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WWF: The Prelude to Attitude and Beyond Reboot

Ghostface Killa

Pretty sure I had a usertitle here one time why it was removed I don't know
Feb 1, 2012
WWF Saturday Night Shotgun

Well, sorry, the introduction shows alot of woman but not so much on this version of the card. To me I will eventually grow into the woman thing soon enough. However, the show is being held from MI Crisler Arena. The Attendance is currently pending. The show drew a rating of a C. Not my best though but I shall improve. With that being said, before I give you the written summary of the show. I have make contract negotiations with Bret Hart. Who is still the champion. Will the screw job happen? We shall see! [I'm only typing out important segments]

The scene fades into an overpacked arena it appears, the crowd cheering, but before anything could be said. The camera pans to Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly sitting ringside looking like jack-asses, but that's beside the point! The two welcome everyone to the show.

Cole: Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday Night Shotgun live from the MI Crisler Arena in the great lakes! A beautiful landscape for some good old fashion wrestling!

Kelly: Boy, you love to listen to yourself talk don't ya?

Cole: As a matter of fact I do!

Austin Comes To Raise Hell
Rating: A

Out from the back comes out Stone Cold Steve Austin in some blue jean pants, and a black shirt with the words Austin: 3:16 upon them, walking down the ramp with a steady stroke of pace looking left to right as he reaches the ring, rolling himself in. He keeps walking toward the first set of ring ropes, climbing up them resting himself against the turnbuckle, throwing his arms up. Austin looks towards Michael Cole and gives him some of his classic sign language as the camera pans to catch Cole looking disgusted as Kelly is seen laughing.

Cole: What a vile man!

Kelly: Well, ladies and gentleman it wouldn't be Shotgun with Cole getting his respect blown away each week!

As Austin completes his hits to every other corner, the rattlesnake grabs a microphone from ringside walking around the ring like a slithering snake looking to strike by god anything that moves. His music cutting off, as the crowd starts chanting Austin, Austin. The rattlesnake leans against the ropes, resting his arms.

Austin: Well, I'd be damned. See, I thought I'd come to the great lakes, find a nice spot somewhere, fish a line out and drink some damn steveweisers! But, eh uhh!! No, see I'm gonna drink tonight right here in the middle of the MI Crisler Arena. I'm gonna drink until that son of a bitch in the back, that blonde haired yellow belly bastard in the back comes out here! Yes, you Canadian piece of dog shit. Come out from under your brother bret's ass and come rest your beady little eyes on the rattlesnake! Give me a beer damn it!

Austin drops the microphone walking toward the ropes, cupping his hands as a random beer from the crowd area comes flying toward Austin who catches it, fumbles it as it falls into the ring. Austin picks it up, cracks it open and starts drowning himself in the beer. The crowd starts cheering for Austin as the rattlesnake throws down the beer. He raises the microphone to his lips.

Austin: Maybe I haven't made myself clear. I need that son of a bitch-

Owen comes out onto the stage with Jim Neidhart who was holding the Candian flag in all of it's glory waving it back and forth. The younger brother of the excellence of execution Bret Hart. He stood on the stage with a disgusted look on his face. Jim stood to his right with a menacing glare. You couldn't see Owen's eyes cause he was wearing purple shades similar to Bret in style. Owen slowly removed the shades as the music of his kept playing. As the music died down, he held up his own microphone.

Hart: You know Austin, next Sunday at Survivor Series I'm gonna show you what it's like to be beaten by a real Hart! See, it just seems like you don't get it Austin. Remember, you got dropped on your head at Summerslam!

Open opens his jacket to reveal the class shirt: Owen 3:16: I just Broke Your Neck was revealed as he pulled the shirt down to show it off. The crowd started booing Owen Hart. Jim can be seen stroking his beard and nodding in agreement as he pointed to the shirt. As Owen spun around Austin was asking for another beer. Owen became annoyed at this as he pulled the microphone up to his lips.

Hart: Okay Austin, how about this. I already gotta face you at Survivor Series for the Intercontinental championship, why don't we sweeten the deal! We face each other in a street fight!

The crowd explodes at Owen Hart's request with cheers, as Austin finishes his beer, throwing the can down in the ring. He walks toward the ropes raising the microphone up to his lips.

Austin: You want Austin in a street fight! You got it! After all, I'm gonna raise hell, whip your ass for the title and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold Said So!

Light heavyweight Title Tournament Match One:
Flash Funk Vs Brian Christopher[W]
Rating: D

Bret Hart Shares His Rage
Rating: B-

The music hits as the hitman can be seen walking out, he isn't engaging any fans, like he normally does. He keeps walking down the ramp, as he reaches the ring, rolling into the ring. Normally accompanied by his family, the Hart Foundation, Bret is by himself tonight. As he stops in the middle of the ring. He is seen holding a microphone. As the music starts to slowly die down. He pulls the microphone up to his lips. The fans can be heard, as some are actually still cheering for him. But, there is also the chorus of boos he has lately been hearing.

