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Rhino Leaving TNA?

Discussion in 'Impact Wrestling' started by Troy, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Troy

    Troy POP! POP!


    It is actually quite funny that the youngest person in E.V. 2.0 will be the first to go. He hadn't been used frequently by TNA in the past twelve months so this isn't unexpected, he could have been used better by them but it wasn't to be. Odd that he worked for TNA longer than WWE. Wonder what is next for Rhino, WWE return or ROH and indies?
  2. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Its no great loss for either said IMO.
  3. The New F'n Show

    The New F'n Show Man, Myth, Legend

    I always liked the guy but like Keith said it's not a big deal if he is gone.
  4. JKdog

    JKdog New Member

    Well I have never really liked Raven, and I do not expect a return to the WWE, so the only viable option for the guy would have to be Ring of Honor. EV2.0 is a complete waste of time and the whole unit of them should be scrapped and future endeavoured...except RVD.
  5. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    You mean Rhino. Thing is Scott the guy has been a good talent in the past, and did do things in his ECW days, and at least in the first half of his TNA run. But I think he lost intrest years ago, and has a lousy attitude nowadays anyway. And he probably isn't that bothered about leaving TNA either.

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