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Recent content by Krisis

  1. Krisis

    "Billionaire" Dat Kid vs. "Most Dangerous Man Alive" Kriminal

    Kids These Days... The lights in the arena fade as Kriminal's face dominates the entirety of the Titantron, eyes covered by the Oakleys he's wearing. Kriminal: Excuse the interruption, but I have a quick message for my opponent Dat Kid. I promise it won't take long. You don't know me but let...
  2. Krisis

    GTA VI is on it's way. Set to take place in Houston aka Magnolia City

    It's got some bad places like most cities. I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Krisis

    NXT Happy Birthday Deejay Rollins!

    Yeah... I call bullshit on that one. Happy Birthday bro.
  4. Krisis

    PlayStation or Xbox

    I have both but I definitely prefer Xbox over Playstation. I like that if i ever stop paying for Gold that i still get to keep all those free games i got. And the controller is better.
  5. Krisis

    Battle of the Sitcoms

    Still time for this?
  6. Krisis

    Last Video Game Played

    I'm not really big on MOBAs but I'm really enjoying Battleborn. And I'm back on Destiny.
  7. Krisis

    The return of the return of Midnight Movie Madness~!

    Shit I always forget it's not central time. I'll be late.
  8. Krisis

    Favorite video game series?

    Gotta say Pokemon.
  9. Krisis

    Do you have a movie or movie franchise that you can watch anytime?

    Die Hard Behind Enemy Lines Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back The Master of Disguise Army of Darkness Jurassic Park Big Trouble in Little China The 5th Element Homeward Bound Major Payne IT There's a few.
  10. Krisis

    The return of the return of Midnight Movie Madness~!

    I'm still good for that
  11. Krisis

    The Butterfly Oh Oh That's Old

    That's right
  12. Krisis

    The Butterfly Oh Oh That's Old

    Booty! How's it hanging?
  13. Krisis

    Which system do you have?

    Mainly Xbox one but I have a PS4 for when Kingdom Hearts 3 finally drops.
  14. Krisis

    The return of the return of Midnight Movie Madness~!

    I work really early too. Monday or Wednesday nights would be ideal for me.
  15. Krisis

    The return of the return of Midnight Movie Madness~!

    I am down for this.

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