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Pop/Country Music Discussion

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Taker, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Taker

    Taker Member

    Your favorite Wrestler from the 90's

    Who was your favorite wrestler that was wrestling in the 1990's eg. Wrestlemania 1, Summerslam 91.

    My favourite wrestler would have to be Hulk Hogan, he dominated the ring teaming up with Mr. T to take out Roddy Piper's team at WM 1. And at Wrestlemania 3, when Hogan Body Slammed Andre The Giant and pinned him for the 1...2...3!

    What are your's?
  2. Degeneration__X2006

    Degeneration__X2006 New Member

    Well, my favorite wrestler from the 90's is Triple H...which, he still IS my favorite wrestler. As for favorite HOF'er it would be Piper. Only because he had one of the greatest personalities and talk shows that wrestling has ever seen.
  3. OsamaHussian

    OsamaHussian Active Member

    is this for the 90's or the 80's because taker the things he said happened in the 80's.

    well my favorite was and still is stone cold
  4. ★Chuck Zombie★

    ★Chuck Zombie★ Your rep = nothing

    Mine is Jericho. Taker, the stuff you listed happened in the 80's.
  5. Wrestling God

    Wrestling God Member

    My favorite wrestler of the 90's has to be stone cold i agree with DX 2006 my fav HOF is piper
  6. Taker

    Taker Member

    Ok when Hulk Hogan faced SGT. Slaughter at Wrestlemania 7.
  7. Malone Hart

    Malone Hart Member

    My favourite wrestlers of the 90's ever are Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warripr purely because when i was a young kid these guys really grabbed my attention, i mean they kicked all the bad guys asses and they looked cool doing it lol.
  8. My two favorite stars of the 90s were Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, also my two favorite superstars of all time. Bret was my idol as a kid. Great face character and really appealed to kids as the "Do everything the right way" kind of guy. I also realized at a young age his superior in ring abilities. The pink and black just put me over the top with him lol. For some reason it was awesome. Michaels was the edgey character that I couldn't help but like. As I transitioned into my young adolescence and teen years, Michaels was transforming into the number one entertainer in the industry. He always put on classic matches, and his cocky arrogance appealed to me as well. Women loved him and men wanted to be him........'nuff said.
  9. Stone Cold is definatly my fav he is one of the reasons wrestling is so popular
  10. Soulpower

    Soulpower Guest

    Bret hart and Steve Austin. Austin was great in WCW, in his stint at ECW and of course we can't forget about what he did for the WWF, hell, what he did for the wrestling business in general. Hart of course has to be here as technical master... and he was the one who put Austin on the map in the WWF.
  11. Vander

    Vander Member

    Mine would have to be The Undertaker and Bret Hart
  12. Montana

    Montana Guest

    I started watchin in 92, but i watched all the old tapes.

    My personal favorite was probably Tatanka and Bret Hart in 92, when i was most into it.

    Later HBK.

    Then i kinda just watched it, and didnt really have favorites.

    Vince Mcmahon has always been another one of my favorite characters. Perhpas my favorite all time.
  13. 03mnm

    03mnm Member

    My Favourite Wrestlers in the 90s and there where a few but it has to be Sting. Back in 1997 I started watching wrestling. I watched both WWF and WCW. In the WWF the Rock was my favourite he had me laughing my ass off every time he had the mic. I loved the old DX, Brett Hart and Austin. But WCW was awesome back in the old days. Outsiders, Luger, Hogan, Ric Flair I used to enjoy but My favourite was Sting.
  14. monkeystyle

    monkeystyle Rocket Man

    Early 90's - Rick Rude

    Mid 90's - Curt Hennig

    Late 90's - Chris Jericho
  15. Smackdown Fan

    Smackdown Fan Member

    My favourate wrestler from the 90's would properly be Owen Hart legend rite there shame what happend though

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