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Rise and Impact Partnership.

Discussion in 'Impact Wrestling' started by Kairi HoHo, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi


    I'm pretty fucking happy hearing this news happen. Even know I don't know who wrestles for Rise Wrestling outside of Mercedes looking at that info, but Impact getting in bed with a company who have real Women Wrestlers yeah that's a win win for them. One of the weakest spots right now is the Knockouts Division, Allie/Van Ness is a comedic feud going on that will end soon considering Van Ness is leaving Impact, Rosemary is Wrestling with a very green Hania who is not I heard with Impact outside a few more tapings, and Taya hasn't fucking returned yet da hell is going on there? Anyways Impact needs talent and I'm going to be keeping a eye on who survives all of this and lands on Impact TV outside of their main talent in their Company.

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