat wrestling early on with Punk being one step ahead as we go to a commercial, when we return it’s still all Punk but he gets caught in a front suplex on the top rope which allows Jericho to take over. But again, he doesn’t focus on the body part he injured to gain control. In fact he locks in like a sleeper for 2 minutes before Punk fights out and makes the comeback :lmao The match begins to break down with neither man really gaining control for long periods it’s just both men going back and forth hitting moves for two counts. Also way too many already seen counters like the GTS into the Walls of Jericho, I swear they’ve done that spot in every match they’ve had together. Anyway, the match would end when Punk hits the GTS for the 3 count. **

    Raw 06/15/2009

    WWE Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
    Before the match; Jericho gets on the mic and says ever since Jericho was drafted to Smackdown Raw has gone down the toilet. And someday you ignorant falls will realize how much he meant to this show, and someday Rey will realize that what he says is the truth that his mask is his downfall. So yeah more awesomeness here, Rey is still pissed so he just throws everything at Jericho not giving Jericho time to stall or even know where Rey’s coming from. I love Rey’s counter as Jericho tries the springboard dropkick to the outside, Rey counters that with a dropkick to Jericho’s midsection. Jericho would hit this sweet reverse powerbomb onto the announce table to gain control. FUCK YEAH! They do the 619 counter into the tilt-a-whirl torture rack backbreaker again. Jericho begins attempting to go after the mask whenever he can which only pisses Rey off more, that would lead into an amazing Rey comeback. I love that Rey is just busting out new moves or moves we haven’t seen since IDK when. Another amazing moment is Jericho dropkicking Rey’s knees sending him into the 619 position but Jericho hesitates way too long like he wants to do it so when he does spring off the ropes Rey hits him with a moonsault for two. Rey would eventually hit the 619 but when he tries the west coast pop, Jericho grabs the mask and turns it side-ways before hitting the codebreaker for the win. FUCKIN’ GREAT short match and that finish, oh boy :mark: pure creative smartness. *** - ***1/4


    Smackdown 06/19/2009

    Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
    I’m totally fine with this being 5 to 6 minutes long, they do much note worthy just a lot off sold back and forth action. I did like that the match was go, go, go with every little rest holds. The match would end when Jericho repeatedly slams Jeff off the barricade in front of a group of fans who are wearing Rey masks. Jericho would roll Jeff back into the ring. When out of nowhere one of the “fans” hits Jericho with a ‘rana and Jericho would get counted out. Post-Match: Jeff hits Jericho with the Twist Of Fate. **1/4

    Before the match; Rey gets on the mic and talks about how last month he got jumped by Jericho wearing his own mask, but tonight he got his payback and it felt great. But it ain’t over yet, it ain’t over till he gets his IC title back. Rey then challenges Jericho to another match at the Bash. Jericho comes out and says, Rey just doesn’t get it. He’s beat him twice and he’s not gonna give him anymore chances. Rey says Jericho has an obsession with taking off his mask, Jericho says he still doesn’t understand that he’s trying to help him. Jericho says Rey is an addict the mask is like drugs for Rey and he’s here to save him. Rey tells him to shut up before telling us that he wears the mask for the family and fans and more importantly for him. Rey calls him a disgrace to the IC title. Jericho calls him blind for still not understanding the mask is his downfall, Jericho then challenges him to a mask vs. IC title at the Bash. Rey takes a moment to think and accepts FUCK YEAH!

    Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
    Jericho is on commentary for the match, so I guess we all know how this ends 8D This isn’t on the level of the 2010 matches mainly because it’s got that face vs. face style to it. Both men have that RESPECT! Showing early with Rey trying to chop Punk down early by going to the knees, Rey would miss a corner charge and would go shoulder first into the ring-post leading to Punk working over the injured part, I loved that Punk kept selling the leg whenever he would during his control period. Rey’s comeback was good but because he’s not facing Jericho so he’s not pissed it’s not as good, they do, do some real fun counters and big moves that really make me want to go back and watch the 2009/2010 feud. The match would end when, Punk has Rey in the GTS position but Rey is holding onto the ropes so Punk throws him from behind. Jericho attacks him from behind, Rey slowly rolls into the ring but when he gets in Punk hits him with the GTS for the win. Real fun stuff and I loved the little story with Rey managing to roll in after the, when Jericho couldn’t earlier in the night. ***

    Smackdown 06/26/2009

    Rage in a cage is announced; it will be Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho & CM Punk inside a Steel Cage. Teddy then makes CM Punk the special ref for the match. Vince says he likes that, and instead of firing Teddy Long on the spot, he's just putting him on probation.

