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Indy Wrestling CZW "Cerebral" Nov 7 in Dayton: Jake Crist's Last Match

Discussion in 'Independent Wrestling' started by natestein, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. natestein

    natestein Member

    CZW "Cerebral" Nov 7 in Dayton: Jake Crist's Last Match

    CZWrestling.com - Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) returns Saturday, November 7 to 1106 E Third ST in Dayton, OH. Doors open 6:30 pm, pre-show 7 pm.

    For the CZW World Heavyweight Title, champion Matt Tremont vs. CZW owner DJ Hyde (Matt speaks: youtube.com/watch?v=64BH-4XuxDY)

    The rivalry of The Nation of Intoxication vs. Ohio Is 4 Killers explodes:
    - In Jake Crist's last wrestling match, can he get past rival The Nation of Intoxication's Devon Moore (See what Devon says: youtube.com/watch?v=aIURnZS_-m0)
    - In a death match, The Nation's Danny Havoc vs. OI4K's Alex Colon.
    - The Nation's "Wrench" Conor Claxton vs. OI4K's Eric Ryan
    - The Nation's Lucky 13 vs. OI4K's Dave Crist

    CZW Wired TV champion Joey Janela vs. Joe Gacy. Is Janela ready for his first title defense against former champion Gacy? (Janela celebrates: youtube.com/watch?v=z64HIAK2u2g)

    Tim Donst vs. "King of Taunts" David Starr. After losing the Wired Title and his battles with Gacy, is Donst focused enough to get by Starr?

    Get tickets online at czwrestling.storenvy.com and day of, at the door.
    Show support on Facebook at facebook.com/events/542297195922187.

    Facebook.com/OfficialCZW - Twitter.com/CombatZone - Instagram.com/CombatZone - YouTube.com/CZWNews

    Subscribe to CZWstudios.com to see recent and past events from CZW, WSU, 5BW, and more.

    Upcoming Events:
    - Sat, Nov 7 - "Cerebral" - 1106 E Third ST, Dayton, OH - 7 pm
    - Sat, Nov 21 - "Cherry-T" Benefit iPPV - Skate Zone, 601 Lauren Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - 4 pm
    - Sat, Nov 21 - "Night of Infamy" iPPV - Skate Zone, 601 Lauren Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - 7:30 pm
    - Sat, Dec 12 - "Cage of Death" iPPV - Skate Zone, 601 Lauren Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - Dojo Wars TBD, CZW 7:30 pm

    From The Desk of Nate Stein:
    facebook.com/deskofnatestein - Twitter.com/PSPhenom - Instagram.com/PSPhenom
  2. natestein

    natestein Member

    CZW "Cerebral" Quick Results

    This past Saturday, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) was faced with a raucous crowd in Dayton, Ohio for "Cerebral".

    From the "Dojo Wars" Pre-Show matches, available soon at youtube.com/czwnews:
    - Jeff Cannonball, George Gatton, and Curt Robinson defeated Alex Kai, "Big Scare" Dan O'Hare, and Frankie Pickard
    - Brittany Blake tapped out Penelope Ford
    - The Dub Boys defeated "Darkstar" Matt Taylor and Desmond Xavier

    From "Cerebral":
    - CZW Wired TV champion Joey Janela pinned Joe Gacy, who was injured during the match
    - Ohio Is 4 Killers (OI4K) member Eric Ryan defeated The Nation of Intoxication's Conor Claxton
    - Tim Donst pinned David Starr
    - In an insane CZW death death match tht saw barbwire board and light tube bundles, OI4K's Alex Colon pinned The Nation's Danny Havoc
    - The night before, it was announced Lucky 13 was unable to attend. In his place, Rockstar Pro Heavyweight champion Aaron Williams put his title on the line and defeated OI4K's Dave Crist to retain
    - In a match that went all over the building and saw fans throw chairs in the ring, CZW World Heavyweight champion "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont vs. CZW owner DJ Hyde went to a double knock out when each man hit the other with a cinder block. After the match, Tremont challenged DJ Hyde to a "Squared Circle of Sacrifice" match for November 21 in Voorhees, NJ - a match that will "highlight the history of their rivalry".
    - The Nation's Devon Moore defeated OI4K's Jake Crist in Jake's last professional wrestling match

    CZW returns to action on Saturday, November 21 at the Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD in Voorhees, NJ:
    - At 4 pm, "Cherry-T" a benefit for the injured Cherry Bomb
    - At 7:30 pm, "Night of Infamy" - the last event heading into December's "Cage of Death"

    Follow us online:
    Facebook.com/officialczw - Twitter.com/combatzone - Instagram.com/combatzone

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