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Rise and Impact Partnership.

Discussion in 'Impact Wrestling' started by Kairi HoHo, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo I want it all!


    I'm pretty fucking happy hearing this news happen. Even know I don't know who wrestles for Rise Wrestling outside of Mercedes looking at that info, but Impact getting in bed with a company who have real Women Wrestlers yeah that's a win win for them. One of the weakest spots right now is the Knockouts Division, Allie/Van Ness is a comedic feud going on that will end soon considering Van Ness is leaving Impact, Rosemary is Wrestling with a very green Hania who is not I heard with Impact outside a few more tapings, and Taya hasn't fucking returned yet da hell is going on there? Anyways Impact needs talent and I'm going to be keeping a eye on who survives all of this and lands on Impact TV outside of their main talent in their Company.

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