WWE ~ Where It All Begins Again ~ Smackdown April 8, 2004 ~

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Jan 26, 2023
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Hello everyone, I have decided to begin the night after WMXX(March 15th) with RAW. 2004 holds a special place in my heart for WWE because that’s when I first became a fan and Wrestlemania XX was the first mania I've ever watched. Hopefully I can make the product better with some of my own creative ideas and make this a mainstay here on the site. I hope you all enjoy it.




March 14th, 2004
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY


John Cena def. Big Show [c]
to become the NEW United States Champion



Booker T & Rob Van Dam [c] def. La Resistance, Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade and the Dudleys
to retain the World Tag Team Championships

Christian def. Chris Jericho w/ Trish Stratus

Randy Orton, Batista & Ric Flair def The Rock & Mick Foley

Sable & Torrie Wilson def. Stacy Keibler & Miss Jackie



Ultimo Dragon def. Shannon Moore;
Jamie Noble def. Ultimo Dragon;
Jamie Noble def. Funaki;
Jamie Noble def. Nunzio;
Billy Kidman def. Jamie Noble;
Rey Mysterio def. Billy Kidman;
Rey Mysterio def. Tajiri;
Chavo Guerrero [c] w/ Chavo Classic def. Rey Mysterio
to retain the Cruiserweight Championship


Goldberg def. Brock Lesnar (Stone Cold was special guest referee)



Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi [c] def. Basham Brothers, World's Greatest Tag Team and APA
to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships


Victoria def. Molly Holly
to retain the Women’s Championship
*Molly Holly got her head shaved bald after the match


Eddie Guerrero def. Kurt Angle
to retain the WWE Championship

Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer def. Kane



Chris Benoit def. Triple H and Shawn Michaels
to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion



EDDIE GUERRERO (February 15th, 2004- Present)
Defeated Brock Lesnar @ No Way Out


(March 14th, 2004- Present)
Defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels @ Wrestlemania XX


(March 14th, 2004 - Present)
Defeated Big Show @ WrestleMania XX


(December 14th, 2003 - Present)
Defeated Rob Van Dam @ Armageddon


(February 15th, 2004 - Present)
Defeated Rey Mysterio @ No Way Out


(February 23rd, 2004 - Present)
Defeated Molly Holly on RAW (Feb 23)


(February 5th, 2004 - Present)
Defeated The Basham Brothers on SMACKDOWN (Feb 5)


(March 15th - Present)
Defeated Rob Van Dam & Booker T on RAW (Mar 15)
RVD & Booker T defeated Batista & Ric Flair on RAW (Feb 16)

Red- Raw specific event
Blue- Smackdown Specific Event
Black- Joint Branded Event

April 11th, 2004
Rexall Place
Edmonton, Alberta

May 9th, 2004
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California

May 23th, 2004
Nationwide Arena
Columbus, Ohio

June 20, 2004
Hartford Civic Center
Hartford, CT

July 4th, 2004
MCI Center
Washington D.C

July 18th, 2004
Toyota Center
Houston, TX

August 22nd, 2004
Air Canada Centre
Toronto, Ontario

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Jan 26, 2023
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Monday March 15, 2004
Continental Airlines Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey

Episode #564

Following the WWE signature opening, we cut directly to Vince McMahon who is sitting in his fancy black leather chair in his office. Vince said the theme of WrestleMania 20 was where it all begins again. It's not just a theme, it's a promise and things need to be changed around here. It's time to shake things up. The fans deserve new superstars, new matches and new rivalries. It's time for a new WWE. He announces that this Saturday Night there will be a special 1-hour WWE Draft Special. It will air on Spike at 8 PM this Saturday Night. Everyone on both rosters will be eligible even champions, there's no exceptions, because it's time for a new Raw and a new Smackdown and a new WWE. Vince explains the rules; Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman will each take turns drafting their own brands one by one. At the beginning of the draft a coin toss will determine which brand gets the first pick. Then it will go in a snake draft order ex: Smackdown, Raw, Raw, Smackdown, Smackdown, Raw, Raw etc. Now both GMS will be able to make trades as long as they run the trades by Vince first and he approves them. Vince finishes by welcoming everyone to the MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!

A video montage highlighting the incredible events highlighting Wrestlemania XX ending with Chris Benoit’s making Triple H tap out to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The package fades as Benoit and Eddie Guerrero embrace a hug as both men reign supreme in the WWE. We go inside the Continental Airlines Arena as pyro blasts on the stage area as the raucous crowd cheers. Still on a high from the previous night’s actions and Vince McMahon’s game changing announcement, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler kick RAW off by hyping up the “incredible” action from WrestleMania XX and discuss how everything will change this Saturday with the WWE Draft.

The camera cuts inside the ring where Lilian Garcia stands with a microphone in hand, her voice filled with excitement.

Lilian Garcia: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the NEW World Heavyweight Champion... Chris Benoit!"

As the unmistakable chords of "Whatever” by Our Lady Peace fill the arena, the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion strides onto the stage, greeted by a thunderous ovation from the audience. Dressed in sleek black and silver ring gear, accented by a distinctive "CRIPPLER CROSSFACE" tee, the pinnacle of RAW's champions exudes confidence. With a grin that showcases his trademark intensity, "The Rabid Wolverine" unfastens the title belt from around his waist. He proudly raises it high above his head, capturing the spotlight as he makes his way towards the squared circle, ready to celebrate his hard-earned victory with the fans in attendance. Reaching the ring apron, Benoit pauses momentarily, soaking in the electric atmosphere pulsating throughout the arena. The cheers and chants from the crowd are deafening, a testament to their overwhelming support for the new World Heavyweight Champion. With a nod of appreciation, he climbs the ring steps, each step echoing his determination and focus. Stepping between the ropes, Benoit stands tall in the center of the ring, the championship belt resting confidently on his shoulder. He takes a moment to gaze around at the sea of enthusiastic fans, their faces illuminated by excitement and admiration. Their cheers resonate throughout the arena, creating a moment that Benoit will cherish forever. A microphone is handed to Benoit, signaling the moment everyone has been waiting for. The crowd falls silent, eagerly anticipating what the new champion has to say. With a deep breath, Benoit raises the mic to his lips, ready to address the fans.

"First off," he begins, his voice strong and confident, "I want to thank each and every one of you. You've been with me through thick and thin, and this moment, standing here as your World Heavyweight Champion, is as much yours as it is mine."

The crowd erupts in cheers, acknowledging their unwavering support for Benoit's journey.

"The road to this championship wasn't easy," Benoit continues, "but it was worth every sacrifice, every drop of sweat and blood. It's about damn time."
The crowd roars in agreement, echoing Benoit's sentiment. "At the Royal Rumble, I silenced the doubters," he declares, a smile forming on his face. "Entering at number one, I outlasted twenty-nine other superstars. And last night at WrestleMania, on the grandest stage of them all, I made Triple H TAP OUT!"

The crowd erupts in cheers, reliving the unforgettable moment.

"I know Triple H isn't here tonight," Benoit acknowledges, "recovering from the beating I gave him. But if fate puts us on the same brand after the draft, I'll have no problem making him TAP OUT AGAIN!"

The crowd's cheers intensify as Benoit smirks, his confidence unwavering.

"Now, about the draft," Benoit shifts his focus, "whether I stay on Raw or get drafted to SmackDown, it doesn't matter. Wherever I go after Saturday, that will be MY SHOW!"

The crowd cheers loudly, embracing Benoit's bold declaration.

"Defending this championship won't be easy," Benoit admits, "but I'm up for the challenge. I'll defend this title anytime, anywhere, against anyone. But mark my words, whoever steps up next, they will TAP OUT."

The iconic sound of "Sexy Boy" fills the arena, signaling the arrival of Shawn Michaels. Despite showing signs of fatigue from last night's grueling Triple Threat match, HBK makes his way down the ramp, clapping in appreciation for the World Champion. Sporting a black leather jacket over a white tank top, paired with jeans, and a bandage on his forehead from the previous night's battle, Michaels exudes resilience as he enters the ring. The crowd erupts into a dueling chant of "Benoit" and "HBK," showcasing the excitement and anticipation for this unexpected encounter. As the music fades, HBK and Benoit stand face to face in the center of the ring, both men soaking in the electric atmosphere. The tension is palpable as Michaels takes the microphone from Benoit, causing a collective gasp from the crowd.

"Congratulations, Chris," Michaels begins, his voice sincere. "You finally won the big one. Welcome to the club, kid."

Benoit's eyes lock onto Michaels, intrigued by what the Heartbreak Kid has to say next.

Michaels continues, "I wasn't the one pinned last night. I didn't tap out. Triple H did. So, as far as I'm concerned, I'm still owed a championship match."

A grin spreads across Benoit's face, intrigued by Michaels' bold statement. Michaels, seizing the moment, proposes a challenge.

"I want to make a lasting impact on possibly my final Raw. Since you've declared yourself a fighting champion, how about you and me, for the World Heavyweight Championship... TONIGHT?

HBK extends his hand towards Benoit, offering a handshake as a sign of respect and a challenge laid down. Benoit firmly grasps HBK's outstretched hand and nods his head in agreement. Pulling the microphone back to his lips, a determined look on his face, he proclaims, "I ACCEPT." The familiar chords of "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace fill the arena once more, amplifying the intensity of the moment. Benoit and Michaels lock eyes, their stare-down sending chills down the spines of everyone in attendance. As the two icons continue to face off, JR and The King can't contain their excitement on commentary. "What a huge World Title Match we have on our hands!" JR exclaims, while The King chimes in, "I hope this gets approved by Eric Bischoff!" The energy in the arena is electric, with fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the epic showdown between Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship.


"Ladies and Gentlemen," Bischoff begins, "As you saw earlier, we had an electrifying confrontation between Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels. After that intense exchange, I've decided to make it official. Tonight, our main event will feature Chris Benoit defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels!"

The arena buzzes with excitement, the prospect of such a marquee match-up sending waves of anticipation throughout the crowd.

Switching gears, Bischoff shifts his focus to the upcoming draft. "Now, I know the draft is causing quite a stir, and let me tell you, I am thrilled. This Saturday, I promise to draft the best roster possible for Raw. And mark my words, once the dust settles, we're going to wipe the floor with SmackDown!"

The camera cuts to ringside as the unmistakable opening riff of "One of a Kind" by Breaking Point fills the arena. The crowd erupts with excitement as the Raw Tag Team Champions, RVD and Booker T, emerge from the backstage area, ready to make their way to the ring. RVD leads the way, his energetic demeanor and unique charisma captivating the audience. He throws his arms up in the air, signaling for the crowd to join in, and they respond with loud cheers and applause. The high-flying superstar is wearing his signature vibrant ring gear, complete with his distinctive arm bands and kick pads, as he confidently strides towards the ring. Booker T, the seasoned veteran exuding confidence as he makes his way down the ramp right behind RVD. Dressed in his classic red and black gear, Booker T flashes a smile to the fans, acknowledging their support with a nod and a wave. The crowd's cheers grow louder as RVD and Booker T reach the ringside area, slapping hands with fans along the way. The atmosphere is electric, with fans eagerly anticipating what the Tag Team Champions have in store for tonight's action-packed episode of Monday Night Raw. As they slide into the ring, the announcers remind the audience of their recent success at WrestleMania XX, where RVD and Booker T successfully defended their Tag Team titles. As RVD and Booker T celebrate in the ring, soaking in the cheers from the crowd, the atmosphere suddenly shifts.

The lights dim, and a haunting guitar riff begins to play. It's the unmistakable opening of "Line in the Sand" by Motörhead, signaling the arrival of Evolution. The arena is filled with a mix of boos and anticipation as Batista and Ric Flair emerge from the backstage area. The Animal, Batista, leads the way with his imposing physique on full display, wearing his signature black trunks and boots. He marches down the ramp with a focused expression, exuding confidence and intensity. Following closely behind is the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, dressed in one of his flashy robes, complete with sequins and feathers. Flair struts down the ramp with his characteristic flair, wooing and interacting with the crowd, reminding everyone why he's a wrestling legend. As Batista and Flair approach the ring, they exchange a nod, a sign of unity and determination. The duo slides into the ring, locking eyes with RVD and Booker T, setting the stage for what promises to be an epic showdown. The announcers highlight Evolution's recent victory at WrestleMania XX, where Randy Orton, Batista and Flair defeated the legendary Rock 'n' Sock Connection. As Evolution stands tall in the ring, the tension is palpable. The energy of all four competitors fills the arena, creating an electric atmosphere that has the crowd on the edge of their seats. Batista and Flair share a moment, their eyes locked on RVD and Booker T, two of Raw's most formidable champions. The champions stare back, unyielding and ready for the challenge that lies ahead.


RVD & BOOKER T vs. EVOLUTION (Batista & Ric Flair)

The bell rings, signaling the start of this highly anticipated tag team match. Ric Flair and Booker T step into the ring as the legal men for their respective teams. They circle each other, sizing up their opponent, before locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Flair, using his experience, quickly transitions into a wristlock, applying pressure on Booker T's arm. Booker T counters with a swift kick to Flair's midsection, breaking free from the hold. Seizing the momentum, Booker T lands a series of chops and punches, backing Flair into the corner. With the crowd chanting along, Booker T delivers a thunderous "Spinaroonie" to the delight of the audience. Flair, dazed but crafty, manages to tag in Batista just as Booker T attempts a kick. Batista enters the ring with intensity, immediately targeting Booker T's injured midsection with a series of knee strikes and body shots. He lifts Booker T for a spinebuster, but Booker T counters with a DDT, buying himself some much-needed breathing room. Booker T crawls toward his corner and tags in RVD, who springs into action with a flurry of kicks and high-flying maneuvers. RVD dazzles the crowd with his unique offense, connecting with a springboard thrust kick that sends Batista sprawling. RVD climbs the top rope, launching himself with a Five-Star Frog Splash, but Batista rolls out of the way just in time. Both men are down, struggling to make it to their feet.

As they stagger to their corners, Flair and Booker T tag back in. Booker T, rejuvenated, takes control with a series of powerful spinebusters, each one echoing through the arena. He sets Flair up for the Scissors Kick, but Flair dodges at the last second, causing Booker T to miss and land awkwardly. Seizing the opportunity, Flair locks Booker T in the Figure-Four Leglock, wrenching away at Booker T's injured leg. The pain is evident on Booker T's face as he desperately reaches for the ropes. Just when it looks like Flair might secure the victory, Booker T manages to reverse the hold, turning the pressure onto Flair. Both men struggle to their feet, exchanging blows in the center of the ring. Flair manages to poke Booker T in the eye, temporarily blinding him. With Booker T disoriented, Flair tags in Batista, who enters the ring with a predatory look in his eyes. He lifts Booker T onto his shoulders, hitting the Batista Bomb with authority. He hooks the leg, as Flair takes out the knee of RVD to prevent him from saving the pinfall and the referee counts – 1, 2, 3!

via pinfall in 10:11

As the referee hands Batista and Flair the Raw Tag Team Championships, the arena is filled with a chorus of boos. The crowd is clearly unhappy with the outcome, voicing their displeasure at Evolution's underhanded tactics that led to their victory. Ignoring the negative reaction, Batista and Flair celebrate in the ring, holding their newly won titles high above their heads. Flair struts around the ring, wooing and taunting the crowd, while Batista stands tall, soaking in the moment of their championship win.

As Batista and Flair continue their celebration in the ring, the camera cuts backstage to Randy Orton, who is watching the match unfold on a monitor. A smirk crosses Orton's face as he sees his Evolution teammates secure the victory. Todd Grisham approaches Orton, microphone in hand, eager to get a reaction from The Legend Killer. "Randy, how do you feel about Evolution's win tonight and your victory over the Rock 'n' Sock Connection at WrestleMania XX?" Grisham asks. Orton raises a hand to stop Grisham mid-sentence, a look of confidence and determination in his eyes. "Todd, let's get one thing straight," Orton begins, "I didn't just defeat the Rock 'n' Sock Connection at WrestleMania. I ended the career of Mick Foley. That's a statement that will echo throughout the annals of WWE history." The camera zooms in on Orton, his expression serious as he continues, "And tonight, I have something even bigger to share with the world. Something that will further cement my legacy as the future of this business." Orton proceeds to knock the microphone out of Todd Grisham's hand. “Now get out of my face”.


The arena dims to a shadowy hue, setting a somber tone. The haunting notes of "All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u. echo throughout the space, signaling the arrival of the Women's Champion, Victoria. The crowd's anticipation builds as images from last night's WrestleMania XX are displayed on the Titantron. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler provide commentary, their voices filled with excitement and nostalgia. "King, let's not forget what happened last night at WrestleMania XX," JR begins, his voice echoing throughout the arena. "Victoria faced off against Molly Holly in a Hair vs. Title Match, and what transpired was nothing short of shocking." The Titantron showcases still images from the monumental match, capturing the pivotal moments leading up to Victoria's victory. The crowd's reactions are palpable, their emotions ranging from disbelief to awe as they relive the intense showdown between Victoria and Molly Holly. Jerry Lawler chimes in, "That's right, JR. Victoria not only retained her Women's Championship but also left a lasting impression by shaving Molly Holly's head bald! It was a WrestleMania moment that will be talked about for years to come." Amidst the commentary and images, the Women's Champion emerges from the backstage area. Victoria, with a steely determination in her eyes, dons her signature dark attire and sleek black leather jacket. The Women's Championship belt shines brightly around her waist, reflecting her undeniable confidence and dominance in the division. With the memory of last night's historic victory fresh in everyone's minds, Victoria confidently strides down the ramp, her focus unwavering, as she prepares to defend her title once again. As Victoria reaches the ring, she climbs the steel steps and enters through the ropes. Standing in the center of the ring, she raises her championship high above her head, signaling her readiness to defend her title. The crowd erupts with cheers and a mix of applause, showing their support for the champion.

The music shifts to a more aggressive tone as the challenger, Jazz, makes her entrance. The powerful beat of "Ain't No Sunshine" by DMX resonates throughout the arena. Jazz appears from the curtain, her intense gaze fixed on the ring and her opponent. Dressed in her black and gold wrestling gear, she exudes confidence and determination. Jazz walks briskly down the ramp, not wasting any time. She climbs the ring steps and enters the ring, immediately locking eyes with Victoria. The two competitors stand toe-to-toe, the tension palpable, as they await the opening bell.



The referee signals for the bell, and the match is underway. Victoria and Jazz circle each other in the ring, both women looking for an opening. They lock up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, each trying to gain the early advantage. After a brief struggle, Jazz uses her superior strength to push Victoria into the ropes, but Victoria counters with a quick arm drag, taking Jazz down to the mat. Jazz quickly kips up, showcasing her agility, and the two lock up again. This time, Jazz manages to execute a snap suplex, planting Victoria in the center of the ring. She goes for a quick cover, but Victoria kicks out at two. Not deterred, Jazz maintains control, targeting Victoria's arm with a series of punishing arm bars and shoulder locks. Victoria fights back, managing to create some separation with a jawbreaker, followed by a spinning heel kick that sends Jazz reeling. With Jazz stunned, Victoria seizes the opportunity to climb the ropes, looking for a flying crossbody. But Jazz rolls out of the way at the last second, causing Victoria to crash and burn. Jazz capitalizes with a vicious DDT, planting Victoria face-first into the mat. Jazz goes for another cover, but Victoria manages to get her foot on the rope, breaking the count. Frustrated, Jazz begins to unleash a relentless assault, delivering a series of power moves including a scoop slam and a gutwrench suplex. Just when it looks like Jazz is about to secure the victory, Victoria counters a running powerbomb attempt into a headscissors takedown, sending Jazz into the turnbuckle. With Jazz stunned, Victoria hits her signature finishing move, the Widow's Peak, and goes for the cover.

via pinfall in 05:34

As the referee hands Victoria the Women's Championship, the arena erupts with cheers, celebrating her hard-fought victory and successful title defense. With her hand raised in triumph, Victoria basks in the adulation of the crowd, holding her championship high above her head as a symbol of her dominance. However, the celebration is short-lived. Out of nowhere, Molly Holly emerges from the crowd, disguised with a wig covering her freshly-shaved head. Without any warning, Molly viciously clubs Victoria from behind, sending her crashing to the mat. The crowd gasps in shock as Molly continues her assault, raining down punches on Victoria while screaming, "YOU DID THIS TO ME!" The reference to Victoria shaving Molly Holly's head the previous night at WrestleMania XX is clear, and Molly is out for revenge. Ignoring the boos and jeers from the crowd, Molly grabs Victoria by the hair, dragging around the mat. With a sinister smile breaking across her face, Molly smashes the Women's Championship into Victoria's face, further punishing the champion. Standing tall over the fallen Women's Champion, Molly's smile fades, replaced by a look of disgust and contempt. She coldly places the Women's Championship back around Victoria's waist, as if marking her territory and sending a chilling message.


The atmosphere inside the arena grows tense as the lights dim, signaling the arrival of a force to be reckoned with. The haunting chants of "Who's Next?" echo throughout the space, sending chills down the spines of everyone in attendance. A burst of pyrotechnics illuminates the stage, and the powerful theme of "Invasion" blares over the speakers. Emerging from the backstage area with an intense glare in his eyes, Goldberg makes his way to the ring. His iconic black and white trunks shimmer under the arena lights, and his imposing physique draws gasps from the crowd. The energy in the room is palpable as fans rise to their feet, eagerly anticipating the destruction that Goldberg is known to deliver. Goldberg marches down the ramp with purpose, each step echoing his determination and focus. As he reaches the ring, he ascends the steel steps, pausing for a moment to survey the crowd. With a thunderous roar, he enters the ring, his eyes locked on his opponent for the night, Rico.

Inside the ring, Rico awaits Goldberg, trying to maintain his composure despite the overwhelming presence of his formidable opponent. The tension is electric, with the crowd buzzing in anticipation of what promises to be a dominant display from Goldberg.


The referee signals for the bell, and without wasting a single second, Goldberg explodes out of the corner, charging toward Rico with lightning speed. With a thunderous impact, Goldberg delivers a devastating spear, driving Rico into the mat with incredible force. The crowd erupts, knowing what's coming next. With Rico writhing in pain on the canvas, Goldberg rises to his feet, displaying his signature snarl. He grabs Rico by the hair, effortlessly lifting him off the mat and hoisting him into position. With the arena holding its collective breath, Goldberg plants Rico with the Jackhammer, driving him down to the canvas with unmatched power. The referee counts the pinfall.

via pinfall in 0:18

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it match, Goldberg emerges victorious in just 18 seconds, making a powerful statement with his dominant performance. As the final bell rings, signaling Goldberg's lightning-fast victory over Rico, the intensity in the arena remains palpable. The crowd is still buzzing from the explosive match when Todd Grisham enters the ring, microphone in hand, ready to interview the victorious Goldberg.

"Goldberg, after your victory over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania last night, the question on everyone's mind is, who's next for Goldberg?" Grisham asks, trying to maintain his composure in the presence of the dominant superstar.

Goldberg's eyes narrow, locking onto Grisham with an intimidating glare. The tension in the air grows thick as Goldberg turns his attention to the camera, his expression fierce and unyielding.

"Stone Cold Steve Austin... YOU'RE NEXT!!!" Goldberg declares, his voice booming throughout the arena.

With that explosive statement, Goldberg shoves the microphone away, making his intentions crystal clear. He exits the ring, climbing through the ropes with purpose, leaving Grisham standing there in awe of the message delivered. Back at the commentary table, JR and The King are momentarily stunned by Goldberg's declaration. JR, however, recovers quickly, referencing the unexpected confrontation between Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania. "I'm not surprised, King. After what we saw at WrestleMania, it looks like Goldberg has his sights set on Stone Cold."

Cameras cut backstage as Randy Orton is seen preparing for his upcoming appearance, his Intercontinental Championship prominently displayed on a nearby table. Just then, the celebratory sounds of Batista and Flair echo through the hallway as they enter the scene, their newly-won World Tag Team Championships draped over their shoulders. The atmosphere is charged with excitement as the trio of Evolution stand together, a united front showcasing their championship gold. Orton, ever the confident member of the group, picks up his Intercontinental Championship, holding it high as he addresses Batista and Flair. "Look at this," Orton boasts, "Evolution almost holds all the gold. And once Triple H gets healthy, that dominance will be complete." Batista and Flair nod in agreement, sharing in Orton's confidence and vision for Evolution's future. But their curiosity is piqued as they turn their attention to Orton's upcoming "bombshell" announcement. "So, Randy, what's this big bombshell you've been teasing?" Flair asks, his curiosity evident. Orton smirks, enjoying the anticipation he's building. "You'll see," he replies cryptically, "but trust me, it's something that will only elevate the legacy of myself as well as Evolution, proving why Evolution is the most dominant faction in WWE history." With that intriguing promise hanging in the air, the camera zooms in on Orton's confident expression, setting the stage for what promises to be a monumental announcement. As the tension builds, the screen fades to black, signaling a commercial break.


The camera cuts back from the commercial break to the electrifying atmosphere of the Continental Airlines Arena. The opening chords of "Line in the Sand" by Motörhead reverberate throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of Randy Orton. The crowd's reaction is a mix of boos and cheers as Orton confidently makes his way down the ramp, the Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder. Dressed in a sharp light blue button-down shirt and black dress pants, Orton exudes confidence and poise with every step. His Intercontinental Championship gleams under the arena lights, symbolizing his status as one of WWE's top talents. As Orton steps through the ropes, he holds his championship high, showcasing it to the crowd and adding fuel to their jeers. JR and The King speculate about the nature of Orton's "impactful announcement" for tonight, as Orton's victorious performance with Batista and Ric Flair against the Rock 'n' Sock Connection at WrestleMania is recapped. Climbing the turnbuckle, Orton strikes his iconic "Legend Killer" pose, amplifying the crowd's disdain. He then retrieves a microphone, signaling for silence as he prepares to address the audience.

"You see this?" Orton says, holding up his Intercontinental Championship for all to see. "This championship right here is a symbol of excellence, of greatness. It's a title that legends have held, and I've proven time and time again that I am the best to ever hold it." Orton smirks, pausing for a moment to let his words sink in before continuing. "Last night at WrestleMania, I defeated Mick Foley. I ended a legend, I pinned his shoulders to this mat and I proved that the so-called 'hardcore legend' was no match for the Legend Killer. And tonight, I stand before you with a new target in sight."

The crowd erupts into cheers and chants, sensing what's coming next. Orton takes a deep breath, relishing the moment before delivering his next bombshell.

"I WANT THE ROCK!" Orton declares with venom in his voice, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The chants for The Rock fill the arena, echoing Orton's challenge and adding to the electric atmosphere. "Rock, you're one of the greatest of all time," Orton admits, "But every legend has their end, every icon falls. And I want to be the one to end your story. I want the honor, the privilege, of adding your name to my list of conquered legends."

Orton's eyes narrow, his gaze piercing through the camera as if directly challenging The Rock himself.

"So, Rock, here's my challenge to you: Come to Raw next week, or if fate puts me on SmackDown after the draft, then SmackDown it is. Meet me face-to-face in this ring, man-to-man, legend-to-legend. Give me your answer, give these people what they want, and let's make history."

The crowd's excitement reaches a fever pitch, their cheers and chants for The Rock filling the arena with anticipation. Orton stands tall, his challenge laid out, waiting for The Rock's response and ready to make his mark on WWE history once again.

"And Rock," Orton adds with a sly grin, "Next week we will see if you're the People's Champion or the People's Bitch."

With his bold challenge laid out for The Rock, Randy Orton drops the microphone, his smirk never leaving his face. He exits the ring gracefully, championship in hand, as his theme music plays in the background. The camera captures Orton's confident stride up the ramp, pausing briefly to strike his "Legend Killer" pose at the top before disappearing backstage.

Back at the commentary table, JR and The King are quick to react to Orton's audacious challenge. "Good grief, King! Randy Orton has just thrown down the gauntlet to The Rock!" JR exclaims, clearly stunned by the audacity of Orton's challenge. "You've got to hand it to Orton, JR. He's not afraid to make waves, and challenging The Rock? That's as big as it gets!" The King chimes in, clearly intrigued by the potential showdown.


