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WWF Raw, Smackdown & PPV 2000


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Dec 3, 2010
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WWE Raw Is War Episode 349
January 31st, 2000
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: The Kat

The New Outlaws come down to the ring and do their usual intros, we then cut backstage to Blackman and Snow are talking, Blackman tells Al Snow that he's sick of his ideas and they have a title match to focus on. Snow says he has one more, and it's Snow Storm. He gives Blackman an umbrella and a parka, and says to bundle up for the SNOW STORM! Blackman throws it off and says to get serious.


WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. Head Cheese
This is pretty trash; it’s mostly here to talk about other matches on the card and the guys that showed up at ringside. So everything in the ring fills like filler, everything is technically fine and I feel I should be invested and JR should sell it like Head Cheese could win, but they don’t. It’s weird to explain. The match goes to the floor and Dogg takes a bump onto the WCW and Road Dogg takes a shot at them leading to them beating the shit out of him, Eddie then hits Gunn with a Frog Splash and Benoit hits the Diving headbutt on Dogg. And I guess that’s it. No bell sounded.

Backstage: Cactus Jack is talking to Benoit, Eddie, Perry and Dean. Jack makes fun and asks what it was like to beat up a guy and actually see people in the audience for it, and they all laugh. He welcomes them to the show and says to have a good time, and they're guests of his tonight.

Kurt Angle comes out on the stage with a mic, he does the Rock finally gimmick :mark: He says he’s still undefeated in the WWF and tonight he will face The Rock, and if history has taught us the people champion is no match for the Olympic champion. He calls himself the new hometown hero. It’s not Mario Lemiex anymore as he has no courage, he says he will take over and tonight he will beat the Rock for a 2nd time.

Tonight: The Rock vs. Kurt Angle, Triple H vs. Kane for the WWF Title & Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac

Backstage: The Outlaws are venting to Triple H and Steph about the Radicalz, Triple H says it’s not his problem it’s theirs. Show then comes in with a new hair cut :lmao he looks like a 40-year-old pedophile :lmao Anyway, he says he’s got a witness the security guy. He says Rock’s feet touched first, Triple H says this isn’t good enough he wants video proof. Show says he will give him the video and if he doesn’t give him what he wants on Smackdown he’s gonna take it out on his face. The Outlaws then mock Triple H, saying that this sounds like a personal problem more than a DX problem.

Christian (w/Edge) vs. D-Von Dudley (w/Bubba Ray-Dudley)
Very good heated match, Bubba gets involved early so Christian whips him out with the middle rope springboard crossbody to the floor, but that allows D-Von to send him mid-section first into the ringpost. D-Von slows the match down and doesn’t really work it so Christian doesn’t sell it, Christian makes a nice little comeback but can’t hit the unpreittier because he gets distracted by Bubba on the ring apron. The ref deals with that which allows Edge to hit this shitty little jump side kick on D-Von allowing Christian to hit the inverted DDT for the win. After the match; the Dudleyz 2-1 beatdown Christian in the ring and Bubba brings out a table. But first D-Von hits the diving low blow headbutt and grabs some steel chairs. But the Hardyz make the save. Matt DDT’s D-Von off the top through the table in the ring, and then follow up with Jeff hitting the Swanton Bomb onto Bubba and the table on the floor. **

Backstage: Cactus Jack is introducing the Radicalz to Edge, Christian and the Hardy Boyz when the Mean Street Posse interrupts. Rodney says he doesn’t know if they’ve heard of them but they aren’t supposed to be messed with, so DON’T MESS WITH US :lmao Jack says they should introduce themselves to the posse so they attack and beat them up.

Too Cool vs. The Big Show
Show not only looks like a full on pedophile but is now wrestling in a gym vest and the hot pants. This is a 2-1 handicap match, so this is a minute Too Cool gets a few moves but Show is too much and he ends it with a Chokeslam. I should mention, JR says Rikishi isn’t here as he sprained his ankle last week in the match with The Rock.

After the match; The Rock appears on the tron. He congratulates him on the hard match. But he’s got only one question for him “SOMEBODY GOT A HAIR CUT” He says that officially means he is not longer a 7 foot, 500 pound piece of monkey crap. No no no, you are a short haired 7 foot, 500 pound piece of monkey crap. He says he is tired of hearing bitch, moaning and crying. He says go back to supercuts and get his $5 back, Jabroni. Now, on to Kurt Angle. He says he’s gonna go out and win a gold medal for kicking his candy ass all over his hometown.

Kurt Angle vs. The Rock
This is way to short and is just a little teaser to what we get later in the year and 2001. Nice little story with Rock having the experience on Kurt so he’s always on step ahead of him, he completely dominates but Kurt hits a beautiful right hand and gets on the mic and asks why he's being booed and says he was born 5 blocks away. Rock punches him down and gets the mic and says "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU WERE BORN!" Rock rolls him back in and again tees off but an unnoticed Kurt low blow allows him to tee off with punches, and hits a belly-to-belly for two. Rock hits desperation DDT to spark his comeback, he gets a two off a Samoan Drop and Kurt decides to leave. But Tazz throws him back in allowing The Rock to hit the spinebuster and the People’s Elbow for the win. RIP! Kurt’s unpinned streak. Rock celebrates, and Tazz tries to clothesline Kurt, but he misses and hits Rock. RIPTazz **1/2

Backstage: The Mean Street Posse bust into The Acolytes locker room saying 15 guys just attacked them :lmao They give them cash for protection, Bradshaw says they gotta shut up or the deals off. Bradshaw then comes out with his 2nd most brilliant idea ever “The Acolytes Protection Agency”

Backstage: Chris Jericho and Chyna walk, and X-Pac and Tori walk.

Backstage: The Radiclz meets D’lo, Test, Val and The Godfather. Perry asks where the girls at while Eddie and D’Lo share a moment saying nice move, as they both do the frog splash.

X-Pac (w/Tori) vs. Chris Jericho (w/Chyna)
Before the match, Jericho gets on the mic and makes fun of Pac for finally getting to kiss a girl. He says he’s now with the one woman stupider than he is. So this gets 5 minutes and is a ton of fun. Lots of fun spotmoves and bumping. Pac takes over after he suckers Jericho in and sends him into the steel steps, he continues to work the head and it’s really good but Jericho doesn’t really sell it which is disappointing. The finishing stretch was good lots of counters and reversal moves, with each man having the other well scouted to the others big moves. Chyna gets involved and nails X-Pac so Tori hits Jericho in the head with the IC title and Pac hit’s the X-Factor for the win. Chyna then nails Tori because she can I guess, even though it’s her fault Jericho lost. **1/4 - **1/2

Backstage: The Acolytes now have their official aPa sign on a mirror :lmao When the Dudleyz bust in, Bubba says rumour around the locker room has is they are now in the protection businesses. HOLY SHIT! IT’S ONLY 10 MINUTES; MAN WWE GOT SOME SNITCHES WORKNG FOR THEM. Bubba says they just got jumped, D-Von says they need protection. Bubba says they don’t have any money but can write a check. Faarooq says if this bounces, then so will they.

Lumberjill come out for this Snowbunny snow in a pool fuckery match.

Snowbunny Lumberjill Match for the WWF Women's Championship: The Kat vs. Irvina
This happens it’s fuckery at its 2000’s finest, everyone interferes it’s terrible and Irvina wins. And guess what it’s HARVEY WHIPPLEMAN! FUCK EVERYTHING!

Backstage: Cactus Jack and the Radicalz are on their way to Triple H and Stephanie’s office.

WWE New York hype

Backstage: Cactus Jack and the Radicalz are in Triple H and Stephanie’s office, Jack says they want to work for them. Triple H says who the hell do they think they are. Jack says they are the top free agents in wrestling and says he’s offering him Chris Benoit because he’s sick of seeing the Mean Street Posse every week. Triple H says he’s not denying the talent, but you have to come to them first. Steph says she’s heard that they are troublemakers and they don’t respect the higher ups. Benoit says all they want is an opportunity. Triple H says he will think about it and will deal with Jack later.

Crash & Hardcore Holly vs. Viscera
This happens it’s way too long at 5 minutes, Hardcore is so terrible and useless, his “Bully/redneck” offense is just shit, he’s shit, everything about him is shit. Vis/Hardcore is pretty much the majority of the match. Crash gives it a nice spark and bumps well, the match then ends when Crash falls on top of big Vis and Hardcore holds his feet down allowing Crash to pin him FUCK YEAH! After the match; Vis throws Hardcore out and hits Crash with a big splash.

