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Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Independent Wrestling' started by ..., May 9, 2012.

  1. AZUCAR!

    AZUCAR! Best In The World

  2. Admin Post

    ... #ThanosHive

    might pick up the last few '09 dvd's to finish off the year.
  3. The New F'n Show

    The New F'n Show Man, Myth, Legend

    I had all the 05-08 but didn't have the 09's so picked them up.
  4. AZUCAR!

    AZUCAR! Best In The World

  5. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member

    Might get that PWG dvd.

    Looked epic
  6. Admin Post

    ... #ThanosHive

    PWG all day every day
  7. I only want to see Mack/Elgin from that card.

    Why is Ricochet being paraded around like he's someone important?
  8. AZUCAR!

    AZUCAR! Best In The World

    I hate Highspots. I got charged £14 tax the bastards for 3 PWG DVD's
  9. AZUCAR!

    AZUCAR! Best In The World

    Might take advantage of this offer
  10. AZUCAR!

    AZUCAR! Best In The World

    Wasn't going to cave into this offer, but I just did.
  11. AZUCAR!

    AZUCAR! Best In The World

    Highspots are having a 4th of July sale

    HighSpots.com: DVD Sale Items

    Might just pick up the 1st Volume of ECW Hardcore TV's (13 disc's) and save 40%.
  12. Gimmick

    Gimmick Childish Tycoon

    Great PWG sale on for those that are interested.

    Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - 2012 Winter Sale
  13. Admin Post

    ... #ThanosHive

    I was looking at that earlier, will be getting some 05-07 shows.
  14. AZUCAR!

    AZUCAR! Best In The World

    I would normally be interested in this, and i've taken advantage of this sale before (might have been last year) but i'm practically upto date with PWG apart from the 2 BOLA shows and i'm not that interested in getting any older shows. Especially because I own 2009 - 2012 and i'm happy with what i've got.
  15. Admin Post

    ... #ThanosHive


    Meh! might give it a dload.

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