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Ring of Honor on Destination America Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Independent Wrestling' started by Smarkslayer, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider




  2. Austin Bates

    Austin Bates Member

    Decent episode last week. Good build to "Battle Of The Belts."

    Really looking forward to Addiction vs reDRagon and Jushin Liger wrestling.
  3. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi

    ROH 6/10/15 thoughts
    -The Addiction aka the World Tag Team Champions of the World open up the show...They used that TNA awhile back, and fans got behind it get with it ROH fans. Daniels is the man who makes all the ladies go wild, and Antonio Banderas the wingman of all wingman Kazarian. You got to give Kyle O'Reily loads of credit to face off two veteran Wrestlers in Kaz and Daniels and hold his own by himself. It was a okay match, but I knew the match wouldn't last too long especially if Kyle started to look like he could win the tag titles for his ReDragon team. One of the most memorable spots in this match was Kyle on the Apron doing his own Warriors Way on top of Daniels and Kazarian as they sit in a Chair.

    The Sexiest Man alive aka The Man with the most swag I've ever seen Dalton Castle vs Jushin Liger
    -Can we say moment of the show this week, Liger posing like Dalton Castle?

    I was so entertained by this match, Liger never ages and dude could legit go to 60 if he wanted to. Castle was so money in the ring with a Legend in this match, his stock is rising within ROH for Castle good for you my man.

    Brutal vs Cheeseburger. I legit lol when Liger had a segment with Cheeseburger and slapped the shit outta him. Time to bring out your fighting spirit says Liger with that slap woof. Man how much does Cheeseburger weight, I have Tool Boxes that weight more than that man lol. Funny as I watched this match, Brutal needs less Cheeseburgers and Cheeseburger needs more Cheeseburgers in his stomach. This match was really a okay match, till Brutal nearly killed Cheeseburger with a backbreaker through a fucking Table sick as fuck!

    The Bullet Club vs The Kingdom
    -What a really good tag team match, I actually liked this show and tag match versus last weeks show with The Briscoes. Toronto fans were hot for both teams especially The Bullet Club who were quite impressive in this match. For a moment there, I actually thought Maria was going to get it...and sadly now Anderson not in Bed, but getting put through two Chairs. ROH did way better this week than last week, and I think it will show up in the ratings this week for sure.
  4. Austin Bates

    Austin Bates Member

    I really enjoyed this episode. I think it is mainly because of the first three matches. I hope new viewers don't get discouraged from watching ROH because of the three non finishes. It's not the norm for ROH.

    I am loving the feud between The Addiction and reDRagon.

    I love seeing Jushin Liger wrestle. It's a treat. I'm not sure what to make of Dalton Castle though. Is he a baby face or a heel? I know people are loving the act, but I just don't get it. :(

    Bob Evans vs Cheeseburger was enjoyable. Evans yelling "I Hate You" while putting Burger through the table was awesome! Pretty funny moment. I'd be okay with seeing a rematch between these two.

    The Bullet Club vs The Kingdom was eh. I didn't really enjoy it. I like seeing Gallows and Anderson wrestling though. I was thinking that Gallows and Anderson could get payback on Bennett and Taven at Best In The World, but the six man tag team match is going to be Young Bucks and AJ vs The Kingdom. Weird.
  5. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    #WatchROH on Destination America Tonight 8/7c!
    BITW Main Event Contract signing & more!


    The Best Wrestling on the Planet returns to Destination America this Wednesday night at 8:00 pm eastern /7:00pm central.


    With only 3 days left until Best in the World, is anyone watching Ring of Honor on Destination America?
  6. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    Every Wednesday at 8/7c!


    The Best Wrestling on the Planet returns to Destination America this Wednesday night at 8:00 pm eastern /7:00pm central.


    We're only a few days removed from Best in the World, is anyone watching Ring of Honor on Destination America?
  7. Austin Bates

    Austin Bates Member

    It was awesome watching an hour full of wrestling! Strong and Nakamura was an enjoyable match. I think it's fine that Nakamura beat the #1 contender too. No shame in Strong losing this match. I think Michael Elgin needed the win. He needs to get the right personality though. The six man tag main event was enjoyable, creative action.
  8. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    First ROH TV I've seen in ages.

    Okada/Gedo vs. Addiction was fine for what it was.

    Watanabe/Page was just there. Haven't seen either guy wrestle before & wasn't sold on either after this.

    Styles/Cole took a while but got real awesome at the end. That's quite the vicious finishing sequence from Styles.
  9. JakeYourBooty

    JakeYourBooty Hey Yo

    Styles Cole was great and I really liked the tag match but unlike you I love The Addiction
  10. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    TBF I don't dislike the Addiction, although I do feel there are better options for tag champs in the company. I feel like they're only champs to help with the Destination America crowd.

    Two weeks of ROH TV in a row! Go me!

    Watanabe vs. Dalton was okay. Not sold on Watanabe at all after two performances. Castle is of course fucking awesome.

    ROH really need to sort out how to get Lethal across right now. They want him as a heel, but he comes across as a pretty big face again in this promo. Hell yeah I wanna cheer the guy who's gonna hold and defend both betls, who doesn't want to support that guy?

    "Michael Elgin has turned over a new leaf", aka abrupt face turn. Little to no reaction to his entrance as well, no one needs a good G1 more than this guy.

    Main event was the usual 6 man tag fun. I've become a big mark for 6 man tags over the last couple of years and whilst this definitely isn't in the upper level, it was still good. With the pending Cole face turn & Elgin's random turn, can't help but feel we're starting to line up challengers for a long Lethal World title run.
  11. Austin Bates

    Austin Bates Member

    Who do you think would make better tag champions than The Addiction?
  12. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    The Kingdom would be my first pick. Running around with the tag straps (not the IWGP ones) would suit their gimmick to the bone. Plus I think having a younger team finally dethrone reDragon would have been a better move.

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