:lmao at some of these WWF Commercials

Recap airs of JR’s interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin that aired at Half time heat. Austin says he feels pretty good, he shows the scars of the surgery. JR asks why does he want to comeback to the ring, Austin says sitting at home is nice but he misses the crowd and the energy he gets. Plus he’s got unfinished business. Austin says it’s you’re a better man you bet on Austin, he says give him 3-4 months and he will be back. JR then snitches and says he’s engaged to Debra.

Lillian Garcia is at WWF NEW YORK; She says she's gotten word that there's a HUGE press conference on Thursday involving WWF and pro football, and that's all she could find out :lmaolmao

Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy) vs. Bubba Ray-Dudley (w/D-Von Dudley & APA)
So Bubba and D-Von don’t sell any of the effects of going through the table, okay pal smh. The APA also come out and stand around ringside. So Bubba doesn’t sell going through a table and Matt doesn’t even work the mid-section and back. FUCK OFF! This goes on for like 2 minutes or so, D-Von tries to toss a chair in, but Matt intercepts and hits Bubba with it for the DQ. After the match; The APA save the Dudleyz from a Hardyz beating, Edge and Christian try to make the save but are stopped by the APA. The Dudleyz hit Jeff with the 3D and then one on Christian for good measure. APA and the Dudleyz set up 2 tables right in front of the announce table. Bubba has works with the APA saying he paid them so they better help, Bubba then stacks a table on top of two tables. The APA put Matt on the top table and uses the steel steps for extra height for Bubba to powerbomb Jeff on top of Matt and through the 3 tables, well 2 of them as one didn’t break but it left a great visual of Jeff’s broken body being slumped over on top of his brothers.

5 Table breaks in the past hour, Deezy would lose his shit watching this.
Backstage: Cactus Jack is with the Radicalz and says Triple H can’t be that stupid to not give them contracts, Triple H come over and says they’ve come to the decision they are not good enough to hang in the WWF. They have security walk them out. Cactus Jack says Triple H just made a huge mistake.

Triple H and Stephanie come out and Kane’s music hits but he doesn’t come out, Triple H says he can’t blame Kane for not wanting to come out here. He can’t hang with X-Pac, Tori dumped his burnt ass and now he has to come out before the GAME THE MAN THE WWF CHAMPION AND HE WILL GET HIS ASS HANDED TO HIM! So he can’t blame him. He says he will give him the 10 count to come out or he will drag his big red ass out. Triple H says to hell with the count, but Cactus Jacks music hits and he comes out. Jack stays he invited 4 guest to the WWF and he had the gall to throw them out of the building, 4 men he has bleed with, 4 men that can tear the house down. More importantly 4 men he actually likes. He says he’s done some thinking of his own, maybe he would forgive and forget. BUT THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! He says maybe he will get a piece of his ass, they brawl for a bit and Jack gets the better until it gets taken to the floor where Triple H slams his head off the steps. Jack then goes to use the WWF title but Triple H rolls out. He begins to back up the ramp but the Radicalz roll him back in. It’s a 5-1 beating and Jack hits Triple H with the World title to end the show.


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Dec 3, 2010
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WWF Smackdown Episode 24
February 3rd, 2000
Detroit, Michigan

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: Harvey Whippleman

Recap airs of The Radicalz appearance on Raw.

The show opens with Cactus Jack in a WWF New York jersey smh, along with the Radicalz come down to the ring. Cactus says they are here again as his guest, but he wants to change that. He says he had Triple H flat on his back on Raw and chose to leave, he says they’re not after his blood, they’re after contracts. He says Wrestling is more than a pay check and that’s why they choose to leave Atlanta and come to the WWF, but more importantly they have a desire to perform infront of the WWF fans. Jack then makes a joke saying they are not quite old enough for WCW :lmao Jack then calls Triple H to come out and sign a contract with them, and if he does not he’s willing to have a 2 hour sit down ruining the show. The entire DX come out on the stage and Triple H says if he really felt like it he would come down beat all their asses and throw them out himself, or he could get 20 security and throw them out. He calls the Radicalz trespassers and says he’s out here to talk about competition he says Cactus of all people should know DX thrive on competition. Steph says the 4 of them may have been hotshots, but in the WWF they have to prove themselves and says based off their actions on Raw they’re no bad but simply average. Triple H says in the name of fairness, you want to come in and play games they will get their chance at a try-out. Tonight it’s gonna Start with Dean taking on X-Pac; It will be Perry and Eddie taking on the Outlaws. And Chris Benoit, the last time I saw you were the big fish in a small pound, well tonight if it comes to that he will get in with the GAME! THE MEASURING STICK! THE WWF CHAMPION! :mark: He says there are rules and contracts are on the line, if they can win 2 of the 3 matches they will get contracts. Triple H says he doesn’t think he and Benoit will even meet, Cactus then says to make sure there’s no outside interference he will be watching from the back and will have a 2x4 with barbed wire and he’s begging him to make him use it. BANG! BANG!

Tonight: Taz vs. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle, The Big Show vs. Rikishi

Backstage: The Divas are arguing to pat and Jerry about Harvey being the woman’s champion, they then pull straws and Jackie wins and that turns into a brawl.

The Rock Says book out now.

Backstage: Mark Henry and Mae Young are talking and Mae wants to be the womans champion, but Mark says no but he has something to cheer her up BABY STUFF! He says he can feel the baby kicking, which is odd when it's been there for all of 2 weeks.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho (w/Chyna) vs. Gangrel (w/Luna)
Jericho says he wants to thank Chyna for watching his back, even though on Raw she cost him a match :lmao This is about 4 minutes and Jericho does all he can, but Gangrel is shit and can’t do anything. I will give him credit he does bump his ass off for Jericho who is slowly turning it on. Luna tries to get involved but Chyna stops in and Jericho applies a shitty walls and Gangrel taps before the hold is even applied for the win. *1/2 - *3/4

Recap of the Austin/JR interview.

Backstage: Dean is getting ready for his match, and Cactus tells him to keep an out on Tori.

X-Pac (w/Tori) vs. Dean Malenko
Ewwww this first draft version of the Radicalz song is awful, but as for the match it’s really fun. It doesn’t get a ton of time but both work hard and have some good counters. I love that Dean is goes for covers after everything and slams the mat out of frustration when Pac kicks out. Pac targets Deans neck as we get clips of both DX and Radicalz/Jack locker rooms looking on. Dean rolls out of the way of the Bronco Buster and hits a sweet vertical suplex for two. Dean applies the Texas Cloverleaf but Pac gets to the ropes, Tori then distracts the ref long enough for Pac to low blow Dean and hit him with the X-Factor for the win. **1/2

Backstage: Mark brings Mae flowers and he says he talked to the doctors, and he says the docs have given her hemorrhoids.

Backstage: DX congratulate Pac, and Triple H says he doesn’t even need to get dressed. Suddenly, The Big Show busts in. He says he has proof, slow-motion proof. He then shows Rock’s feet actually hit first. Triple H agrees and says at No Way Out it will be The Big Show vs. The Rock winner faces Triple H at Mania 2000.

WWF Women's Championship: Jacqueline vs. Harvey Whippelman
This is retarded; Jackie punches Harvey, slams him, and drops an elbow for the win. FUCK EVERYTHING!

Backstage: Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock; he says the match is official between him and Big Show. Rock cuts him off and says Kevin Kelly shouldn’t concern himself with The Rocks business, he needs to go into the back and get some shut up juice and shoves he out of the camera view :lmao Rock congratulates Show on all his whining and bitching paying off with another shot at The Rock. He says Show has 7 feet, 500 pounds, but he lacks the recognized symbol of greatness, and points to his tattoo. He says it means that The Rock is the People's Champion and it means at No Way Out, he will layeth the smackdown on his big fat candy ass. He says on to tonight with the triple threat, and going two on one with The Great One will make both their asses famous. He says after all the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, he's going to WrestleMania and he will go down as the best damn WWF Champion there ever was “IF YA SMELLLLLAO WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN”

Backstage: Mark and Mae are still together, Mark pulls out lotion to rub on her belly to prevent stretch marks and wrinkles.

Kurt Angle comes out and gets on the mic; he says he doesn't blame people for being upset and angry with him, and it's because your Olympic Hero has suffered his very first loss at the hands of The Rock on Monday. He says it's okay, and he's glad he's in Detroit, because if there's a town that can relate to losing, it's Detroit, MI! It's true! He says be it jobs at the factory or last year's Stanley Cup Playoffs, these people have had their share of setbacks and losses. But unlike this city, Your Olympic Hero will bounce back and overcome adversity to be their champion once again. I PROMISE!