The atmosphere inside the arena shifts, growing more intense as the opening chords of "Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet fill the air. The crowd's energy spikes, signaling the arrival of Matt Hardy. With a burst of energy, Hardy emerges from the backstage area, his eyes focused and determined. He acknowledges the fans, raising his arms in the air to hype up the crowd. He makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with eager fans along the way, soaking in their support. As Hardy approaches the ring, he climbs the ring steps and stands on the apron for a moment, pausing to take in the scene. He then leaps over the top rope, landing inside the ring with a determined look on his face. He paces back and forth, warming up and mentally preparing for the match ahead, knowing full well the challenge he faces against the angered Chris Jericho.

The arena darkens, and a hush falls over the crowd, anticipation building as the opening chords of "Break The Walls Down" blast through the speakers. The excitement is palpable as Chris Jericho bursts onto the stage, his face a mask of anger and determination. He strides down the ramp, eyes locked forward, focused solely on the upcoming match. As Jericho reaches the ring, the tension is broken by the sudden appearance of Christian and Trish Stratus on the stage. Christian smirks, holding Trish close. Trish then steps forward, waving at Jericho with a teasing smile. "Good luck tonight, Chris. This one's for you," Trish grabs Christian and they share a passionate kiss. Jericho's anger boils over, his face turning red as he shouts angrily at Christian and Trish, clearly distracted and thrown off his game. Before he can react further, Matt Hardy seizes the opportunity, launching himself from behind and taking Jericho down with a vicious attack to kick off the match.

The bell rings, and the referee signals for the match to officially begin.


Both competitors lock eyes, fully aware of the stakes of this high-profile matchup. Jericho and Hardy circle each other cautiously before engaging in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. The two jockey for position, with Jericho gaining the early advantage by transitioning into a wrist lock. Hardy counters with a quick arm drag, sending Jericho to the mat. He follows up with a series of stomps and elbow drops, targeting Jericho's arm. Hardy maintains control, grounding Jericho with a side headlock, trying to wear down his opponent. Jericho manages to fight back, creating separation with a jawbreaker. Seizing the moment, Jericho delivers a snap suplex, planting Hardy firmly on the mat. He follows up with a running bulldog, gaining momentum. As the match progresses, both competitors exchange blows, showcasing their resilience and determination. Hardy attempts a Twist of Fate, but Jericho counters with a back body drop. Jericho then goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Hardy manages to roll through, escaping the submission hold. The action spills outside the ring, with Hardy delivering a jawbreaker on the ring apron. He attempts to capitalize by slamming Jericho into the barricade, but Jericho reverses and sends Hardy crashing into the steel steps. Back inside the ring, Jericho climbs the turnbuckle, looking to deliver a high-flying maneuver. He connects with a flying crossbody, but Hardy manages to kick out at two. The resilience of both competitors is on full display, as neither is willing to give an inch. With the clock ticking down, Jericho starts to build momentum, hitting a Lionsault on Hardy. Instead of going for the pin, Jericho opts to lock in the Walls of Jericho, cinching it in tight in the center of the ring.

Hardy struggles, reaching desperately for the ropes, but Jericho has him locked in the middle of the ring. With no other option, Hardy taps out, signaling the end of the match. The bell rings, confirming Jericho as the winner of this hard-fought contest.

via submission in 11:45

As Jericho releases the Walls of Jericho, he rises to his feet, his eyes locked on Christian and Trish Stratus. The tension in the arena is palpable as Jericho beckons Christian with an outstretched arm.

Jericho: "Christian! Be a man! Get in here and fight!"

Trish, with a microphone in hand, smirks as she steps closer to the ring ropes, her eyes gleaming with confidence.

Trish: "You see, Chris, before you could ever screw me over, I was already one step ahead of you. This whole thing, this little obsession you had with me, it was all a bet. You thought I was just another conquest, didn't you?"

She pauses, letting the words sink in before continuing.

Trish: "All this time you were chasing after me, thinking you had a chance, when in reality, you were never even in my league. I wanted a 'real man,' someone who knows how to treat a woman right. That's Christian."

Christian smirks, nodding in agreement as he stands beside Trish.

Trish: "And let me tell you something else, Chris. With Christian by my side, we're going straight to the top. He's going to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it."

Christian is handed the microphone from Trish, a cocky grin spreading across his face as he addresses the WWE Universe.

Christian: "Trish is absolutely right. I am destined to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do to stop it."

He smirks, casting a disdainful glance towards Jericho before continuing.

Christian: "You see, Trish didn't want some assclown like Jericho. She wanted a man who's rough, who's dirty, someone like me."

The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos and starts a "CLB" chant, but Christian waves them off, dismissing their jeers.

Trish: "Shut up! All of you women out there, you're just jealous of me. And you men? You're all jealous of Christian because he has me. Face it, you're all just losers, just like Chris Jericho."

Christian and Trish share a smug look, reveling in the heat from the crowd as they stand united, their confidence unwavering in the face of their adversaries. Christian smirks, eyeing Jericho with a look of disdain as he continues with his diatribe.

Christian: "You know what, Jericho? Maybe it's best if we're drafted to separate brands. I don't want to waste any more time with you. And let's face it, you'll never get any 'Stratusfaction'."

The tension reaches a boiling point as Christian and Trish lean in for a kiss, their lips just inches apart. But before they can seal the moment, Jericho bursts into action, charging down the ramp and tackling Christian to the ground. The arena erupts as Jericho unleashes a furious assault on Christian, landing a barrage of punches. Trish attempts to intervene, but Jericho seizes her by the hair, pulling her into the ring to the delight of the crowd. Without hesitation, Jericho locks Trish in the Walls of Jericho, but his moment of triumph is short-lived as Christian strikes him from behind with a steel chair. Trish, seizing the opportunity, hits Jericho with a devastating chick kick and then proceeds to direct Christian to deliver the Unprettier onto the steel chair. With a resounding crash, Jericho is left sprawled out in the ring, motionless. Trish and Christian share a triumphant kiss, standing tall over the fallen Jericho, basking in the boos and jeers from the crowd. With their message sent loud and clear, Trish and Christian exit the ring, leaving Jericho behind in their wake of chaos and controversy.


Back from commercial break and Spike Dudley is shown in the ring ready for the upcoming match. The arena dims as the haunting red lights of Kane's entrance illuminate the stage. The ominous chords of his theme song echo throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of The Big Red Machine. Kane emerges from the smoke and flames, his menacing presence casting a shadow over the entire arena. The crowd watches in awe and trepidation as Kane makes his way down the ramp.


As the bell rings, Spike Dudley wastes no time, charging at Kane with a flurry of punches and kicks, trying to use his speed to his advantage. However, Kane effortlessly swats him away, showcasing his sheer power and dominance. Kane takes control of the match, delivering a devastating series of power moves. He grabs Spike by the throat, lifting him high into the air before slamming him down with a vicious Chokeslam. Spike is unable to mount any significant offense against the overwhelming force of Kane. Kane delivers the final blow, executing a thunderous Tombstone Piledriver on Spike. Kane makes the cover, and the referee counts to three.

via pinfall in 1:21

After securing the victory, Kane's expression remains cold and emotionless. He grabs Spike Dudley once again, hoisting him up for another Chokeslam. Kane mercilessly slams Spike to the mat for a second time, ensuring his dominance is felt. But Kane isn't finished yet. He continues his assault, delivering a devastating series of stomps and strikes to Spike, leaving him battered and motionless in the center of the ring. The referee tries to intervene, but Kane pushes him aside, intent on inflicting more punishment. The crowd watches in horror as Kane stands tall, his dark presence filling the arena, lifting Spike Dudley and executing another TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. Kane is seething as more referees come and check out Spike Dudley before being stretchered out of the arena.

As the camera lingers on the aftermath of Kane's brutal assault, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler can be seen at ringside, their expressions a mix of shock and concern. "You're right, JR. That wasn't a match; that was a one-sided beatdown. You have to wonder if this is Kane's way of venting his frustrations after his loss to his brother, The Undertaker, at WrestleMania XX," King observes. Jim Ross responds, "Absolutely, King. Kane suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of The Undertaker last night. It's clear that he's taking out his frustrations on anyone who stands in his way. The Big Red Machine is more dangerous than ever, and the WWE Superstars better take notice."

The camera then cuts back to the ring, focusing on the battered body of Spike Dudley, a stark reminder of the merciless onslaught unleashed by Kane.


The atmosphere inside the arena is electric, with fans buzzing in anticipation of the main event. The opening chords of Shawn Michaels' legendary entrance theme, "Sexy Boy," reverberate throughout the venue, sending the crowd into a frenzy of cheers. A spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp, revealing Shawn Michaels dressed in his vibrant red and white wrestling gear, shimmering under the arena lights. With a beaming smile, HBK strides down the ramp, reaching out to touch hands with enthusiastic fans at ringside. Their chants of "HBK! HBK!" echo loudly as Michaels feeds off the energy, his iconic charisma captivating every corner of the arena. Upon reaching the ring, he ascends the steps and stands atop the turnbuckle, striking his iconic pose, further igniting the crowd's excitement.

As Michaels' music fades, the intense theme of Chris Benoit begins to play, signaling the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion. Benoit walks down the entrance ramp, his red and blue wrestling gear reflecting his Canadian heritage and showcasing his champion status. With a determined expression, Benoit acknowledges the cheers from the crowd, exchanging respectful nods with fans as he makes his way to the ring. Inside the ring, Benoit raises the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship belt high, showcasing the prize he's determined to defend. The intensity in his eyes matches the gravity of the championship match ahead, as he prepares to face off against a revered opponent in Shawn Michaels. With both competitors ready, the referee presents the World Heavyweight Championship belt, emphasizing the high stakes of this epic main event on the last Raw before the WWE Draft this Saturday Night.



The two competitors lock up in a fierce collar-and-elbow tie-up, each trying to gain the early advantage. Benoit uses his technical prowess to transition into a wrist lock, but Michaels counters with a quick arm drag, sending Benoit to the mat. Michaels attempts an early Sweet Chin Music, but Benoit ducks just in time, causing Michaels to miss and nearly stumble. Both men reset, circling each other cautiously. Benoit retaliates with a series of stiff chops to Michaels' chest, echoing throughout the arena. Michaels fights back with a couple of his own chops, prompting a loud reaction from the crowd. The two continue to exchange strikes, showcasing their resilience and determination. Michaels manages to gain the upper hand with a knee lift, followed by a scoop slam that plants Benoit firmly onto the canvas. Michaels takes to the top rope, looking for an early high-risk maneuver. He leaps, connecting with a flying elbow drop, driving the wind out of Benoit. Michaels goes for the pin, but Benoit kicks out at two, showing his championship mettle.

The match intensifies as Benoit counters a second Sweet Chin Music attempt with a dragon screw leg whip, targeting Michaels' knee. Sensing an opportunity, Benoit relentlessly focused his attack on Michaels' injured knee, delivering a series of punishing kicks and knee drops. Despite the pain, Michaels manages to counter a sharpshooter attempt into a small package pin, getting a close two-count. Both men get to their feet, exchanging blows once again. Michaels connects with a flying forearm, followed by a kip-up, signaling the momentum shift. Michaels attempts to capitalize with a scoop slam, but Benoit counters into a Crossface attempt. Michaels narrowly escapes, rolling Benoit into a pinning predicament for another near fall. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, the atmosphere electric with each near fall. Benoit, undeterred, catches Michaels with a snap suplex, followed by a diving headbutt from the top rope. Benoit goes for the cover, but Michaels manages to kick out at the last second. Both men are visibly exhausted but continue to fight on, trading blows in the center of the ring. Michaels summons his energy and delivers a Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere, staggering Benoit. With the crowd roaring, Michaels slowly goes for the cover, but Benoit kicks out just before the three-count. Seizing the moment, Benoit ducks ANOTHER SWEET CHIN MUSIC and kicks HBKs injured knee, buckling Michaels and locks in the Crippler Crossface, wrenching back with all his might. Michaels struggles, reaching desperately for the ropes, but the pain is too much. With no other option, Michaels reluctantly taps out, handing Benoit the hard-fought victory by submission, retaining the World Heavyweight Championship.

via pinfall in 17:24 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

As the bell rings and the referee hands Chris Benoit his World Heavyweight Championship, there's a mutual nod of respect between the two competitors. Shawn Michaels, the valiant challenger, extends his hand, and Benoit accepts, their handshake symbolizing the respect between two of the best wrestlers in WWE who gave their all. Michaels exits the ring, giving Benoit his moment of celebration and reflection. The crowd erupts in cheers, acknowledging the incredible display of athleticism and sportsmanship they've just witnessed. Benoit, standing tall with his championship, raises it high in the air, basking in the adoration of the fans.

Just when it seems like the night's festivities are reaching a heartwarming conclusion, Triple H slides into the ring, catching Benoit completely off guard, clubbing him in the back of the head from behind. To a thunderous amount of boos, Triple H rips the sling off and laughs. In a swift and brutal move, Triple H delivers a devastating Pedigree to Benoit, laying out the champion and leaving the fans in stunned silence. But The Game isn't satisfied with just one assault. He grabs a steel chair from ringside and ruthlessly strikes Benoit across the face, opening a deep and bloody gash. The assault escalates as Triple H lifts the World Heavyweight Championship, mocking Benoit before delivering another brutal shot to the champion's face with the title belt. With Benoit left battered and bloodied, Triple H sets up the steel chair, positioning Benoit's head on it, and delivers a final, devastating Pedigree onto the unforgiving steel. The once-celebratory atmosphere has been shattered, replaced by shock and horror as Triple H stands tall over a fallen Benoit.


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Thursday March 18, 2004
Fleet Center
Boston, Massachusetts

Episode #240

”Mental” blasts in a sold out in Boston, Massachusetts as the General Manager Paul Heyman smugingly makes his way out to the stage as the crowd boos the life out of him as Heyman just stares and smiles waiting for the eruption in the Fleet Center to die down a bit. Heyman begins by announcing that a little birdie told him that Brock Lesnar has signed a NEW contract with World Wrestling Entertainment regardless of the rumors and Lesnar WILL be eligible to be drafted on Saturday Night. Heyman transitions into saying on Saturday Night history will be made because the landscape of WWE and Thursday Night Smackdown will change forever. “But before we get to Saturday we still have tonight.” Heyman says he is making tonight a Smackdown NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS! Where every championship will be defended. Heyman lists the matches and they show up in match graphics;
  • Cruiserweight Championship Battle Royal
  • WWE Tag Team Championships Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty [c] vs. APA
  • United States Championship John Cena [c] vs. The Big Show
  • WWE Championship Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle II

The crowd gives Heyman some credit and cheers on the matches announced. Heyman doesn’t waste any time and says the first match will be for the WWE Tag Team Championships. “Protection” hits as the challengers Bradshaw and Farooq pass Heyman as the GM waltzes to the back as the APA make their way to the ring to a decent ovation. These men are looking to avenge not winning the WWE Tag Team Championships last Sunday in the Fatal Four Way match. “Turn it up” rings out as the current WWE Tag Team Champions, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty make their way to the ring as they look ecstatic as they successfully retained the titles last Sunday at Wrestlemania. Both men walk through the ropes and pose for the crowd as Bradshaw and Farooq look on. Scotty and Rikishi hand the Tag Team gold to the ref and the ref raises the titles high in the air as the bell rings and this title match is underway.


Quick start as both teams look to get the upper hand in the early part of the contest but it soon settles down into a power contest between Rikishi and both members of the A.P.A. which Bradshaw and Faarooq get the upper hand over. In control, the A.P.A. look to wear down Rikishi and frustrate Scotty who is waiting for a tag on the outside but cannot reach his partner to make one. With more experience as a team, Faarooq and Bradshaw cut the ring off and even when Rikishi attempts to fight back, they are able to make a quick tag and get control back in the contest. Interestingly, the desperation to be Tag Team Champions appears to bring out the darker side of Bradshaw as he catches Scotty with a right hand to deny him a tag opportunity which generates a little booing for him. However, with the Tag Team Championships on the line, it is maybe understandable as Cole and Tazz debate the tactics of Bradshaw.

The hot tag finally comes when Rikishi hits a Samoan Drop to Faarooq. As Bradshaw holds his head in his hands, Rikishi crawls over towards Scotty and Bradshaw is tagged in by Faarooq … but he is too late to stop Rikishi tagging in Scotty! Looking for revenge after Bradshaw clocked him earlier, Scotty uses his speed and agility to ground the big men on the challenger team. Unfortunately, this momentum is curtailed when Bradshaw avoids Scotty’s drop kick and hits a DDT instead that swings the momentum back to the challengers. Now, Scotty is the one targeted but he kicks out every time he is pinned down and somehow takes the punishment being dished out by Bradshaw and Faarooq. However, Scotty finally hits the drop kick he wanted earlier and takes down Bradshaw who stumbles and makes the tag to Faarooq. Entering the ring, Faarooq grabs Scotty but his clothesline misses and Scotty again hits a drop kick before crashing Faarooq down face first. As Scotty prepares for the Worm, the crowd get to their feet and Rikishi, back on his feet, leads the encouragement. W … O … R … M … Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! SCOTTY HITS THE WORM ON FAAROOQ! The tag is made to Rikishi and he slams Faarooq down in the corner before climbing to the middle rope … BANZAI DROP! Bradshaw watches from the corner helplessly as the referee makes the 3 count … and the Tag Team Champions retain their gold!

Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty
via pinfall in 08:24 to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

Huge win for Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty as they survive the challenge of one of the most experienced and brutal teams the WWE has to offer here tonight. They celebrate their victory and hold their title belts high as they back off up the aisle but there is another development here in the ring as Bradshaw looks down on Faarooq shaking his head. What is this all about? CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Bradshaw smashes his long term partner with his Clothesline from Hell and stands over him as the crowd jeer their disapproval. Bradshaw points a finger at Faarooq and yells out that he has held him back for far too long before dragging him back to his feet … CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL AGAIN! Boos ring around the Fleet Center, what is happening to Bradshaw right now? A look of intense dislike in his eyes, Bradshaw heads out of the ring and grabs a steel chair now before getting back into the ring and punishing the hell out of Faarooq! Over and over, he smashes the chair over Faarooq’s back and drives it into his ribs until Faarooq, beaten to a pulp, is coughing up blood and WWE officials finally put a stop to the madness! Boos ring out as Bradshaw exits with a look of disappointment on his face here. Is this the end of the A.P.A. here in the WWE?


SMACKDOWN returns with footage of Faarooq being helped out of the ring on a stretcher; Michael Cole and Tazz remain in shock over what they just witnessed here tonight and replays of Bradshaw’s horrific attack on his partner are shown before we head backstage to Terri who is now interviewing Big Show. She asks Show for his thoughts on tonight’s United States Championship rematch against John Cena and whether or not he believes Cena’s home crowd advantage will impact. Show laughs off this suggestion, he says that during 2004, he has been dominant so far and has destroyed every single person he has faced in the ring – except for Sunday night at WrestleMania and John Cena. Show suggests that he underestimated Cena on Sunday and that being in Cena’s home state is perfect for him tonight as it will ensure that he hits the ring at 100%. “Lightning doesn’t strike twice,” Show tells Terri, “I’m getting my title back tonight!”

“Basic Thuganomics' ' to a huge ovation, the new United States Champion makes his way out in front of his home fans with a huge grin on his face and looks to be unruffled by the words of Big Show as he makes his way down towards the ring. With the Boston crowd on their feet, Cena slides into the ring with the US Championship wrapped around his shoulder and poses in the corner holding it high before taking the microphone. With his green Boston Celtics vest over his jean shorts, Cena begins to rap and includes such topics as the WWE Draft this Saturday, making Boston proud, being the new United States Champion, defeating the “giant ape” for a second time tonight. Cena puts the mic down as well as his chains. He hands the US title to the ref as “BIG '' blasts through the airwaves as the mass of humanity and former United States Champion, The Big Show marches his way to the ring seeking retribution after last Sunday’s Wrestlemania loss to John Cena. Climbing over the top rope with ease, Show gets right into Cena’s face and, to his credit, the champion refuses to back off and stands up to the challenge.


Big Show looks determinedly at Cena who smirks across the ring at his challenger as if taunting him over his loss at WrestleMania. This proves not to be a good idea though as Show dominates the early stages and uses his power and strength to take Cena down and keep him there. The crowd are fully behind the plucky champion but Show keeps him down as SMACKDOWN heads into a commercial break with the United States Championship in real jeopardy …

When SMACKDOWN returns, footage is shown of Show continuing his dominance of the US Champion here tonight as he punishes Cena around the outside of the ring. Smashing him back into the barricades, Show slams Cena down on the mats and reacts angrily to some fans as they give him grief at ringside. With his face looking angry, Show looks to punish Cena even further as the live cameras return; he rams Cena shoulder first into the ring post before tossing him back into the ring. Things are looking bleak for Cena as the crowd attempt to rally behind him again with a “Cena! Cena!” chant but Show, for the first time, smirks as he prepares to take Cena down once and for all. To the delight of the crowd, Cena fights back though as Show attempts the Chokeslam; he throws a barrage of right hands to the challenger instead and staggers Show back against the ropes.

As the fight evens out a little more, Cena and Show slug it out and it heads towards completion with the title in the balance. Cena looks to lift Show into the FU but he cannot lift the 500 pound Giant and sinks to his knees instead. CHOKESLAM! Out of nowhere, Big Show choke slams Cena down to the mat and the crowd look on in horror as Show covers Cena to win the title; 1 … 2 … 3! NO! Cena kicks out at the last moment to the amazement of the fans and particularly Show! Angrily, Show rips his singlet down to his waist and sets himself again ready to hit the Chokeslam once again. As Cena staggers up, Show grabs him by the throat again but Cena, desperately trying to retain his title, fights back and shoves Show away. As Show is shoved aside, his elbow collides with the referee’s head and knocks him backwards to the mat. As Show looks down at the referee, this gives Cena the momentary lapse he needs. Ducking down in the corner, Cena grabs the chain and, for the second United States Championship match in a row, he clocks Big Show in the side of the head with the chain! As the crowd cheers this, Cena again attempts to lift Big Show onto his shoulders … FU! CENA HITS THE FU! As the referee, clutching the side of his head, turns back around and sees Cena covering the Giant … 1 … 2 … 3! Cena retains the United States Championship here tonight!

John Cena
via pinfall in 15:22 to retain the United States Championship

As the crowd pops for Cena picking up the victory here tonight, the United States Champion grabs his title and slides out of the ring to celebrate with the fans at ringside here tonight. Coming to his senses, Show looks furious as he realises that he has been screwed out of the United States title by Cena once again through use of the chain. Laughing, Cena holds his United States title high as the crowd mobs around him and he taunts Big Show who grabs the referee in frustration. However, the referee escapes and leaves Show yelling angrily in the ring whilst Cena exits up the ramp taking in the adulation of the home state crowd. A huge win for Cena here tonight as he retains the US Championship in his first defense but what next for the “Doctor of Thuganomics” moving forward? A graphic appears as the Undertaker is in action NEXT on Smackdown!!



We see Hardcore Holly inside the ring getting set for action.

As Paul Bearer leads The Undertaker, who extended his WrestleMania streak to 12-0 last Sunday when he defeated Kane, towards the ring, the crowd holds their lighters up. As the Deadman slowly makes his way towards the ring, he turns and steps up onto the steel steps and raises his arms to bring back the lights to a huge pop from the crowd before stepping through the ropes. Removing his hat and coat, Undertaker hands them to Paul Bearer before turning to face his opponent here tonight, Hardcore Holly. Delighted with his return, the crowd chants “Un-der-ta-ker!” as the bell rings.


For the opening minutes, the two men right hands Undertaker takes advantage with shot after shot as the deadman is looking strong as the crowd is behind the Undertaker. Undertaker goes for an early chokeslam but Holly escapes and goes on the offense for a minute or so as Holly is trying to bring Taker down to size. Holly goes for an irish whip to the corner but Taker reverses and whips Holly into the corner. Taker charges and hits a devastating clothesline knocking Holly for a loop. Taker grabs Holly in tombstone position but hits snake eyes bouncing Holly off the turnbuckle face first. Taker off the ropes and bounces back with a huge big boot. Taker goozles Holly with a huge chokeslam and then lifts Holly up for a tombstone for the win.

The Undertaker
via PINFALL in 04:37

A successful Smackdown return here tonight for The Undertaker and he strikes his pose in the ring as Paul Bearer glorifies his victory here tonight. After defeating Kane at WrestleMania, Michael Cole and Tazz wonder and hope the Undertaker stays on Smackdown. With the draft coming up Undertaker could be on the move.


When SMACKDOWN returns, Michael Cole and Tazz recap the earlier shocking events that followed the A.P.A. and their loss to Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty earlier tonight when Bradshaw, frustrated with how things turned out, attacked his long term partner Faarooq. We are shown exclusive footage of Bradshaw watching backstage as Faarooq is loaded into an ambulance with clear injuries sustained from Bradshaw’s attack on him earlier tonight. Cole reports that Faarooq has suffered cracked ribs as well as a concussion and that Terri Runnels attempted to get a word from Bradshaw afterwards.

Terri approaches Bradshaw, microphone in hand, eager to uncover the motivation behind his shocking attack on his former partner, Farooq. "Bradshaw, can you shed some light on why you targeted Farooq?" she asks.

Bradshaw looks at Terri with a steely gaze, refusing to offer any specifics. "It's been almost three years since the A.P.A. last held the Tag Team Championships," he says cryptically. "It's time to face the facts; we're no longer a force to be reckoned with in the Tag Team division."

Unsatisfied with his vague response, Terri presses Bradshaw for more details. "Why now? What prompted this sudden change?"

Bradshaw sighs, clearly frustrated. "I'm tired of being stuck in the shadow of the tag team division," he declares. "I've proven myself time and time again, and I refuse to be pigeonholed as just a tag team competitor." With a determined look in his eyes, Bradshaw issues a bold proclamation. "In the coming weeks and months, whether I end up on RAW or SmackDown, I'm putting both locker rooms on notice. The era of Bradshaw is beginning, and mark my words, I will be a future World Champion."

Back ringside we see a handful of cruiserweight competitors in the ring getting ready for the battle royal to determine the rightful Cruiserweight champion. “Booyaka” plays as Rey Mysterio pops out of the stage area and heads towards the ring to much delight from the crowd. Mysterio gets into the ring along with his other competitors as everyone awaits the Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero. “Chavo Adriente” hits as the Cruiserweight Champion who was successful in defending his title in a Cruiserweight Open at Wrestlemania will have another obstacle to overcome. An over the top rope battle royal for the prestigious gold. Chavo Sr. accompanies his son Chavo and the champion walks through the ropes and taunts each man in the ring by holding up the gold as the ref takes it and we are set to start this Battle Royal on Smackdown night of champions!!!



Early on in this matchup there are quick eliminations in this one as the field is whittled down to just four men remaining by the 3:00 mark – these four men are Mysterio, Tajiri, Kidman and Chavo. As they pair off, Mysterio and Chavo fight in one corner whilst Tajiri and Kidman do battle in the opposite corner. Later in the matchup, Tajiri and Kidman both eliminated one another after Kidamn hit a charging crossbody block when Tajiri was leaning on the ropes and Kidman’s momentum took him over the top and to the floor. The final two are set, Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio as most fans probably have predicted. Chavo and Rey manage to pull out all the spots and have a good 3 or so minutes of back and forth action. Chavo Sr. gets on the apron to try and distract Mysterio. Mysterio dropkicks the legs of Chavo Sr. as Chavo Sr. goes down to the floor. Chavo charges, Rey Mysterio hits a drop toe hold. 619…..CONNECTS!!! Rey set up on the apron goes to leap but CHAVO SR. grabs Rey's leg and pulls him to the outside to the floor leading to a Chavo Guerrero retaining the title.

