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First ROH Viewing

Discussion in 'Wrestling News & Rumors' started by Rell, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Rell

    Rell Active Member

    What was the first Ring Of Honor match you ever saw and what did you think about it?

    The first ROH match I ever saw was AJ Styles vs Paul London from Night of the Grudges. It was unlike anything I had seen before. I had only saw a few AJ Styles matches from NWA/TNA, I had no clue who Paul London was...actually I don't even know what made me download the match but I wasn't disappointed. I couldn't believe the things they were doing, I thought it weird because London kept offering his hand to AJ styles (I didn't know the history) but midway through the match I was really into it. When I saw the finish (double pin) I was like what the hell, but the fan reaction surprised me. Everyone was chanting "five more minuets", I had never seen anything like that in wrestling before. ever since then, I have been hooked.
  2. Soulpower

    Soulpower Guest

    Damn it, I was going to do this topic!!

    The first ROH match I saw was Jack Evans and Roderick Strong vs Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer from Manhattan Mayhem. I saw the match and I got hooked on ROH instantly.
  3. Rell

    Rell Active Member

    I guess great minds think alike Soulpower lol, the Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer was actually one the first Jack Evans matches I saw...when he him jump onto Jimmy Jacobs and then phoenix splash onto Whitmer I was a instant fan. Huss!
  4. Headfirst For Hardcore

    Headfirst For Hardcore Active Member

    first match I saw was Joe vs Punk III. It was on someone's myspace, I was sitting there amazed at how much WWE wrestling sucked compared to this. I saw a Jack Evans match second, and his spots were crazy.
  5. Montana

    Montana Guest

    My first official viewing was Supercard of Honor II. I seen a few matches before that, but never really got into it, mainly because i think they didnt have good enough characters, fueds, and storylines. I was wrong. I've started going back watching old shows, and matches, to try and get my knowledge up.
  6. TapOutAngleLock

    TapOutAngleLock New Member

    The first show I saw was live. It was the 100th show. Claudio vs Daniels
  7. Edge_Foreva

    Edge_Foreva Member

    The first ROH match I ever saw was Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries in 2004. It was a pretty good match.
  8. Rell

    Rell Active Member

    You lucky bastard, I want to go to an ROH show so bad, but I live in Los Angeles California so its basically impossible, I have been to a few Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) shows which is cool because ROH and PWG shares talent, but its just not the same.
  9. Disraeli

    Disraeli New Member

    First of all please do not crucify me for this, but my first ROH match I saw was Joe vs Punk II and...

    (the reason I'm begging you forgiveness)... I didn't particularly understand why it was so hyped about (The 5 Star match). It had good matwrestling, but coming from WWE-only-background I found it a bit too long, I was not aware of the things involved and it seemed amateurish. I haven't watched it again, but perhaps I should... :D

    But I would like to say as my defence that I was young and innocent and was properly converted to ROH, when I out of a whim decided to company my friend to the fifth year festival Liverpool shows. Raw and smackdown haven't just been enough after experiencing the atmosphere and seeing Joe, Shingo, Sydal and the briscoes alive. ROH is by my opinion all about the live experience, it just loses so much when viewed on a computer screen...
  10. breazy7399

    breazy7399 New Member

    The very first one I saw was Lowki vs Amazing Red it was like an old kung fu flick
  11. Rell

    Rell Active Member

    ^I remember that match, In my opinion that match (Ki vs Red) had one of the best wrestling sequences I have ever and probably will ever see in a wrestling match (Holy Crouching Tiger hidden dragon!) for those who saw the match, you know what I'm talking about.

    Completely understandable, when I first saw that match I wasn't amazed, mostly because I was a WWE fan and wasn't used to that type of match, same thing with the American Dragon vs Paul London match...I have said it before, after watching ROH, other big name promotions become less enjoyable, I'm not sure if thats necessarily a good thing, but its true....

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