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Match Making Game

Discussion in 'Wrestling Games' started by The Shield, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    Ah smart. But I'm gonna have to ask you to give me a date in joes career
  2. Cyrus Riddle

    Cyrus Riddle Well-Known Member

    2005, same year he wrestled Kobashi
  3. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    In 2005 Samoa Joe would beat jumbo

    Samoa Joe '06 vs bam bam bigelow '93
  4. Admin Post
    The Shield

    The Shield Evil Owner

    This would be one hell of a match... but I'm gonna say Samoa Joe. In 2006 Joe still looked like he was the future of the game.

    Samoa Joe ('06) vs. Mark Henry ('11)
  5. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    Once again from 2006 Samoa joe

    Joe '06 vs Eddie guerrero '04
  6. Cyrus Riddle

    Cyrus Riddle Well-Known Member

    Definitely Eddie in '04

    Eddie '04 vs. Benoit '04
  7. Admin Post
    The Shield

    The Shield Evil Owner

    That's a tough call. Both had their token title reigns that year. Both had MOTYC's too. But I'm gonna go with Guerrero.

    If for no other reason then not to continue with Benoit.
    Eddie Guerrero ('04) vs. Daniel Bryan ('11)
  8. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member


    Eddie '04 vs Ric flair '92
  9. Admin Post
    The Shield

    The Shield Evil Owner

    No contest. Flair works over Eddie's knee during the match. Eddie comes back and attempts a Frog Splash, Flair gets out of the way. Eddie lands on his feet and blows out the knee. Flair locks in the Figure Four and Eddie has no other choice then to tap out. Flair wins.

    Ric Flair ('92) vs. Davey Richards (ROH '11)
  10. Max Lavoix

    Max Lavoix Member

    Flair wins by Tap Out again.

    Flair '92 vs Cena '06
  11. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member


    Naitch '92 vs rowdy roddy piper '85
  12. Admin Post
    The Shield

    The Shield Evil Owner

    Ric Flair wins. Barely.

    Ric Flair ('92) vs. 'Stunning' Steve Austin (WCW)


    Any takers on who'd win between Flair and Stunning Steve?
  13. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    So were back to this thread :lol:

    Ric flair would win

    Ric '92 vs Shawn michaels '96
  14. Admin Post
    The Shield

    The Shield Evil Owner

    HBK because I'm an Asshole! :lol:

    Shawn Michaels ('96) vs. CM Punk ('12)

    Now go fuckers! Don't kill this thread for another 18 months.
  15. The EC

    The EC Beast Slayer

    HBK '96 because 2011 was CM Punk's real peak.

    Shawn Michaels 1996 vs Brock Lesnar 2002

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