Chavo Guerrero
via over the top rope in 9:23 to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

After the hard-fought battle, Chavo Guerrero stands victorious in the center of the ring, the Cruiserweight Championship held high above his head. The arena is filled with the deafening boos, as Rey Mysterio got screwed by Chavo Classic tonight. Chavo Classic raises his son's arm in triumph, proud of the legacy that Chavo Guerrero has continued to uphold.


The Boston fans erupt in cheers, their excitement palpable as the first chords of Eddie Guerrero's entrance theme, "Viva La Raza," fill the arena. A stunning yellow lowrider makes its grand entrance from the side of the arena, slowly cruising towards the stage area, capturing everyone's attention. As the lowrider reaches the stage, it stops, and the driver's side door swings open. Eddie Guerrero emerges, stepping out with his trademark swagger. Around his waist gleams the prestigious WWE Championship, reflecting the arena's lights and drawing everyone's gaze. Dressed in his green and gold wrestling gear, topped with an "ADDICTED TO THE HEAT" shirt, Eddie looks every bit the champion he is. With a wide grin on his face, he takes a moment to soak in the electric atmosphere, raising his arms to pump up the crowd even more. He slaps his chest a few times, a playful gesture that has become synonymous with his entrances, before breaking into a lively shimmy, dancing along to the rhythm of his theme song. The WWE Championship around his waist shines brightly, emphasizing his status as the top champion in the company.

Making his way towards the ring, Eddie continues to interact with the fans, slapping hands and sharing high-fives with those lucky enough to be at ringside. His connection with the audience is undeniable, and the cheers grow louder with every step he takes. Reaching the ring apron, Eddie pauses for a moment, looking out at the sea of fans who have come to see him perform. He removes his shirt, tossing it into the crowd as a keepsake for one lucky fan. Finally, Eddie climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes, standing tall in the center of the ring. He raises his arms, once again acknowledging the fans, who respond with deafening cheers and chants of "Eddie! Eddie!"

After a momentary pause following Eddie Guerrero's entrance, the unmistakable sound of "Medal" fills the arena, signaling the arrival of Kurt Angle. The crowd's reaction is mixed, with cheers and boos echoing throughout the venue, reflecting the polarizing nature of "The American Hero." As the first chords of his theme song blare, a quartet of vibrant fireworks explodes from the stage, illuminating the arena and signaling the beginning of Angle's entrance. The patriotic display adds a touch of spectacle to his arrival. Dressed in his iconic red, white, navy blue, and gold camouflage singlet, Angle appears focused and determined. His steely gaze is fixed straight ahead, not wavering as he advances down the ramp towards the ring. The seriousness in his demeanor is evident, clearly indicating that he is here for one reason: to reclaim the WWE Championship. The WWE Championship belt around Eddie Guerrero's waist glimmers in the spotlight, catching Angle's eye as he approaches the ring. The sight seems to fuel his intensity even more, reminding him of the prize that awaits the winner of this highly anticipated championship encounter. Reaching the ring, Angle climbs the steel steps, pausing momentarily to glance around the arena, taking in the electric atmosphere. He wipes his feet on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes, locking eyes with Guerrero in a tense staredown. Inside the ring, both competitors stand face to face, the tension palpable as they prepare for battle. Senior official Nick Patrick takes this moment to display the gorgeous WWE Title belt to both competitors and the crowd, reminding everyone of what's at stake in this championship match. With a final glance between Guerrero and Angle, Patrick calls for the bell, signaling the official start of the WWE Championship match.


The bell rings, signaling the start of what promises to be an epic showdown between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. Both competitors circle each other cautiously, studying their opponent's movements. Angle makes the first move with a quick leg trip attempt, but Guerrero anticipates it, countering with a swift arm drag that sends Angle to the mat. seizing the moment, Guerrero goes for a quick pin, forcing Angle to kick out at one. Regaining his composure, Angle shifts his focus to Guerrero's left leg, targeting it with a series of knee strikes and applying a submission hold to weaken his opponent. Guerrero grits his teeth, fighting through the pain, and manages to land a few stiff kicks to Angle's midsection. The pace of the match quickens as both men exchange strikes, demonstrating their technical prowess and determination. Guerrero gains momentum, executing a snap suplex that sends Angle crashing to the mat. seizing the opportunity, Guerrero climbs the ropes, attempting a frog splash. However, Angle rolls out of harm's way just in time, and both men are left gasping for air on the mat. Angle capitalizes on Guerrero's missed opportunity by locking in the Ankle Lock, but Guerrero shows his resilience, countering into a roll-up for a near fall.

The action spills to the outside as Guerrero sends Angle crashing into the barricade with an Irish whip. seizing the moment, Guerrero dives off the ring apron with a flying forearm, connecting with Angle and sending him sprawling. Back inside the ring, Guerrero lands a tornado DDT, but Angle manages to kick out at the last possible moment, keeping the match alive. Angle mounted a fierce comeback, executing a series of German suplexes, one after the other, trying to wear Guerrero down. Guerrero, however, counters with a hurricanrana, sending Angle into the corner. seizing the moment, Guerrero climbs to the top rope and nails the frog splash, but Angle somehow manages to kick out at the very last second, leaving the crowd in awe. As both men reach the final minutes of this grueling match, they are visibly exhausted, trading blows in the center of the ring. Guerrero attempts his signature Three Amigos suplexes, connecting with two before Angle counters the third into a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for his Angle Slam, but Guerrero counters with a DDT, stunning Angle. Guerrero summons the last of his energy. He signals for the end, climbing the ropes once again for another frog splash. This time, he connects perfectly, crashing down on Angle. Guerrero hooks the leg, and the referee counts – 1, 2, 3!

Eddie Guerrero
via pinfall in 18:12 to retain the WWE Championship

As “Viva La Raza” begins again and thousands of Bostonians unite to happily celebrate, Eddie Guerrero stumbles to his feet. His footing still less than stellar because of the damage done to his ankle, the El Paso luchador still pleases the crowd with a shimmy. Angle is shown disappointed staring at Guerrero raising the championship as Smackdown goes off the air. See you in 2 days for the WWE DRAFT!!!!



Saturday March 20, 2004
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Opening the show with Heyman is fine enough to address the draft as well as the state of Smackdown. Makes sense for Lesnar resigning to be a big point of discussion as well. Also want to commend you on the idea of the draft having its own special, I like that idea a lot. I’ve planned two different BTB’s where I’ve planned to make the draft a PPV event, however I never make it far enough into the BTB to make it happen. Night of champions sounds like a big night so we’ve got a stacked card which should be fun. Only match I’m not a huge fan of is the Cruiserweight Battle Royal, just feels like a bit meh to just throw everybody in there again after the gauntlet or Cruiserweight open or whatever they called the match at ‘Mania. Would have preferred something a little different there, but still kudos to you on the booking of this night of champs. With a draft coming up, this could be a purely filler show for a lot of people, so appreciate the effort here.

Tag title match to kick off the in ring action is fine. When I read Bradshaw nailing the right hand to Scotty which got him some heat, I automatically thought heel turn/JBL. The Kish and Scotty get a nice defense for them here, although that’s not the real story. Bradshaw turning on Faarooq is definitely a headline moment, however it would have been nice to build up the signs of Bradshaw slowly getting fed up over a period of time. Feels very out of nowhere, yet the attack sounded savage so looking forward to an explanation from Bradshaw in the coming weeks.

The Big Show’s interview to hype the match was fine, and LOL, can’t blame you for not trying to write out Cena’s rap. Another nice win for Cena, although admittedly I’m not a huge fan of the exact same finish in the same week. Still, overall logical booking here.

Yeah, Undertaker was always squashing Holly here. What happened is exactly what needed to happen.

Bradshaw’s explanation was solid enough. Feel like we’ve covered a LOT in this space tonight.

The Chavo’s working together to screw Mysterio in this Battle Royal was certainly the best way to manage this. They already had a ready made match after how Mania ended, and now this just adds fuel to that fire. Good stuff.

Eddie/Angle is a HUGE match to give away on SD right after Mania, but I’m assuming that means one of these guys will be heading to Raw in the draft. Anyway, Eddie cements himself as the best on the brand here with a really strong defense.

I nitpicked on a few things but overall I’ve really enjoyed the first week of shows here. Looking forward to seeing where we end up at the draft. Good luck with this continuing.


Jan 26, 2023
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*** WWE DRAFT ***
Saturday March 20, 2004

The atmosphere inside the theater at Madison Square Garden is absolutely electric, a palpable energy filling the historic venue. The anticipation is high as fans, family members, and WWE superstars alike await the start of the much-anticipated WWE Draft. The camera pans across the crowd, capturing the excitement on every face, before focusing on the stage where Vince McMahon stands, ready to welcome the audience.

"Welcome, everyone, to the WWE Draft!" Vince's voice resonates throughout the theater, capturing the attention of everyone present and viewers at home. "Tonight is where it all begins again. Tonight, history will be made as the landscape of WWE changes forever."

The crowd erupts with cheers, fully aware of the significance of this momentous occasion.

"We will witness new rivalries, superstars finding new homes on different brands, fresh starts for some, and career revitalization for others," Vince continues, his voice filled with excitement. "This is the night where dreams are realized, and legacies are forged."

Vince then turns his attention to the two architects of the draft, the General Managers who will be shaping the future of WWE: Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman.
"Please welcome our General Managers for tonight's draft, representing their respective brands: Eric Bischoff for Raw and Paul Heyman for SmackDown!" Vince announces, prompting applause and cheers from the audience.

With the introductions complete, Vince directs the audience's attention to the screen as the draft rules appear in a sleek graphic reading each one aloud:
  1. Tag teams count as one pick unless a commissioner/general manager specifically only wants a single member from the team as their pick.
  2. The first draft pick will be determined by a coin flip. It will be a snake draft example Raw 1, Smackdown 2, 3, Raw 4, 5, Smackdown 6,7 etc.
  3. There will be 20 overall picks tonight on Raw (10 to Raw, 10 to Smackdown) There will be a supplemental draft which will take place over on wwe.com after the show also picked by each GM.
"So, without further ado, let the WWE Draft begin!" Vince exclaims

Vince holds up the coin for everyone to see, the WWE logo glinting under the lights on one side and the "WWE Draft" along with the date on the other.

"Raw, you're up first," Vince says, nodding to the Eric Bischoff from Raw, who is dressed in a red suit and stands ready to call the toss.

"Heads!" Bischoff declares confidently.

"SmackDown, that means you get tails," Vince announces, turning to the blue-clad GM Paul Heyman from SmackDown.

With a flick of his wrist, Vince tosses the coin high into the air. The room goes silent as everyone watches the coin spin, reflecting flashes of light as it descends back down.

As the coin lands, Vince quickly places his hand over it, shielding it momentarily before revealing the result.

"Heads it is!" Vince proclaims, lifting his hand to show the WWE logo facing up.

"Raw wins the coin toss and will get the first pick in tonight's WWE Draft!"

The anticipation in the room is palpable as Eric Bischoff steps forward, a confident smile on his face. He stands in front of a podium, ready to make the historic first pick for Monday Night Raw.

"With the first overall pick in the WWE Draft," Bischoff begins, pausing for dramatic effect, "Monday Night Raw selects..."

The room holds its collective breath, waiting to hear the name that will kick off this monumental night.

"...World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit!"

The graphic airs, showcasing Chris Benoit's incredible accomplishments in WWE. Titles won, legendary matches, and iconic moments flash across the screen, reminding everyone why Benoit is considered one of the all-time greats. Benoit's music hits, and the World Heavyweight Champion emerges, making his way to the stage with the title proudly draped over his shoulder. He wears a Raw shirt over his wrestling gear, signifying his new home brand.
Bischoff and Benoit share a handshake and a nod of mutual respect before posing for the cameras. Benoit holds up the Raw shirt and his title belt, a triumphant smile on his face as the crowd erupts in cheers. As the cheers for Chris Benoit's selection begin to subside, the atmosphere remains charged with excitement. The energy in the room is electric, and the anticipation for the next pick is palpable.

Suddenly, the music changes, and Paul Heyman steps into the spotlight, a determined look on his face. He stands tall at the podium, ready to make SmackDown's first pick of the night.

"With the second pick in the WWE Draft," Heyman announces, locking eyes with the camera,

"SmackDown selects... WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero!"

The crowd erupts once again, celebrating the selection of the beloved Latino Heat. The graphic showcasing Guerrero's illustrious career flashes on the screen, highlighting his charisma, in-ring prowess, and championship reigns. Eddie Guerrero's music hits, and the WWE Champion bursts onto the stage. He proudly displays his SmackDown shirt, draping it over his shoulder as he makes his way to the podium. Heyman welcomes Guerrero with a handshake and a smile, acknowledging the immense talent and star power he brings to the blue brand. Guerrero holds up his new SmackDown shirt and his WWE Championship, soaking in the cheers from the crowd. With the euphoria from Eddie Guerrero's selection still lingering in the air, the focus quickly shifts back to the draft board.

The snake draft format means SmackDown is back on the clock for another pick, and the anticipation rises once again. Paul Heyman steps up to the podium, a confident smirk on his face. He's already secured the WWE Champion, and now he's ready to add another major player to the SmackDown roster.

"With the third pick in the WWE Draft," Heyman declares,

"SmackDown selects... the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!"

The crowd erupts in cheers and applause, recognizing the significance of this pick. Shawn Michaels, and one of the greatest performers of all time, is now a member of the SmackDown roster. The graphic showcasing Michaels' legendary career appears on the screen, highlighting his countless championships, iconic matches, and memorable moments that have solidified his legacy in WWE history. Michaels' music hits, and the Showstopper himself makes his way to the stage, soaking in the adoration from the crowd. He proudly dons his new SmackDown shirt and shares a handshake and a nod of respect with Heyman. As Michaels holds up his SmackDown shirt, the atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation. With each pick, the landscape of WWE is being reshaped, and the draft is far from over.

Raw is back on the clock for their next pick, and the anticipation in the room reaches a fever pitch.

Eric Bischoff steps forward once again, ready to announce Raw's next blockbuster selection.

"With our next pick in the WWE Draft," Bischoff declares,

"Monday Night Raw selects... The Game, Triple H!"

The crowd erupts with cheers and applause as the graphic showcasing Triple H's legendary career lights up the screen. As Triple H's music hits, The Game makes his way to the stage, soaking in the heat from the crowd. He confidently strides up to the Raw podium, accepting his new Raw shirt with a smirk. Triple H takes a moment, looking out at the crowd and then over at the SmackDown side of the stage. He then turns his attention to Chris Benoit.

"Chris Benoit," Triple H calls out, gesturing for Benoit to join him on stage. Benoit steps forward out from backstage, making his way to the center of the stage. The two icons lock eyes, their faces inches apart, the tension palpable. Benoit raises the World Heavyweight Championship in front of Triple H’s face.

Vince strides onto the stage, a stern expression on his face.

"Hey, hey, hey! This is not a ring," Vince declares firmly, stepping between Triple H and Chris Benoit. "Save it for Monday Night Raw."

The crowd reacts with a mix of disappointment and anticipation, understanding that the confrontation between Triple H and Chris Benoit will have to wait for another time, another place.

But Raw isn't done yet. Moments later, the selection is announced.

"And with our following pick," Bischoff continues,

"Raw selects….. Brock Lesnar!"

The atmosphere in the room becomes electric as Brock Lesnar's name is called. The former WWE Champion is a game-changing acquisition for Monday Night Raw, promising to bring his unique brand of dominance to the red brand. Brock Lesnar's music echoes throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar stomps onto the stage, his eyes locked on the Raw logo as he dons his new Raw shirt. He lets out a primal roar, asserting his dominance and sending a clear message to anyone who dares to step in his path.

The WWE Draft continues to unfold with no signs of slowing down. SmackDown is back on the clock, and Paul Heyman is ready to make two major selections that will undoubtedly shake up the blue brand.

"With our next pick in the WWE Draft," Heyman announces confidently,

"SmackDown selects... The Phenom, The Undertaker!"

The arena is filled with an eerie silence as the lights dim, signaling the arrival of The Deadman. The Undertaker's legendary gong echoes throughout the arena, sending chills down the spines of everyone in attendance. No appearance by the Deadman but he made his presence felt just by his eerie music.

Following The Undertaker's selection, Heyman steps forward once again

"And with our next pick, SmackDown selects... the United States Champion, John Cena!"

The arena erupts in cheers and a chorus of "Let's go Cena!" as John Cena's music hits. The Doctor of Thuganomics makes his way to the stage, the United States Championship proudly draped over his shoulder. Cena holds up his SmackDown shirt with pride, acknowledging the honor of being selected to represent the blue brand. The WWE Draft remains a whirlwind of excitement, and Monday Night Raw is up once again with two more pivotal picks on the horizon. The stakes are high, and the anticipation is palpable as Eric Bischoff steps forward to announce Raw's next selections.

"With our next pick in the WWE Draft," Bischoff declares,

"Monday Night Raw selects... the Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton!"

The arena fills with voices of approval as Randy Orton's music hits. The Viper slithers his way to the stage, the Intercontinental Championship glinting in the spotlight. Orton accepts his Raw shirt with a confident smirk, fully aware of the prestige and honor that comes with being a cornerstone of Monday Night Raw.

Following Orton's selection, Bischoff is quick to announce Raw's next pick,

"And with our following pick, Monday Night Raw selects... Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle!"

The arena erupts in cheers as Kurt Angle's iconic theme music resonates throughout the venue. The Wrestling Machine makes his way to the stage, showcasing his gold medals and the intensity that made him a legend in the world of professional wrestling. Angle gratefully accepts his Raw shirt, saluting the crowd and reminding everyone of the immense talent he brings to Monday Night Raw.

Josh Mathews is backstage with the latest Smackdown draft pick...

Josh Mathews: "I'm here with John Cena, the United States Champion," Mathews begins. "John, you remain on SmackDown. How does it feel to remain on team blue, and what are your goals moving forward with the United States Championship?"

John Cena: "Well, Josh, you can't see me, but you can definitely hear me loud and clear! Staying on SmackDown feels like I'm right where I belong. This is the brand that gave me my start, and I've got unfinished business here. As for the United States Championship, I'm not just holding this title for show; I'm holding it to show that SmackDown has the hardest-working champ in the game. My goal? To elevate this title, defend it with honor, and make sure everyone knows that the Champ is here to stay!"

Josh Mathews: "With the landscape of SmackDown changing due to the draft, are there any superstars or dream matches you're looking forward to now that you're staying on team blue?"

John Cena: "Well, Josh, of course, one day I'd love to step in the ring with Eddie Guerrero and capture the WWE Championship. But for now, my focus is on defending this United States Championship against all comers. SmackDown's got a lot of new faces, and I'm eager to mix it up with the best of them."

Just then, HBK makes his way to the interview area, staring intently at John Cena. After a moment of tension, HBK extends his hand for a handshake.

John Cena: "Well, look who it is! The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! Welcome to SmackDown, HBK!"

Cena shakes HBK's hand, and the two share a respectful nod

Shawn Michaels: "Thanks, Cena. It's good to be here. I've kept my eye on you kid. Let's see what SmackDown has in store for both of us."

Before leaving, HBK pats the US title three times as Cena looks on.

Meanwhile, Todd Grisham is backstage with Brock Lesnar, Raw's newest acquisition and a force to be reckoned with.

"Now, I'm joined by Brock Lesnar," Grisham announces. "Brock, you're no stranger to dominating on Raw. With the landscape changing and new challenges on the horizon, what can we expect from you on Monday nights?"

Lesnar's expression is one of focused determination as he responds, "Raw has always been my playground, and that won't change. I thrive on competition and destroying anyone who steps in the ring with me.

The WWE Draft is showing no signs of slowing down, and it's SmackDown's turn to make some seismic shifts in their roster. With anticipation building, Paul Heyman steps forward to announce SmackDown's next picks.

"With our next pick in the WWE Draft," Heyman declares,

"SmackDown selects... the unstoppable force, Goldberg!"

The arena erupts in cheers and chants of "Goldberg! Goldberg!" as the iconic entrance music fills the air. The intensity is palpable as Goldberg makes his way to the stage, his presence alone sending a clear message to the entire locker room. Goldberg proudly accepts his SmackDown shirt, a symbol of his new allegiance to the blue brand.

Following Goldberg's selection, Heyman is quick to unveil SmackDown's next pick,

"And with our following pick, SmackDown selects... the Big Red Machine, Kane!"

The arena is filled with a mixture of awe and fear as Kane's haunting theme music resonates throughout the venue. The Devil's Favorite Demon emerges, his menacing demeanor sending shivers down the spines of everyone in attendance. Kane accepts his SmackDown shirt with a nod, the fire in his eyes promising destruction and chaos on the blue brand.

The WWE Draft continues to deliver jaw-dropping moments, and Monday Night Raw is ready to add more firepower to its roster. Eric Bischoff steps forward, ready to unveil Raw's next picks that promise to shake the foundation of the red brand.

"With our next pick in the WWE Draft," Bischoff announces,

"Monday Night Raw selects... a combination of power and experience, The World Tag Team Champions, Batista and Ric Flair!"

The arena erupts in applause and cheers as Batista's music hits, followed by Ric Flair's iconic "Woo!" The Animal and The Nature Boy make their way to the stage together, representing a perfect blend of raw power and legendary skill. Batista and Flair proudly accept their Raw shirts, standing side by side as a united force ready to dominate on Monday nights.

Following this dynamic duo, Bischoff reveals Raw's next pick,

"And with our following pick, Monday Night Raw selects... the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla, Chris Jericho!"

The crowd erupts in excitement as Chris Jericho's music fills the arena. Chris Jericho makes his way to the stage, charisma on full display. Jericho graciously accepts his Raw shirt, reminding everyone why he's known as one of the greatest of all time and promising to continue breaking the walls down on Monday nights.

Following the monumental draft picks for Monday Night Raw, the backstage area is buzzing with excitement. Todd Grisham is standing by with the Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton, ready to get his thoughts on the new additions to the Raw roster and what lies ahead for him.

"Thank you, everyone. I'm here with Randy Orton, the Intercontinental Champion," Grisham begins. "Randy, with the recent draft picks, Raw has added some major firepower. How do you see yourself fitting in with these new faces, especially with your Evolution teammates, Triple H, Batista, and Ric Flair?"
Orton smirks, adjusting the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder. "Todd, with the addition of Triple H, Batista, and Flair, Raw has become the most dominant brand in WWE," he says confidently. "And let's not forget about the Intercontinental Champion standing right here. The Viper is ready to strike, and with Evolution back together, we're going to run roughshod over anyone who stands in our way."

Grisham nods, acknowledging Orton's confidence before asking, "Speaking of running roughshod, last Monday on Raw you laid a challenge down for the Rock. Talk about that for a minute."

Orton's eyes narrow, his expression turning serious. "The Rock likes to talk about being the People's Champion, but this Monday, I'm calling him out," Orton declares. "I laid it out there on a silver platter. The Rock has a chance to make history and prove that he is what he says he is. I hope The Rock has the balls to show up because I'm ready to prove why I'm the true champion of Raw. Why I'm the future of this business.”

The WWE Draft continues to roll on, and it's SmackDown's turn to make some more blockbuster picks. The anticipation is high as Paul Heyman steps forward to announce SmackDown's next selections.

"With our next pick in the WWE Draft," Heyman declares,

"SmackDown selects.. Edge!"

The arena erupts with cheers and excitement as Edge's graphic appears on the screen, highlighting his return from a career-threatening injury that kept him out of action for over a year. The emotional journey of Edge's comeback resonates with the fans, and they can't wait to see the Ultimate Opportunist back in the ring on the blue brand.

Shortly after Edge's selection, Heyman reveals SmackDown's following pick,

"Smackdown selects... the five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time WCW Champion, Booker T!"

The arena erupts with cheers and chants of "Booker T! Booker T!" as Booker T's graphic appears on the screen. The charismatic and accomplished veteran is set to bring his unique blend of athleticism, charisma, and championship experience to Thursday nights, promising to add a new dimension to the Smackdown roster.

Booker T stands alone on the stage, holding up his Smackdown shirt with pride and ready to embark on this new chapter of his storied career. With his legendary Spinaroonie and undeniable presence, Booker T is sure to become a fan favorite on Smackdown, entertaining the fans worldwide and adding depth to the Thursday brand's lineup.

The WWE Draft continues with Monday Night Raw ready to make its next selections. Eric Bischoff steps forward, aiming to bring more talent and excitement to the red brand.

"With our next pick in the WWE Draft," Bischoff announces,

"Monday Night Raw selects... the dominant force, Victoria!"

The arena responds with a mix of cheers and anticipation as Victoria's graphic appears on the screen. The powerful and ruthless competitor is set to bring her unique blend of strength and agility to the Raw women's division, promising to shake up the landscape and make a lasting impact.

Following Victoria's selection, Bischoff reveals Raw's next pick,

"And with our following pick, Monday Night Raw selects... the World's Largest Athlete, the Big Show!"

The crowd boos as the Big Show's graphic lights up the arena. The colossal presence of the Big Show promises to bring a new level of intensity and spectacle to Monday nights, with his unmatched size and power ready to dominate the competition on Raw.

Victoria and the Big Show stand separately on the stage, each holding up their Raw shirts and ready to make their mark on the red brand. With Victoria's fierce tenacity and the Big Show's unparalleled strength, Raw has added two more formidable competitors to its already impressive roster.

The WWE Draft is reaching its climax, and SmackDown is gearing up to make its final two televised picks of the night. The tension is palpable as Paul Heyman steps forward to reveal SmackDown's selections, aiming to secure the best talent available.

"With our next pick in the WWE Draft," Heyman declares,

"SmackDown selects... the high-flying, martial arts expert, RVD, Rob Van Dam!"

The arena erupts in cheers and chants of "RVD! RVD!" as RVD's graphic illuminates the screen. The former ECW Legend is set to bring his unique style and electrifying energy to the SmackDown roster, promising to deliver show-stealing performances and unforgettable moments.

Following RVD's selection, Heyman announces SmackDown's final televised pick,

"And with our final televised pick, SmackDown selects... the WWE Tag Team Champions Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty!"

The crowd's excitement reaches a new high as Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty's graphics appear on the screen. RVD, Rikishi, and Scotty 2 Hotty stand together on the stage, each holding up their SmackDown shirts and united in their mission to elevate the blue brand to new heights.

As the WWE Draft nears its conclusion, Monday Night Raw is poised to make its final televised pick of the night. The anticipation is high as Eric Bischoff steps forward, aiming to secure one last major acquisition for the red brand.

"With our final televised pick in the WWE Draft," Bischoff announces,

"Monday Night Raw selects... one-half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, Christian!"

The WWE Draft takes an unexpected turn as Christian's selection by Raw doesn't sit well with the WWE Universe. The boos rain down from the crowd as Christian steps forward,

Before Christian can take his Raw shirt, the arena erupts into chaos as Chris Jericho blindsides Christian, launching a furious assault on the stage. The two superstars exchange blows, locked in a heated brawl as officials rush to the scene, desperately trying to separate them. The tension is palpable, and the crowd's excitement reaches a fever pitch as The Chairman storms onto the stage, his face a mask of anger and frustration.

"Get them outta here NOW!" Vince orders, his voice echoing throughout the arena.

As officials continue to restrain Jericho, Christian takes the opportunity to retaliate, getting in a cheap shot on Jericho. Jericho escapes the hold of security and while going after Christian he accidentally KNOCKS VINCE down. As he continues to go after Christian with both men exchanging rights as the scene here is electric.

Both Jericho and Christian are finally taken away by security, but the damage is done, leaving an indelible mark on the WWE Draft. The WWE Draft logo appears in the bottom left corner as the scene ends with Vince being looked at by medical personnel as he gets up stunned and angry.


Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Brock Lesnar
The Undertaker
Randy Orton
John Cena
Kurt Angle
Batista & Ric Flair
Chris Jericho
Women’s Champion Victoria
Booker T
Big Show
Rob Van Dam
WWE Tag Team Champions Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty

La Resistance
The Dudley Boyz
Trish Stratus
Rey Mysterio
Chavo Guerrero
The Basham Brothers
Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak
Matt Hardy
Billy Kidman
Spike Dudley
Orlando Jordan
The Superheroes (Hurricane and Rosey)
Torrie Wilson
Ultimo Dragon
Billy Gunn
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Lance Storm
Jamie Noble
Paul London
Chuck Palumbo
Shannon Moore
Steven Richards

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Already this is much better than the actual 2004 draft with that whole Triple H to SmackDown BS that ended up being undone.

Standout pick for me is HBK to SmackDown as that of course never happened before he retired. That dream match with Eddie has to be in the pipeline.

Keeping Lesnar and Goldberg around also very much shakes things up and a Vince injury angle to write him off TV is something I’m not going to complain about. Will keep my eye on this one it’s been a good read so far.
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Really enjoy some of the changes you've made through the draft to freshen things up here. As Mach mentioned, Shawn Michaels to Smackdown gives you plenty of possibilities, as does Goldberg to Smackdown, and Angle and Lesnar going to Raw should keep things interesting over there. A face Angle alongside WGTT trying to take down Evolution would be amazing. Book it!

Some more nit picky things because that's how I roll but after the issues Heyman and Eddie had during this time, seems weird they'd just be all friendly during the draft. Also pretty sure Kane didn't start being called 'Devils Favourite Demon' until years after 2004, and using future monikers is always something that has irked me.

Overall, loving what the draft has done for both shows. Can't wait to see new shows now, and how you craft a Backlash card in a relatively short timeframe.
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Jan 26, 2023
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Monday March 22, 2004
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, MI

Episode #565

Following the iconic WWE signature opening that electrifies the atmosphere, the camera swiftly cuts to the ring where the authoritative figure of Eric Bischoff stands tall. The unmistakable strains of “I’m Back” reverberate through the arena, but they are drowned out by the chorus of boos emanating from the passionate Detroit crowd.

There's an air of anticipation as Bischoff takes in the hostile reception, showing no signs of being fazed. Lillian Garcia's familiar voice doesn't ring out for an introduction; Bischoff doesn't require one. The King on commentary remarks with admiration, "He doesn’t need an introduction. He's Eric Bischoff."

Bischoff, seizing the moment and the microphone, wastes no time in stoking the flames of rivalry between Raw and its counterpart. He proclaims with unbridled confidence that Raw has outshone the competition, asserting its supremacy as the premier brand in WWE. The crowd's boos intensify, but Bischoff appears undeterred, relishing the role of the antagonist. As the tension reaches a crescendo, Bischoff shifts gears, revealing that he hasn’t just come to gloat. He tantalizingly hints at a major announcement concerning Raw's upcoming pay-per-view event, Backlash. The crowd leans in, hanging onto his every word.

With a dramatic pause for effect, Bischoff drops the bombshell: at Backlash, the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit, will put his title on the line against the very man he dethroned at Wrestlemania XX, Triple H. The Game is invoking his coveted rematch clause, setting the stage for a colossal showdown between 2 of the top Raw superstars. But that's not all. Bischoff unveils a twist to the tale, introducing a pair of 'Pick Your Poison' matches for the evening. In this intriguing setup, Benoit will handpick Triple H's opponent, while The Game will return the favor by selecting Benoit's adversary for the night.

As Eric Bischoff stands in the ring, ready to continue his speech, the titantron suddenly switches to a chaotic scene in the parking lot. Chris Jericho's arrival is anything but subtle, with his car screeching to a halt. He emerges, steel chair in hand, his face a mask of determination and anger. Security immediately intervenes, forming a barrier between Jericho and the arena entrance. One brave guard steps forward, delivering the news that Jericho is banned from the building and suspended indefinitely. Words seemingly from the higher ups in the company. The words seem to fuel Jericho's rage even further. Without hesitation, Jericho swings his chair, striking down the guards who stand in his way. His path of destruction continues as he storms through the backstage area, his voice echoing as he shouts for Christian, demanding answers for the betrayal he feels. The tension reaches its peak when Stephanie McMahon makes a dramatic appearance into the camera shot, flanked by police officers in full uniform. McMahon's authoritative presence being the bosses daughter only amplifies the chaos, as she orders the officers to apprehend Jericho immediately. The camera follows Jericho, his face a mix of disbelief and anger, as the officers close in, placing him in handcuffs.

As Chris Jericho is being led away by the police, Christian and Trish Stratus step into the frame, their smirks growing wider as they bask in the chaos they've caused. The tension is palpable as they lock eyes with Jericho, who is restrained and seething with anger. With a sense of audacity, Christian pulls Trish close, and they share a passionate kiss right in front of Jericho. The act is clearly meant to taunt and humiliate him, intensifying the personal vendetta between the former allies. Not stopping there, Christian, fueled by his newfound boldness, spits in Jericho's face, a blatant sign of disrespect and a clear statement of how he feels about his former friend. Jericho's eyes burn with fury, his jaw clenched as he struggles against the grip of the police officers holding him back.

As the police officers firmly guide Chris Jericho towards the waiting cop car, the crowd's boos and jeers resonate throughout the arena, underscoring the gravity of the moment. The flashing lights of the police car cast an eerie glow, emphasizing the severity of Jericho's situation. As the police officers firmly place Chris Jericho in the back of a waiting cop car, the engine roars to life, signaling his removal from the scene. The camera captures the last glimpse of Jericho's intense gaze, locked onto Christian and Trish, a silent promise of retribution burning in his eyes.

With Jericho driven away, Christian and Trish share a satisfied look, reveling in their perceived victory. The spotlight now fully on them, Christian takes the mic, the crowd's boos echoing in the background.

"Now that Jericho is history," Christian begins, smirking, "I can finally focus on what really matters—my career." Trish nods in agreement, her confidence radiating alongside Christian's. Christian continues, "To kick off this fresh start, I'm going to do something special tonight. I'm heading to the ring, and I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone on the Raw roster who thinks they have what it takes to step up and hang with me."

The challenge hangs in the air, a bold invitation to the entire roster, daring someone to seize the opportunity. Christian tells Trish that she will win the Battle Royal tonight and they will celebrate like kings and queens tonight. Trish says that no one in this women’s division can step up to a goddess like her. The #1 Contender Battle Royal for the Women’s Championship is later tonight on Raw.

Amidst a hostile beginning of Raw, the camera cuts backstage to the Evolution locker room, where the atmosphere is tense yet focused. The room is filled with the presence of Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, and the legendary Ric Flair. Triple H stands at the center of the room, addressing his Evolution teammates with a commanding presence. He begins by turning to Batista, acknowledging him as the powerhouse of Evolution. "Batista," Triple H begins, "I choose you to face Chris Benoit in the pick your poison match tonight. I believe in you, and I know you'll represent Evolution with dominance." Batista nods in agreement, his determination evident as he prepares for the challenge ahead. Triple H hugs Batista.

Next, Triple H turns his attention to Randy Orton, a young up-and-comer in the ranks of Evolution. "Randy," Triple H says with a smirk, "you've got some serious guts calling out The Rock tonight. Prove to the whole world why you are the future of this business and why you are becoming the LEGEND KILLER. You're shaping up to be the greatest Intercontinental Champion in history." Orton meets Triple H's gaze, fueled by the praise and ready to prove himself.

Triple H then pays tribute to the living legend, Ric Flair, expressing his admiration and respect. "Nature Boy," Triple H says with a nod, "your legacy speaks for itself. Your guidance has been invaluable to us all." Flair beams with pride, soaking in the praise from his Evolution comrades.

As Triple H concludes his address, he looks into the camera surrounded by his Evolution mates with unwavering confidence. "At Backlash," he declares, "I will reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship and solidify Evolution's dominance by adding all the gold to our collection. We will go down in history as the most dominant faction of all time." The camera fades as Triple H's words resonate with the audience at home and in attendance. Batista versus Chris Benoit is next!!!

Commercial Break

As Raw returns from the commercial break, the anticipation in the arena reaches a fever pitch. The Evolution entrance theme hits, and the crowd erupts into a chorus of boos, signaling the arrival of the dominant faction. The combination of the powerful guitar riffs and pounding drums sets the tone for the impending showdown. The arena is bathed in a golden hue as Triple H, Ric Flair, and the powerhouse Batista emerge from the curtain, walking side by side with purpose and confidence. The trio exudes an aura of dominance as they make their way to the ring, their expressions focused and determined. Batista leads the way, his eyes locked on the ring, ready for the pick your poison match against Chris Benoit. The Animal's intensity is palpable, and the crowd's reaction reflects the anticipation for this highly anticipated matchup. Triple H and Ric Flair flank Batista, providing support and encouragement as they head towards ringside. The Game's championship pedigree and Flair's legendary status add gravitas to Batista's challenge, amplifying the stakes of the match. The Evolution members climb the ring steps and enter the squared circle, standing together as a united front. Triple H takes a moment to raise Batista's arm, showcasing his confidence in his Evolution teammate. Flair offers some last-minute words of wisdom, his experience serving as a guiding light for the upcoming battle.

The atmosphere shifts as Chris Benoit's theme music hits, and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his entrance. The crowd erupts in cheers for the respected champion, acknowledging his status as one of the all-time greats in professional wrestling. With the championship belt over his shoulder, Chris Benoit heads to the ring, locking eyes with Batista as he steps between the ropes ready for this non title match.


The bell rings, signaling the start of the highly anticipated match between Batista and Chris Benoit. Both competitors circle the ring, eyes locked in a fierce stare-down, the tension palpable. They approach each other cautiously, testing the waters with a series of lock-ups and grapples, each trying to gain an early advantage. Benoit, known for his technical prowess, targets Batista's arm with swift arm drags and wrenches, attempting to neutralize the powerhouse's strength advantage. Batista, however, counters with his raw power, using his strength to muscle Benoit into the corner and deliver a series of punishing shoulder thrusts. The action spills to the outside as Batista sends Benoit crashing over the top rope with a powerful clothesline. Seizing the opportunity, Batista follows up with a relentless assault, ramming Benoit's back into the ringside barricade and flooring him with a spinebuster on the arena floor. With Benoit reeling, Batista rolls him back into the ring, sensing an opportunity to capitalize. Batista goes for the cover, but Benoit kicks out at two, displaying his resilience and determination to stay in the fight.

Benoit begins to mount a comeback, countering a Batista bomb attempt with a well-timed back body drop. The momentum shifts as Benoit unleashes a flurry of German suplexes, each one executed with precision and impact, sending Batista crashing to the mat. As the match reaches its halfway point, Benoit ascends the top rope, ready to deliver the diving headbutt but Triple H distracts the ref on the apron leading to Flair SHOVING Benoit off the top rope. Benoit down and out on the canvas. The momentum swings back in Batista's favor as he capitalizes on Evolution's distraction. Benoit's missed opportunity, delivering a devastating Batista Bomb. With Benoit down, Batista goes for the pin, but once again, Benoit manages to kick out at the last second, refusing to stay down.

The resilience of the champion is on full display as he digs deep, summoning the fighting spirit that has defined his career. Both competitors exchange blows in the center of the ring, each strike echoing throughout the arena. Benoit gains the upper hand with a series of knife-edge chops and headbutts, rocking Batista and setting him up for the Crippler Crossface. Triple H and Flair get on the apron but Benoit releases the crossface and knocks both Triple H and Flair off the apron. Batista nails a wicked clothesline knocking out the champion. Batista signals for the Batista Bomb for the second time in the match to end it. Batista lifts…..NOOOO Benoit counters into the crossface. With the submission locked in, Benoit wrenches back, applying pressure to Batista's neck and shoulder. The powerhouse struggles, fighting to break free from the debilitating hold. Just when it looks like Batista might escape, Benoit tightens his grip, forcing Batista to tap out in the center of the ring.

via pinfall in 14:02

The bell rings, and the crowd erupts into cheers for the hard-fought victory by Chris Benoit. The World Heavyweight Champion stands tall, his hand raised in triumph, proving once again why he is one of the all-time greats in professional wrestling. Benoit grabs a microphone, his face flushed with the excitement of victory. "I have made my decision," Benoit declares, his tone resolute and unwavering. "Tonight, Triple H," staring a hole through his Backlash challenger, "You will face none other than one of the greatest wrestlers of all time…..Kurt Angle!" Igniting a wave of anticipation and excitement throughout the arena. The crowd roars in approval, eager to see another epic showdown unfold on Raw. Evolution looks on from ringside, their expressions a mix of frustration and concern, as the stage is set for the night's main event.

In one corridor, Molly Holly stands near the entrance ramp, her eyes fixed ahead with determination as she mentally gears up for the match. Adjusting her gear with precision, she exudes confidence, ready to prove herself in the ring once again.

Nearby, Torrie Wilson leans against a wall, her gaze focused and intense as she mentally rehearses her strategy for the Battle Royal. With each breath, she channels her focus inward, visualizing her path to victory and steeling herself for the challenges ahead.

In another part of the arena, Stacy Keibler sits on a bench, her eyes closed in concentration as she centers herself for the upcoming match. With a deep sense of determination, she blocks out any distractions, mentally preparing to give her all in the ring.

Across the arena floor, Shaniqua paces back and forth, her mind sharp and focused as she hones her instincts for the battle ahead. With each step, she visualizes her opponents and strategizes her moves, ready to assert her dominance and claim victory.

Lastly, Trish Stratus stands near the backstage area, her focus unwavering as she mentally prepares for the match. With a confident demeanor, she channels her years of experience and knowledge of the ring, ready to showcase her skills and outmaneuver her opponents.

Commercial Break

The Commentators hype the main event for the night, Triple H vs. Kurt Angle

Molly Holly is the first to make her entrance. With a look of focused determination, Molly walks down the ramp, eyes fixed on the ring, ready to prove herself against the best.

Next up is Shaniqua, the powerhouse of the group. Towering over her competitors, Shaniqua exudes confidence as she heads to the ring, muscles flexing with every step, a clear signal of her strength.

The atmosphere turns glamorous as Stacy Keibler makes her entrance. The crowd erupts in cheers as Stacy glides down the ramp, her long legs and dazzling smile captivating everyone in attendance.

Torrie Wilson follows, her athleticism and beauty on full display as she confidently strides to the ring, ready to showcase her skills and vie for the title opportunity.

The excitement continues to build as Trish Stratus is introduced. A legend in women's wrestling, Trish receives a thunderous ovation, her iconic status evident as she confidently struts to the ring, acknowledging the adoring fans.

Finally, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch as the returning Lita makes her entrance. The crowd erupts into a deafening roar, welcoming back one of the most beloved and groundbreaking competitors in WWE history. Lita's fiery red hair and high-flying style instantly rekindle the fans' enthusiasm as she heads to the ring, soaking in the adulation.


The battle royal kicks off with a flurry of action. Shaniqua showcases her power early on, delivering a crushing clothesline to Molly Holly that sends her over the top rope and out of the match for the first elimination!

Elimination 1:
Molly Holly

Stacy Keibler uses her agility to evade elimination, narrowly escaping a double team attempt by Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson. Stacy's flexibility is on full display as she dodges and counters her opponents' moves. Lita takes to the skies, executing a daring hurricanrana on Shaniqua, but she fails to eliminate her. The aerial assault continues as Torrie Wilson and Lita engage in a thrilling battle. However, Torrie's high-flying antics are cut short when Trish Stratus catches her with a vicious Chick Kick, sending Torrie tumbling out of the ring for the second elimination!

Elimination 2:
Torrie Wilson

With four women remaining, the action heats up. Shaniqua targets Stacy Keibler, overpowering her and eliminating her with a devastating powerbomb for the third elimination!

Elimination 3:
Stacy Keibler

Trish Stratus and Shaniqua then team up momentarily, trying to take down Lita. However, Lita counters their double-team efforts and manages to eliminate Shaniqua with a well-timed clothesline over the top rope for the fourth elimination!

Elimination 4:

As the battle royal reaches its climax, it's down to Lita and Trish Stratus. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the showdown between these two legendary competitors. In a thrilling finale, Lita manages to evade a determined Trish Stratus, countering her elimination attempt and delivering a devastating twist of fate. With Trish stunned, Lita seizes the opportunity to send her tumbling over the top rope and out of the match for the fifth and final elimination!

Elimination 5:
Trish Stratus

via pinfall in 6:21

The bell rings, signaling Lita's hard-fought victory. The arena erupts into cheers as Lita's hand is raised in triumph, confirming her as the #1 contender and setting the stage for a future title showdown. Victoria comes out to the stage and raises her championship high as Lita turns her attention to the Women's champion. Lita points to the title and signals that soon she will win it.

Commercial Break

It was made official that Lita will fight Victoria at Backlash in 3 weeks

The atmosphere in the arena shifts as the eerie and intense music of the Basham Brothers begins to play. The arena is bathed in a dim red light as Doug and Danny Basham emerge from the entrance ramp, their focused expressions signaling their readiness for competition. The twins make their way down the ramp, displaying a united front as they prepare to face their opponents.

Next, the familiar strains of Matt Hardy's entrance music fill the arena, eliciting cheers from the WWE faithful in attendance here tonight in Detroit. Matt Hardy steps out onto the stage, his confident stride and trademark "V1" hand gesture signaling his arrival on Monday Night Raw. However, as he reaches the top of the stage, he pauses, microphone in hand, to address the crowd.

"Before we get started," Matt begins, a mischievous grin forming on his face, "I couldn't possibly come to Monday Night Raw, my new home, without bringing along the most important person in my life."

The crowd erupts into cheers and anticipation, speculating who Matt could be referring to.

Suddenly, the unmistakable sounds of Jeff Hardy's entrance music hit, sending the crowd into a frenzy of excitement. The energy in the arena reaches a fever pitch as Jeff Hardy bursts onto the stage, his iconic face paint and high-flying charisma instantly electrifying the atmosphere. Jeff and Matt share a heartfelt embrace, their reunion a touching moment that resonates with everyone around the world. The Hardy Boyz stand side by side, ready to face the Basham Brothers in what promises to be an epic showdown.


The bell rings, signaling the start of the match. Matt Hardy and Danny Basham start things off, engaging in a fast-paced exchange of holds and counters. The action is intense, with neither team gaining a clear advantage in the early going. As the match progresses, the Hardy Boyz begin to showcase their trademark high-flying offense, dazzling the crowd with a series of double-team maneuvers and aerial assaults. Jeff Hardy's daredevil antics and Matt Hardy's technical prowess combine to create a dynamic and entertaining spectacle.

The Basham Brothers, however, prove to be formidable opponents, utilizing their tag team cohesion and aggressive tactics to keep the Hardy Boyz on their toes. Doug and Danny Basham target Jeff Hardy's legs, attempting to ground the high-flyer and neutralize his aerial attacks. Despite the Basham Brothers' efforts, the Hardy Boyz refused to be denied. With the clock ticking down, the Hardys rally and mount a furious comeback, unleashing a flurry of high-impact moves that leave the Basham Brothers reeling.

In the final moments of the match, Jeff Hardy ascended the top rope, launching himself into the air with a breathtaking Swanton Bomb on Danny Basham. Matt Hardy follows up with a decisive Twist of Fate, securing the pinfall victory for the Hardy Boyz.

The Hardy Boyz

The arena erupts into cheers as the Hardy Boyz' hands are raised in victory. The brothers celebrate their triumphant return to Monday Night Raw.

As the celebration for the Hardy Boyz' victory begins to subside, the camera transitions backstage to a dimly lit corridor. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as a graphic flashes on the screen, teasing the upcoming moment that has everyone talking: Randy Orton calling out The Rock.

The camera follows a determined Randy Orton as he walks briskly down the hallway, his gaze focused and unwavering. The Viper's confidence is evident, knowing that he has a monumental challenge ahead of him in confronting one of the most electrifying superstars in WWE history.

Commercial Break

A spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp as Randy Orton's theme song "Burn in My Light" starts to play. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos and cheers, signaling the arrival of The Legend Killer.

The camera cuts to the entrance area, where the youngest member of Evolution emerges from the curtain, bathed in a spotlight that casts a shadowy silhouette behind him. His eyes narrow, locked on the ring, as he begins his confident walk down the ramp. Orton moves with purpose and determination, absorbing both the adulation and disdain from the crowd. His signature pose at the top of the ramp, where he stretches out his arms and looks skyward, punctuates his entrance. As Randy Orton steps into the ring, the boos and cheers from the Detroit faithful reach a deafening crescendo. The Viper takes a moment to soak it all in before raising the microphone to his lips, ready to deliver his message. "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" The arena erupts with chants for The Rock, the electrifying atmosphere charged with excitement and anticipation. Orton waits for a moment, allowing the chants to reach their peak before raising his hand for silence. The crowd's energy transitions to a hushed anticipation, hanging on Orton's every word.

"Let’s cut right to it. Rocky, get your ass out here right now. I have something I wanna say right to your face.”

Orton looks at the entrance ramp as does the crowd but alas no Rock.

“Rocky may be a Hollywood star, but tonight just like I thought, he's not here," Orton begins, his voice dripping with confidence. "Just like Mick Foley, The Rock is a coward who'd rather make movies than face the reality of the WWE."

"I ended Mick Foley's career at WrestleMania," Orton continues, his eyes gleaming with intensity. "And now, I'm here to end The Rock's career too. I'll send him packing to Hollywood, where he belongs, permanently."

The arena is filled with a chorus of boos, but Orton stands undeterred.

As Orton's bold proclamation hangs in the air, a familiar electrifying rhythm begins to pulse throughout the arena. The crowd erupts in a deafening roar as the iconic voice of The Rock resonates, "IF YOU SMELL...WHAT THE ROCK...IS COOKING!"

The atmosphere reaches a fever pitch as the People's Champion emerges from behind the curtain, his presence filling the arena with an undeniable energy. The Rock pauses at the top of the ramp, soaking in the admiration and adulation from the fans, his trademark eyebrow raised in signature fashion. With a smirk on his face, The Rock begins his iconic walk down the ramp, exuding charisma and confidence with every step. The energy is electric, with the crowd hanging on The Rock's every move, eagerly anticipating his response to Orton's bold challenge. The Rock steps inside the squared circle, staring down Orton with intensity and focus. He circles the ring, playing to the crowd and reveling in the moment, his presence commanding the attention of everyone in the arena. Just as The Rock begins to climb the turnbuckle to acknowledge his fans with his classic pose, Orton interrupts him, cutting him off with a dismissive gesture.

"Cut the music, cut the s**t, Rocky," Orton sneers, his voice dripping with disdain. "Playing to all these cheap bastards. You're better than this Rock." As The Rock stands tall in the ring, soaking in the chants of "Rocky" echoing throughout the arena, he takes a moment to address Randy Orton's derogatory remarks.

"Let me get this straight, Randy," The Rock begins, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "You think the fine people of Detroit are cheap bastards? Is that what you're saying?" Before Orton can formulate a response, The Rock cuts him off with his iconic catchphrase, "It doesn't matter what you think!"

As the electrifying atmosphere continues to build, the Detroit crowd chants "Rocky" repeatedly, their voices echoing throughout the arena. The energy is palpable, the anticipation for The Rock's response to Orton's challenge reaching a crescendo. Visibly frustrated by the overwhelming support for The Rock, Randy Orton interrupts the chants, his tone sharp and demanding as he says,

"Shut it! Shut your mouth!"

He then boldly lays down the challenge, stating, "I want to challenge you, Rock, to a match at Backlash."

The Rock, ever the charismatic showman, takes a moment to bask in the energy from the crowd, soaking in their cheers and chants. The "Rocky" chants intensify, the fans in attendance firmly rallying behind their People's Champion. Finally, The Rock accepts Orton's challenge with confidence, declaring, "I've got more ass kickings left in me than you could ever imagine. So I accept your challenge but.....only on one condition.

The Rock stares at the Intercontinental Championship hanging around Ortons shoulders

"You put that Intercontinental title belt on the line."

Orton looks nervous as the crowd cheers at the Rocks proclamation.

Rocky continues "Unless....you're not the legend killer you say you are. Perhaps you are a legend.....ary bitch"

Crowd chants "You're a Bitch" to Orton as he seems fazed and annoyed by the Detroit fans.

Orton brings the mic to his lips and speaks "You're on Rock i'll put this title on the line, the most prestigious title in all of WWE. And it's that way because of yours truly.

Orton smirks, his confidence growing as he sees an opportunity to up the stakes. "But Rock, if we're going to do this, let's make it truly legendary. You want my Intercontinental Championship? Fine. But let's add a little twist to it. You put your career on the line."

The crowd erupts into a mix of gasps and cheers, sensing the gravity of the situation. The Rock, known for his bravado, doesn't flinch. He stares down Orton, the intensity between them palpable.

The Rock's expression turns serious, a hint of a smirk still playing on his lips. "You want the Rock to put his career on the line, Randy? You've got it. But just remember, when it's all said and done, you'll be known as the legend who couldn't back up his words. And at Backlash, I'm not only fighting for my career, i'll be fighting for my brother, Mick Foley, and for every one of the MILLIONS..." As The Rock goes up to scream his signature catchphrase, he's abruptly cut off by an attempted RKO by Orton. Seizing the moment, The Rock swiftly responds, shoving Orton away with precision and agility. Taking advantage of the situation, The Rock delivers a powerful clothesline, sending Orton tumbling over the ropes and crashing to the outside of the ring. As Orton retreats up the ramp, visibly flustered, The Rock stands tall in the ring, his presence commanding and confident. With the stage set and the date etched in stone, the fans eagerly anticipate the Title vs. Career showdown between The Rock and Randy Orton. Backlash, April 11th, promises to be an epic clash.

The screen fades in, displaying a montage of electrifying wrestling moments, accompanied by dramatic music.

Narrator (Voiceover): "In the annals of sports entertainment, there have been teams that define excellence, teams that epitomize the essence of tag team wrestling. But none have quite captured the imagination like..."

The screen transitions to a series of clips showcasing the World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) in action, displaying their athleticism, teamwork, and dominance in the ring.

Narrator (Voiceover): "The World's Greatest Tag Team!"

As the narrator speaks, footage highlights their high-flying maneuvers, technical prowess, and strategic teamwork, showcasing their versatility as a tag team.

Narrator (Voiceover): "Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas burst onto the scene in the tag team division, two young athletes with dreams of conquering the world of professional wrestling. Individually, they were exceptional talents, but together, they became unstoppable."

The montage continues, featuring memorable moments from their matches against various opponents, capturing their rise to prominence and their reign as tag team champions.

Narrator (Voiceover): "Their chemistry was undeniable, their synergy unmatched. They soared to the top of the tag team division with a blend of speed, strength, and technical skill that left their opponents in awe."

The screen transitions to interviews with wrestling legends and industry experts, who speak glowingly about the impact of the World's Greatest Tag Team on the wrestling world.

Jim Ross: "When you talk about tag team wrestling, you have to mention Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Those guys are on another level."

Edge: "They have it all – athleticism, charisma, and a mean streak that made them feared by anyone who stepped into the ring with them."

The video package then delves into the challenges and rivalries faced by the World's Greatest Tag Team, showcasing their resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Narrator (Voiceover): "But greatness comes with its challenges. The World's Greatest Tag Team faced fierce competition, battled through injuries, and weathered storms that would have broken lesser teams."

Clips show moments of triumph and defeat, highlighting the highs and lows of their journey as a tag team.

Narrator (Voiceover): "Through it all, Benjamin and Haas stood tall, earning the respect of their peers and the adoration of fans around the world."

The screen fades to black, leaving viewers excited to see the World's Greatest Tag Team.

Narrator (Voiceover): "Their legacy still to be written, they are known as the World's Greatest Tag Team!"

The video package concludes with the iconic logo of the World's Greatest Tag Team displayed on the screen and writing that reads RETURN TO RAW NEXT WEEK!!

Kurt Angle is shown looking at the tv screen backstage smiling seemingly that his old partners Benjamin and Haas from 2003 when he captained Team Angle are joining him on Raw.

