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Impact Star to Return at BFG?

Discussion in 'Impact Wrestling' started by Captain Charisma, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Captain Charisma

    Captain Charisma GLORIOUS

    Hell no. Hell no. I really didn't want him to come but they did debut him and pushed him far too early and fast. I hated it. That's why I hate Del Rio. Or El Patron.
    Smarkslayer likes this.
  2. McGrady

    McGrady McGrady

    They're gonna pull the old "ruin a perfectly enjoyable PPV main event with uncalled for shenanigans" routine. Classic Impact.
    Smarkslayer likes this.
  3. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi

    Yeah before this report came out I saying Patron Referee spot is his job to do. It would be smart for him to turn on Mundo and go with LAX, because he'll be lost in a the shuffle if he stays face and is going at Drake don't think people would get behind it.
    Captain Charisma and Smarkslayer like this.
  4. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    With WWE putting Cena in the special guest referee role I can totally see Impact doing it with Patron.

    They swerved us before with it being Low-Ki, bt with him gone now, Impact should swerve us again with him.

    It would be great if LAX had a main event player represent the faction.
  5. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi

    Yup it was made for him to be a heel now and revolt against Impact for the suspension and use it as a tool.
  6. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    LAX should bring in lawyers and demand to get a title match with Drake since Patron was wrongly stripped.

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