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Recent content by Keith

  1. K

    Stranger Things 3

    Trailer looks impressive. I wonder what they come up with this time. Post any Stranger Things thoughts you have in this thread.
  2. K

    Avengers: Endgame[2019]

    Don't have much invested in The Avengers but the first movie was great and I enjoyed bits of the last movie. With that cast list and this being the big finale it will be worth checking out.
  3. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    Steiner is one of the best examples of wasted talent. He could have been a big draw if he kept his head and got better writing. Plus he let his body go to shit.
  4. K

    Best WrestleMania First Round: WrestleMania XX vs WrestleMania

    What Benoit did was terrible, and nothing can change that. But when it comes to this show and that match he is being praised as a wrestler not a person.
  5. K

    Best WrestleMania First Round: WrestleMania 23 vs WrestleMania VI

    Not surprised this is close. That Jake/Million Dollar Man match is probably worth a re-visit too.
  6. K

    Best WrestleMania First Round: WrestleMania III vs WrestleMania VII

    Oh yeah the blindfold match was a thing of beauty even if it didn't flow the best as a match. Love that feud. Remember a shoot when Jake said he told Martel this is the easiest money we will ever make in our lives.
  7. K

    Best WrestleMania First Round: WrestleMania XII vs WrestleMania XIV

    I don't know the later Taker/Kane matches were probably better. But their early matches were rubbish. Don't remember much about The Rock/Shamrock or the opening tag match.
  8. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    True, but I think it was more that they saw Hogan as the long term champion. Wrongly in my opinion. Even before Hogan had creative control my guess is he still had a lot of power behind the scenes.
  9. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    That would have been something for sure.
  10. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    WCW screwed Sting twice. Once with the Starrcade booking. Then giving him a short reign when he won it properly at Superbrawl.
  11. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

  12. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    What a shame Hogan didn't decide to run for pres in 061
  13. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    Gotta take the rough with the smooth as they say
  14. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    I do have a soft spot for the Country VS. Rap feud of 99. I so would have bought that "Rap is Crap" single if it was released in the UK:thumbs:
  15. K

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    Yeah pretty much agree with that Chris.