Kurt Angle vs. Tazz vs. The Rock
Tazz and Kurt don’t even wait for the Rock and just go right at it :mark: Kurt gets the better and out comes The Rock, he cleans house and completely dominates until a Kurt belly-to-belly puts a stop to it. In shocking fashion they team up for all but 10 seconds to double team The Rock but that’s it :lmao All 3 brawl on the floor and into the crowd before eventually getting back into the ring. Tazz hits a bridging suplex on Rock for two, Kurt then breaks up a Rock Bottom and Tazz tries to lock in the Tazmission but Rock breaks it up, Tazz and Kurt team up for 5 seconds to double the Rock again before they turn on one another :lmao That allows the Rock to have this awesome comeback, he hits both Tazz and Kurt with Rock bottoms but The Big Show pulls him out during the cover allowing Kurt to crawl on top of Tazz for the win :mark: After the match; Show chokeslams Rock onto the floor. This was damn fun, action packed from start to finish. **3/4

Backstage: The Radicalz are getting focused.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Eddie Guerrero & Perry Saturn
So this is weird, Eddie already has a bandage on with arm so it’s already sorta hurt. Gunn and Dogg are really on here, it’s the best they’ve looked all month and are finally looking like heels. I love that Eddie and Perry have to resort to cheating as this is a must win, so they bust out desperation offense which is made better by Dogg bumping for everything. Gunn breaks up the rings of Saturn and Eddie gets a hot tag but it’s not a hot tag at all because Gunn has the hot tag and cleans house WHAT! He takes put Perry and hits the jackhammer on Eddie and follows up with the fame-asser for two because Perry breaks it up, he then nails Gunn with a belly-to-back suplex and knocks Dogg off the apron allowing Eddie to hit the Frog Splash but he fucks up his shoulder on the landing. Dogg pulls the ref out, as Gunn and Perry fall to the floor Dogg who is clearly not the legal man just covers Eddie for the win. Just a weird match and weird booking. **1/2



Backstage: DX are celebrating and Triple H says he’s feeling sporty so he’s gonna give Chris Benoit a match anyway, just to show he’s not worthy.

Backstage: Al Snow tells Steve Blackman to follow through on their bet. Steve refuses, but Al says that since they didn't get beat by the Outlaws, Steve has to do this or he is not the honorable man he claims. Steve then says okay and pulls out a cheese hat :lmao LETHAL CHEDDAR!

Crash & Hardcore Holly vs. Head Cheese (w/Head)
Head Cheese is slowly getting over and this is pretty much a showcase for them just beating the shit out of Crash until Hardcore ruins it with his shitty self, Snow hits Hardcore with a superplex for two, Snow has Hardcore up for the Snowplough, but Crash tries to reverse it by hitting a Crossbody, but Al rolls through and on top of Hardcore for the pin. After the match; Hardcore attacks Crash again, UGH! So we’re back to this shit again SMFH!

Backstage: A close up of Rikishi’s fat ass as he’s warming up for his match.

Backstage: Mark gives Mae a breast pump. FUCK EVERYTHING! FUCK YOU!

Rikishi vs. The Big Show
Rikishi sends Too Cool to the back, HOLY SHIT! This is a fun time in about 15 seconds in Rikishi hits Show with a fuckin’ amrdrag, Samoan Drop, belly-to-belly and the leg drop for two. Show then comes right back with a chokeslam but it hurts his back and he’s slow to cover so Rikishi kicks out at two. Show is in shock so he grabs a chair but Rikishi kicks it back into his face but he doesn’t really connect so Show hits him in the head for the DQ. After the match; Too Cool run down for a save but they both get chokeslammed. The Rock then runs down and nails Show with the steel chair and hits the Rock Bottom.

Backstage: DX are pumping a cocky Triple H up.

A video package airs of The Dudleyz recent actions murdering Edge and Christian along with The Hardy Boyz and putting people through tables.

Backstage: Mae and Mark hug and Mae farts as she blames it on the baby.

Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. Chris Benoit
SO THIS IS FUCKIN’ AWESOME AND STILL HOLDS UP! Triple H is cocky and arrogant, but Benoit has something to prove not only to himself, but to Triple H and the fans that he is “one of the very best in the world” and that he can hang. They have this awesome trash talk, and feeling out process that Benoit gets the better and almost locks in the Crossface but Triple H bails to rethink things, he does and comes back going after Benoit’s head and neck but the over confidence again backfires and Benoit beats the shit out of him until he decides to bail again, but Benoit doesn’t allow him to breathe as he’s connects with a baseball slide knocking Triple H into the barricades. He then goes to brawl with him but Triple H being the crafty champion suckers him in with a drop toe hold dropping Benoit face first onto the steel steps, he follows up whipping Benoit shoulder and back first into the steel steps to a sick sound. Man I miss the old steel steps sound, newer ones don’t have that nasty steel thud. Triple H turn is on now and is super aggressive in the beating towards Benoit. But Benoit isn’t staying down, and continues to fight from the ground up but Triple H is feeling it and is one step ahead in this chess game. Benoit finally makes a comeback with a stiff clothesline and connects with a back suplex for two, he follows with the Triple Germans and heads up top for the diving headbutt, but Triple H throws the ref Earl Hebner into the ropes buying Triple H enough time to connect with s superplex for two. Benoit reverses the Pedigree into the catapult into Earl Hebner, Benoit then locks in the crippler crossface with Triple H tapping but the ref is down so Benoit breaks he hold. Benoit again goes to lock it in but Triple H gets to the ropes and Hebner is up. Benoit connects with the diving headbutt for a great near fall as Triple H kicks out at two; Triple H out of desperation connects with a low blow and the Pedigree for the win. Great match. ***1/4 - ***1/2


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Nov 13, 2010
Oh look GOD made Benoit in his very first match.

And Kevin Kelly says he didn't make anyone look good. :smh
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Dec 3, 2010
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WWF Raw Is War Episode 350
February 7th, 2000
Dallas Texas

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

Video recap of the Radicalz attempt at winning contracts on Smackdown.

X-Pac and Tori come down to the ring, but is quickly chased off by The Radicalz; Perry grabs the mic and says they didn’t come out here to cause any trouble. He says a week ago, they showed up here and tried to make a little noise. They tried to make an impact, but more than anything they wanted contracts to wrestle for the WWF. Dean says they were given the chance on Smackdown, and we were good. We were damn good, but on that night we were not good enough. And they blew it. Eddie says, he would like to take the opportunity to thank the WWF fans for their support, and just for the privilege to say we performed in front of them. Benoit says they just came out here to thank the man that made this all possible. IS CACTUS JACK IN THE HOUSE! Cactus comes out in full Cactus attire and hugs everyone but is immediately cut off by Triple H’s music and he comes out along with Stephanie. Steph says this convocation of admiration makes her want to puke, what’s it gonna take Cactus you couldn’t get the job done at the rumble, these 4 guys failed she then says maybe the Dallas Cowboys D Line, the 82nd airborn. She says he’s not gonna stop and neither will we. Triple H takes the mic and says Cactus, you do make me sick and his patience is starting to run thin. Well it’s time to put this matter to rest, so he one more time you and me at No Way Out, but this is it. Your last shot at me and the last shot at the title. He says Cactus can have any match he wants. just no 2x4 in barbed wire or thumbtacks, and it has to be just them plain and simple. Jack says you want me in a match but it can’t involve all sharp weapons? Cactus says that doesn’t sound like fun, but he’s left him with choice HELL IN A CELL! DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS! DO YOU! Triple H is freaked out, and shakes his head, but then he talks with Stephanie. He says he'll accept but only if Foley's career is on the line. All of them Cactus, Mankind, Dude Love, all of them, Cactus says he’s done it all and starts listing off his accomplishments. He says he has done it all, except one thing, he has never Main event WrestleMania. When I win, you put the title on the line. If I can’t beat you I don’t want to wrestle ever again, there will be no Triple H gets no rematch and it's automatically Cactus defending the title at WrestleMania. Triple H agrees :mark: BUT WE’RE NOT DONE!

