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Hi everyone

Discussion in 'Introductions Board' started by Cenamark54, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Cenamark54

    Cenamark54 New Member

    Looking forward to talking some wrestling with you all.
  2. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    looking forward to reading your posts cenamark
  3. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    Welcome to Smarks! If you have any questions, let me know!
  4. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    You like the GOAT?

    Maybe we can be besties.......unless you a bot.
  5. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    It looks like they were here once before one of the merges.

    Welcome back and let me know if you need anything.
  6. Cenamark54

    Cenamark54 New Member

    I was on IWF from like 2006 to 2010ish. Kind of dropped off when people began to mismanage it, then there were some mergers. Is this site active at all in terms of wrestling discussion? Just getting back into it after a few years.

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