Todd Grisham interrupts, "Kurt Angle," Grisham begins, "you've had an incredible career in WWE, and now you've been drafted to Monday Night Raw. What are your thoughts on joining the Raw roster?" Angle, seated comfortably, He turns to face Grisham, microphone in hand, ready to share his thoughts. "You know, Todd," Angle begins confidently, "I was drafted to Raw because I am the greatest professional wrestler in the history of WWE. Raw knows what it takes to be the best, and that's why they wanted me here." Angle continues, "Tonight, I have the opportunity to prove just that when I face Triple H. It's going to be a match for the ages, and I plan on showing everyone why I am truly the best."

Just as Angle finishes his statement, the mood shifts as the camera captures the unexpected arrival of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar steps into the frame, his imposing presence casting a shadow over Angle.

Lesnar smirks and chuckles, seemingly amused by Angle's bold claim of being the greatest professional wrestler in history. The tension between the two former rivals is palpable, as they lock eyes in a staredown. Angle stands up, undeterred by Lesnar's presence, staring right back at Lesnar with unwavering confidence. Lesnar leans in, his face inches away from Angle's, and says with a smirk, "The greatest, huh? We'll see about that." Just as Lesnar leaves he comes back staring at Angle. “Good Luck tonight ... .Kurt” Lesnar leaves as Angle looks on.

Commercial Break

As the arena lights begin to flicker back to life, signaling the end of the commercial break, the anticipation in the crowd reaches a crescendo. The camera pans across the audience, capturing the excitement on every face, before focusing its attention on the ring where Steven Richards stands, his expression one of grim determination. The atmosphere is electric as the crowd awaits the arrival Richards opponent. Suddenly, the arena erupts into a deafening roar as the unmistakable sound of "Well... it's the Big Show" echoes throughout the venue. The ground seems to shake beneath the audience's feet as The Big Show emerges from behind the curtain, his massive frame casting a formidable shadow over the entire arena. With each step, the ring ropes strain against his immense weight, threatening to snap under the pressure. The crowd's boos reach a fever pitch as The Big Show makes his way down the ramp, his eyes locked on his opponent in the ring. There's a sense of awe in the air as he climbs onto the apron with ease, his presence commanding attention.

Inside the ring, Steven Richards stands his ground, his expression unwavering despite the overwhelming force bearing down upon him. With a defiant glare, he awaits the impending confrontation, ready to prove his worth against one of the most dominant forces in WWE history.
As The Big Show steps through the ropes, the referee signals for the match to begin, and the tension in the arena reaches a boiling point.

Big Show vs. Steven Richards

As the bell rings, signaling the start of the match, The Big Show wastes no time asserting his dominance. With a thunderous roar, he charges towards Steven Richards, who barely has time to react before finding himself lifted effortlessly off his feet by the colossal superstar. The crowd erupts into cheers as The Big Show hoists Richards high above his head, showcasing his incredible strength for all to see. With a smirk of satisfaction, he parades around the ring, twirling Richards like a ragdoll before finally hurling him across the ring with bone-jarring force. Richards crashes to the canvas with a resounding thud, the impact sending shockwaves reverberating throughout the arena. He writhes in agony, clutching his back as The Big Show closes in, a look of determination etched on his face.

With methodical precision, The Big Show delivers a series of punishing blows to Richards, each strike landing with the force of a freight train. The crowd watches in awe as Richards struggles to mount any offense, overwhelmed by the sheer power and ferocity of his opponent. With a roar of triumph, The Big Show scoops Richards up once again, effortlessly lifting him into the air before driving him back down to the mat with a devastating chokeslam. The impact sends shockwaves through Richards' body, leaving him sprawled out motionless on the canvas.
The referee looks on with concern as The Big Show towers over his fallen opponent, a triumphant grin spreading across his face. With a single foot planted firmly on Richards' chest, he goes for the cover, the referee dropping to the canvas to begin the count.

"One! Two! Three!"

The Big Show

As the bell signals the end of the match, The Big Show's victorious grin morphs into a menacing sneer, his eyes glinting with malice as he surveys the fallen form of Steven Richards. The crowd's cheers turn to uneasy murmurs as they sense the impending storm about to be unleashed. With deliberate steps, The Big Show stalks towards Richards, his massive frame casting a shadow over the fallen competitor. Ignoring the referee's attempts to intervene, he grabs Richards by the throat, lifting him effortlessly off the mat with one hand.

The crowd watches in horror as The Big Show's grip tightens around Richards' neck, his face contorted with rage as he hoists his helpless opponent high into the air. With a deafening roar, he unleashes his fury, driving Richards down with bone-shattering force in the center of the ring with another thunderous chokeslam. The impact echoes throughout the arena, sending shockwaves of pain coursing through Richards' body as he lies motionless on the canvas. But The Big Show is far from finished, his thirst for destruction unquenched.

With a sinister glint in his eye, The Big Show drags Richards' limp form towards the ringside area, the crowd's gasps of horror growing louder with each passing moment. With a primal roar, he hurls Richards through the air, sending him crashing through the announcers' table with a sickening thud. The table splinters upon impact, shards of wood and debris flying in all directions as Richards lies amidst the wreckage, his body battered and broken. The crowd watches in stunned silence as The Big Show stands tall amidst the chaos, a twisted grin of satisfaction spreading across his face. With a final, contemptuous glance at his fallen opponent, The Big Show exits the ring, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. The message is clear: in the world of The Big Show, there are no limits to the pain he is willing to inflict in his quest for dominance.

Commercial Break

In the dimly lit arena, the anticipation hangs thick in the air as the sound of Christian's entrance theme echoes throughout the venue. The arena erupts into a chorus of boos as the spotlight finds its mark, illuminating the silhouette of the smug and arrogant superstar. Draped in his signature trench coat adorned with sparkling sequins, Christian struts confidently down the ramp, his trademark smirk never leaving his face. With each step, he exudes an aura of self-assurance, knowing that all eyes are on him. As he reaches the ring, Christian pauses for a moment, soaking in the jeers from the crowd like a badge of honor. With a flick of his wrist, he tosses his coat aside, revealing his impeccably tailored ring attire underneath. With microphone in hand, Christian raises it to his lips, ready to deliver another scathing diatribe to his loyal subjects. The boos intensify as he begins to speak, his words laced with arrogance and contempt for anyone who dares to oppose him.

"Welcome, my peeps," he begins, his voice dripping with smugness, "To another glorious night in the presence of greatness. That's right, it's your favorite superstar, the one and only Captain Charisma!"

The crowd's disdain only fuels Christian's ego as he continues to bask in the spotlight, reveling in the attention he commands.

"Tonight," he declares, his voice oozing with confidence, "I stand before you as the epitome of excellence, the pinnacle of perfection. And let's face it, there's nobody in this arena, or anywhere else for that matter, who can hold a candle to me."

As Christian stands in the center of the ring, his smirk widening with each passing moment, he can't resist gloating about his recent triumphs.

"The great Chris Jericho is behind bars, and I'm sitting pretty, suspended indefinitely. Guess that means I don't have to worry about him anymore, huh? More time for yours truly to focus on what really matters: my illustrious career."

His words drip with arrogance as he surveys the audience, relishing in the attention. But as he extends his challenge, the arena falls eerily silent, no one daring to step forward.

"Come on now, don't be shy," he taunts, a smug grin plastered across his face, "Surely there's someone out there with enough guts to face Captain Charisma himself?" Just when it seems like Christian's challenge will go unanswered, the arena erupts with surprise as a figure emerges from backstage. It's AJ Styles, a recent free agent, making his presence known in the most dramatic fashion possible. Christian's initial amusement quickly turns to disbelief as Styles confidently strides towards him.

"And who might you be?" Christian sneers, eyeing Styles with disdain, "Some indie has-been trying to make a name for himself?"

But Styles doesn't flinch, standing tall and introducing himself with unwavering confidence.

"I'm AJ Styles," he declares, his voice cutting through the air with authority, "And I'm Raw's newest free agent signee."

The tension in the ring reaches a boiling point as Christian's arrogance clashes with Styles' determination. With a swift motion, Christian slaps Styles across the face, the sound echoing throughout the arena.

But before Christian can revel in his cheap shot, Styles retaliates with lightning speed, delivering a series of strikes that send Christian reeling.
"You wanna wrestle, Christian?" Styles challenges, his voice dripping with defiance, "I'm right here, and as far as your open challenge… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED."

Christian, realizing he may have underestimated his opponent, hesitates for a moment before deciding to retreat, hopping out of the ring and making a beeline for the ramp to massive heat from the crowd. As he exits, his frustration evident, Styles doesn't miss a beat, calling him out for his cowardice.

"You're nothing but a coward, Christian!" he shouts, his voice echoing through the arena, "And everyone here knows it!"

With the crowd firmly on his side, Styles acknowledges their support posing on the turnbuckle.


Commercial Break

The arena dims, bathed in a subtle blue hue as the opening chords of Kurt Angle's theme, "Medal," reverberate throughout the space. The crowd erupts into a mix of cheers and jeers as the Olympic gold medalist makes his way to the stage, his intensity palpable. Draped in his signature red, white, and blue singlet, Angle stands tall, raising his arms in the air as sparks rain down around him. He marches purposefully down the ramp, his eyes locked on the ring, ready for the battle that lies ahead.

As Angle's theme fades, the arena is shrouded in darkness, the anticipation building with each passing second. Suddenly, the haunting opening notes of Triple H's theme, "The Game," fill the air, signaling the arrival of The Game himself. A spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp as Triple H emerges from the curtain, clad in his iconic leather jacket, trunks, and boots, complete with a water bottle in hand. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos and cheers as The Cerebral Assassin makes his way to the ring with a confident swagger. As Triple H approaches the ring, he stops at the top of the ramp, taking a moment to spit a mist of water into the air, creating a dramatic visual. He then continues his march down the ramp, eyes locked on Angle, a look of focused determination on his face. Reaching the ring, Triple H ascends the steel steps, pausing at the apron to survey the crowd before stepping through the ropes. He removes his jacket, tossing it aside as he prepares to face off against Angle in what promises to be an epic showdown between two of WWE's finest.


The referee signals for the match to begin, and both competitors circle each other cautiously, sizing up their opponent. Angle and Triple H lock up in a test of strength, each trying to gain the early advantage. After a series of counters and reversals, Triple H manages to take control with a well-executed arm drag, grounding Angle momentarily. Angle quickly regains his footing and counters with a snap suplex, showcasing his superior technical wrestling skills. The two continue to exchange holds, with Angle targeting Triple H's legs and Triple H focusing on Angle's arm.

As the match progresses, Triple H starts to build momentum, landing a series of impactful strikes and knee drops. He targets Angle's midsection, weakening him with a series of knee lifts and abdominal stretches. However, Angle fights back, countering a Pedigree attempt into an ankle lock, forcing Triple H to scramble to the ropes for a break. The momentum shifts once again as Triple H manages to dodge a moonsault from Angle, followed by a spinebuster that leaves Angle reeling. Sensing an opportunity, Triple H goes for the cover, but Angle kicks out at two, showing his resilience and determination. The intensity of the match reaches a fever pitch as both superstars exchange high-impact moves and near falls. Angle hits a belly-to-belly suplex, followed by a series of German suplexes, showcasing his incredible strength and agility. Despite the punishment, Triple H manages to kick out, refusing to stay down. Triple H counters an Angle Slam attempt into a DDT, seizing the moment to regain control. He delivers a punishing knee drop from the top rope, but Angle once again kicks out at the last second, keeping the match alive.

As the match approaches its climax, both superstars are visibly exhausted, but neither is willing to give an inch. Triple H attempts another Pedigree, but Angle counters into another ankle lock, wrenching it in the center of the ring. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, sensing a possible submission victory for Angle. Despite the excruciating pain, Triple H manages to roll through, sending Angle crashing into the referee knocking out the ref inadvertently. Triple H goes for a pedigree but Angle counters into an ANKLE LOCK!!!! Triple H taps out but the ref is down and out and doesn't realize what's happening. Angle lets go and tries to wake the ref up but all of a sudden…..BROCK LESNAR rolls in the ring and grabs Angle and hits a massive F-5. Lesnar slides out of the ring. Triple H seizes the opportunity, hooking Angle's leg for the pinfall. The referee groggily counts, "1, 2, 3!", and Triple H emerges victorious in this epic encounter.

via pinfall in 15:45

As the camera pans away from the victorious Triple H, it shifts backstage to find Chris Benoit watching intently on a TV monitor. His gaze is focused, likely his Backlash opponent, Triple H. The intensity in Benoit's eyes suggests he's always ready for a fight, even after his earlier confrontation with Triple H.

Suddenly, the same camera catches a glimpse of The Rock leaving the arena. His iconic presence is unmistakable, drawing the attention of everyone in the vicinity. The Rock is just steps away from his vehicle, seemingly unaware of the impending danger lurking nearby. Without warning, Batista and Ric Flair emerge from the shadows, launching a surprise attack on The People's Champion. Batista grabs The Rock and delivers a devastating Batista Bomb right on top of his own truck. The impact resonates throughout the area, leaving The Rock vulnerable and dazed. Flair and Batista hold The Rock in a standing position, ensuring he has no chance to recover. The moment is tense, the air thick with anticipation for what comes next. Suddenly, Randy Orton strikes, hitting The Rock with a vicious RKO on top of the truck. The crowd's gasps echo in the background, the shocking turn of events leaving everyone stunned. But Orton isn't finished yet. He waits for a moment, letting the gravity of his actions sink in. Then, without hesitation, Orton delivers a brutal punt to The Rock's head, further incapacitating The Great One. As the camera captures the aftermath of the assault, Raw cuts to black, leaving the fans in shock and disbelief. The heinous attack on The Rock serves as a chilling reminder of the lengths Evolution will go to assert their dominance. Orton is heard saying “SEE YOU AT BACKLASH …..GREAT ONE.” The show concludes with the image of The Rock lying on the ground next to his truck, surrounded by the members of Evolution, as Raw fades to black.

** Backlash 2004 **
April 11th, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta

** Confirmed Card **

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Triple H


Randy Orton vs. The Rock

Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Lita
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Thursday March 25, 2004
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Episode #241

The atmosphere is electric as Paul Heyman, known for his charismatic presence and eloquent speech, strides confidently towards the entrance way. The crowd erupts with excitement, anticipating what the WWE's brilliant advocate has to say.

"Welcome, everyone, to a brand new episode of Smackdown!" Heyman's voice booms throughout the arena, setting the stage for the night's events. The crowd's cheers resonate, responding to his infectious energy. With a mischievous grin, Heyman continues, "Now, I've got some exciting news for all of you." He pauses, letting the anticipation build. "Our WWE Champion, the incredible Eddie Guerrero, will be gracing this ring tonight! And he'll be facing none other than the formidable Rhyno!" The audience roars in approval at the mention of Guerrero, showing their unwavering support for the champion. "But wait, there's more," Heyman adds, raising a finger for emphasis. "Here on Smackdown, we believe in earning your opportunities. Unlike on Raw, where title shots seem to be handed out like candy, here, you have to prove your worth."

The crowd nods in agreement, appreciating the integrity of Smackdown's approach to championship opportunities. "So, starting tonight," Heyman announces with enthusiasm, "we are going to kick off a classic single elimination TOURNAMENT! That's right, folks, a tournament where the best of the best will compete for a chance to face Eddie Guerrero at Smackdown's upcoming pay-per-view, Judgment Day." The crowd's excitement reaches a fever pitch as Heyman's words sink in. A chance to earn a title shot against one of the WWE's best is an opportunity that no one wants to miss. To add to the excitement, Heyman unveils the tournament bracket, which is displayed on the tron for everyone in attendance and those watching at home to see.

Booker T vs. Edge

Bradshaw vs. Rob Van Dam

Kane vs. The Undertaker

John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels


Winner of Booker T/Edge vs. Winner of Bradshaw/RVD

Winner of Kane/The Undertaker vs. Winner of John Cena/Shawn Michaels


Winner of Semifinal 1 vs. Winner of Semifinal 2

With a sly smirk, Heyman leans into the microphone once more, adding a final thrilling announcement to the mix. "And to kick off this incredible tournament, the first matchup for the World Heavyweight Championship begins RIGHT NOW!" he exclaims, eyes twinkling with excitement. “Brace yourselves for the RETURN OF… EDGE!".

The atmosphere becomes electrifying as "Never Gonna Stop Me" blares through the speakers, marking Edge's triumphant comeback from injury. A rush of adrenaline surges through Edge as he emerges from backstage, his eyes scanning the sea of cheering fans. The overwhelming support and energy from the crowd fuel him, making this moment even more exhilarating. Unable to contain his excitement, Edge dashes back and forth across the stage, high-fiving fans and basking in the electric atmosphere. Each step he takes towards the ring is met with resounding cheers, a testament to his enduring popularity and the fans' unwavering loyalty. Finally, with a determined look in his eyes, Edge slides into the ring, ready to compete in this crucial first-round matchup of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. The crowd's chants of "Welcome back" echo throughout the arena, filling Edge with gratitude and motivation. Standing tall in the ring, Edge takes a moment to soak in the overwhelming reaction from the fans.

As the final chords of Edge's entrance theme fade away, the arena is filled with a rhythmic drumbeat that reverberates throughout the venue. The familiar opening notes of "Can You Dig It?" by Jim Johnston start to play, instantly igniting the crowd's excitement. The audience erupts into cheers as Booker T appears from backstage, bathed in the spotlight's glow. Dressed in his classic black and white ring gear, Booker T exudes confidence and charisma, each step he takes down the entrance ramp perfectly timed to the infectious drumbeat of his entrance theme. The crowd sings along to the catchy chorus of "Can You Dig It?" as Booker T makes his way towards the ring, soaking in the electric atmosphere. His iconic hand gesture, signaling the number five for his five-time WCW Championship reigns, elicits cheers and applause from the fans. Booker T pauses at the bottom of the ring steps, taking a moment to interact with the fans, who are eagerly awaiting his arrival in the squared circle. He throws up his arms in triumph, embracing the adulation from the WWE fans. With a final nod to the crowd, Booker T climbs the ring steps and enters the ring, locking eyes with Edge. The tension between the two competitors is palpable as they stand face to face, ready for this first round WWE Championship tournament match to begin.


Edge and Booker T lock up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, jockeying for position. Booker T uses his strength to push Edge into the ropes, but Edge counters with a quick arm drag, sending Booker T sprawling to the mat. Both competitors quickly get back to their feet, and Edge goes for a clothesline, but Booker T ducks and counters with a spinning heel kick that catches Edge off guard. Booker T capitalizes on the momentum and delivers a series of sharp kicks to Edge's midsection, backing him into the corner. Booker T unleashes a flurry of punches and chops, keeping Edge trapped in the corner. The referee begins a five-count, and Booker T breaks away just in time, raising his hands innocently. Edge uses the momentary distraction to regain his composure. Edge fights his way out of the corner with a knee strike to Booker T's abdomen, followed by a snapmare takedown. Edge then applies a chin lock, trying to wear down Booker T and control the pace of the match. Booker T manages to fight his way back to his feet and breaks free from Edge's grip with a jawbreaker. Seizing the opportunity, Booker T hits a powerful spinebuster, planting Edge into the mat. Booker T goes for the cover, but Edge kicks out at two. Not wasting any time, Booker T lifts Edge to his feet and delivers a scoop slam, followed by a knee drop to Edge's chest. Booker T goes for another cover, but once again, Edge manages to kick out at the last second.

Booker T maintains control, targeting Edge's legs with a series of leg drops and knee drops. Booker T locks in a single leg Boston crab, applying pressure to Edge's lower back and legs. Edge grits his teeth, showing resilience as he struggles to reach the ropes. After a tense moment, Edge manages to grab hold of the bottom rope, forcing Booker T to break the submission hold. Edge rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, but Booker T follows him to the outside. Booker T attempts to whip Edge into the ring steps, but Edge reverses it, sending Booker T crashing into the steel steps instead. Seizing the momentum, Edge climbs onto the ring apron and delivers a flying clothesline, taking down Booker T on the outside. Both competitors are down as the referee begins the count.

Edge is the first to stir, rolling Booker T back into the ring. Edge climbs to the top rope, preparing for his signature diving crossbody. He launches himself off the top rope, but Booker T rolls out of the way just in time, causing Edge to crash and burn. Booker T capitalizes on Edge's missed opportunity and hits a scissors kick out of nowhere! Booker T covers Edge, but somehow, Edge manages to kick out at the last possible moment, keeping the match alive. Both competitors are exhausted, giving it their all in this grueling match. Booker T signals for the end, setting up for the Book End. He lifts Edge into position, but Edge counters with an edgecution. Edge slowly gets to his feet aided by the ropes. He follows up with a spear out of nowhere! The impact sends Booker T crashing to the mat. Edge hooks Booker T's leg, and the referee counts: 1, 2, 3!


The bell rings, signaling Edge's hard-fought victory over Booker T in this thrilling first-round match of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Both competitors lie in the ring, exhausted but respected by the fans here in Michigan for putting on a memorable performance. Edge celebrates his victory, moving one step closer to championship glory. The brackets update:

Edge vs. Winner of Bradshaw/RVD

Winner of Kane/The Undertaker vs. Winner of John Cena/Shawn Michaels


The camera cuts backstage to a dimly lit area, where a brand-new, gleaming spinning United States Championship belt is displayed prominently on a pedestal. The intricate design catches the light, making the gold and silver details shimmer, signifying the prestige of the title. As the camera focuses on the championship belt, the sound of footsteps approaches, and the charismatic John Cena steps into frame. Dressed in his trademark word life gear and a chain draped around his neck, Cena looks focused and ready for his first-round match against the legendary Shawn Michaels.

Just as Cena admires the spinning US title, The Heartbreak Kid steps into the frame, his gaze locked onto Cena, exuding confidence and intensity.

HBK breaks the silence, "You know, Cena, I've been keeping my eyes on you from afar, back when I was tearing it up on Raw. I've got to say, I'm impressed with what you've accomplished." He pauses, letting the words sink in before continuing, "But let's get one thing straight, Cena. My ultimate destiny is to become WWE Champion, and tonight, that means I have to beat you."

Cena smirks, clearly amused by HBK's words. "Shawn, I've idolized you for a long time, man," Cena admits, "But let's not forget, I'm already a United States Champion. And after I win this tournament, I plan on becoming WWE Champion." Cena takes a step closer, going face to face with Michaels, "And that means pinning your shoulders to the mat, 1...2...3!"

With that declaration, Cena takes the spinning US title and twirls it skillfully in front of Michaels, showcasing his confidence and determination. After a tense moment of staring each other down, Cena nods and leaves the frame, leaving Michaels to contemplate the challenge that lies ahead.

Commercial Break

As the tension from the backstage segment between Cena and Michaels lingers in the air, the arena suddenly plunges into darkness. The ominous organ music of Kane's entrance begins to play, sending chills down the spines of everyone in attendance.

Kane makes his way to the ring, his menacing presence casting a shadow over the arena. Across the ring, Maven awaits his opponent, visibly nervous but determined to give it his all.

Kane vs. Maven

The bell rings, and Kane immediately takes control, unleashing a vicious assault on Maven. With a series of powerful strikes and punishing slams, Kane dominates the match from the outset. Maven tries to mount a comeback with a flurry of quick strikes, but Kane shrugs them off effortlessly. With a thunderous big boot, Kane sends Maven crashing to the mat, signaling the beginning of the end. Kane stalks Maven, signaling for the Chokeslam. With eerie precision, Kane lifts Maven high into the air and drives him down to the mat with a devastating Chokeslam. The impact echoes throughout the arena as Kane goes for the cover: 1, 2, 3!


After securing a decisive victory, Kane's dark demeanor intensifies. He exits the ring and heads to the ringside area, retrieving a table from underneath the ring. With methodical precision, Kane sets up the table in the center of the ring, sending a chilling message to his adversaries. Kane lifts Maven once again, positioning him for another Chokeslam. With a roar, Kane drives Maven through the table, leaving destruction in his wake. Breathing heavily, Kane grabs a microphone, his voice echoing ominously throughout the arena. "Undertaker, next week," Kane begins, "I will get my revenge. I will send you straight to hell, and then I will become WWE Champion." However, before Kane can continue, the titantron flickers to life, interrupting his message. A haunting video plays, showcasing highlights from WrestleMania XX where The Undertaker defeated Kane. The footage is displayed in black and white, adding to the eerie atmosphere. The video concludes with The Undertaker's chilling words echoing throughout the arena, "Kane, next week, you will Rest in Peace!"

Commercial Break

The arena darkens as the ominous sounds of "Wreck" echo through the speakers, signaling the arrival of the Man Beast, Rhyno. The crowd responds with a mix of boos and jeers as Rhyno emerges from backstage, his menacing demeanor on full display. With a determined stride, Rhyno marches down the entrance ramp, his gaze fixed on the ring with a predatory intensity.

Meanwhile, anticipation mounts as the familiar chords of "Lie, Cheat, Steal" fill the arena, heralding the arrival of the beloved WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero. The crowd erupts into thunderous cheers as Guerrero emerges from behind the curtain, his charismatic smile lighting up the arena. Dressed in his iconic ring attire, Guerrero slaps hands with fans along the aisle, soaking in the adulation from the WWE Universe.

Non-Title Match
Eddie Guerrero Vs. Rhyno

The bell rings, and the match is underway. Rhyno wastes no time, charging at Guerrero with a ferocious intensity. The Man Beast unleashes a barrage of powerful strikes and clubbing blows, aiming to overwhelm Guerrero early on. However, Guerrero uses his speed and agility to evade Rhyno's attacks, ducking and weaving around the ring. Guerrero manages to gain the upper hand with a series of quick strikes, stunning Rhyno and forcing him to retreat to the corner. The crowd rallies behind Guerrero as he takes control of the match, showcasing his technical prowess with crisp armdrags and precise strikes.

Rhyno regains his composure and mounts a comeback, unleashing his brute strength with devastating suplexes and powerhouse maneuvers. The Man Beast targets Guerrero's midsection, wearing him down with relentless assaults in the corner. Despite Rhyno's onslaught, Guerrero refuses to stay down, displaying his resilience and fighting spirit. With a well-timed counter, Guerrero creates an opening and begins to build momentum, unleashing a flurry of high-flying moves that send Rhyno reeling.

As the match enters its final minutes, both competitors dig deep, exchanging hard-hitting strikes and near falls. The intensity in the arena reaches a fever pitch as Guerrero and Rhyno trade momentum, each refusing to back down. In a pivotal moment, Guerrero counters a charging Rhyno with a lightning-fast tilt-a-whirl headscissors, sending Rhyno crashing to the mat. Seizing the opportunity, Guerrero ascends the turnbuckle and delivers his trademark Frog Splash with pinpoint accuracy.

The crowd erupts as Guerrero hooks Rhyno's leg for the cover: 1...2...3!

Eddie Guerrero

The WWE Champion celebrates his hard-fought victory, raising his arms in triumph as the crowd showers him with applause.

Camera turns to Goldbergs locker room as UP NEXT he will make his way to the ring.

Commercial Break

The atmosphere in the arena is electric with anticipation as Goldberg's intense theme music fills the air. The crowd's energy is palpable, a mix of cheers and jeers echoing throughout the venue as the powerhouse makes his way to the ring, his eyes focused and a determined look etched on his face. Goldberg grabs a microphone, taking a moment to absorb the crowd's reaction before speaking.

"Last time I was in this ring," he begins, his voice firm and resonating with emotion, "Stone Cold Steve Austin hit me with a stunner at WrestleMania XX. I'm out here tonight because I want answers."

The crowd listens intently, intrigued by Goldberg's words, sensing the genuine frustration and desire for resolution in his voice.
However, instead of Stone Cold Steve Austin's familiar theme music hitting, the arena is filled with the unexpected strains of "Here Comes The Money," signaling the arrival of Vince McMahon's son, Shane McMahon. McMahon does his shimmy on the entrance stage as the crowd cheers cause of the surprise of Shane. He enters the ring, standing toe-to-toe with Goldberg, the tension between them palpable.