Triple H slowly walks down to the ring talking about how he’s will finish Cactus at No Way Out, but right now he wants a piece of his ASS! Pac and Triple H slowly get on the apron and Triple H says the 4 of them can either get out or show their appreciation to the man who gave them the opportunity...OR THE MAN WHO GAVE THEM THEIR CONTRACTS! AND ALL FOUR TURN ON FOLEY HOLY SHIT! FUCK YEAH! It’s a 6on1 beating with everyone getting their shots off apart from Eddie who has his arm in a sling. Triple H says this is the beginning of the end, because in 20 days this is the end. Triple H then hits the Pedigree and everyone celebrates.

Backstage: The Radicalz and DX are all celebrating together; Triple H says this is just the beginning. The Outlaws have a match tonight but He and Pac don’t so they will team with Perry, Chris and Dean against Mick Foley and whoever he can find as his partners.

WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. Edge & Christian
Those Damn Dudleyz come down join commentary, Bubba dares JR to call them those damn Dudleyz now and gets right up in his face, this is clearly an angle advancement match at the camera would rather cut away from the ring to show Bubba getting in JR’s face and D-Von talking facts. Outlaws iso Christian then Edge in a rare double heat segment, but both heats are like a minute long which ultimately doesn’t go anywhere, Christian has an awesome hot tag, and the match breaks down with Bubba hanging him up on the top rope, and Dogg then hits the Pumphandle Slam for the win. JR and Bubba have words, and Edge jumps him but the Dudleyz bail. **1/2

Backstage: Mark Henry tells Mae Young he doesn’t want her at ringside in her condition and besides she has his bun in the oven. She listens and takes a seat.

Kurt Angles comes out with a mic, he says every week he comes out wanting to be the towns local sports hero, but tonight he’s not gonna do that. He wants to talk about his opponent Mark Henry. He says that he and Mark Henry have nothing in common, despite being Olympians. Because while he won the gold, and came to the WWF to embark on a stunning undefeated streak, Mark's greatest accomplishment was impregnating an 82-year-old woman, which while requiring intensity, showed severe lacks of intelligence and integrity. And while impregnating elderly woman and living in sin may be acceptable to Dallas Texas, it is not acceptable to your Olympic champion.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry
Kurt outwrestles Mark with ease early but Mark is pretty pissed over Kurt’s promo so he starts throwing Kurt around like he was a toy, Kurt’s bumping is amazing in this. This is the best Mark match to date in his run, Kurt hits Mark with a desperation belly-to-belly on the floor as Mae Young comes out, she gets in the ring and begins hitting Kurt in the back so Kurt hits her with the Olympic Slam and celebrates like he won the gold medal :lmaolmao After the match; Mark is beside himself, as EMT’s come out to check on her.

Backstage: The Rock arrives at the building.

Backstage: Mae is getting looked over, and Mae says Mark you know I don’t like it on my back, I like it on top and she shows everyone in the room her tits.

Backstage: Crash and Hardcore are on their way to the ring when Crash says the Acolytes are not the only ones who can do a protection business, and Hardcore says that’s stupid.

The Acolytes vs. Crash and Hardcore Holly
They spend no time in the ring and brawl right into the crowd and to the back, they brawl in the concession stands completely ruining it. Viscera comes out of nowhere and breaks a 2x4 on Bradshaw's back, and Crash covers to win. LOLWHAT? THAT MAKES NO SENSE.

Chris Jericho comes out with a mic, he calls Big Vis the love child of Fat Albert and Mr. T. JR then tells us Chyna isn’t here as she’s filming a TV show :mark:

WWF Intercontinental Championships: Chris Jericho vs. Viscera
This is super short but really good due to Jericho’s aggression and Vis’s big man killer offense. This is just all Jericho he bumps and sells his ass off, and this is probably Big Vis’s best match ever. Anyway, Jericho connects with the bulldog and the Lionsault but the Holly’s break up the pin for the DQ. They beat on Jericho, but The Acolytes run out to make the save, at one point Farooq fucks up running the ropes and just falls into Big Vis’s leg :lmao They make it up by hitting a double team suplex.

Backstage: The Radicalz say they feel bad that Eddie is out.

Recap of The Radicalz turning on Cactus Jack earlier tonight.

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews The Radicalz, he says based off their actions everyone thought they were sincere with their actions. Dean says they were sincere and they do appreciate wrestling in front of these people. Eddie says we’re no fools Mick Foley is the fool for thinking friendship comes before business. Benoit says Foley has no stroke, Triple H and Stephanie do, and we didn’t do a damn thing anyone else wouldn’t do. Dean says desperate people do desperate things, Perry says if Foley can’t find friends he will be a little more desperate than they were.

Backstage: Kevin Kelly is standing outside the Rocks dressing room.

Backstage: Luna is venting to Gangrel about wanting to win the Woman’s title so bad, and wanting revenge for the chair shot.

WWF Women's Championship: Luna (w/Gangrel) vs. Jacqueline
This is about a minute, it’s terrible.

Video Package airs on Tazz, it’s pretty dope

Backstage: Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock, Kevin rambles on about No Way Out and The Rock cuts him off, Rock says you ask him all these questions, but first let the Rock as him a question. “Have you ever had any pie” Kevin says he had apple pie earlier today, and Rock says it looks like he had more than just a piece of the apple pie, but he's talking about poontang pie. Kelly says he doesn't mean to brag, but come on :lmao The Rock then says “DON’T LIE TO THE ROCK” :lmao He says he has his first piece to the right, and makes Kevin wear Rock's Poontang Pie t-shirt on his head, and says not to move his head. Rock says the question is who The Rock faces at WrestleMania, but he could care less. He asks Show if he actually thinks he will stand in the way of destiny, because The Rock was meant to go to WrestleMania, and he was MEANT to take his big right hand, slap the fat off his ass. He stops and asks Kevin if poontang pie boring him? He says it will be a long time before he will ever get poontang pie again to keep the t-shirt on his face. On to tonight; He says on to tonight, Cactus Jack is not in a 5 on 1, because he is now in a 5 on 2. He says he's kicked DX's ass for years now and he will welcome The Radicals to The Rock's world in. Where they can get their contracts shine them real nice turn them sideways and stick them straight up their candy ass. IF YOU SMELL (HE SHOVES KEVIN KELLY OUT OF THE WAY) IS COOKING

Backstage: Godfather and D’Lo are in the locker room with Texas’s finniest hoes.

The Godfather & D’lo Brown (w/Hoes) vs. The Dudley Boyz
Some of these hoes may be ugly as shit but god damn they got quite the body on them. Dudleyz don’t even wait for Godfather to finish his promo before interrupting and getting the match started. This goes for about 2 minutes before Bubba injures Godfather's knee, and medics and hoes check on him on the floor, that leaves D’lo alone and he gets hit with the 3D for the win. After the match; Bubba sets up a table on the floor, and D-Von grabs B.B.! He brings her on top of the announce table and tries to Powerbomb her through the other table, but Edge and Christian run down with chairs from the crowd for the save as the Hardy Boyz also run down the ramp to save.

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Cactus Jack; Cactus says don’t count him out, 15 years ago they said he wasn’t big enough or good enough. He says he was fully prepared to go 1on5 tonight, he didn’t ask for The Rocks help but he’s also not stupid enough to turn it down. He says he will get through tonight and he will get through Hell In A Cell because its meant to be.

X-Pac, Triple H, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (w/Eddie Guerrero, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, & Tori) vs. Cactus Jack, The Rock, Rikishi & Too Cool

So this is fuckin amazing due to the crowd on their feet for the entire match, reacting to everything they suppose to react to and pop when they are suppose to. Not get themselves over with shitty pathetic chants. Huge brawl to start as everyone pairs off and we get Benoit/Jack for like a minute :mark: The face team gets the advantage early on and Scotty’s worm gets Rock Bottom level of pop, Rikishi’s big man offense on Dean was great and Dean does an amazing job of selling he wants no part of it, BUT FUCKIN’ BENOIT COMES IN AND MURDERERS RIKISHI WITH A GERMAN! Just constant action, with nobody dropping the ball at any point, everyone gets time to shine in the ring it’s back and forth for like 7 to 8 minutes, just everything is great and it meet with cheers. Finally Sexay is isolated by DX-Radicalz and again everyone on the heel team gets time to shine and get their shit in during the heat. Cactus gets the hot tag but the ref doesn’t see it so all hell breaks loose and Triple H hits Sexay with the pedigree and Benoit follows up with the Diving Headbutt for the win, not even the Cactus break up pin was enough. After the match; Everyone is still brawling and The Outlaws run down with a pipe and DX/Radicals beat the shit out of everyone but the lights go out. PAUL FUCKING BEARER COMES OUT ON THE FUCKN’ STAGE. KANE IS BACK AND HE TAKES OUT EVERYONE AS PAC AND TRIPLE H ESCAPE. Fuckin awesome match which is made a million times better by in my opinion the hottest TV Main Event crowd ever. I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT! ****1/4


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WWF Smackdown Episode 25
February 10th, 2000
Austin, Texas

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

Recap airs of the Radicalz turning on Cactus Jack for the contracts, along with the 10 man tag match.

