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Did Scott Steiner take steroids?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by chessarmy, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Yes

    0 vote(s)
  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  1. chessarmy

    chessarmy Guest

    This is probably a stupid thread but I thought it would be fun to see what you guys think about this.

    I read it everywhere I go on not only the IWF, but the entire internet wrestling community. "OMG Scott Steiner took steroids" or "Scott Steiner used to be good until he roided up" and to be honest, is it all true? I saw a shoot interview with Scott Steiner a few days ago where he openly admitted that he did NOT take any steroids...ever. Is he telling the truth? I know I probably should be talking about how Steiner is a liar and everything, but I think there is a chance that he might actually be telling the truth. Think about it, Kevin Nash told everyone that he took steroids multiple times and nothing happened to him. So, why is there a reason for Steiner to lie? What does he have to lose? If he does admit that he took steroids in the past the guy won't get in trouble. If Nash got away with it, why can't Steiner? My point is, Steiner might be telling the truth about not taking steroids because if he ever admitted to taking them, nothing bad would ever happen to him.

    So, what do you think?

    EDIT: The poll question should be "Did Scott Steiner take steroids?". I'm sure he doesn't do them now.
  2. Soulpower

    Soulpower Guest

    HELL YES! I'm about 103% sure that he took roids. He was big back in the day, but when he came back as Big Poppa Pump, the dude was just freaky looking. No way that someone can get a body like that in such a short period of time without using roids.
  3. CT Styles

    CT Styles Guest

    He would have had to. Look at him.
  4. Dwes

    Dwes Member

    Without a doubt, I believe he took them. Saying that Steiner is still awesome.
  5. WCW Rules

    WCW Rules Member

    The way he is built, I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm not gonna say for sure he did do 'em, because it's really not my place. Even if he did though, Big Poppa Pump still rocks!
  6. Blaze

    Blaze Active Member

    He looks like it but I don't know I mean there a chance he got that built by working out and with shakes and stuff.So I'm just gonna say no.
  7. Evil Austin

    Evil Austin Guest

    I saw yes, if you saw his physical condition in the early 90's with his first wwe run in the tag team division with his brother rick steiner he was just a fat slob and then five years to six years later after being fired and at home he went to WCW and he was jacked up like nothing WCW has seen before I personally don't think you can do what he has turned himself into without a little help from injections.

    Edit and just like WCW Rules said even if he did or didn't Steiner = Greatness.
  8. HELL YEAH he took roids just look at the guy.
  9. No one should be that big without roids. He took them. I'd also say that he still does.
  10. C4

    C4 Guest

    You don't get such a muscular tone in two months without using steroids. The way his body is built, I would say yes he does.
  11. The Quintastic One

    The Quintastic One Active Member

    Also considering according to the Death of WCW book, Steiner had lifting the 350lbs Scott Norton into an elevated atomic drop and walked all around the ring before planted him with the move. Also, because DDP called him out backstage, Steiner brutally beat the crap out of him in a fit of what can only be described as roid rage.

    So yeah, the only reason he would deny it now is because he's still taking them. lol
  12. gashface

    gashface Member

    Without a doubt. Yes
  13. LadyHotrod

    LadyHotrod Guest

    Oh hell yes! You can't look the way he does without roids.
  14. monkeystyle

    monkeystyle Rocket Man

    I voted yes to steroids because I assume that when you say steroids you mean all performance enhancing drugs.

    Yes he is almost 99% certainly on HGH or the like. However if you meant strictly anabolic steroids then no, he likely does not.
  15. RDH1

    RDH1 New Member

    This is the world of "Professional Wrestling",...All or most All "Athletes" Involved in the business have taken some sort of "supplement" at one time or another from pain killers to Steroids and I don't see Scott Steiner being above that so I voted yes.:hat:

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