Shane McMahon, with a confident smirk, raises the microphone to his lips, basking in the cheers and excitement from the crowd. "Well, well, well, Goldberg," he begins, his voice carrying the trademark McMahon charisma. "First of all, let me just say, it's an honor to be here tonight in this electrifying arena, its nice to be back in WWE!"

The crowd erupts into cheers, feeding off Shane's energy as he continues. "Now, regarding your little trip down memory lane, Goldberg, I have to admit, that was quite the moment at WrestleMania XX, wasn't it? Stone Cold delivering that stunner... classic! Trust me i've been there."

"But let's talk about the present, shall we?" Shane's tone shifts, becoming more serious. "As you can see, I'm here because there have been some... changes in management lately. Due to my father's absence, it's fallen upon me to take the reins, to ensure that SmackDown continues to be the premier brand in sports entertainment! Going forward everything goes through Shane O Mac. Paul Heyman answers to me."

Shane continues to speak, addressing Goldberg's concerns and frustrations. "Now Goldberg, I understand why you're upset," McMahon admits, "Stone Cold embarrassed you at WrestleMania, and I can see how that would leave you feeling disrespected."

Shane McMahon's expression turns serious as he addresses Goldberg directly. "Goldberg, I understand the frustration you must feel after what happened at WrestleMania XX. Stone Cold Steve Austin's actions, his blatant disrespect towards you, it's something that should not be taken lightly."

Shane continues, his voice unwavering. "You see, Goldberg, Stone Cold has a long history of crossing paths with the McMahons, and let's just say, it hasn't always been pleasant. But now, with me in charge, I can assure you that the McMahons have your back."

The mention of the McMahons supporting Goldberg earns rabid boos from the audience, who are skeptical of Shane's intentions.

"Now, Goldberg, if you're looking to settle the score with Stone Cold Steve Austin, I'm not here to stand in your way," Shane declares, his tone becoming more animated. "In fact, I see it as an opportunity. If you can take out Austin, if you can make him pay for his disrespect, then who knows what kind of opportunities may open up for you in the future? Perhaps a shot at the WWE Championship? Or maybe even a lucrative payday?"

Goldberg's gaze pierces through Shane McMahon, his voice resonating with determination. "So, you want me to take care of Stone Cold huh? Well, here's what I want.....Shane O. I want Stone Cold Steve Austin on SmackDown, face to face, next week. No games, no BULLSHIT, no excuses."

The crowd erupts into cheers for a potential face to face

Shane nods, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "I'll make it happen, Stone Cold will be here next week, and you'll have your chance to get the answers you're looking for."

Goldberg's expression hardens as he extends his hand towards Shane. "And I hope you're a man of your word Shane. After I dismantle Austin, I want a WWE Title shot." he growls, the promise of vengeance burning brightly in his eyes.

Shane accepts Goldberg's handshake firmly, the sound echoing through the arena as a symbol of their agreement.

As Goldberg's intense theme music reverberates throughout the arena, signaling his departure, McMahon extends his hand towards Goldberg, a sly smirk still present on his face. Seeing an opportunity to solidify their agreement, Goldberg hesitates for a moment before firmly grasping McMahon's outstretched hand, sealing their deal with a handshake.

Commercial Break

The atmosphere in the arena is electric as Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak make their way to the ring, their eyes focused and determined. The duo known for their athleticism and high-flying maneuvers receive a mixed reaction from the audience, with some cheers and some boos echoing throughout the venue.

As Cade and Jindrak pose on the turnbuckles, showcasing their confidence, the unmistakable sounds of "Oh, Testify!" hit, and the legendary Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray and D-Von, make their way to the ring. The crowd erupts with cheers, excited to see the veterans in action.

Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs. The Dudley Boyz

The bell rings, and Bubba Ray Dudley starts off strong, taking control early with powerful strikes and a scoop slam on Jindrak. The Dudley Boyz showcase their tag team expertise, executing quick tags and double-team maneuvers to keep Jindrak isolated. Jindrak manages to counter a Dudley Boyz double-team attempt, dodging a clothesline from Bubba Ray and tagging in Cade. Garrison Cade enters the match with a burst of energy, delivering a series of clotheslines and dropkicks, gaining momentum for his team.

The match sees back-and-forth action, with both teams exchanging near falls. D-Von Dudley manages to hit a spinebuster on Jindrak, followed by a neckbreaker, setting up for the Dudley's trademark "Wassup" headbutt. Just as D-Von prepares to execute the headbutt, Jindrak rolls out of the way, creating an opening for Cade to re-enter the match. Cade and Jindrak capitalize on the momentum shift, executing a double team move on D-Von. As the match reaches its climax, chaos ensues with all four competitors in the ring. Bubba Ray and Jindrak brawl on the outside, while Cade and D-Von continue the action inside. In a surprising turn of events, Cade manages to roll up D-Von, grabbing a handful of tights for extra leverage. The referee counts, 1-2-3!

Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade

The camera cuts backstage to a dimly lit corridor, with Rey Mysterio walking purposefully, his mask reflecting determination. Suddenly, he spots Chavo Guerrero up ahead. Both superstars lock eyes, the tension palpable, and they stand face to face, ready for confrontation.
Just as they are about to exchange words or perhaps blows, there's a sudden movement from the side. Chavo Guerrero Sr., wearing a malicious grin, attacks Rey from behind with a steel chair! Rey staggers forward, caught off guard by the ambush. The Chavo duo takes full advantage of the situation, relentlessly assaulting Rey with a series of punches, kicks, and chair shots. The sounds of the brawl echo through the corridor as staff members and other wrestlers rush to break up the fight. Rey, battered but defiant, struggles to his feet, his eyes locked on the Guerreros with burning intensity, promising retribution.

Commercial Break

The arena lights focus on the ring as Paul London's energetic entrance music hits. He bursts through the curtain, high-fiving fans on his way to the ring, his enthusiasm infectious. Next, Nunzio's music starts, eliciting a mixed reaction from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring, displaying a confident strut.

Paul London vs. Nunzio

The match starts with both competitors circling each other, sizing up their opponent. The pace quickens as London and Nunzio exchange fast-paced maneuvers, showcasing their agility and technical prowess. London gains the upper hand with a series of high-flying moves, including a breathtaking springboard crossbody. Nunzio fights back, attempting to ground London with mat-based wrestling and submission holds. However, London's resilience and high-flying arsenal prove too much for Nunzio. After an intense sequence of near falls, London connects with his signature 450 Splash, pinning Nunzio for the three-count.

Paul London

Post-match, London celebrates his hard-fought victory, climbing the turnbuckle to salute the cheering crowd, while Nunzio looks on, frustrated and disappointed.

Commercial Break

The arena dims as the opening chords of "Sexy Boy" echo throughout the venue. A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp, revealing Shawn Michaels standing with his head down, wearing his iconic heart-covered ring gear. The crowd erupts with cheers as Michaels lifts his head, striking a signature pose with his hands on his hips.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 225 pounds, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels!

Michaels starts his iconic strut down the ramp, pausing to point and wink at fans, soaking in the adulation. He climbs the ring steps and stands on the apron, pausing once more to strike a pose for the fans. He then enters the ring, climbing the turnbuckle to pose for the cheering crowd.

The arena goes dark, and the sound of a record scratch fills the air. The crowd erupts into a mix of cheers and boos as "Basic Thuganomics" hits, signaling the arrival of John Cena. A spotlight scans the audience, finally landing on Cena, draped in his throwback jersey and visor/cap.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is the United States Champion....John Cena!

Cena walks confidently down the ramp, interacting with fans, shaking hands, and even sharing a few words with some of the younger members in the front row. He removes his visor and jersey, tossing them to the side before sliding into the ring.

Once inside, Cena climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms in the air, acknowledging the crowd's mixed reaction. He then hops down, pacing back and forth, eyes locked on Shawn Michaels, ready for battle.

First Round WWE Championship Tournament
John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels

The bell rings, and both men circle each other, locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. They jostle for position, neither gaining an advantage. Cena uses his strength to push Michaels into the ropes, but Michaels counters with a quick arm drag, taking Cena down. They get back to their feet, and Cena tries to ground Michaels with a headlock, but Michaels escapes and hits a hip toss. Michaels follows up with a series of arm drags and a dropkick, sending Cena to the corner. Michaels charges, but Cena dodges, causing Michaels to crash into the turnbuckle. Cena capitalizes with a flurry of punches and kicks, wearing Michaels down. He lifts Michaels for a suplex and covers for a two-count.
Cena stays on the attack, targeting Michaels' midsection with knees and stomps. Michaels fights back with chops and forearms, but Cena counters with a back body drop, sending Michaels crashing to the mat. Cena climbs the ropes, looking for a flying leg drop, but Michaels rolls out of the way just in time. Both men struggle to their feet, exchanging blows in the center of the ring. Michaels gains momentum with a flying forearm smash, followed by a kip-up. He tunes up the band, signaling for Sweet Chin Music. Cena dodges, and Michaels misses, stumbling into the ropes. Cena seizes the moment, hitting the Protoplex and going for the cover.

1... 2... Michaels kicks out!

Cena shows frustration but stays focused. He lifts Michaels for the F-U, but Michaels counters with a DDT. Both men are down, exhausted from the battle. They slowly get to their feet, trading punches and kicks, each man refusing to back down. Michaels connects with Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere! He covers Cena.

1... 2... Cena kicks out!

The crowd erupts, shocked by Cena's resilience. Michaels is stunned but stays determined. He tries for another Sweet Chin Music, but Cena ducks and counters with the F-U!

Cena hooks the leg for the cover.

1... 2... 3!

John Cena

The arena is buzzing with energy as John Cena's hand is raised in victory, the crowd acknowledging his hard-fought win against Shawn Michaels. Cena catches his breath, a mix of exhaustion and triumph evident on his face. He extends his hand towards Michaels, a sign of respect for the legendary competitor who pushed him to his limits. Michaels, showing sportsmanship, accepts Cena's handshake, a nod of acknowledgement passing between them. The crowd cheers, appreciating the display of mutual respect between two titans of the ring. Michaels even raises Cena's hand, symbolizing his recognition of Cena's victory. But just as the moment seems to be one of genuine camaraderie, something changes. A glint of something sinister flashes in Shawn Michaels' eyes. In a shocking turn of events, Michaels suddenly delivers a devastating low blow to Cena, catching him completely off guard.

The crowd erupts in shocked disbelief as Cena crumples to the mat, clutching his groin in agony. Michaels stands over him, a twisted smirk on his face, reveling in the chaos he's caused. The cheers have turned to jeers as the audience reacts to Michaels' betrayal. Michaels stands over Cena, a sinister smirk playing on his lips as he revels in the chaos he's caused. Ignoring the protests of the referee and the pleas of the fans, Michaels grabs Cena by the hair and tosses him out of the ring and drags him towards the ring post. With a savage determination, Michaels slams Cena's head into the unforgiving metal not once, but twice, each impact ringing out through the arena. Blood begins to trickle down Cena's forehead, staining his face as the assault continues. Michaels shows no mercy, fueled by a dark energy that seems to consume him. Finally, with Cena barely conscious, Michaels nails Cena with right hand after right hand about a dozen times. Michaels proceeds to wipe Cena’s blood on his own chest. HBK rolls Cena into the ring. The crowd's boos reach a deafening crescendo as Michaels tunes up the band, signaling for the sweet chin music heard round the world.

With a swift kick, Michaels connects with Sweet Chin Music, the impact echoing through the arena as Cena crumples to the mat, defeated and broken. But Michaels isn't finished yet. As the boos rain down upon him like a torrential storm, he stands over Cena's prone body, a look of defiance on his face. With a defiant gesture, Michaels raises his middle finger to the shocked and outraged crowd, a clear declaration of his newfound allegiance to darkness. The arena falls into stunned silence as Michaels exits the ring, his sinister laughter echoing in the air. The image of Shawn Michaels, once a beloved hero, now a scorned villain, lingers in the minds of the audience long after the show comes to an end. And as the lights fade to black, the audience in Grand Rapids and all over the world are left to ponder the chilling question: What has become of The Heartbreak Kid?






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** Backlash 2004 **
April 11th, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta

** Confirmed Card **

World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Triple H

Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Lita



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Monday March 29, 2004
U.S Bank Arena
Cincinnati, OH

Episode #566

The opening of Raw bursts onto the screen with an electrifying replay video package, capturing the explosive confrontation that unfolded between The Rock and Randy Orton on last week's episode. The footage showcases the intense verbal sparring between the two as tensions reached a boiling point inside the ring. The Rock's trademark charisma and Orton's ruthless determination clash in a battle of words that set the stage for the ultimate match, Title versus Career ... .or so we thought.

As the video package continues, the scene transitions to the chaotic events that transpired in the parking lot after Raw went off the air. The Rock, unaware of the impending danger, is ambushed by Randy Orton, Batista, and Ric Flair of Evolution. The vicious assault unfolds in brutal detail, with Orton delivering a devastating kick to The Rock's head, sending shockwaves of pain reverberating through the arena. Transitioning to breaking news, the Rock unable to compete at Backlash, news articles and headlines are shown picking this up. The tension reaches a fever pitch as the video fades to black, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats with the chilling image of Evolution standing triumphantly over The Rock's prone body.

The arena lights dim as the crowd buzzes with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Randy Orton. The sounds of "Burn in My Light" by Mercy Drive echo throughout the arena as the titantron flashes images of Orton's most dominant moments. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as the Legend Killer makes his entrance.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Intercontinental Champion, the Legend Killer... Randy Orton!

As Orton steps through the curtain, his trademark pose sends a surge of electricity through the audience. He strides confidently down the ramp, the Intercontinental Championship gleaming over his shoulder. The arena is tense as Randy Orton stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, a smug smirk on his face. The crowd's reaction is all heat for Orton as the crowd and fans around the world are still reeling from the assault on The Rock last week.

"I told you all last week that the Legend Killer era has officially begun," Orton declares, his voice dripping with arrogance. "And Mick Foley and The Rock were just the first casualties. Mick, you should have known better than to stand in my way. And Rock, you were just unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Orton's tone is smug as he boasts about his conquests, relishing in the chaos he's caused. "It's a shame you won't be able to face me one-on-one at Backlash, Rock," he continues, a wicked gleam in his eye. "Because I would have embarrassed your ass in front of the entire world. But hey, since my schedule is free on April 11th, maybe I'll just book myself a nice little vacation instead."

Before Orton can revel in his own arrogance any further, the unmistakable voice of Eric Bischoff booms throughout the arena, cutting him off mid-sentence. "Hold on there, Randy," Bischoff interjects, stepping out onto the stage with a determined look in his eye. "You might want to hold off on booking any vacations just yet. Because you, my friend, will still be competing at Backlash."

The crowd buzzes with anticipation as Bischoff delivers his bombshell announcement. "And not only that," he adds, a sly grin creeping across his face. "There's one man who's itching for his revenge against you, Randy. One man who's been cleared to compete..." Before Bischoff can finish his sentence, Mick Foley's iconic theme music hits, sending shockwaves of excitement throughout the arena.

With a barbed wire bat in hand and a look of pure determination on his face, Foley charges down the ramp, his eyes locked on Orton with a fiery intensity. Orton's expression morphs from confidence to shock as Foley storms the ring, ready to unleash his fury on the Legend Killer. But Orton is quick to react, dodging Foley's swing and sliding out of the ring, leaving Foley seething with rage. As Foley stands tall in the ring, his gaze never leaving Orton's retreating form, he delivers a chilling promise to his adversary. "I can't wait to exact pain and suffering on you, Randy," Foley growls, his voice dripping with menace. "At Backlash, it's going to be you and me in a Hardcore Match for the Intercontinental Championship." Bischoff nods in approval from the stage, confirming the match to the delight of the crowd. The stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions, as Foley and Orton prepare to settle their score once and for all.

Commercial Break

As the screen fades back from the commercial break, the backstage area comes into focus, bustling with activity as superstars and crew members prepare for the next segment of Monday Night Raw. Camera pans to Eric Bischoff, who is seen pacing back and forth while engaged in a heated phone conversation. His expression shifts from intense concentration to a satisfied grin as he nods along to the voice on the other end.

"Absolutely, I think Foley versus Orton is a fantastic addition to Backlash," Bischoff affirms into the phone, his excitement evident in his voice. "It's going to be a match the WWE audience won't soon forget. And we’ve got the contract signing tonight for the massive World Heavyweight Championship match between Chris Benoit and Triple H. Raw is the A show and I'm proving that tonight."

Just as Bischoff finishes his conversation, he turns a corner and comes face to face with Batista and Ric Flair of Evolution, who are standing ominously in the hallway. Flair's trademark smirk is replaced with a scowl as he addresses Bischoff. "You've got a lot of nerve making that hardcore match between Foley and Orton, Bischoff," he growls, his voice dripping with disdain.

Batista steps forward, his imposing presence looming over Bischoff. "Orton already beat Foley at WrestleMania," he interjects, his voice tinged with arrogance. "He has nothing left to prove."

Bischoff, undeterred by their intimidation tactics, meets their gaze with a steely resolve. "If Orton beat Foley once, then it shouldn't be an issue for him to do it again, should it?" he retorts, his tone firm. "The match is official, and nothing you two say will change that."

But Bischoff isn't done yet. With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, he drops another bombshell on Evolution. "Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention," he adds with a smirk. "At Backlash, you two will be defending the World Tag Team Championships in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. Your opponents will be decided tonight, with the winners of two sets of tag team matches facing you for the titles."

With a satisfied smirk, Eric Bischoff nods dismissively at Batista and Flair before turning on his heel and striding away confidently down the hallway. The camera follows his brisk pace as he navigates through the bustling backstage area, his presence commanding respect from those he passes. As he disappears around a corner, the camera lingers for a moment on Batista and Flair, their expressions darkening with frustration at Bischoff's defiance.

And with that, the first of the #1 contender's matches starts now. The arena crackles with anticipation as the lights dim, signaling the arrival of the Basham Brothers. Doug and Danny Basham emerge from behind the curtain, clad in black leather attire and exuding an aura of confidence and determination. They stride purposefully down the ramp, their eyes fixed on the ring, as the crowd reacts with a mix of cheers and boos, acknowledging the formidable reputation of the seasoned tag team veterans.

Following a brief pause, the arena erupts into cheers as the World's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, make their entrance. The crowd roars in approval as Benjamin and Haas, adorned with their championship belts, emerge onto the stage with focused determination. With synchronized precision, they make their way down the ramp, their faces set in expressions of unwavering focus, it is said by the announce team that winners of this match and a match later tonight will be entered into a triple threat match for the World Tag Team Championships

#1 Contender’s Match for Backlash Triple Threat Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championships
The Basham Brothers vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team

The referee signals for the bell, officially starting the match as Shelton Benjamin and Doug Basham step into the ring to represent their respective teams. The two lock up in the center, each jockeying for position in a test of strength and skill. Benjamin gains the early advantage with a swift arm drag takedown, showcasing his speed and agility. Quick to recover, Doug tags in his brother Danny, who enters the ring with a fierce intensity. Haas eagerly accepts the challenge and tags in, and the two engage in a back-and-forth exchange of strikes and holds, each attempting to gain the upper hand. Danny gains the advantage with a well-executed knee strike, staggering Haas momentarily before following up with a series of punishing blows.

The Basham Brothers capitalize on their momentum, isolating Haas in their corner of the ring and cutting off any hope of escape. With precision teamwork, they unleash a relentless assault on the resilient champion, wearing him down with a combination of strikes and double-team maneuvers. Throughout the match, Shaniqua's presence at ringside looms large, barking orders and offering encouragement to the Basham Brothers. Her intimidating demeanor serves to further unnerve WGTT, adding an extra layer of complexity to the already intense showdown.

Despite the onslaught, Haas refuses to stay down, summoning his inner reserves of strength and resilience. With a burst of adrenaline, he manages to create an opening, countering a double clothesline attempt with a lightning-fast double DDT that leaves both Basham Brothers reeling on the mat.
With the crowd rallying behind him, Haas desperately crawls towards his corner, inching closer and closer to Benjamin. The arena erupts into cheers as Haas finally makes the tag, and Benjamin explodes into the ring like a human cannonball, unleashing a whirlwind of athleticism and power. Benjamin decimates the Basham Brothers with a dazzling array of high-impact maneuvers and bone-jarring suplexes, leaving them gasping for breath. With flawless precision, he executes his patented T-Bone suplex on Doug Basham, sending shockwaves through the ring.

As the crowd roars in approval, Haas ascends to the top rope, his eyes locked on Danny Basham below. With a fearless leap, he launches himself into the air, connecting with a breathtaking diving crossbody that sends Danny crashing to the mat. With the Basham Brothers incapacitated, WGTT seizes the moment, executing their signature double-team finisher, the Leap of Faith. Benjamin hoists Doug onto his shoulders, while Haas ascends the turnbuckle, poised to deliver the finishing blow. With perfect timing, Haas hurtles through the air, connecting with a devastating diving clothesline that drives Doug into the canvas with bone-crushing force. The referee counts the pinfall, and the arena explodes into pandemonium as WGTT is declared the victor.

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

As the dust settles in the ring after the exhilarating match, the camera cuts to the Evolution locker room where Batista and Ric Flair are lounging on plush chairs, their attention fixed on the TV screen broadcasting the just-concluded match. With smirks on their faces, they watch as the World's Greatest Tag Team secures yet another victory, their laughter filling the room.

Commercial Break

Coming back from break the screen transitions seamlessly into a captivating video package, showcasing the electrifying journey of AJ Styles from the independent circuit to the pinnacle of sports entertainment. Viewers are treated to glimpses of Styles' awe-inspiring athleticism, his heart-stopping maneuvers, and his meteoric rise to stardom, accompanied by a narrated exposition detailing his unparalleled talent and indomitable spirit. As the video package draws to a close, the camera cuts to the backstage hallway, where Christian and Trish Stratus are engaged in playful banter, their eyes fixed on the screen displaying AJ Styles' impressive feats.

"Look at this guy, thinking he's some kind of hotshot," Christian remarks with a smirk, mocking Styles' exuberance on the screen. "Trying to embarrass me last week? Not gonna happen."

Trish chuckles, nodding in agreement. "He's got talent, I'll give him that. But he's no match for the future World Champion right here."

Christian's confidence brims over as he turns to face the camera directly. "AJ Styles, if you think you have what it takes to hang with the best, then prove it. You may have taken me by surprise last week but if wrestling one on one is what you want then it’s on. One-on-one, Captain Charisma versus AJ Styles at Backlash. Let's see if you're as good as you think you are."

"But first," Christian adds, his voice dripping with anticipation, "I'm gonna be ringside tonight to watch my beautiful girl Trish Stratus do what she does best – dominate in the ring. Torrie Wilson won't know what hit her."

With that, Christian and Trish share a knowing glance before heading off.

The atmosphere in the arena crackles with anticipation as the lights dim and the ominous sounds of "Crank It Up" fill the air. The colossal figure of Big Show emerges from behind the curtain, his massive frame casting a shadow over the entrance ramp. With each thunderous step, the ground seems to shake beneath him as he makes his way towards the ring, his gaze fixed on his opponent.

On the opposite side of the ring, Orlando Jordan awaits, his expression a mix of determination and apprehension. He knows the monumental challenge that lies ahead as he braces himself for the impending showdown.


As the bell rings, signaling the start of the match, Orlando Jordan wastes no time, charging at Big Show with a burst of speed. But his efforts are futile as Big Show effortlessly swats him away like a mere nuisance, sending Jordan crashing to the mat. With the match barely underway, Big Show asserts his dominance with a series of bone-rattling chops and powerful punches, each blow echoing throughout the arena. Jordan struggles to find his footing, overwhelmed by the sheer size and strength of his opponent. Big Show toys with Jordan, effortlessly tossing him around the ring like a ragdoll. With a thunderous scoop slam, he sends Jordan crashing to the canvas, the impact reverberating through the ring. Despite Jordan's valiant attempts to fight back, Big Show remains unfazed, shrugging off his feeble offense with ease. With a menacing grin, Big Show hoists Jordan onto his massive shoulders, ready to deliver the finishing blow. With a deafening roar from the crowd, Big Show executes his devastating finisher, the Chokeslam, sending Jordan plummeting to the mat with bone-crushing force. The impact is enough to shake the ring as the referee counts the pinfall.

The Big Show

With the match decisively won, Big Show stands tall in the center of the ring, his victory undeniable. But as he revels in his triumph, the arena suddenly rumbles with the arrival of another imposing figure – A-Train. A-Train wastes no time, storming down the ramp to confront Big Show face to face. The tension between the two giants is palpable as they lock eyes, each exuding an aura of intimidation and power. Without uttering a word, A-Train steps into the ring, signaling his readiness for battle. Sensing an opportunity to make a statement of his own, A-Train directs his attention to the fallen Orlando Jordan, a menacing smirk playing across his lips.

With ruthless efficiency, A-Train unleashes a relentless assault on Jordan, mirroring Big Show's earlier domination. With thunderous stomps and punishing strikes, A-Train leaves Jordan battered and broken after hitting the Baldo Bomb (a sitout powerbomb variation), his resistance futile. But A-Train is not content with just a victory. With a sinister gleam in his eye, he signals to Big Show, silently challenging him to up the ante. And Big Show, never one to back down from a challenge, accepts. With the crowd on the edge of their seats, Big Show ascends to the top rope, hoisting the defenseless Jordan high into the air. With a deafening roar, he unleashes his devastating chokeslam from the top rope, sending shockwaves through the arena as Jordan crashes to the mat below. The crowd erupts into a mix of awe and disbelief as Big Show and A-Train stand side by side, their dominance unquestioned. As they exit the ring, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, the message is clear – no one is safe in the path of these behemoths.

Commercial Break

The arena dims, plunging into darkness as anticipation mounts among the audience. Suddenly, the unmistakable sound of heavy metal fills the air, signaling the arrival of former WWE Champion, The stage erupts in a flurry of pyrotechnics as Brock Lesnar's imposing silhouette emerges from behind the curtain, his presence casting a formidable shadow over the entrance ramp. With each thunderous step, the ground seems to tremble beneath Lesnar's feet as he strides purposefully towards the ring, his eyes ablaze with determination. The crowd erupts into a cacophony of cheers and jeers, a testament to the polarizing nature of the dominant force known as Brock Lesnar. Clad in his trademark black attire, Lesnar exudes an aura of unmatched intensity as he ascends the steel steps and enters the ring, his gaze fixed on his opponent with unwavering focus. The air crackles with anticipation as Lesnar raises the microphone to his lips, his deep voice resonating throughout the arena.

"Last week, I did what I had to do," Lesnar begins, his words dripping with confidence. "I attacked Kurt Angle because I needed to make a statement."
As Lesnar stands in the center of the ring, his gaze sweeps across the electrified arena, taking in the sea of faces before him. The intensity in his eyes burns bright, a reflection of the fire that rages within him. With a determined nod, he prepares to address the crowd, ready to make his intentions known.

"Kurt Angle thinks he's the best," Lesnar continues, his voice booming through the arena with unwavering conviction. "But that's not true. Kurt Angle is a liar. Time and time again in 2003, I proved that I am superior. And now that we're here on Raw, there can only be one top guy. And let me make it clear, I am that guy. All I'm missing is the prestigious World Heavyweight title and my time will come. I just haven’t had a chance yet to take it from Benoit. But I will….I will just like that" Lesnar laughs and snaps his fingers. Before Lesnar can continue, the arena erupts once more as Kurt Angle's theme music blares over the speakers, signaling the arrival of the Olympic gold medalist himself. Angle charges down the entrance ramp with a fiery determination, his eyes locked on Lesnar like a predator eyeing its prey. Without hesitation, he lunges at Lesnar, igniting a brawl that engulfs the ring in chaos. WWE referees and officials swarm the chaos, scrambling to pry apart the two raging titans as they unleash a flurry of blows with reckless abandon. The atmosphere crackles with tension as the crowd's excitement reaches a fever pitch.