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring and gets on the mic; as they show him hitting the Olympic slam on pregnant Mae Young. Kurt says he just wants to say to everyone….. that even though he suplexed and 82-year-old pregnant woman, I am still a role model for children, not to mention, elderly people as well. I am, I am. At the time I thought it was Mark Henry :lmaolmao And tonight I have decided to treat all of you and become the next European Champion. Now I realize we are down here in Texas and not a lot of people here know where Europe is. But hey, it’s not your fault. Actually, it’s your educational system in Austin Texas. It is, but once I win that belt not only do I promise to entertain, but I promise to educate you as well. I do, I do.

WWF European Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Val Venis
This is really good, hard hitting, great bumping and aggression from both men. Kurt targets the head and neck of Val which is sold very well. Until he makes his comeback and acts like the match just started. Val hits a fisherman suplex for two, then goes for the money shot but Kurt wisely bumps into the ropes crotching Val he then hits the Olympic Slam for the win. FUCK YEAH!

Backstage: DX and The Radicalz are looking on, Steph seems extra happy as they watch Kurt leave with the belt. Triple H pats here on the should to knock her out of here daydreaming. She says divide and conquer; ever since Paul Bearer brought back that big red retard Kane, we’ve gotta take care of him. Triple H books, Perry/Sexay, Dean/Scotty, Benoit/Rikishi, Outlaws/Rock&Jack in a None-Title Match, and TripleH&Pac/Kane TONIGHT!

Grandmaster Sexay vs. Perry Saturn
THE GOAT VERSION OF THE RADICALZ THEME DEBUT :mark: This is fun but sloppy in parts, Sexay hits a sunset flip bomb to the floor but Perry hits a desperation kick to the head to get his momentum back. He targets the work and it’s really vicious and unique but Sexay is terrible at selling and in the end just doesn’t even sell a thing, fuck him. Perry hits the elbow drop off the top for two, Sexay blocks a suplex and drops him balls first onto the top rope. He goes for a crossbody but Perry ducks and the ref gets him, Sexay hits a neckbreaker and goes up top for the hip-hop drop and connects but the ref is slow to make the count so Perry kicks out at two. Perry then locks in the rings of Saturn and Sexay quits even though his feet were on the ropes. **1/2


Christian & Edge vs. The Dudley Boyz
They waste no time and all 4 brawl, E&C get the better, they iso D-Von for a bit but D-Von hits a swinging neckbreaker on Christian who plays the face-in-peril. It’s very good, Christian hits a tornado DDT out of desperation and Edge gets the hot tag, he cleans house until Bubba hurts his knee. Christian sunset flips D-Von but can’t get him off his feet until Edge hits a dropkick off the top and Christian rolls through for the win. After the match; EMT’s come down along with B.B. They help Bubba on the stretcher. D-Von says “Bubba are you hurt?” and Bubba says “NO IT DOESN’T HURT” AND HE GRABS B.B :mark: D-Von sets up a table in the ring, and Bubba kills her with a super sit-down powerbomb through the table. Edge and Christian come back but D-Von kills them with chair shots to the head. AWESOME ANGLE! **1/2

During the break; B.B is out cold and is being stretched off.

Scotty2Hotty vs. Dean Malenko
Another match where they go right at one another, and waste no time. Scotty used his quickness to get the upperhand early as Eddie comes out. Dean targets Scotty’s knee but it doesn’t go anywhere or gets sold, I swear if the Backlash match doesn’t hold AHHHHHH! Scotty has a nice comeback and hits the worm but Dean distracts the ref while Scotty goes up top but Eddie shoves him off and Dean locks in the Texas Cloverleaf for the win. After the match; Eddie joins in and it’s a 2-1 until Grandmaster Sexay runs down for the save and DDT’s Dean. **

Backstage: Cactus Jack and The Rock are on their way to the ring.

Tazz video Package

New Age Outlaws come out and Dogg does his usual promo, Jack comes out and says in 17 days he’s in the match of his life and he will not retire, Triple H is the one that will be going down and he will be the one to go on to WrestleMANIA and tonight may not be Hell In A Cell, but it will be hell to pay.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack & The Rock
Damn another match that everyone wastes no time in brawling with one another because they hate each other, not stand in the fuckin ring together and wait for the bell like a first time meeting. So this is the usual good energetic 5-minute tag match, Jack/Rock get the better early and the crowd is super hot for the Rock, and in return he’s in top form I love that when he’s suppose to be in a heat segment he can even have his own hot tag comeback. He hits Dogg with a Rock Bottom but Gunn pulls the ref out stopping the count at two. Cactus has had enough and goes after Gunn but the ref stops him which allows Gunn to run and pick up one of the title belts, he nails Rock in the head with it and Dogg covers for two. Outlaws now wear down Rock but this time for only like a minute before he and Gunn gets double KO’ed and Cactus gets the hot tag, at one point Gunn hits what must be the best and stiffest punch ever as Cactus just crumbles to the floor. All 4 men brawl on the floor and Cactus pulls out a led pipe and nails Dogg with it as the ref is on the floor, but Dogg kicks out at two WHAT! Cactus then finishes it with a piledriver for the win. **3/4

Gangrel & Luna vs. Prince Albert & Jacqueline
Legit 45 seconds to a minute of nothingness, complete waste of time. Luna hits Jackie with an Impaler for the win. After the match; Albert hits the Baldo Bomb on Gangrel and Jackie attacks Luna.

Rikishi vs. Chris Benoit
Another high-intensity brawl breaks out, Rikishi uses his size difference for his advantage but Benoit, Benoit is a fuckin’ relentless pitbull and he goes 100 mph and is assault on Rikishi. They tell a great story on the size difference but Benoit is just a machine that you can never countout. Benoit does a great job wearing down Rikishi with holds and showing his super human strength. Benoit hits the belly-to-back suplex but misses the Diving Headbutt, that allows Rikishi to hit the superkick and belly-to-belly. He places Benoit in the corner but the rest of the Radicalz run down for the DQ. Too Cool then run down for the save. Rikishi hits Perry with the belly-to-belly suplex and DANCE! **3/4


The Hardy Boyz vs. Head Cheese
Blackman killing the Hardyz is great he gives no fuck about flippy shit when he can just kick them in the face, Head Cheese also have some basic but good double teams in their heat over Matt. Once again I love how Blackman doesn’t care for the Hardyz so he just walks over to Jeff and drops him face first onto the steel steps with a front suplex. Hardyz bump on everything, Blackman allows the head cheese to distract him and he goes up top which is a no, no. He misses the headbutt which allows Jeff to get the hot tag, Jeff cleans house but the Dudleyz run down. Bubba nails Jeff with a chair but the ref was distracted with D-Von so he doesn’t hear or see it. That allows Blackman and Al to hit the backbreaker/Leg Drop combo for the win. **1/2

Backstage: Crash and Hardcore are on their way to the ring, Hardcore says he has a bad feeling about this and it seems a little fishy for him, Crash tells him Jericho said it’s okay.

Chris Jericho has one arm tied behind his back, 2-1 Handicap Hardcore Match: Chris Jericho vs. Crash & Hardcore Holly
About 20 seconds in, The APA come out and beat up Crash and Hardcore; allowing Jericho to pin Crash for the win. So Jericho hired out the APA, brilliant.

Backstage: Triple H and X-Pac are talking, Triple H says Kane can’t beat Pac in a one-on-one match, and he can’t beat him in a one-on-one match. In a handicap match they’re gonna destroy him.