Hart: Why don't you rednecks shut up! Out here cheering for me when you actually like that piece of trash Shawn Michaels!

The crowd starts booing, as a chant of asshole starts breaking out. Hart paces around the ring, microphone pulled down to his side. he stops in the middle of the ring. He looks up at the stage. He knows that Shawn Micheals isn't in the back. The hatred between them has reached a fever pitch. He looks up.

Hart: See, while you sit here and boo me. The person you cheer for, you see he isn't even here tonight! How is that for you're hero huh America! He's too big for a small little town in Rosemont, Illinois! Says alot about the warped mentality of this current generation though. You guys rather cheer for a megalomaniac who thinks he is too big to come to your town cause it isn't Raw is War. It's sad when your hero actually believes he is too big to come here! But, noooo you guys rather boo guys like me. Guys like me who bust his ass day in and day out! NO! You rather cheer for the heartbreak kid, mister boy toy. Grind his hips, swoon your daughters and corrupt your son. That's what you rather cheer for. Not for a man who carries this!

He flashes the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, smacking it with his left hand before rubbing the front of the championship. He smiles as he begins to speak again.

Hart: I am the excellence of execution. And, next sunday at Survivor Series, I will show you guys just that!

Bret Hart drops the microphone, as his music hits again.

[w]Nation Of Domination [The Rock and D'Lo Brown] Vs 8-Ball and Chainz Vs Los Boricuas [Savio Vega and Miguel Perez ]:
Rating: D

Ending Segment:
Hart Foundation Vs Degeneration X [Minus Shawn Michaels]
Rating: B-

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Ghostface Killa

Pretty sure I had a usertitle here one time why it was removed I don't know
Feb 1, 2012
Monday Night Raw Is War

Coming Live from MI Crisler Arena yet again! To a showing of 11,793 people live! One week before Survivor Series 1997!
The Debut of a New Commish
Rating: E-

The music hits as the crowd goes into a frenzy, as it's new music and someone who music they never heard before. Out from the back comes walking a new member of the staff, known now as Dana White as the name of his flashed below the screen with the Raw of War graphic. As he smiled, his young self started to walk down the ramp, the music blaring. He reaches the ring, entering it. The young man wearing a nice suit, blue in fact from head to toe. He reaches for a microphone before walking to the middle of the ring. The music slowly fades.

White: Well, hello Illinois! You know, it's nice to be in this redneck dump of town. You know, it gave me a new perspective on my life. That I became more and more grateful for my blessed life ya know? The luxuries I have been afforded that a lot of you toothless, incest breeding folks know nothing about. I'm here because the great man known as Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon, has hired me as the new commish of the World Wrestling Federation. It is with my esteemed stature within this company, that I make my first match as the new commish right here, right now live on RAW IS WAR! Without holding you up, I would like the following people to come out to the ring for me.

First Action On The Job
Rating: A

White: I would like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, "The Hitman" Bret Hart, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart, the blackheart to come down to the ring!

The roof lifts off the place at what Dana White is doing. He has a smug look across his face. It then turns into a smile with glee. The announcers are shocked, Jerry Lawler sounding like he is gonna croak. (the sim itself said Jerry Lawler color commentary was weak) The first music to hit was the ever so cocky Shawn Michaels. It is no secret that Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels hate each other for real. Its common knowledge among the locker room.

The heartbreak kid hits the stage in his trademark heart black and white pants of that year. He has Chyna in tow, with Triple H creeping behind him. Shawn starts dancing down the ramp like how he does, he stops, does a crotch chop to a random fan. He then slides his fingers through his hair, and flicks his sweat at a female fan who seemingly faints afterward. As he hits the ring, before he can even do his taunt. The next music hits with no waste of time.

Shawn Michaels looks at Triple H, who starts chuckling with Triple H in the ring as Bret comes out onto the ramp. Chyna remains stonefaced. The Hitman with the WWF World Heavyweight Championship across his waist starts walking down the ramp. Yelling inaudible stuff to Shawn Michaels. Which caused Shawn and Triple H to look at each other with a shocked face. Then start laughing again. Dana White just stood by with a devilish grin on his face. The Hitman stood outside, not willing to enter the ring because of the three members of the newly formed Degeneration X outnumbered him. He stood at ringside as another music hit after his had stopped.

Austin hit out from the back onto the stage as Bret turned to look behind him. Shawn and Triple H stood there ground with Chyna behind them in the ring. As Austin slithered down the ramp like a stalking snake. He reached ringside, stopped, staring at Bret Hart, who was staring at Austin back. Austin gave Bret Hart a middle finger before continuing into the ring by rolling in. The crowd was at a fever pitch. Less than six days away from Survivor Series. Austin was being cheered loudly by the crowd as he walks past Shawn and Triple H, looking at them as he is talking. He reaches the turnbuckle, throwing his fist up into the air and shaking his head. He turned to look down at Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The rattlesnake then decided to flip them off. His music is cut off though which caused Austin to look from the two members of DX up at the stage.