In a sudden burst of aggression, Angle seizes the opportunity, grabbing hold of Lesnar and executing a massive belly-to-belly suplex that sends Lesnar crashing to the unforgiving floor outside the ring. Undeterred, Angle presses the attack, attempting to deliver his signature Angle Slam amidst the chaos. But Lesnar proves to be a force to be reckoned with, shoving Angle off with brute strength. With a primal roar, Lesnar charges forward, his momentum propelling him into a devastating spear that drives Angle through the barricade with bone-crushing impact. The crowd erupts into a frenzy of "Holy Shit" chants as debris flies and bodies collide, the sheer intensity of the moment leaving everyone in awe. The arena reverberates with the thunderous crash as Angle and Lesnar lay amidst the wreckage, their rivalry escalating to unprecedented heights.

Commercial Break

As the commercial break comes to an end, the anticipation in the arena is palpable, with the audience eagerly awaiting the continuation of the explosive confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

The arena lights flash back on, and the cameras pan to the ring where Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff stands with a microphone in hand. The crowd's excitement mounts as they await Bischoff's announcement, their anticipation hanging in the air like a charged thunderstorm.
"Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen," Bischoff begins, his voice cutting through the din of the crowd. "What a chaotic scene we witnessed just moments ago between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle."

The audience erupts into cheers and applause, still reeling from the intense brawl they witnessed before the break. Bischoff's expression turns serious as he continues, his tone commanding attention.

"In light of what transpired, and all the history between these two men, I've made a decision," Bischoff declares, his words met with rapt attention from the entire WWE fans. "At Backlash, Brock Lesnar will go one-on-one with Kurt Angle, renewing their rivalry but this time will be in a SUBMISSION match to determine who truly deserves to be the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship."

As Eric Bischoff's announcement echoes throughout the arena, signaling the monumental clash between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle at Backlash, the atmosphere crackles with anticipation. But before the fans can fully digest the implications of this blockbuster match, the arena erupts in heat as the familiar strains of Trish Stratus' entrance theme fill the air.

The crowd's attention shifts to the entrance ramp, where the stunning Trish Stratus emerges, exuding confidence and poise with every step she takes. By her side, the ever-charismatic Christian walks with a swagger, his presence adding an extra layer of intrigue to the proceedings. As Trish ascends the steel steps and enters the ring, the arena pulses with excitement, the anticipation building for the upcoming match. Christian takes his place by her side at ringside, offering words of encouragement as Trish prepares to do battle.

Suddenly, the arena plunges into darkness, eliciting a collective gasp from the crowd. A hush falls over the audience as the anticipation mounts, building to a crescendo as the first notes of Torrie Wilson's entrance theme echo throughout the arena. A spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp, revealing the captivating silhouette of Torrie Wilson as she makes her way to the ring. With each graceful step, she exudes a confidence and allure that captivates the audience's attention. Dressed in ring gear that accentuates her athletic physique, Torrie exudes an aura of both beauty and strength as she confidently strides towards the ring. Her presence commands attention, and the crowd responds with cheers and applause, acknowledging her status as one of the most beloved and respected competitors in WWE. As Torrie enters the ring, the energy in the arena reaches a fever pitch. The anticipation for the match between Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the clash between these two iconic figures in women's wrestling.

Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus

The tension in the arena is palpable as Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson step into the ring, their eyes locked in a fierce stare-down. The bell rings, signaling the start of the match, and both women cautiously approach each other, eager to gain the upper hand. They engage in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, with Trish managing to back Torrie into the corner. Torrie quickly reverses the position, however, and forces Trish against the turnbuckles. Adhering to the referee's call for a clean break, Torrie releases the hold, and they back away, circling each other once more. Torrie surprises Trish with a lightning-quick arm drag, taking her down to the mat. Trish scrambles to her feet, visibly frustrated by Torrie's agility. She tries to regain control with a dropkick, but Torrie anticipates the move and sidesteps, causing Trish to crash into the mat.

As Torrie locks in a tight headlock, applying pressure to Trish's neck, Trish desperately tries to find an escape from Torrie's relentless hold. She manages to counter with a headscissors takedown, flipping Torrie onto her back. Seizing the opportunity, Trish mounts some offense with a series of mounted punches. She whips Torrie into the corner and charges after her, delivering a stiff clothesline that rattles Torrie's jaw. However, Torrie fights back, surprising Trish with a monkey flip out of the corner, momentarily stunning her.

Torrie then takes the fight outside the ring, diving through the ropes with a crossbody onto Trish, sending both women crashing to the ringside floor. As Torrie gains momentum and rolls Trish back into the ring, Christian tries to intervene, reaching out to grab Torrie's leg from the outside, preventing her from entering the ring. His interference momentarily distracts Torrie, allowing Trish to recover and hit a dropkick. Christian cheers on Trish but as this happens, AJ Styles hops over the barricade and storms to ringside, taking down Christian with a flurry of strikes. With Christian neutralized and Trish screaming at Styles, Torrie seizes the opportunity, rolling up Trish from behind for the surprise victory.

Torrie Wilson

As Torrie Wilson revels in her hard-earned victory, the arena pulsates with energy, the crowd erupting into cheers as she celebrates in the ring alongside her unexpected ally, AJ Styles. Meanwhile, Christian and Trish, thwarted in their attempts to derail Torrie's victory, hastily retreat up the ramp, their frustration evident as they regroup and plot their next move.

The scene transitions seamlessly to a backstage area, where Victoria, the reigning Women's Champion, stands before the camera for a pre-taped segment. Dressed in her signature attire, Victoria exudes confidence and determination as she addresses the upcoming challenge that awaits her at Backlash.

"In just a few short weeks, I'll be stepping into the ring to defend my Women's Championship against none other than Lita," Victoria begins, her voice unwavering as she speaks. "Lita is a fierce competitor, and I have nothing but respect for her. But let's be clear—I'm not afraid, and I'm certainly not backing down from this challenge."

Victoria takes a moment to collect her thoughts before continuing, her gaze steady and unwavering as she delves deeper into her mindset heading into the highly anticipated showdown with Lita.

"You see, defending the Women's Championship isn't just about holding onto a title—it's about proving yourself against the best of the best," Victoria asserts, her voice tinged with passion. "And make no mistake, Lita is one of the best. But so am I."

She pauses, a small smirk playing at the corners of her lips as she reflects on her journey to this moment. "I've clawed my way to the top of the women's division, facing every challenge head-on and emerging victorious time and time again," Victoria continues, her confidence radiating with each word.
"But this isn't just about me," she adds, her tone taking on a more serious note. "This is about every woman who has stepped foot in that ring and fought for respect, for recognition, for the chance to prove that we belong here just as much as the men do."

Victoria's words resonate with a sense of empowerment, echoing the sentiments of women everywhere who refuse to be underestimated or overlooked. "So, Lita, if you think you're going to walk into Backlash and take this title from me without a fight, you've got another thing coming," Victoria declares, her determination shining through.

"As far as I'm concerned, this championship belongs to me, and I'll be damned if I let anyone take it away," Victoria concludes, her gaze piercing through the camera with unwavering intensity. "At Backlash, I'll prove once and for all why I am the rightful Women's Champion."

With her message delivered loud and clear, Victoria exits the frame.

JR and the King say we will hear from Lita later tonight.

Commercial Break

#1 Contender’s Match for Backlash Triple Threat Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championships
The Hardy Boyz vs. La Resistance

The Hardys start strong, using their high-flying agility to keep La Resistance on the defensive. Jeff leaps off the top rope with a breathtaking somersault onto both members of La Resistance on the outside, sending them crashing to the floor. Meanwhile, Matt takes control in the ring, delivering a series of precision strikes and suplexes. La Resistance begins to turn the tide with some underhanded tactics, utilizing quick tags and double-team maneuvers to isolate Jeff in their corner. They target Jeff's leg, weakening his ability to utilize his aerial offense. René Duprée locks in a punishing leg submission, wrenching Jeff's knee as the crowd rallies behind the Hardys. Just when it seems like all hope is lost for the Hardys, Jeff summons his resilience and fights his way out of La Resistance's corner. With the crowd firmly behind him, Jeff manages to tag in Matt, who explodes into the ring with a flurry of offense. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Sylvain Grenier, followed by a picture-perfect moonsault for a near fall.

As the match reaches its climax, chaos erupts with both teams delivering their signature moves. Jeff ascends the turnbuckle for the Whisper in the Wind, but René Duprée counters with a well-timed boot to the face. Matt rushes into even the odds, but Sylvain Grenier intercepts him with a devastating spinebuster. La Resistance seized the opportunity and set up for their finisher, the Au Revoir. In a last-ditch effort, Jeff manages to break free from René Duprée's grip and shoves him into Sylvain Grenier, causing them to collide. Matt capitalizes on the confusion, hoisting Sylvain onto his shoulders for the Twist of Fate. With the crowd on their feet, Jeff ascends the ropes and connects with the breathtaking Swanton Bomb, pinning Sylvain Grenier for the three count.

The Hardy Boyz

As The Hardy Boyz celebrate their victory in the ring, their triumph is short-lived as they are suddenly interrupted by the entrance of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, collectively known as The World's Greatest Tag Team. The two teams engage in a tense staredown, the tension between them palpable as they exchange heated words.

Before the situation can escalate further, Batista and Ric Flair, the World Tag Team Champions, strike with ruthless efficiency. In a calculated sneak attack, Evolution overwhelms Benjamin and Haas, leaving them battered and vulnerable on the stage. Seeing their fellow competitors in peril, The Hardy Boyz spring into action, rushing to the aid of Benjamin and Haas. The arena erupts into chaos as The Hardy Boyz trade blows with the members of Evolution, refusing to back down in the face of adversity. In the midst of the chaos, a miscommunication occurs between Benjamin and Matt Hardy, resulting in Benjamin accidentally kicking Matt in the face while attempting to strike Batista. Seizing the opportunity, Batista delivers a thunderous spear to Benjamin, laying him out on the stage. Jeff Hardy lands a beautiful leaping crossbody off the barricade knocking down Batista and Flair. Hardy lifts his partner Matt up and both hit Haas with a DOUBLE TWIST OF FATE!!! Matt and Jeff pose with the World Tag Team Championships as their theme song plays as the crowd cheers. Is this foreshadowing for Backlash in 2 weeks?

Chris Benoit is shown walking down a hallway as a graphic shows UP NEXT meaning its Contract signing time.

Commercial Break

Back from break and we see Lita in a pre taped segment similar to Women’s Champion Victoria, earlier in the evening.

"Victoria, let me make one thing crystal clear - I have the utmost respect for you. You've carved your path to the top with sheer determination and unwavering strength, and that demands respect. But respect only goes so far in this ring. You see, Victoria, holding that Women's Championship isn't just about proving yourself against the best. It's about being willing to face any opponent, to push yourself beyond your limits, and to fight tooth and nail to secure your reign. And at Backlash, I'm stepping into that ring not just as another challenger, but as a force to be reckoned with.

I've watched you dominate the women's division, Victoria. I've seen you overcome every obstacle thrown your way, and I commend you for it. But understand this - your reign ends with me. I've been on this journey too, fighting for respect, for recognition, for the chance to prove that I belong right here, in the spotlight, just as much as anyone else.

At Backlash, I'm not just fighting for myself. I'm fighting for every woman who has ever stepped foot in that ring and dared to dream big. I'm fighting to show the world that we are more than just eye candy or side attractions - we are warriors, we are champions, and we deserve every ounce of respect that comes with it. So, Victoria, prepare yourself. At Backlash, there will be no room for doubt, no room for hesitation. I'm coming for that title, and I won't stop until it's securely around my waist. Your reign ends, and mine begins. And when all is said and done, the world will know why I am the true Women's Champion." The video fades to black.

As the anticipation reaches its zenith in the arena, the lights suddenly dim, and the crowd hushes in anticipation. The titantron flickers to life, and the authoritative voice of Eric Bischoff resonates throughout the arena.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Bischoff's voice booms, "Welcome to a historic moment in WWE history. Tonight, we have the privilege of witnessing the contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Backlash between Chris Benoit and Triple H."

The crowd erupts into cheers as Bischoff stands in the center of the ring, a table set up before him with contracts awaiting signatures. The tension in the air is palpable as both Benoit and Triple H stand on opposite sides of the ring, their eyes locked in a fierce stare-down.

"Without further ado," Bischoff continues, "Let's get down to business. First, allow me to introduce the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit!"

The arena erupts into thunderous applause as Benoit steps forward, the championship belt glinting under the arena lights. With a determined expression, Benoit makes his way to the table, ready to put pen to paper and defend his title.

"And now," Bischoff announces, "Allow me to introduce the challenger, The Game, Triple H!"

The crowd's reaction is mixed as Triple H strides confidently to the table, his trademark smirk never leaving his face. He meets Benoit's gaze with a look of unwavering confidence, fully prepared to reclaim the championship he feels is rightfully his.

With both competitors now at the table, Bischoff begins to outline the terms of the contract, his voice authoritative and commanding. As he speaks, the intensity in the arena only grows, each word carrying the weight of the impending showdown at Backlash.

As Eric Bischoff oversees the contract signing, Chris Benoit leans forward, his gaze locked on Triple H with intensity burning in his eyes. The crowd is chanting “You Tapped Out” directly at Triple H as Triple H is seething.

Benoit: "You hear that Hunter?"

Triple H's smirk falters slightly as he glares back at Benoit.

Triple H: "Oh, I hear it, Benoit. A bunch of morons that couldn’t lace my boots. But mark my words, that will never happen again.

More "You Tapped Out" chants erupt, interrupting Triple H

Every great champion has one bad night, one off night. But As far as I'm concerned you got lucky at Wrestlemania. This time it's just me and you one on one. And mark my words, I’ll take that championship from you and bring it home to Evolution where it belongs."

Benoit: "Luck, luck, luck had nothing to do with it. You tapped out right here in this ring, and in 2 weeks at Backlash you'll tap out again but this time in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA."

Triple H's expression darkens as he leans forward, his voice dripping with venom.

Triple H: “Let's not forget who I am, Benoit. I'm the Cerebral Assassin, the Game, the man who built this industry. You may have had your moment in the sun at Wrestlemania, but make no mistake, I am still the one who pulls the strings around here. I am the leader of Evolution. I am THE FACE of Monday Night Raw. And at Backlash I will reclaim what's mine, the World Heavyweight Championship."

Triple H signs on the dotted line

Benoit: "You better ask yourself Hunter, how is it going to feel to know that no matter what you do, you'll always be remembered as the man who tapped out to Chris Benoit ... .TWICE?"

The tension in the air reaches its breaking point as Triple H's rage boils over, his face contorted with fury as he rises from his seat. Benoit remains stoic, calmly signing the contract before defiantly raising the World Heavyweight Championship right in Triple H's face. The glare between the two rivals is intense, neither willing to back down. Suddenly, Triple H's demeanor shifts, his frustration reaching its peak as he storms toward Benoit, his eyes blazing with fury. With a swift motion, Triple H grabs the table and hurls it at Benoit, sending the champion crashing to the mat in a thunderous collision. The crowd erupts in shock and disbelief as Triple H unleashes a relentless assault, raining down right hands upon Benoit, determined to dismantle the champion. But Benoit refuses to stay down, fighting back with every ounce of strength he possesses. With a fierce determination, Benoit delivers hard knife-edge chops to Triple H's chest, each blow echoing throughout the arena. The champion's resilience is on full display as he unleashes a series of punishing German suplexes, driving Triple H into the mat with brutal force. As Benoit looks to lock in his signature Crossface submission hold, Triple H desperately grabs the ropes, narrowly escaping the clutches of the champion. With a glare of defiance, Triple H retreats from the ring, his anger still burning brightly as he stares back at Benoit from a safe distance. As Raw fades to black, Benoit stands tall in the ring, the World Heavyweight Championship held high above his head, a symbol of his unwavering resolve and determination. The stage is set for their epic showdown at Backlash, where Benoit and Triple H will finally settle their score once and for all.


** Backlash 2004 **

April 11th, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta

** Confirmed Card **

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Triple H

Intercontinental Championship
Hardcore Rules Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Mick Foley

Submission Match
#1 Contender's Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle

Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Lita

World Tag Team Championships
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Batista & Ric Flair (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. World's Greatest Tag Team

Christian vs. AJ Styles

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Sep 14, 2022
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Some thoughts on Raw:

Orton feels like a big deal here and while the switch up to Foley was on the cards after Rocky was taken out last week I'm intrigued to see how different you make the match given how great the original one was. I hope we also see Orton vs Rock at some point because that's a dream 1on1 match that we never got to see.

Definitely the two right choices to go through to the tag title match and interested to see if you keep Batista and Flair together as a team long term or let the big man do some singles stuff while in Evolution.

This to me felt like a pretty promo heavy show but luckily they were good stuff with Lesnar and Angle + Benoit and Triple H being built up strongly. The 2004 roster got really wrecked with the likes of Lesnar leaving and Angle being inured and while they feuded a lot in 03 I don't think anyone is saying no to another match with the pair. Good to show Benoit looking strong in the main event segment as a big problem when he was champ was him playing second fiddle to Triple H so good he gets the upperhand here.

Obviously AJ Styles coming in is exciting but I hope you get the most out of Christian - I think around 04/05 is when he could've been one of the top heels in the company. Also I'll praise you for the effort being put into the women's division with competitive matches and proper storylines. The WWE really lacked this at the time.

Overall this is just really solid stuff building to a PPV with a great looking card - keep it up!


Jan 26, 2023
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Thank you so much Mach for your thoughts and feedback! And thanks for the votes in the BTBOTM for last month, even to be nominated means a-lot.

Thursday April 1, 2004
Columbus, Ohio

Episode #242

The arena is charged with anticipation as the familiar strains of Shawn Michaels' entrance music hit, signaling the arrival of the Heartbreak Kid. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as HBK struts down the ramp, his trademark smirk firmly in place. Ignoring the hostility, he flips off the fans just as he did at the end of last week's show, stoking their ire even further. As HBK steps into the ring, the boos reach a deafening crescendo, drowning out any attempt at speech. Undeterred, HBK raises a hand for silence, but the crowd shows no signs of relenting. He tries several times to speak, frustration evident on his face, but his words are lost amidst the sea of jeers.

Finally, the noise dies down just enough for HBK to be heard. With a venomous edge to his voice, he launches into an explanation for his actions last week, his disdain for John Cena palpable. "I don't have an ounce of respect for you, Cena," he declares, his gaze piercing through the hostility of the audience. "You're nothing but an embarrassment to this company, especially as its champion." HBK's tone turns chillingly remorseless as he recounts the brutal attack on Cena from the previous week. "I had an epiphany, Cena," he sneers, relishing in the discomfort of his words. "While I was beating you down, while I was grinding your face into that steel post, I realized something. I realized that I 'got off' on it, Cena. I enjoyed every moment of your pain." The crowd's reaction is a mixture of shock and disgust as HBK's confession hangs heavy in the air. But HBK shows no remorse, instead doubling down on his vicious rhetoric. "You may have won the battle, Cena," he taunts, his voice dripping with malice, "but let me make one thing clear: you won't win the war. I guarantee it."

As the boos continue to cascade down upon him, Shawn Michaels stands defiantly in the center of the ring, his gaze scanning the arena with a mixture of contempt and confidence. With a smirk playing on his lips, he raises the microphone to his lips, his voice cutting through the hostility of the audience.

"You see, Cena," HBK begins, his tone dripping with disdain, "I don't just plan on stopping you from winning the WWE Championship tournament. I won't allow it. You can count on that." His words resonate throughout the arena, each syllable laced with unwavering determination.

But HBK isn't finished yet. With a predatory gleam in his eye he speaks,"And as for that US Championship of yours," he continues, his voice dripping with malice, "let's just say I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection." HBK does the you can’t see me pose in front of the camera and ends with a middle finger.

F**k You Michaels chants are directed at the Heartbreak Kid and they slowly subside as the electrifying sound of John Cena's entrance music fills the arena. The crowd erupts into a frenzy of cheers and jeers as Cena bursts onto the stage, his trademark chain swinging around his neck and a determined look etched on his face. Cena strides down the ramp with purpose, his eyes locked on HBK in the ring. As he steps through the ropes, he snatches the microphone from the ring announcer, wasting no time in addressing his adversary.

"You know, HBK," Cena begins, his voice a mix of defiance and frustration, "I shouldn't have been surprised that you resorted to a cheap shot last week. But let me make one thing clear..."

The crowd hangs on Cena's every word as he continues, his tone growing more intense with each passing moment. "I would love nothing more than to beat your ASS…...AGAIN like I did last week" he declares, the anticipation in the air palpable. The audience explodes into a deafening roar of approval, showing their unwavering support for their champion.

Cena's words strike a nerve with HBK, whose smirk falters for just a moment before he regains his composure. But before HBK can respond, Cena raises a hand, cutting him off. "But you know what, HBK?" Cena continues, a smirk of his own spreading across his face. "I've had an epiphany of my own……"

Before Cena finishes his sentence, Cena launches himself at HBK, tackling him to the mat in a blur of motion. The two men brawl ferociously, trading blows as they spill out of the ring and into the ringside area. WWE officials and security rush to intervene, desperately trying to separate the two raging competitors.

Despite their best efforts, HBK manages to slip in a cheap shot, delivering a lightning-fast Sweet Chin Music to Cena that sends him crashing to the ground. As Cena lies sprawled on the floor, HBK stands tall, a triumphant smirk on his face, before making his exit, leaving behind a stunned crowd and a shaken John Cena.

As the chaos in the arena begins to settle following the explosive altercation between Shawn Michaels and John Cena, the camera cuts backstage to the office of Shane McMahon, who stands with a stern expression, a phone pressed against his ear. Paul Heyman, the general manager of the show, stands nearby, a look of concern etched on his face as he listens intently to Shane's words.

"Listen, Paul," Shane says, his voice firm but measured, "I need you to make sure everything is in order for tonight's face-to-face between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg. This is a huge moment for smackdown, and we can't afford any hiccups."

Heyman nods, understanding the gravity of the situation. "Don't worry, Shane," he assures, "I'll make sure everything runs smoothly."
Just then, a member of the production crew rushes into the room, a look of urgency on his face. "Shane, I just got word that Stone Cold Steve Austin has arrived at the building," he announces breathlessly.

Shane's eyes light up with anticipation at the news. "Perfect timing," he says with a grin. With that, Shane and Heyman make their way out of the office, their focus squarely on the monumental showdown that is about to take place in the ring.

Commercial Break

The arena is shrouded in darkness, the air thick with anticipation as the ominous sound of heavy metal reverberates throughout. Suddenly, a harsh spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp, revealing the imposing figure of Bradshaw. His presence alone commands attention, sending a chill down the spines of those in attendance.

With each step he takes, the crowd's reaction is a cacophony of boos and jeers, a testament to Bradshaw's status as one of the most despised figures in WWE. He relishes in the hatred, feeding off the negative energy as he makes his way to the ring.

As he reaches the apron, Bradshaw pauses for a moment, a sinister smirk playing on his lips as he surveys the audience with disdain. Without a hint of remorse, he steps through the ropes and into the ring, his presence casting a shadow over his opponent and anyone foolish enough to stand in his way.

The arena erupts into a frenzy of cheers as the iconic opening chords of Rob Van Dam's entrance music fill the air. The Whole F'n Show emerges from behind the curtain, his arms raised high in the air as he basks in the adoration of the crowd. RVD confidently makes his way down the ramp, his athletic prowess evident in every step. He high-fives fans along the way, his trademark grin never leaving his face as he prepares to face off against Bradshaw in this high-stakes WWE Championship Tournament Quarterfinals match.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Tournament Quarterfinals
Bradshaw vs. RVD

As the bell rings, signaling the start of the match, both Bradshaw and Rob Van Dam step forward, their eyes locked in a fierce stare-down. The anticipation in the arena is palpable as the crowd eagerly awaits the clash between these two titans of the ring. Bradshaw, the Texas native with a reputation for raw power, exudes confidence as he flexes his muscles, while RVD, the high-flying daredevil, adopts a relaxed stance, a confident smirk playing on his lips. With the tension mounting, the two competitors circle each other cautiously, each waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Bradshaw takes the initiative, lunging forward with a thunderous clothesline attempt aimed at RVD's head, but the agile high-flyer ducks under it with lightning-fast reflexes, narrowly avoiding the devastating blow. Undeterred, Bradshaw presses the attack, launching a series of heavy-handed punches at RVD, each strike landing with bone-jarring force. RVD, known for his agility and speed, employs a defensive strategy, using his quick footwork to evade Bradshaw's powerful strikes. He responds with a rapid succession of kicks aimed at Bradshaw's legs and midsection, each strike delivered with precision and speed. The crowd roars with approval as RVD's kicks find their mark, wearing down Bradshaw's defenses and keeping him on the defensive.

RVD's agility and speed become evident as he evades Bradshaw's initial onslaught. With lightning-fast reflexes, he ducks under Bradshaw's lumbering clothesline attempt and counters with a rapid succession of kicks aimed at Bradshaw's legs and midsection. Each strike finds its mark, wearing down the Texan's defenses and keeping him on the defensive. RVD's kicks are a flurry of precision and speed, delivering a combination of roundhouse kicks, spin kicks, and heel kicks that showcase his mastery of martial arts. Bradshaw, however, is no stranger to adversity. Despite RVD's flurry of strikes, he refuses to back down, his resilience and toughness shining through. With a determined grunt, he absorbs RVD's kicks, gritting his teeth against the pain. Sensing an opportunity, Bradshaw retaliates with brute force, catching RVD with a sudden elbow strike to the jaw that momentarily staggers the high-flyer. The impact of Bradshaw's blow reverberates through the arena, eliciting gasps from the crowd as they witness the intensity of the clash between these two formidable competitors.

RVD's aerial assault continues as he takes to the ropes, using them as launching pads for his breathtaking maneuvers. With agility reminiscent of a cat, he springboards off the middle rope, soaring through the air with grace and precision. His body becomes a blur of motion as he twists and turns, executing a dazzling spinning wheel kick that connects flush with Bradshaw's chest. The impact of the kick sends shockwaves through Bradshaw's frame, staggering him back into the corner. As Bradshaw struggles to regain his bearings, RVD seizes the opportunity to press his advantage. With lightning speed, he charges forward and delivers a spectacular monkey flip, leveraging his body weight to send Bradshaw crashing to the mat with incredible force. The crowd erupts into cheers as they witness RVD's athleticism on full display, marveling at his ability to defy gravity and control the pace of the match. With each high-flying maneuver, RVD solidifies his reputation as one of the most electrifying superstars in WWE history, leaving the audience in awe of his breathtaking aerial assaults. Despite RVD's impressive offense, Bradshaw refuses to stay down. With sheer determination, he rises to his feet, his eyes burning with intensity as he locks onto his opponent. Sensing an opportunity to shift the momentum in his favor, Bradshaw charges forward with relentless aggression. He grabs RVD by the arm and whips him into the ropes with bone-crushing force, sending the high-flyer hurtling across the ring. RVD rebounds off the ropes, but before he can react, Bradshaw unleashes a thunderous big boot, catching him square in the chest and driving him to the canvas.

The impact of Bradshaw's devastating maneuver reverberates throughout the arena, eliciting gasps from the crowd as they witness the sheer power behind his strikes. RVD writhes in agony on the mat, clutching his chest in pain as Bradshaw towers over him, his expression a mask of ruthless determination. With the momentum now firmly in his favor, Bradshaw seizes the opportunity to capitalize on his opponent's vulnerability, pressing his advantage with unrelenting ferocity. The crowd watches in suspense as Bradshaw prepares to unleash his next devastating assault, his eyes locked on RVD as he seeks to secure victory in this hard-fought battle.