Triple H & X-Pac (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, & Tori) vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)
This is a nice little angle match, Kane is back to that unstoppable monster but the numbers are too much for him, and he seems to be one step behind Triple H but he can beat up Pac with no problems. I love that Triple H has to save him time and time again; Kane starts feeling it and begins his comeback taking out both men. He hits them both with chokeslams so Stephanie gives Triple H a steel chair, and he nails Kane in the head with it for the DQ. The chair shot doesn’t affect him and Kane levels Triple H with a chair shot, Steph rolls in to check on Triple H and Kane looks like he wants to hit her but instead he goes to hit Pac but Tori grabs the chair away. She begs off as officials run out to stop it. Paul has Tori though as the rest of DX bail out, Kane chokes her, but doesn't hit the Chokeslam. Instead, he hits the Tombstone as DX look on in shock. ** -**1/4


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WWE Raw Is War Episode 351
February 14th, 2000
San Jose, California

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Kurt Angle
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

The Radicalz come down to the ring and is followed by the entrance of D-Generation X. Stephanie says listen up so the crowd booooo’s so she tells them to shut up. She replays the footage of Tori being tombstones (I should mention Tori is wearing a neck brace) Steph says she is a poor innocent defenseless woman, and the crowd made Kane do it. He was gonna do the right thing, but it was their reaction that drove Kane to do it. So she holds each and every one of them accountable. She says if suffering they want, then suffering they will get tonight. Triple H says they’ve gone a little too easy on their adversaries, kindness is a weakness, and starting tonight their will be no mistakes and NO DAMN WEAKNESS! It starts with Too Cool; he books Sexay/Road Dogg, Scotty/Gunn. Dean&Perry/Rikishi. And that brings him to The Rock. He says Rock is looking forward to his match with Show, but after tonight he won’t even make it BECAUSE TONIGHT HE WILL GO ONE-ON-ONE WITH THE CRIPPLER CHRIS BENOIT :mark: He says Kane needs to be taught a lesson, and he needs to have respect about woman and respect in general. He then says LOOK YOU BERNT FREAK, JUST BECAUSE OF YOUR LITTLE SEXUAL INADQUAIES YOU CAN’T JUST GO AROUND BEATING ON WOMAN :lmao And just because X-Pac has the X-Factor that gets the job done you can’t go around attacking him, he knows he wants Pac in one more match, well Kane it’s your lucky day you’ve got it…..ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IT BEAT HIM AND A PARTNER OF HIS CHOISEING IN A 2-1 NODQ MATCH TONIGHT! Too Cool, Rikishi, Kane, and The Rock all come out and everyone brawls with the faces getting the better.

#1 Contender's Match For The Tag Team Championships: Edge (w/Christian) vs. Jeff Hardy (w/Matt Hardy) vs. D-Von Dudley (w/Bubba Ray-Dudley)
Winners face the Outlaws in 13 days at No Way Out; Edge and Jeff immediately join up and double D-Von, some good double teams occur before D-Von manages to make it a one on one with Jeff. Bubba tries to get involved so Matt and Christian hit him with a double team suplex for two. Jeff throws Edge out and hits D-Von with a Swanton Bomb but Edge breaks it up, they tease hitting one another but team up again to hit D-Von. Edge accidently hits Jeff with a spear and D-Von hits Edge with his jumping inverted DDT for the win. Great little story with Edge and Jeff never touching as it was more about getting back at the Dudleyz, and the Dudleyz being resilient. After the match; E&C and The Hardyz have words with one another. **

Mae Young and Mark Henry check into a hotel suit for Valentine’s Day.

Road Dogg vs. Grandmaster Sexay
This isn’t really good, Dogg isn’t on Perry’s level as a singles and Perry isn’t that good to begin with. They kinda just go through the motions Sexay misses the Hip Hop Drop allowing Dogg to hit the Pumphandle Slam for the win.

Mark and Mae go into the Valentine suite.

Backstage: The Godfather and D’lo Brown follow the hoes to the ring.

Backstage: Al Snow is trying to hypnotize Steve Blackman into having a personality :lmao Blackman says it’s time for our match and stuffs the pocket watch into Snow’s mouth.

The Godfather & D’lo Brown (w/ Hoes) vs. Head Cheese
Before the Match the Godfather tells Steve to loosen up, we can do this anytime but listen up how about we all go downtown and light it up. Blackman is confused and says no to the hoes. This is really sloppy and poorly done, Al isn’t really good, D’lo is washed and Blackman thrives in hardcore matches and beating up flippy dudes. So it doesn’t really click Blackman is distracted to Al talking to one of the Hoes which allows D’lo to roll him up.

Mark and Mae are in the suit, Mark says watching her smile is like watching the sun rise. Mae says she’s gonna slip into something more comfortable.

Kurt Angles comes down to the ring and cuts a promo; he says ever since he won the prestigious European Championship. He couldn’t help but take notice to the many changes in Europe. The economy has gone up, suicide rates have gone down, and tourism has risen 16.4%. While in America, the stock market has plummeted, crime rate has risen to a time high this year, and towns like San Jose continue to fall into a deeper depression. It’s True, now ironically this has all occurred ever since Chris Jericho won the IC title. So he feels it’s his duty to do the same for America like he has done for Europe. He challenges Jericho to an IC Title match at No Way Out, he then challenges Jericho to come out right now and accept his challenge. Kurt says he’s probably busy making a fool of himself along with Chyna on late night TV shows. Chris Jericho eventually comes out; he calls him Kirk Angel before telling him to shut the hell up. Jericho says ever since Kirk has gotten on the mic America has fallen asleep, and when he looks at him all he sees is a Special Olympics jackass. He says he doesn't know about an IC Title shot, but he will give him an Y2J beating right now. They brawl in the ring and Jericho gets the better until refs break It up. Fuckin’ Chyna comes out too and hits Kurt with a DDT.

Mark is in bed waiting for Mae, she says she will be just out. Mark then takes off his underwear and Mae comes out in some slutty outfit and they start fuckin undercovers.

Chris Benoit (w/ Eddie Guerrero) vs. The Rock
JR says the Big Show is on a vacation in Hawaii and is probably watching. So yeah, these two have chemistry and it’s amazing. Benoit is Benoit, but he brings a different side out of the Rock. The Rock is super aggressive and have amazing facial expressions selling the pain. They tell a great story with neither man can make a mistake or loses concentration for a nano second or the other will gain control of the matchup. Benoit is vicious working the arm as he sends Rock arm first into the ring post, he then whacks it with a steel chair as Eddie has the ref distracted. Ahhhhhh the days when a steel chair could be used to start and iso/head segment. Good times, sadly Rock doesn’t sell it which is weird for him but is sorta makes up with his awesome bumping. Rock hits a desperation DDT but Eddie distracts the ref so he can’t make the pin. Eddie gets nailed for his efforts and Rock walks into the crossface. Rock scratches and crawls to get to the bottom rope and does, they exchange strikes in the corner and Rock hits the Samoan drop for two. Spine buster connects but he clothesline Benoit to the floor, both men brawl on the floor BUT THE BIG SHOW IS HERE! HE FAKED BEING ON VACATION! Eddie has the ref distracted and Show rolls him in allowing Benoit to hit Rock with a bridging German Suplex for the win. BENOIT BEAT THE ROCK! FUCK YEAH! After the match; Rock is pissed and attacks Dhow on the stage, but Eddie and Chris break it up. All three beat up Rock on the floor and roll him in the ring where Benoit hits the Diving headbutt. Great match, which gets better down the line. Also Benoit must love San Jose, he’s got this match, 2ManPoweTrip match and the Brock match. ***

Replays Of Show’s attack, we then cut to Michael Cole interviewing him. Show says that’s just a little piece of what’s to come at No Way Out. He’s going to WrestleMania. HALLELUJAH!

Mark and Mae are done fuckin, and Mark says he almost forgot his present. SWEET CHOCOLATES FROM SEXUAL CHOCOLATE! Mae says she’s got something for him; edible panties and she puts it on. Mark then turns the lights off and goes down on her.

Billy Gunn (w/Road Dogg) vs. Scotty2Hotty (w/Grandmaster Sexay)
This goes about a minute before Dogg tries to distract the ref, but Sexay punched Gunn from the apron in mid-Stinger Splash and Scotty got the rollup for the win.

Backstage: Kevin Kelly waits outside a Pissed off Rock’s dressing room.

So on Sunday Night HeAT, Essa won the Light Weight Title from Gillberg SMH!

WWF Light Heavyweight Championships: Crash Holly (w/Hardcore Holly) vs. Essa Rios (w/Lita)
Hardcore Holly comes down to do commentary, and says that they've decided to go the opposite direction of Super Heavyweight. This isn’t good, Essa is fuckin’ awful he can barely hit a tornado DDT without almost breaking Crash’s neck. Anyway, Crash bumps on everything. Only good thing is Essa hit a ‘Rana to the floor and then Lita does the same, Essa then does a moonsault for the win then she does one too. Hardcore is laughing his ass off at the whole thing. *3/4

Crash and Hardcore are still in the ring, Hardcore says he embarrassed not only the Holly family, but he embarrassed him. First of all, Elroy, I mean Crash. You got beat by a light-heavyweight but you got beat by a woman too. Hardcore says he knows he has a problem with woman so it’s a good thing he’s still got that right hand, because that’s the only thing you’re gonna get from a woman. BEST HARDCORE PROMO EVER! He tells Crash to get the hell out of the ring so he can watch him show him how it’s done.