    Backstage: Vince and Teddy Long walk into to Rey’s locker-room, Vince says he hopes he gets unmasked, Rey says some things in Spanish before walking off. Vince tells Teddy that he thinks Rey just cursed him out, and Teddy says he has no idea what he says. Vince says that they only speak English on this show now :lmao

    Backstage: Josh Mathews interviews Chris Jericho; Josh asks him why he’s so obsessed with the mask, and Jericho says it’s not an obsession it’s an intervention. Rey is a addict and is mask is his drug and the mask is leading him down the wrong path a path that will destroy his career and ruin his life and just like most addicts Rey is forcing him to save him. He knows what it’s like he was once addicted to the cheers of these fans but then he realised he didn’t need these parasites and this Sunday he’s gonna set him free from the lies he created.

    Rage In A Cage Match: Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho & Edge (Special Referee: CM Punk)
    Team Hardterio get the advantage early using quickness to fly around the ring, but Jeff goes for one too man and Edge uses a one man flapjack up against the cage allowing he and Jericho to wear down Jeff keeping him isolated in their side of the ring. Rey gets a hot tag, he and Jericho do their normal goodness as the match breaks down but Rey continues to dominate and looks phenomenal doing so. But once again one high risk too many and Rey crashes and burns into the cage. The Edge/Jericho heat on Rey is just so damn good, mainly because Rey’s bumping and selling makes everything look brutal like he’s dying. This lasts quite a while and I’m totally fine with it cause it’s awesome. Jeff gets the hot tag and it’s okay, but during that Jeff dodges and Edge hits Punk with a spear by mistake. That would allow Jeff to hit the twist for two. The match would break down and Jeff would again try to hit the twist but Edge shoves him away almost shoving him into Punk, they have a stare down which would lead to Edge hitting the spear for the win. ***
  10. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    The Bash 2009

    WWE Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio (Mask vs. Title)

    This match right here, still holds up as just pure amazing storytelling with nothing wasted and everything his crisp, clean and smooth. I'm willing to go on record saying these two have the 2nd best pairings of either man's career, I say 2nd because Rey had Eddie and Jericho had Benoit. The match doesn't have the same early approach as the other, this time its Jericho being the aggressor from the start, trash talking and trying to rip off the mask. Awesome spot early on is Rey tries the baseball slide to the floor but Jericho catches his legs and hurls him into the barricade. Jericho pretty controls this for a good lengthy time, but unlike previous Jericho matches his heat segment didn't feel like a filler, mainly because he kept working the back before trying to rip the mask off. I loved Rey little comeback as he hits the senton off the top turnbuckle over the ringpost onto Jericho, before rolling him back so he can bust out the the double springboard moonsault :mark: The match would move into the back-and-forth style with a lot of signature moves and counters that we saw in previous matches. Another great counter spot is Rey coming in for the 619 when Jericho is on the outside, but Jericho jumps down and connects with a clothesline. Moments later Jericho would bust out a powerbomb off the top, he even has his feet on the ropes but Rey kicks out. But without question the spot of the match is when Rey goes for the 619 but Jericho counters into the Tilt-a-whirl torture rack back breaker, but Rey counters that into a DDT for two (Awesome callback stuff, and Rey finally having the answer for the move that Jericho has hit in every match is just great) Oh wait the Crossbody into the Codebreaker is such a mark out moment i forgot that happen :mark: I LEGIT GOT UP FROM MY SEAT! The match would end when, we gets so many awesome spots that i can't even write them down cause i really don't want to give it away. But I will say the match ends when Jericho pulls Rey's mask off during the quick pin sequences, but as Jericho celebrates Rey is wearing a 2nd mask under it. Jericho doesn't see it though, and Rey dropkicks him into the ropes and quickly hits the 619 and Springboard Splash for the win. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! ****1/4

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