As the match reaches its climax, both competitors are visibly fatigued from the grueling battle. With the crowd on the edge of their seats, Bradshaw summons his last reserves of strength, determined to finish the match on his terms. With a primal roar, he charges forward with a sudden burst of energy, catching RVD off guard with his relentless aggression. The Texan powerhouse grabs RVD by the arm and whips him into the ropes with bone-crushing force, setting him up for his signature maneuver. RVD rebounds off the ropes, his body moving on pure instinct as he hurtles towards Bradshaw. But before he can react, Bradshaw unleashes a thunderous Clothesline From Hell, his arm a blur of motion as it connects with devastating impact. The force of the clothesline sends RVD spinning through the air, his body crashing to the canvas in a heap. The arena erupts into cheers and applause as Bradshaw hooks RVD's leg for the pinfall, the referee sliding into position to make the count. With each second feeling like an eternity, the crowd holds its breath in anticipation, their eyes fixed on the referee's hand as it descends towards the mat, signaling the end of the match and Bradshaw's hard-fought victory.



As the referee signals for the bell, signifying the end of the match and Bradshaw's hard-fought victory, the atmosphere in the arena shifts from excitement to tension. Bradshaw, his chest heaving with exertion, rises to his feet with a triumphant roar, basking in the adulation of the crowd. But as he stands tall in the center of the ring, a sinister gleam enters his eyes, foreshadowing the violence about to unfold.

Without warning, Bradshaw launches a vicious assault on Rob Van Dam, his fists raining down with unbridled ferocity. RVD, still reeling from the effects of the match, is caught off guard by Bradshaw's sudden onslaught, unable to mount a defense against the onslaught of blows. The crowd's cheers turn to horrified gasps as Bradshaw's ruthless attack continues, each strike driving RVD further into the canvas. Amidst the chaos, Bradshaw's voice cuts through the air like a thunderclap, his words dripping with arrogance and contempt. "I am the future WWE Champion!" he declares, his voice echoing throughout the arena. With each proclamation, he delivers another punishing blow to RVD, his determination to assert his dominance evident for all to see.

But just when it seems that RVD is on the brink of defeat, a sudden interruption shatters the silence of the arena. The unmistakable sound of Booker T's entrance music fills the air, prompting a roar of approval from the crowd. With a look of righteous fury etched on his face, Booker T charges down to the ring, his eyes locked on Bradshaw with unwavering determination. As Bradshaw turns to face his new adversary, Booker T unleashes a flurry of strikes, his fists a blur of motion as he rains down blows on the unsuspecting Texan. The crowd erupts into cheers as Booker T mounts a fierce counterattack, driving Bradshaw back with each powerful strike. Sensing defeat, Bradshaw staggers backwards, his arrogance giving way to desperation as he realizes he may have underestimated his opponent. In a last-ditch effort to salvage his pride, Bradshaw attempts to mount a defense, but Booker T's assault proves too much to bear. With a final, decisive blow, Booker T sends Bradshaw reeling, his body collapsing to the mat in a heap. The crowd erupts into cheers as Booker T stands tall in the center of the ring, his victory secured and his rival vanquished. As Bradshaw slinks away, nursing his wounds, Booker T checks up on his former tag team partner RVD.

Commercial Break

The arena is alive with anticipation as the next match approaches. The rhythmic beat of Latin music fills the air, signaling the entrance of Rey Mysterio. The crowd erupts into cheers as the masked marvel bursts onto the stage, his colorful attire and iconic mask shining under the bright lights.

Rey basks in the adoration of the crowd, throwing his arms wide and soaking in the energy of his fans. With lightning-fast agility, he leaps onto the ropes, posing for the cheering audience before gracefully sliding into the ring, ready for action.

As Rey awaits his opponent, the atmosphere in the arena shifts, growing tense as a darker, more ominous presence fills the air. Suddenly, the mood darkens as Chavo Guerrero's theme music hits. Chavo Classic emerges from behind the curtain, his masked face hiding any trace of emotion as he strides purposefully down the ramp. The crowd's cheers turn to boos as they recognize him as a villainous force in the ring, his sinister aura casting a shadow over the arena.

Chavo Classic enters the ring, his eyes fixed on Rey Mysterio with a steely gaze. Rey meets his opponent's stare with unwavering determination, ready to defend his honor against this formidable adversary.

Chavo Sr. vs. Rey Mysterio

The atmosphere is electric as Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Rey Mysterio step into the ring for what promises to be a high-octane encounter. Both men circle each other cautiously, their eyes locked in a fierce stare-down. The tension in the arena is palpable as the crowd eagerly anticipates the action about to unfold. Chavo Sr., wearing a mask eerily reminiscent of Rey's iconic luchador mask, smirks confidently as he taunts his opponent, mocking Rey's signature style. Rey, undeterred by Chavo Sr.'s mind games, adopts a defensive stance, his agile frame poised for action. With lightning speed, Rey launches himself at Chavo Sr., executing a lightning-fast series of arm drags and hip tosses that leave his opponent reeling. Chavo Sr. struggles to keep pace with Rey's rapid-fire offense, his frustration evident as he finds himself on the defensive. The crowd roars with approval as Rey gains the upper hand, his mastery of lucha libre on full display as he dominates the early stages of the match.

As the match progresses, Chavo Sr. begins to turn the tide in his favor, using his experience and ring savvy to outmaneuver Rey. With a well-timed counter, Chavo Sr. catches Rey off guard, delivering a thunderous clothesline that sends the masked luchador crashing to the canvas. Seizing the opportunity, Chavo Sr. mounted a relentless assault, targeting Rey's limbs with precision strikes and punishing submission holds. Rey fights valiantly to regain control, his resilience shining through as he refuses to stay down. With the crowd rallying behind him, Rey unleashes a flurry of high-flying maneuvers, dazzling Chavo Sr. with his aerial prowess. But just when it seems that Rey is on the brink of victory, Chavo Sr. pulls off a shocking reversal, trapping Rey in a submission hold that threatens to sap his strength. With the match hanging in the balance, Rey digs deep, summoning every ounce of his fighting spirit to break free from Chavo Sr.'s clutches and turn the tide once more.

With both competitors visibly fatigued from the grueling battle, the tension in the arena reaches its peak. Chavo Sr., sensing victory within his grasp, grabs the turnbuckle pad and unties it and throws it out of the ring. Chavo Sr. sets Rey up for his signature move, looking to put an end to the match once and for all. As he hoists Rey onto his shoulders, the crowd holds its breath, anticipating the devastating impact of the Gory Bomb. As Chavo Sr. readies himself for the decisive maneuver, Rey Mysterio springs into action with lightning speed, executing a perfectly timed hurricanrana that sends Chavo Sr. hurtling towards the middle ropes. With precision timing, Rey whips his opponent into the ropes, capitalizing on the opening created by his high-flying maneuver. As the crowd erupts with excitement, Rey takes a moment to bask in their adulation, his adrenaline pumping as he prepares to deliver the finishing blow. The referee takes time to restore the turnbuckle pad to the turnbuckle itself . Seizing the opportunity, a masked figure appears on the apron, swiftly switching places with Chavo Sr. who rolls out of the ring unnoticed. With the referee's attention diverted, Rey remains unaware of the switch as he prepares to execute his signature move, the 619. As Rey launches himself towards the ropes, aiming for the 619, the masked imposter swiftly dodges the attack, leaving Rey vulnerable. In a shocking turn of events, the imposter seizes the moment and rolls up Rey, hooking the tights for added leverage as the referee is made aware and counts the pinfall.


Chavo Guerrero Sr

The arena erupts into a chorus of boos as the imposter is declared the winner, his true identity revealed to be none other than Chavo Guerrero Jr. As Chavo Sr. joins his son at the top of the ramp, the Guerrero family stands united, their victory tainted by deception and betrayal. Boos cascade from the audience as Chavo Jr. revels in his underhanded triumph, his smirk reflecting the satisfaction of a plan well executed. Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio remains sprawled on the mat, disbelief etched on his face as he comes to terms with the shocking outcome of the match.

Commercial Break

The arena is electric as Shane McMahon strides purposefully to the ring, a smirk playing on his lips.

Shane McMahon: We are gonna cut right to the chase, without further ado, Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, GOLDBERG!

The crowd erupts as the familiar strains of Goldberg's entrance music hit, signaling the arrival of the legendary powerhouse. Goldberg steps out, his eyes scanning the crowd as he makes his way to the ring, his muscles rippling with anticipation. The crowd's excitement reaches a fever pitch as the tension mounts.

Goldberg stands in the center of the ring, his gaze fixed on Shane McMahon, waiting for the next move.

Shane McMahon: And now, ladies and gentlemen, the man who needs no introduction, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Suddenly, the arena erupts once more as the glass shatters, signaling the arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Texas Rattlesnake stomps down the ramp, his eyes locked on Goldberg, a smirk on his face as he climbs into the ring.

Austin stands face to face with Goldberg, the tension palpable as the two legends stare each other down, the crowd hanging on their every word.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Well, well, well, if it ain't Goldberg. What's the matter, son? You still sore from WrestleMania? You think you can come out here and run your mouth after I stunned your sorry ass?

The crowd erupts with cheers as Austin raises his microphone, a mischievous glint in his eye.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Now I gotta ask these fine folks here tonight, do you wanna see Stone Cold open up a can of whoop ass on Goldberg? Give me a hell yeah!

Crowd chants "HELL YEAH! HELL YEAH!"

Goldberg: You think you're real funny, don't you, Austin? But let me tell you something. You might have caught me offguard at WrestleMania, but you ain't seen nothing yet. I want a match with you, Austin. Anytime, anywhere.

Shane McMahon nods approvingly, a grin spreading across his face as he steps forward, mic in hand.

Shane McMahon: I like the sound of that! How about we make it official? Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at Judgment Day next month!
The crowd roars with excitement as Shane McMahon exits the ring, brushing shoulders with Austin on his way out. Suddenly, Austin springs into action, delivering a thunderous Stone Cold Stunner to Shane McMahon, sending him crashing to the mat. Goldberg seizes the opportunity, spearing Austin out of nowhere, leaving him writhing in pain on the canvas.

Goldberg: Judgment Day, Austin! You're next!

Goldberg stands tall in the ring, his eyes burning with intensity as Austin struggles to his feet, the stage set for an epic showdown at Judgment Day.

Commercial Break

Back from break and we are thrusted right into a breathtaking Video Package highlighting the WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero and his title reign thus far including his win against Brock Lesnar at No Way Out, and his retention against Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania XX. Clips of Guerreros accomplishments in WWE are shown. The package fades and then progresses into a pretape interview of sorts with Guerrero hyping the WWE Championship tournament and asked by Josh Mathews if he prefers a particular opponent. Eddie says he respects all the competitors and just wants to fight the best in WWE and this tournament will prove just that. He says no matter who wins, is just someone in his way to defeat and continue his WWE Championship reign.

The duo of Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak emerges, exuding confidence as they strut down the ramp, their eyes fixed on the ring. They exchange a few words, their game faces on as they prepare for the battle ahead.

The crowd erupts as The Dudley Boyz make their entrance, their trademark swagger on full display. They exchange a few words with the fans, soaking in the adulation before focusing their attention on their opponents.

The arena erupts in cheers as The Superheroes make their entrance, with Hurricane leading the way, striking his superhero pose. Rosey follows closely behind, his imposing presence adding to the excitement in the air.

The three teams stand poised in the ring, each determined to emerge victorious and earn the right to challenge Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty for the tag team titles in two weeks on SmackDown.

TRIPLE THREAT TAG TEAM #1 Contenders Match
Winners face Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty in 2 weeks on Smackdown
Cade & Jindrak vs. Dudley Boyz vs. The Superheroes (Hurricane & Rosey)

The arena crackles with energy as the Triple Threat Tag Team #1 Contenders Match gets underway. The Dudley Boyz, veterans of the tag team division, waste no time asserting their dominance, charging forward with a fierce intensity. D-Von Dudley takes the lead, unleashing a barrage of strikes on Lance Cade, while Bubba Ray Dudley targets Mark Jindrak with thunderous chops that echo throughout the arena. The Dudley Boyz showcase their trademark teamwork, seamlessly tagging in and out as they keep their opponents on the defensive.

But Cade and Jindrak, determined to prove themselves as worthy contenders, refuse to back down. They weather the storm of the Dudley Boyz's offense, their resilience on full display as they absorb the punishing blows. With a sudden burst of speed, Cade ducks under a clothesline from D-Von and springs off the ropes, catching him with a lightning-fast dropkick that sends the Dudley Boy crashing to the canvas. Meanwhile, Jindrak gains the upper hand against Bubba Ray, using his agility to evade Bubba's strikes before delivering a stiff kick to the midsection. As the match progresses, the pace intensifies, with all three teams vying for the opportunity to challenge Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty for the tag team titles. The Hurricane and Rosey, the unlikely duo known for their unorthodox offense, enter the fray with a flurry of high-flying maneuvers. The Hurricane takes to the skies, soaring through the air with graceful precision as he executes a jaw-dropping crossbody onto Cade and Jindrak, sending them crashing to the mat below. Meanwhile, Rosey uses his raw power to overpower his opponents, unleashing a series of devastating strikes that leave his opponents reeling.

But the Dudley Boyz refuse to be overshadowed, rallying back with their signature combination of power and precision. D-Von and Bubba Ray work in tandem, executing a flawless double-team suplex on Jindrak that leaves the arena shaking. The impact reverberates through the ring as Jindrak crashes to the canvas, gasping for air. Sensing an opportunity, the Dudley Boyz go for the pinfall, but Cade intervenes just in time, breaking up the count with a well-timed kick to the back of D-Von's head.

With the match nearing its climax, chaos reigns supreme inside the ring as all three teams trade devastating maneuvers in a frenzied flurry of action. Bodies fly and alliances shift as each team fights tooth and nail for the coveted opportunity to challenge for the tag team titles. The Dudley Boyz rally, unleashing their patented 3D maneuver on The Hurricane, but before they can capitalize, Cade and Jindrak intervene with a thunderous double clothesline that sends both Dudleys crashing to the mat. Seizing the moment, Cade and Jindrak turn their attention to Rosey, executing a flawless double suplex that rattles the ring with its sheer force. As chaos consumes the ring, Cade and Jindrak spot their opening. With impeccable timing, they isolate The Hurricane in the center of the ring, cutting off any chance of escape. With a nod of understanding, Cade hoists The Hurricane onto his shoulders, setting him up for their devastating finishing move, the Elevated Powerbomb. With a mighty heave, Cade launches The Hurricane into the air, while Jindrak stands ready to intercept him on the way down.

The impact of the Elevated Powerbomb rocks the arena as The Hurricane crashes to the canvas, the breath knocked from his lungs. Jindrak quickly hooks the leg for the pinfall, while Cade stands guard, ensuring that no interference can disrupt their victory. The referee's hand hits the mat for the final time, signaling the end of the match and the victory for Cade and Jindrak, who emerge as the new #1 contender’s for the tag team titles.

Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade

As Cade and Jindrak revel in their hard-fought victory, their celebration is abruptly interrupted by the booming entrance music of the reigning tag team champions, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty. The arena erupts into cheers as the dynamic duo make their way down the ramp, their championship belts gleaming in the arena lights.

With a determined look on their faces, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty step into the ring, their presence a clear message to Cade and Jindrak that their victory celebration may be short-lived. The atmosphere crackles with tension as the two teams stand face to face, a palpable sense of anticipation hanging in the air. Without a word, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty lock eyes with Cade and Jindrak, their expressions unreadable as they size up their opponents. The crowd watches in suspense as the tension mounts, waiting for the inevitable confrontation between the reigning champions and the newly crowned #1 contenders.

Commercial Break

As the commercial break draws to a close, anticipation fills the arena as the audience eagerly awaits the next blockbuster match on the card. The lights dim, and a hush falls over the crowd as the unmistakable sound of ominous organ music echoes throughout the arena. The atmosphere becomes charged with tension as the eerie presence of The Undertaker fills the arena, his trademark trench coat billowing behind him as he makes his slow, deliberate entrance.

With each step, The Undertaker commands attention, his piercing gaze fixed on the ring ahead. The crowd erupts into cheers and chants of "Rest in Peace!" as The Deadman takes his rightful place inside the squared circle, ready to do battle with his own flesh and blood, Kane.
Suddenly, the arena is engulfed in a blaze of fire as Kane's entrance ignites the darkness. The towering figure of The Big Red Machine emerges from the flames, his menacing presence sending a chill down the spine of everyone in attendance. With a look of unbridled fury etched on his face, Kane stalks towards the ring with purpose, his fiery gaze locked on his brother, The Undertaker.

As the two behemoths stand face to face in the center of the ring, the tension reaches a fever pitch, the anticipation for their epic showdown palpable.

WWE Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
Kane vs. Undertaker

The bell tolls, signaling the beginning of the long-awaited clash between Kane and The Undertaker. The arena crackles with anticipation as the two titans of WWE history lock eyes, a lifetime of rivalry simmering beneath the surface. With a roar, Kane charges forward, his massive frame barreling towards The Undertaker like a force of nature. But The Deadman is ready, sidestepping Kane's initial onslaught and countering with a lightning-fast kick to the midsection. As Kane doubles over in pain, The Undertaker seizes the opportunity, unleashing a flurry of devastating strikes. Each blow lands with bone-jarring impact, echoing throughout the arena as The Deadman asserts his dominance. But Kane refuses to stay down, his resilience on full display as he absorbs The Undertaker's punishment and fires back with a series of powerful punches of his own. The two giants trade blows in the center of the ring, the sound of their fists colliding reverberating through the arena as the match reaches its fever pitch.

As the match progresses, both Kane and The Undertaker dig deep, summoning reserves of strength and resilience that defy belief. The two behemoths continue to punish each other with a relentless barrage of strikes and holds, each refusing to give an inch in their quest for victory. Kane rises to his feet first and stomps on Undertaker's chest, then follows up with a leg drop. Kane attempts a pin, but Undertaker kicks out at two, much to Kane's frustration. Kane drags Undertaker to his feet and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Undertaker reverses and sends Kane flying with a thunderous Irish whip. Undertaker charges at Kane and connects with a corner clothesline, then follows up with snake eyes into the turnbuckle. Undertaker whips Kane into the opposite corner and charges in for a big boot, but Kane sidesteps at the last moment, causing Undertaker to crash into the turnbuckle. Kane capitalizes on Undertaker's momentary vulnerability, grabbing him by the throat and lifting him high for a chokeslam. Undertaker fights back, driving elbows into Kane's skull until he releases his grip. Undertaker counters with a sudden Last Ride, hoisting Kane up and slamming him down with authority. Undertaker goes for the cover, but Kane kicks out just before the referee's hand hits the mat for the three-count, much to the shock of the audience. Undertaker, undeterred, rises to his feet and signals for the end, his eyes locked on Kane as he prepares to deliver the final blow. With the end in sight, The Undertaker summons the darkness, channeling the spirits of the underworld as he prepares to unleash his deadliest weapon. With a primal roar, he grabs Kane by the throat, his hand engulfed in an otherworldly glow as he lifts his brother high into the air. The arena holds its breath as The Undertaker delivers a thunderous Tombstone Piledriver, driving Kane's skull into the mat with bone-crushing force. The impact echoes throughout the arena as the referee drops to the mat to make the count. 1... 2... 3!


The Undertaker

The bell rings, signaling the end of the match and The Undertaker's hard-fought victory. The crowd erupts into cheers as The Deadman rises to his feet, his victory secured and his legacy as the Phenom of WWE cemented once more. As Kane lies motionless on the mat, The Undertaker raises his arms in triumph, the darkness surrounding him like a shroud as he disappears into the shadows, leaving behind a stunned audience and a defeated opponent. Brackets appear on the screen for next week's semi finals matches;

John Cena vs. The Undertaker

Edge vs. Bradshaw

Smackdown goes off the air.

May 9th, 2004
Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA


WWE Championship
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. TBD (Winner of the WWE Championship Tournament)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Goldberg
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WWE Monday Night RAW - March 22, 2004:

I was quite fond of this period and was watching all of the time. I'm very eager to see what you bring to the table here. Perhaps wisely we see Brock Lesnar and Goldberg hang on, though as someone who prefers some degree of realism I am unsure about Goldberg sticking around, chiefly. I feel like Goldberg despised the WWE at this point in his run, whereas Brock was miserable but wasn't about to go all scorched earth by any means. Perhaps you've got ideas for them.

One thing that I noticed about WWE in 2004 is how much it differed from 2003, in terms of trying hard to bring in new blood to rise through the ranks. That may be a vital overture that will define what this project entails long-term.

Interesting decision to have the WWE Draft take place over the weekend prior. I was surprised to see Triple H remain on RAW namely, considering what we know about the 2004 WWE Draft Lottery fiasco. I always tried to envision what Shawn Michaels could contribute as a part of the SmackDown brand in this period.

I don't know how to feel about Kurt Angle leaving for RAW as well as Brock Lesnar, whereas Goldberg might well be better protected under the guise of a pre-taped show. Kane on SmackDown is giving me the dread thinking about his feud with The Undertaker continuing.

I think Edge on SmackDown has a much better shot of getting that meteoric push that never quite materialised on the RAW brand in 2004. I'm eager to see how you get him up there, honestly. Everything else as far as the main Draft goes was by the numbers. Nothing wrong with a lot of these staying in one place. Nothing too major needs to change, as we have shuffled decks in the least.

When it comes to supplemental draft picks, I was surprised to see you draft both Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas to the RAW brand, as I feel like Haas does somewhat hold Shelton's chances of getting over back. Maybe that's the idea longterm? I suppose Torrie Wilson coming to RAW shakes things up and allows her to get involved with the women's division...for whatever reason. I do like Spike Dudley being separated from The Dudley Boyz, and believe picks such as Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak could be good for their career prospects going forward. As for Rosey, I fear he is dead weight at the side of The Hurricane.

Onto the show, it served as a welcome reset for major storylines heading towards Backlash. I don't think there is any harm in getting the return feud with Triple H out of the way before setting out for establishing Chris Benoit as World Heavyweight Champion. I'm curious how you pull off Benoit's reign, but it won't be too hard to improve what it was in real life. Pick Your Poison is a tried and tested formula to entice heat for programs, so this works for me fine as far as tonight's agenda goes.

I did think the angle with Chris Jericho and Christian on the WWE Draft special was an interesting direction to take. I always felt like there was a lot missing with that Y2J and Christian feud, and it only got worse once Trish Stratus became involved. I understand Jericho being hot for revenge, but it seemed awfully blown out of proportion. Nonetheless, it was a dramatic segment. Strange cameo from Stephanie McMahon, some six months after being forced out as SmackDown General Manager. Potentially unique direction to take Y2J if the idea is to push him majorly in 2004.

Poor Eric Bischoff didn't get the chance to finish his speech, did he?

Strong promo from Triple H and Evolution to set up the first Pick Your Poison match. Batista was a no-brainer to take on Chris Benoit, but the right man won. Fourteen minutes is a long one for Batista, who isn't exactly the worker he becomes in a few years (which is being nice). If anyone can drag him to a good match, it's this, though. I figure that Triple H and Kurt Angle should have been saved for a future program considering their storied history, but nonetheless, it's a fitting main event reflective of the time.

Hidden in the cracks of the Draft is Shaniqua still existing, which is unfortunate. I wonder if she has any future here. I think there is potential for a fun dynamic with Torrie Wilson and the prude virgin, Molly Holly. The number one contender's battle royal was what it needed to be, and I believe Lita was the strongest pick to win this. Eight year-old Dan was pissed she lost to Molly at the 2003 Survivor Series.

I'm in two minds about The Hardy Boyz coming back. Considering the way they split in 2001, and then got back together, to see them reprise once again here is a step backwards in my opinion. Hopefully Jeff Hardy has cleaned up his act, too. I just feel like Matt Hardy, on the heels of the V1 gimmick is above the tag team division. Additionally, is there much of a tag team division to be had that can pacify an act as strong as the Hardys? I do think in 2004 there should be considerable focus on Jeff and Matt as solo acts, but that can always come later, I suppose. Poor Basham Brothers eating the pin here. I hope you piece something together creatively for them as they were good hands.

I always envisioned a Randy Orton and The Rock storyline taking place on the road towards SummerSlam 2004. I feel like it's as good a time as ever, but hoping you won't overdo the appearances for Rock as he was trying to delve into Hollywood. I definitely don't think he needs the WWE Intercontinental Championship attached to him, and while I've no doubt Backlash will get a giant boost from this match being announced, it's a surprise you're letting it take place there and not on a bigger stage.

Sneaky decision to move Backlash 2004 forward a week, too...

Pretty heroic vignette to introduce Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in an epic way. I would hazard a guess they will be in for a feud with the Hardy Boyz upon coming in.

As much as I like Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar's immense chemistry, considering their heated rivalry the last summer, it's a bit soon to be rekindling the flame on that one.

Big Show annihilating Steven Richards helps restore his heat following the WWE United States Championship loss. How he fares on RAW will be interesting, given just how many bodies there are populating the top of the cards.

Very quickly it's apparent this business with Chris Jericho sets in motion a big push for Christian, with Trish Stratus on his arm. This will be an interesting one to me, as he definitely was good enough to rise to that level - but how you pull that off is the challenge. I'm in two minds again about AJ Styles coming in. He was enigmatic from NWA:TNA at the time, but I feel the casual audience barely knew what that was before TNA iMPACT! debuted. Still, it's a unique turn.

It is unusual to see Kurt Angle thrust back into a babyface role after all he did to Eddie Guerrero prior to WrestleMania XX. Alas, strong main event with Triple H, and I definitely think HHH and Brock Lesnar should be a major direction to head towards in the distant future.

Fun cliffhanger segment to add more spice to Randy Orton's beef with The Rock. I still feel like it's too soon for this match, especially with the stipulation. At least Backlash looks star-studded.

WWE SmackDown - March 25, 2004:

A somewhat mirror image of RAW with SmackDown General Manager Paul Heyman coming out. SmackDown's roster does look a lot more appealing to me, just because of the potential for big pushes. A tournament to determine the next challenger to the WWE Championship is an easy way to establish the roster and initial storylines, and with Judgment Day just shy of two months away it allows you to take all the time you need.

If I could hazard a guess, I think it would be most interesting to see Edge come out on top in this tournament. It would make sense with him returning after over a year on the bench, though having him and Eddie Guerrero would be tricky as far as reactions go. Perhaps Bradshaw is the guy to go with, since he's fresh gone solo and became a surprising breakout star in 2004.

I feel like Shawn Michaels and John Cena is one of those matches that should have been protected, but could be fun to call back to down the line, if they ever conduct a proper storyline.

Kane destroying Maven was what it was, but I just hope the rivalry with The Undertaker doesn't linger too long. Their match at WrestleMania XX was abysmal, and the storyline, for all it did in re-introducing the Deadman character and what it was about, just felt like a 1998 reboot to me. Either way, it's a good key match and I'm glad you're getting it out of the way in the quarter-final round of this tournament.

I would love to see Rhyno receive a revitalized push. Eddie Guerrero getting a win put him over and gave him something to do as this tournament goes on, but I do believe he has the potential to make shit happen against some of the other guys on the brand.

A somewhat odd discussion with Goldberg and Shane McMahon. I really want to know what Paul Heyman has to say about Shane calling the shots over him. I hope we don't get Goldberg and Steve Austin rushed out too soon either, that's for certain.

It's somewhat funny to see two RAW tag teams go at it on SmackDown, where they've been freshly drafted. I'm not shocked to see Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak get a fast one over the Dudley Boyz, really. I think it's just a matter of time to see who beats Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Paul London with the token cruiserweight match win over Nunzio was fine, and I'm just hoping we start to see the cruiserweight division be fleshed out. I think the issue with it was that the Cruiserweight Open at WrestleMania XX really jumped the shark of what was possible, and when you started mingling Rey Mysterio with the upper cards, it made this division totally redundant. London is a step in the right direction, as fresh meat. Telling there was no angle for this one, just action.

Massive statement made by having John Cena defeat Shawn Michaels in the main event. I can't say I was expecting Shawn to turn heel afterwards, but this could be the feud that puts Cena on the map as he continues his ascent up the roster. Again, I don't think Shawn needs the WWE United States Championship, but this could be one compelling feud thinking of the promos and battle raps.

Not a bad week for the product. I liked SmackDown better than RAW, but thought you were able to capture the feel of both brands reflective of the time period.