Hardcore Holly (w/Crash Holly) vs. Tazz
This goes about a minute or so, it’s should have been more physical but wasn’t Hardcore is terrible at being a bully and Tazz isn’t the amazing “LEGIT TOUGH GUY” he portrays in ECW so it’s a fail. Tazz applies the Tazzmission, but Crash interferes for the DQ. Tazz then hits Crash with a Tazzplex and the Hollies leave.

Backstage: Kevin Kelly tries to interview The Rock, but The Rock shoves him aside and storms off.

Rikishi vs. Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko
Rikishi’s super heavyweight mixed with amazing agility offense it awesome here, he completely dominates and the only time he ever comes close to being in trouble is when it’s 2-1. But he fights them off with ease, both men bump crazy for him which is good. He murders Dean with Rikishi Driver and hits a belly-to-belly on Perry. He drags both men to the corner, but Eddie runs down and hits Rikishi in the ankle with a pipe for the DQ. Perry hits a missile dropkick and Dean continues to attack Rikishi’s already injured ankle with the pipe (Remember he took the week off after the Rock match because of a sprained Ankle, brilliant) Too Cool run down for the save and the Radicalz bail before they get there.

Kane comes down to the ring, Triple H then comes down and his tag partner is…X-Pac………and………………….THE BIG SHOW!

No Disqualification Match: Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Triple H, X-Pac & The Big Show (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Tori)
If Kane Wins, He Gets X-Pac At No Way Out. So the match is pretty meh and that’s because it’s mostly Show/Kane which kayfabe wise makes the most sense, they’re not gonna have Pac/Kane because that’s for the PPV, and Triple H is the game so why would he do all the work. So it makes sense have the giant wear down KANE. So I get it, but it wasn’t good. I’m just gonna fast forward as this goes about 7 minutes or so. Triple H low blows Kane and Pac hands Triple H a chair, he sets Kane up for a Pedigree onto the chair. But The Rock’s music hits and he runs down to the ring but is Chokeslamed 0.9 seconds as he enters the ring :lmao Kane blocks it and all 3 men attack Kane, Cactus Jack’s music hits and he runs down. He bumps into Tori on purpose :lmao and goes right at Triple H. Show works on Kane in the corner, before turning his attention to Kane he goes for a powerbomb but The Rock hits him in the back with the steel chair and Kane manages to chokeslam him for the win. After the match; all 6 continue to brawl but the heels get the better until Cactus nails them all with this giant fuckin wrench. The babyfaces stand tall to end the show.



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WWF Smackdown Episode 26
February 17th, 2000
Fresno, California

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Kurt Angle
Hardcore Champion: Test
Light Heavyweight Champion: Essa Rios
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

Video Package airs of the events that took place on RAW.

DX-EXPRESS DEBUT :mark: The music plays, and they all walk out of the bus and through the back and out to the ring. Billy Gunn says at No Way Out, the outlaws will put the title on the line against the Dudleyz. You guys think you’re impressing people by putting chicks through tables? It’ll take a lot more than that. Road Dogg says they are no Teri and no EMT, you see we were putting people through table before they brought you up from the minor leagues. So, your chances at getting these title are like a snowballs chance in hell. X-Pac says as for No Way Out, thanks to his good friend Triple H he’s got KANE! Well it doesn’t matter what match it is, he will not get retribution on me taking what was yours and now is mine. He shoves the mic into Triple H’s chest and says thanks a lot buddy. Triple H says Cactus Jack, No Way Out, Hell In A Cell, it wasn’t that long ago they were face to face in what is the greatest fight in New York. They went through hell, HELL WILL START FOR YOU! And it will continue for you after. Too beaten up to get out of bed, too crippled to play with your kids. Your brain too scrabbled to remember where you lived. And there will be no fans to cheer for you. Cactus Jack you say you have a dream, to win the WWF title and to main event Mania. Well, I have a dream to. My dream is to be in the WWF without you in it. Cactus Jack savour the last bit of time you have, because your days are numbered. AT NO WAY OUT I WILL PUT AN END TO YOUR CAREER! He tells Pac he’s sorry about what happen on Monday, he says he’s gonna take care of his problem tonight because he will go one-on-one with Kane. Pac says he’s not impressed and should put the title on the line; Triple H backs off but then agrees. Pac says he’s gonna take care of his problem and kick Cactus Jack’s ass. Triple H then says he’s not that impressed, he says do you remember what Cactus Jack did to Tori. He says I don’t know about you but is pisses me off seeing Cactus hurt an innocent waif-like Tori, and if he really wanted to get the job done he would take him on in a hardcore match. Pac agrees. Triple H then moves on to the outlaws and says they will defend the titles against The Rock………..and……….THE BIG SHOW! Triple H says when he gets done with Kane he’s gonna feel like he got hit by a bus.

Backstage: Crash and Hardcore is disgusted by Mae and Mark, Hardcore says this makes him sick and Mark says they’re just upset because they ain’t getting none. Hardcore says Mae has had more hands on her than a door knob and she’s trailer park trash. Mark tells him to watch his mouth so Hardcore punches him, Crash then pushes Mae to the floor and joins in on the attack on Mark.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley)
This isn’t good because this is never good; thankfully it goes about 3 minutes. Kane is back to full on monster mode so he doesn’t sell and keeps coming. Trips bumps for him so it isn’t all bad. DX run down and attack KANE for the DQ. The numbers catch up to Kane and Pac hits the X-Factor on him, it’s a 4-1 beat down until Pac goes on the floor and beats up Paul Bearer. Kane chases them to the back and they pull Paul out to the back and out to the outside of the arena and the bus. They shove him in the baggage compartment of the bus, and Kane follows. They also beat on Kane and shove him in and lock them both inside. The driver then drives off.

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring and grabs the mic; he says it’s to his understanding that late Monday night millions of children across America went to bed crying after Chyna attacked him, it’s true. Parents have called him saying their children had nightmares about Chyna attacking them too. But he wants to tell all the fans that he is A-OK, and is looking forward to once again representing America as the Intercontinental Champion.

Kurt Angle vs. Chyna
This sucks; Kurt gets his ass kicked for 2 straight minutes before hitting her with the European title for the DQ. He rolls her back into the ring and goes for another but Chris Jericho runs down. Kurt manages to quickly hit him with the Olympic Slam, but Chyna hits a low blow on him.

Backstage: Mark Henry and Mae young knock on the APA Door :mark: and walk through, Mark says he needs them to protect his woman with child and he doesn’t need his woman at the ring. He pulls out some money and leaves it, they accept.

The DX-Express rolls up back to the arena

Backstage: The APA are playing cards, and Mae wants to play. Bradshaw says they play for money so she pulls out some from her bra. Bradshaw accepts and they deal her cards.

Tazz vs. Gangrel (w/Luna)
Minute long Taz squash, MEH!

Backstage: Lilian Garcia interviews Cactus Jack; she says he’s 10 days away from Hell In a Cell. Cactus says I 10 days he and the world will find out whether he goes to Mania as champion or he’s done for good. But he’s got two things in his mind, winning the title and going to mania but the Triple H has hit him with the truth. Sometimes I do wake up in the mornings hurt, so he’s not gonna guarantee he will win and come out the victor. But he will guarantee that win or lose Hell IN A Cell will be the damndest thing you will ever see, he also guarantees that he will one more time go up to the top of the cage and fly off but it won’t be a table it will be H’s body. She asks about the Pac match, and he says he doesn’t care about the match and doesn’t want to loot at X-Pac. But what he will do it rely on his inkstands that are telling him to kick his ass.

Backstage: Mae Young is murking the APA in cards and is winning all their money.

Hardcore Match: Cactus Jack vs. X-Pac
Pac sends Tori to the back, this happens it’s not bad. Jack is super aggressive and pulls out all his big none-weapon spots early. But Pac is the one that introduces weapons he sends Cactus knees first into the steel steps and hits him in the back with a chair that doesn’t affect Cactus, but what it does is pisses him off and he beats the shit out of Pac around ringside. Back in, Pac hits a spin kick but misses the Bronco buster. Cactus then pulls him dick first into the ring post and bounces his head off the steps. Pac has had enough and begins to run to the back, he leads him to the back and DX jump Cactus; they throw him in the baggage compartment of the DX-Express like Kane and Bearer, and the bus drives off. So I guess that’s the end of the match then. Huh?