Austin starts cussing as Owen Hart walks out onto the stage with his intercontinental championship across his waist. The people behind him is the rest of the Hart Foundation. Now it's an even numbers game for the Hart Family. DX and Austin are now outnumbered. Austin noticing this hops off the turnbuckle back down into the ring. As The Hart Family just convened at ringside, Dana pulls a mic up to his face.

White: Alright, alright, cut the music. No one is gonna fight out here, or I will fire your ass faster than Vince Mcmahon would have you kiss his ass! That includes you too AUSTIN!

The commish looking at Austin with disdain and no fear. He looks at the four men. A smile forming on his face as wide as can be. He holds the power in his hands, and he knows it. He is gonna display his power at this very moment.

White: You see. I know this Sunday at Survivor Series, you all have matches. This was made by the former commish, Gorilla Monsoon. With that being said, his termination was effective this very evening. So, that means. Well. You guys no longer have matches at Survivor Series!

The crowd starts booing loudly. As the other four wrestlers are in an uproar. But Dana, smile still intact that is. Begins to speak again, interrupting the chorus of boos he was getting.

White: No worries, you see I plan to keep your matches. I've just decided that I plan to ya know. Inject some attitude into the mix! See. This coming Sunday. Owen Hart. It would be you vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Texas Bull Strap Match for the Intercontinental Championship! As for you Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. You guys will be in a one on one match. For the World Federation Championship. And, to ensure all fairness. Degeneration X and The Hart Foundation are barred from ringside! Oh, and before I leave. Later on tonight. You guys will all have matches. It will be Bret and Shawn vs Austin and Owen. Enjoy you're evening!

Dana White drops his microphone as his music hits.

Dana exits the ring as everyone just looks on before going to commercial break. We come back from break to:

Bikini Contest
Host: Jerry Lawyer
Sable, Chyna and Sunny
Winner: Sable
Rating: C+

[W]Legion Of Doom Vs Disciples Of Apocalypse
WWF World Tag Team Titles On The Line
Rating: C

The Brothers Of Hell
Undertaker, Kane and Paul Bearer
Rating: A+

The arena dims down as Kane comes out with Paul Bearer in tow, holding that golden urn of the Undertakers in his hand. Yelling at the crowd: KANE IS HERE! OH YESSSSSS!!!! He will pay you back Undertaker!!! THIS IS YOU'RE FATE DEADMAN! The showing of a casket being wheeled down with them in tow to the ring. The huge man known as Kane. The younger brother of the Phenom Undertaker. Has had The Undertaker rather, indifferent and not himself lately. As the duo enters the ring. Paul stands in the middle of the ring. As Kane raises his arms up slowly. Paul is shaking his head, yelling: YESSSS YESSS KANEEEE!!! The big man throws his arms down as four explosions of fire burst from the turnbuckle corner. Paul Bearer jumps. As Kane just looks down at Paul after flicking his hair back. Bearer starts to speak.

Bearer: This Sunday my boy, my oldest boy Undertaker! YOU WILL FEEL THE WRAITH OF KANE! He has the power in him...OH YESSSSS...you're little brother KANE!!! Undertaker! That casket over there is you're resting place! Yes indeed! That is your resting place Undertaker!

All of sudden a pyro blasts off from the coffin looking like the same color hue of a bolt of lightning that has Paul Bearer fall over in fear in the ring with a great sell job. The fact of his contorted to fear. Kane remains unfazed.

Bearer: KANEEEE!!! It's your brother!!

Kane slides out of the ring, obviously Taker has demonstrated he didn't wanna fight his little brother. Kane goes to inspect the casket, as he opens it, up sits the Undertaker himself! The crowd pops as Paul Bearer is seen in the ring mortified. Kane eyes his brother who happens to be rolling his eyes in the back of his head. Kane seems to not be scared. But, Paul starts yelling.

Bearer: Get away from him KANE!! You have to wait till Sunday! That's when the Undertaker is his weakest!!!

The Undertaker turned his gaze toward Paul, who got scared. The Deadman looked angry as it appears the deadman has had his secret revealed to his little brother about his weakness this coming Sunday. It's a deadly family affair! The Undertaker sticks his tongue out before arena goes black. The lights cut back on ten seconds later and the casket is still open but the Undertaker is gone, leaving Kane and Paul confused.

Taka Shows He Gots Grapefruits
Rating: D-

The Rock Vs Triple H
Rating: D [ouch]

Bret Hart Solo Entrance
Rating: B+

Shawn Michaels Solo Entrance
Rating: B+

Stone Cold Solo Entrance
Rating: B+

Owen Hart Solo Entrance
Rating: B

Main Event:
Austin/Hart Vs Michaels/Bret
Rating: B-

In a bout that had superb wrestling and great heat, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels drew with Owen Hart and Steve Austin in 18:54 when the match descended into chaos after Jim Neidhart got involved.

Undertaker And Kane Brawl
Rating: A+

Bret And Shawn Brawl
Rating: A+