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Coming Attractions

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by monkeystyle, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. monkeystyle

    monkeystyle Rocket Man

    Rate the Wrestler Day 4 - Randy Savage

    Hogan barely takes top spot away form Hall with a 74. A better showing for him this time around.

    Randy Savage has won the following titles:

    WWE Intercontinental Title
    WWE Heavyweight Title x2
    WCW Heavyweight Title x2

    Savage was decent. I liked his feud with DDP alot, and his match with Steamboat at WM 3 is still a classic, so 7/10
  2. Truth

    Truth Member

    I really liked Savage, from his NwO days, to the days where he rebelled against them, to his days in WWE, and then the stint in TNA where he fueded with Jarret, Nash and Hall. He was a great wrestler, and had good charisma, I give him a 8.5/10.
  3. Nation

    Nation Guest

    9/10 His match with Steamboat was quite possibly the greatest match of all time.
  4. Malone Hart

    Malone Hart Member

    Great charisma and great in ring physcology, unfortunately his rap album let down my respect for him 7/10
  5. Wrestling God

    Wrestling God Member

    Great wrestler i agree with Nation his match with steamboat was one of the best matches i have ever seen 8 out 10
  6. Soulpower

    Soulpower Guest

    8/10...He should have been what Hulk Hogan was. He had almost as much charisma and was much better than Hogan in the ring. Still, I've always believed that he's somewhat underrated. People mention about the Savage/Steamboat match and it is a classic but let's remember there were two guys in that ring during that match.
  7. xtremebadass

    xtremebadass Guest

    7.5/10 Just because I like the way he says OOOHHHHH YEAAAAA.
  8. Taker

    Taker Member

    My Rating for Day 3: Randy Savage


    I have never been a fan of "Macho Man" Randy Savage, i have seen a match with him in, and i really liked it. It was at Wrestlemania 8, when he defeated Ric Flair for the WWF Championship. The win had took him to a 2 time WWF Championship in his career. That is the only match i have seen of his. So i am going to give Randy a 5/10 for the match at Wrestlemania!

    Randy Savage: 5/10
  9. ChiWa

    ChiWa Member

    Macho's prime was when I was a kid, and we never got to see that much wrestling. But OOOOOH YEAAAAAAAA we still knew Randy Savage. And it turns out he could put on a hell of a match. What has happened towards the end I didn't see, but sounds sad. Just imagine a 22 year old Macho Man in the X-Division. 7.5/10
  10. Savage was always a hell of a talent who weathered far better than most of his contemporaries. Even toward the end of his active career he could deliver a great match and had ****+ classics throughout his years in the ring. His feuds still stick in my mind, especially his program with Jake Roberts. It's just a shame that more recently he has been known for his dodgy rap album and his TNA appearance where he looked like an aged wreck. The man should be treated to a Hall of Fame slot and a DVD retrospective, both of which are far overdue.

  11. Smackdown Fan

    Smackdown Fan Member

    I'll give him a 6/10 he was great but I never really watched the only time I do is on WWE 24/7
  12. MJ807

    MJ807 Member

    He was a great wrestler and great on the mic and like some said before me his match with ricky Steamboat was one of the best in history. 8/10
  13. 8/10 for being such an impressive wrestler
  14. Ben

    Ben WHAT?

    Simple thread...just post videos, previews ect for upcoming movies.


  15. Ben

    Ben WHAT?

    Sucker Punch


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