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ECW 1999 Hardcore TV, PPV'S & TNN Reviews

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, May 22, 2017.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Masato Tanaka
    ECW Television Champion: Rob Van Dam
    ECW Tag Team Champions: Tommy Dreamer & Raven

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 348
    December 25th, 1999
    Nashville, Tennessee

    Replay of the closing angle from TNN airs.

    The Tanaka/Awesome match from TNN airs.

    Backstage: Tanaka cuts a promo in Japanese.

    Replay of Corino and Co beating up Balls, we then cut to the ring. Corino, Rhino, and Victory who has found his wheelchair comes down to the ring. Corino says each and every one of them should know, Steve Corino always gets the last laugh. A certain Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney tried to ruin his fun at the Limp Bizkit concert, so he had his monster do a little job for him. He says they were supposed to wrestle them tonight, but they will not be able to make it tonight. Corino has the ref ring the bell and does the 10 counts. He makes it to the count of 5 before Balls staggers out covered in blood and Corino asks what's wrong with him and what it'll take to make him realize that he's the most powerful man in ECW. Corino says he's got this one and sends Rhino to the back to take a LONG shower. As Rhino about to leave he cheap shots Balls and then leaves.

    Steve Corino (w/Jack Victory) vs. Balls Mahoney
    Angle match, they do stuff for a few minutes. Corino gets Victory to bring in two tables, he has them both stacked up in the corner. But, Corino fakes the crowd out and does a Russian leg sweep instead. Balls no sells it and superkicks him. He grabs a chair, which brings Rhino back out...THE SANDMAN MUSIC THEN HITS AND HE COMES OUT THROUGH THE CROWD. After taking 2 minutes to save :lmao he canes Corino, Rhino, and Victory, BUT RHINO PICKS HIM UP AND RAMS HIM THROUGH BOTH TABLES IN THE CORNER! Corino taunts a down Sandman, but when he turns around he walks into a Balls chair shot and Balls covers for the win. Rhino is back up, Balls throws him a chair and they do the chair dual spot. Balls goes to hit Rhino with the chair but Victory steals it away and Rhino GORE’S Balls. *

    Backstage: Danny Doring, Roadkill and Danny THOT dressed as a slutty Christmas HO HO HO bring Super Crazy over. He hands Crazy a red card and makes jokes about not being able to find a green card. Crazy speaks in Spanish…….BUT NEVER MIND THAT! ROADKILL YELLS "POLLOS"!

    Back to Danny and co. Francine is now with them, he gives her a gift and she says she has one too, she pulls out one of the tag titles and says he will never hold this ever. She then gives Roadkill a bra.

    Joey finally gives Danny’s hoe a name, Elektra.

    Danny and co. are with Gertner, Danny says he has a gift for him. Joel thinks it’s Elektra and tries to take her to the bathroom but Danny says not her, Roadkill then gives him the bra that Francine gave them. Joel sniffs it and asks if it’s been worn yet? Joel then asks if they left the panties too before leaving. Okay, then.

    ECW Television Championship: Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso) vs. Mikey Whipwreck
    Good match as expected, they do a lot of the ECW style mid-card and RVD spots. Mikey is great because he bumps his fuckin ass off and sells for everything, and even sells while RVD OD’s on taunting and soaking up the crowd love. Just like always it goes on a little too long, RVD debuts the running drop kick with chair spot, or he hasn’t used it in so long that I forget he did this past WWF. Either way, he does that. Mikey’s comeback is fun and that leads to some real fun near falls towards the end. HAHAHAHAHA Wrestler come out to watch, yeah because Mikey has been built up this entire year as he one to dethrone RVD :lmao RVD backdrops Mikey who falls on top of all the wrestler on the floor, Rich and Tracy sneak in and start putting the boots to RVD. BUT THE LIGHTS GO OUT! SABU! HE THROWS CHAIRS INTO ALL 3 MENS FACES BEFORE RVD through a table with a leg drop again. Fonzie and security hold Sabu off and bring him to the back, Tracy and Tommy rolls RVD back in where Mikey is waiting and hits a whippersnapper, but only gets two. He goes for one off the top but RVD counters by throwing him off. Fonzie is back and throws a chair to Mikey who catches it. RVD then hits the top rope Van Daminator. Tommy is back up on the apron and holds RVD, but Fonzie nails him with a chair. RVD then hits the Five-Star Frog Splash for the win. The match was fine, I hated the ending and the overbooking. **3/4

    Pulp Fiction

    Da Baldies says they went to the hospital the other day and saw you got a lot of boyz watching your back. Oh and we saw your momma the other day too, that BITCH IS SURE LOOKING FINE! He says he heard a story, of when he was 3 his daddy put a cap in her ass. DeVito says she sure taste sweet right now. And she must be sitting alone unless you’re putting it to her her. Angel says if Jack gives up his momma they’ll let this slide. if not WE WILL TAKE HER!

