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DC stuff.


Sep 2, 2019
I've been saying it looks like a remake of King of Comedy
King of Comedy is so underrated. Huge Scorsese and DeNiro mark.

There's been a fan theory for years that DeNiro's character in King Of Comedy is kind of a Joker origin film, so i like what they're doing with this.

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Oct 9, 2011
The Titans are back bitches as I just finished the Season Premiere from Season 2. I gotta be honest to me this first Episode could of been the Season Finale for Season 1, but all the flavor we got in this tells me my high hopes of this Season blowing away last Season for sure. I mean I never thought I would see Trigon in his true form, and it was just for a few moments, but it was good to see what he can do and he nearly got what he wanted till Raven went Super Saiyan 2 on his ass which was awesome. Thank Beast Boy for bringing her back and in turn bringing back Grayson. The Scene where Raven went back to the Circus and death of Dick's Parents was emotional how he saved her when she was falling.

I came to tears when that happened I'm not gonna lie I felt that. We see of that great stuff then it goes to Level 11 when Deathstroke appears and is going on the hunt! I can't wait to see the moment he meets the Titans, and now we truly have the Titans together after the wonderful heart to heart talk with Bruce and Grayson. He thanked him for all he did for him and now we has his own group of kids that need his help and guidance. Should be a very interesting how all this plays out!
I really didn't like Titans season 1. Thought it was slow, obnoxious, and emo. Hopefully this season is better. The first episode did seem better than season 1 so I'm hopeful.