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Mr. Peanutbutter
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  • Ahh, I just put there because my whole avatar / sig for the past few months has usually been nothing but Punk!
    It was all apart of my master plan!!!

    Nah, total accident I guess! Lol, the CM Punk is ok one or the one over there?
    come back to the pwf please? we need more guys and it is more active now. your talent can be used.
    Can I get a list from you of all the guys with one vote? It'll make it easier for me to post more, since I don't want to go through the whole list. I'm a little busy right now.
    I'm just mad cause another one of my tournament ideas has been stolen!

    I kid, I'll get in there in a second. Excellent idea; WCW needs the love.
    I'm cheap, I wouldn't buy a Daniel Bryan shirt for $14, ok maybe I would. At this point I have a lot of expenses with the baby, so shirts aren't really a priority, but its not a bad idea to shoot out in the staff room, just to see what others think.
    Alright, sounds good, hop to it, I love tournaments! Just found out I'm going to Border Wars next Saturday too, SICK!!!
    Save for the foregone conclusion of Flair winning, sure, sounds like a good idea to me. You'll be doing nominations I take it?
    I'm just running out so I'll do it when I get back or you can ask Brandon to do it for you as well.
    I came here last year in December, but I just now started coming around here more often. I found it to due to a link in Booty's signature to his Twitter, and on his Twitter there was a link to here.

    Thank you for the kind welcome sir, appreciated.
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Fuck yeah! :mark: Chase Elliott wins!
Pepe Silvia wrote on Sabretooth's profile.
Why you not posting bro? You okay?
Mitch Perfect wrote on Fuji Vice's profile.
The GOAT himself
I'm so fucking hungry.

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