    Danny Doring calls over Rhino, but Rhino says don’t FUCK WITH ME! And leaves. Danny has to hold Roadkill back.

    The Impact Players say if Tommy comes alone or has Raven, it doesn’t matter, those belts are coming home.

    Raven says, crucified for the sins of my compassion, humanity, and sins of his past. The flesh of the flesh, and the blood of my blood. You will crucify the Raven, nevermore.
  2. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Cyrus and another crucifixion angle [​IMG]
  3. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Masato Tanaka
    ECW Television Champion: Rob Van Dam
    ECW Tag Team Champions: Tommy Dreamer & Raven

    ECW Wrestling on TNN: Episode 19
    December 31st, 1999
    White Plains, New York

    The Impact Players crucifixion angle airs again.

    Joey Styles and Joel “I once knew this girl, from here in white plains and after an hour in her bedroom, I left her bed sheets full of stains” Gertner. Mikey Whipwreck comes out, Joey says it great to have him back after his year off. Suddenly, The Impact Players come out. Dawn is in a not so slutty Mrs. Clause onies. Lance says tonight is Mikey’s lucky night and can make an Impact. He says they have a big wad of cash for him if he takes out someone. Lance says he's sold out before, so this isn't different. Joey tries to say he's not a sellout, but Mikey says he made more money in WCW and plus his mommy is happy he put all his money in his piggy bank. Lance says he's taking out Raven then, and Raven comes out.

    Mikey Whipwreck (w/The Impact Players, Dawn Marie and Jason) vs. Raven
    Solid heel Mikey showcase, he’s doing this “I’m not a baby” gimmick I think because halfway through the match, he grabs the mic and says just because I live at home with my mommy, doesn’ mean I’m a baby. He quickly ditches that and gets super aggressive, he’s throwing Raven around and uses his own body as a weapon to hurt Raven. Raven, on the other hand, is fine, he bumps well enough and makes Mikey look legit. I do like his babyface comeback tho. He would eventually hit the Evanflow DDT for the win. After the match; The Impact players attack Raven. Lance drops Raven with a superkick, but Tommy makes the save as he heels bail. **1/2

    Backstage: Francine runs over to Tommy who is just about to leave for his match, she yells that Raven is down. Tommy says he’s fine we saved him. Francie says WE need to help him. Tommy says WE don’t, so Francie says if you’re not, I will.

    Joey and Gertner are in front of a new ECW set and they announce Tommy/Credible next week in a Stairway to Hell rematch.

    Backstage: Tanaka is warming up, in another locker room Judge is firing Mike Awesome up.

    Tajiri is back :mark: but I fear he’s lost his WOTY award :(

    Tajiri (w/Steve Corino & Jack Victory) vs. Super Crazy
    This gets about 8 minutes and you know the deal by now, tons of reversals, spots, and dives. God damn, Joey announces them in a Dream Partner Tag at Guilty as Charged. God damn, I missed Tajiri so much every kick he threw looked stiff he also picked on some fat kid in the crowd and would taunt him every chance he would get to fight him. That’s my Japanese GOAT! Tajiri signals for the end but Crazy counters out of the brainbuster and hits a powerbomb. He goes for the three moosaults but on the third Tajiri is back to his feet and cuts him off. He hands him in the tree of woe and hits this nasty baseball slide into his face. A roundhouse kick and brainbuster gives Tajiri the win. FUCK YEAH! ***

    Backstage: Tanaka cuts a promo in Japanese, we then cut to Mike saying I’M GONNA KILL HIM! AND I’M GONNA TAKE BACK MY BELT!

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Mike Awesome (w/Judge Jeff Jones) vs. Masato Tanaka
    I’m loving this unhinged Mike character, he lost the only thing he cared about and is on a war path to get it back. I love that as soon as the ring announcer gets done introducing Tanaka he jumps him and begins beating down Tanaka. This is like a best of, they add all the good spots from the other matches through the years and mesh them all in this one. The flying no hands plancha, the Tanaka chair spot but this time he has a counter for the third chair and that’s to dropkick it back into Mike’s head. Tanaka hits the tornado DDT onto the chairs for two, followed by the flying con-chair-to for another two count. They add some new things in near the end for some near falls, none of it believable as no one has gone through a table yet. And right on cue, Mike and Jeff bring a table in, Awesome then hits the running Awesomebomb through the table for two. A 2nd table is introduced and Mike sets it up in the ring. Both men battle up top, with Tanaka coming out the better and tornado DDT’s Mike through the table. He THEN HITS THE ROARING ELBOW BUT MIKE kicks out at two. Both men again battle up top, and Mike hits a fuckin’ sitdown falling away AWESOMEBOMB FOR THE WIN. YES! Awesome way to end the year. ***1/4

    Spike Dudley comes out, he counters the acid drop and throws Spike into the corner. Suddenly, Spike’s biggest fan hopes the rails and begins beating up the Judge. She hits him with the acid drop and celebrates. SO MIKE KILLS HER, MOTHERFUCKING KILLS HER WITH A LARIAT. THIS IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN THIS WHOLE YEAR! She’s now bleeding from the mouth as Spike and medics tend to her. SPIKE IS PISSED AND TRIES TO FIGHT MIKE, SPIKE GOES FOR THE ACID DROP BUT MIKE COUNTERS AND THROWS HIM THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPERS TABLE! YES!


    I DID IT! ANOTHER YEAR IN THE BOOKS, thoughts, and awards coming later on or tomorrow.
  4. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Mike Awesome dropping that geek was goat status material.
  5. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is


    Top 25 Matches Of The Year
    25. Hardcore TV October 2nd, 1999 - Super Crazy vs. Jerry Lynn ***
    24. ECW Anarchy Rulz - Little Guido vs. Tajiri vs. Super Crazy ***
    23. ECW Guilty as Charged - Lance Storm vs. Rob Van Dam ***
    22. ECW November To Remember - Tajiri vs. Super Crazy vs. Jerry Lynn ***
    21. TNN October 29th, 1999 - Taz vs. Sabu ***
    20. TNN October 22nd, 1999 - Rhino vs. Sabu ***
    19. Hardcore TV October 30th, 1999 - Tajiri vs. Jerry Lynn ***
    18. Hardcore TV July 10th, 1999 - Balls Mahoney vs. Rob Van Dam ***
    17. Hardcore TV January 23rd, 1999 - Taz vs. Shane Douglas ***
    16. TNN September 17th, 1999 - Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam ***
    15. Hardcore TV September 11th, 1999 - Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka ***
    14. Hardcore TV July 31st, 1999 - The Dudley vs. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney ***
    13. Hardcore TV February 27th, 1999 - Super Crazy vs. Tajiri ***
    12. Hardcore TV June 26th, 1999 - Little Guido vs. Tajiri ***
    11. ECW Living Dangerously - Super Crazy vs. Tajiri ***
    10. ECW Heat Wave – The Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney *** - ***1/4
    9. TNN December 10th, 1999 - 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Mike Awesome *** - ***1/4
    8. ECW Anarchy - Masato Tanaka vs. Taz vs. Mike Awesome ***1/4
    7. TNN September 10th, 1999 - Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam ***1/4
    6. ECW Heat Wave - Tajiri vs. Taz ***1/4
    5. TNN December 31st, 1999 - Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka ***1/4
    4. ECW November To Remember - Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome ***1/2
    3. ECW Living Dangerously - Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam ***1/2
    2. TNN December 24th, 1999 - Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome ***1/2
    1. TNN November 5th, 1999 - Little Guido vs. Super Crazy vs. Little Spike Dudley ***1/2

    PPV Of The Year: Anarchy Rulz
    For the most part, every match delivered to some degree. Balls/RVD, Taz/Tanaka/Awesome, Credible/Sabu, Gudio/Tajiri/Crazy and Lynn/Storm.

    Tag Team Of The Year: The FUCKIN’ Dudley Boyz
    This is how pathetic, the tag division is. The Dudleyz leave after 8 months. 2/3’ds of the year and still be he be the best tag team in the company. Just goes to show how god awful and tag wrestling was for Heyman. The Fucking runners up were Spike and Balls, and they were together for only a month.

    Wrestler Of The Year: Super Crazy
    The entire year belonged to two people, Super Crazy and Tajiri. RVD was eliminated early as he became too comfortable and got lazy at times. So Tajiri and Crazy took to another level, it was neck and neck until December when Heyman decided to not book Tajiri for the whole month until the last show and he worked Crazy on that, which is a point for him too. So during that month off, Crazy had two really good matches with Ikuto Hidaka which put him over the top. So that award goes to him. Congrats, Tajiri got screwed.

    The in ring product was the best it’s ever been, but the problem was Heyman was beating matches to death. And the whole year revolved around rematches of rematches. I guess with how thin the roster was, Heyman had to rely on Crazy/Tajiri/Gudio/Lynn being in and out of matches, RVD/Lynn, Tanaka/Awesome. Shit, Tajiri/Crazy had 11 single matches that were just televised. I did some research and thanks to cagematch.net it says they had 52 meeting for the whole 1999. So that included, singles, 3-way dances and tag matches. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! I’m just glad to finish this. Don’t look for 2000 anytime soon. AND FUCK JUSTIN CREDIBLE!

    Thanks for reading, until the next time. Deuces.
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