Too Cool vs. The Radicalz (Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko)
King announces that Eddie with a dislocated arm has challenged Rikishi to a match tonight, so this is fun. They took the singles matches these 4 had about a week ago and meshed them into a tag match. King says Benoit has a new baby so that’s why he’s not here ~ I will not make any jokes regarding this, Too Cool get the better early on and Dean bumps great for them. Grandmaster takes a shot at Perry on the apron which allows Dean to attack him from behind allowing the Radicalz to isolate him. They do the corny “accidently” low blow your tag partner spot and Grandmaster hits Dean with a DDT, Scotty gets the hot tag, it’s alright the match breaks down and Scotty hits the worm on Dean, but Eddie runs down as the ref is distracted and hits Scotty with a pipe and Dean covers to win. **1/2

After the match; the Radicalz continue with the 3-2 until Rikishi hobbles down to the ring, it’s Taker length slow walk. He does manage to get the upper hand, until Eddie hits him in the ankle with the pipe. The wrap a chair around his ankle and drop the steel steps on it. FUCK YEAH! Dean pretends to hobble around on one leg to mock Rikish, they then do the Too Cool pose like they are about to dance but instead continue to put the boots to Rikishi :lmaoAWESOME! EMT’s come down to check on him.

EMT’s have Rikishi on a stretcher and Rikishi says he thinks it’s broken.

Eddie Guerrero now runs out and demands to be declared the winner by forfeit. The ref raises his good arm, and Eddie celebrates like he won the world title. Dean and Saturn also run down to celebrate, and Eddie celebrates beating Rikishi. Cole announces Benoit, Saturn, & Malenko vs. Rikishi & Too Cool for No Way Out. <3Radicalz

Backstage: The APA and Mae are still playing cards; they give Mae a cigar and light it.

Backstage: Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock; Rock cuts him off mid sentence and says something go together, the Rock and WrestleMania is one. He knows the No Way Out match will be hard, but he will beat Show’s candy ass from pillar to post. 1.2.3, as for tonight. Big Show he doesn’t want you as a partner, and he’s already got a partner that no one else has…..THE PEOPLE! He says if Show comes down to the ring he will lay the smackdown on him. IF YOU SMELLLLAO WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!

The DX-Express pulls up again.

Backstage: Mae asks for another beer, they say no but she says the baby wouldn’t mind just one. Bradshaw says he hates her.

Christian & Edge vs. Prince Albert & The Big Bossman
Cole announces E&C vs. The Hardyz at No Way Out with the winners being the #1 contenders; also wasn’t the last time we saw Bossman and Albert together they were feuding. Cole says they worked things out, okay then. Bossman isn’t Bossman anymore he’s no longer trying so he’s useless, Albert is great tho. He murders both E&C and they happily bump around for him. They get heat on Edge which leads a fun Christian spotty hot tag, Edge spears Bossman but he no-sells it, and they do the sunset flip dropkick off the top combo for the win again. After the match; Bossman and Albert lay them out. **

Backstage: Mae gets a Royal Flush and Bradshaw is pissed, she now has all their money. And they ask her what she wants. So she gives them their money back and asks them to follow her.

Hardcore & Crash Holly vs. Mark Henry
This goes about a minute before Mae brings the APA out here, they beat up the Holly’s and Mark hits a Big Splash on Crash for the win.

WWF Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock
The Big Show doesn’t come out so it’s essentially a handicap match; just like pretty much everything else on the show it’s a safe angle match. The Rock is on his usual top form here, and it’s the usual Rock formula against the Outlaws he bumps like crazy for them but they can never truly keep him down, after about 3 minutes or so The Big Show comes out. Rock leaves to brawl with him and the match ends. The Outlaws follow suit and do like they’ve done to everyone else tonight they brawl with Rock to the parking lot, and the rest of DX join in, but Rock keeps fighting and avoids getting shoved in the trunk until the numbers catch up to him. They shove him in the trunk, and DX gets in the bus and it leaves. Big Show waves goodbye but THE ROCK IS STANDING BEHIND HIM! WHAT? YES NOT ON THE OTHERSIDE OF THE BUS BUT FUCKIN’ BEHIND HIM! Rock then hits him with the 2x4 to end the show.


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WWF Raw Is War Episode 351
February 21st, 2000
Atlanta, Georgia

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Kurt Angle
Hardcore Champion: Test
Light Heavyweight Champion: Essa Rios
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

Recap of what occurred on Smackdown.

In the Parking lot, a new DX-Express pulls up and everyone gets out. Triple H tells the driver to stay put ‘cause you never know when a WWF Superstar or two wants a ride on the Express. DX then make their way down to the ring, Stephanie says when we last left the DX-Express they left Kane, Paul and Cactus stranded in the middle of nowhere. Triple H says the Atlanta fans smell, suddenly. The Rock’s music hits and he comes out on to the stage. He says Triple H we seem to have a little pattern here, and it seems that every week you come out here and you run your mouth and you say this, “TONIGHT UH I AM UH THE GAME UH AND IN THIS VERY RING UH FOR THE NEXT TWENTY MINUTES UH I’M GOING TO BE TALKING UH I WILL SAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING UH” :lmaolmao Well, The Rock says UUUUUHHHHHH! YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK! :lmao You see Triple H tonight is gonna be a special night, and not a DX night because that makes him sick. Triple H laughs at him and his Rock top, he says as much as he hates his no talent ass, there’s one thing he can always count on and that’s his one too many catchphrases. Its great stuff, he says if he wants it to be a DX night it will be a DX night. He challenges to come down and Rock does but Cactus Jack comes out, he says yeah he will admit he left him stranded but he didn’t leave him that long. A, he’s been hitchhiking since he was 17 years old, and B, unlike him America doesn’t hate his guts. So you see a driver by the name of big Earl picked him up, and he told him a couple stories that he will do to him in 6 days. He says in a distance he saw two more passengers…….Kane comes out with Paul Bearer, Cactus challenges Triple H to a 6 man. But says let’s give the people a little taste and they rush the ring. It’s a 4-3 brawl, but the Big Show comes out with a steel chair. He kills Kane, and Show with chair shots and Triple H pedigrees Cactus Jack.

Kurt Angles comes out with the Bulldog and says, he hopes no one takes this the wrong way but not one good thin has happen in this town since your Olympic champion won his Gold Medal back in 1996. It’s True, it’s True. Since then Atlanta has gone from cheering Olympic heroes to cheering punks and foul mouthed hooligans and bad apples, like John Rocker and Isaiah Ryder. Now, before we get started I would like to explain my actions on Smackdown for hitting Chyna with my title. Now I was told by reliable sources and this is true because, I am a man of integrity and I would not lie. That Chyna was gonna steal my belt and sell it so she could buy even more plastic surgery :lmaolmao So tonight my good friend Davey is gonna give them a beating they will never eeeeeeverrrrr and Jericho attacks him on the ramp. I love Kurt man.

Chyna & Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle & The British Bulldog
So this happens, it’s only good when Kurt/Jericho pair off which is rarely because they have a PPV coming up so drugged up Bulldog and Shitty Chyna do most of this. Chyna never officially gets in but instead she just comes in and beats people up, thankfully Kurt slams her on the floor as Jericho has Bulldog in the walls. He starts tapping, but the ref is more worried about Chyna so he doesn’t see Kurt hit Jericho in the head with the IC title and Kurt hits the Olympic slam for the win.

Backstage: Rikishi is getting his ankle tapped and Too Cool question If he should even be here, he says don’t worry about him he will be alright.

Backstage: Head Cheese is talking; Snow says Too Cool are so over because they dance. He suggests that if Blackman dances he will get over too. Snow gives him yellow sunglasses and debuts new techno music for Steve to dance to.

Too Cool vs. Head Cheese
This is crazy short, like 2 minutes. Scotty bust out the worm like a minute in. Very back and forth, they do some nice moves but NEVERMIND THAT BLACKMAN DOES THE FUKIN MOONWALK! But that allows Scotty to roll him up for the win. Blackman is pissed.

Backstage: The Godfather and D’lo inspect the Hoes.

The Godfather & D’lo Brown (w/Hoes) vs. The Radicalz (Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn)
D’lo and Perry interaction to start was good, Perry does this awesome and brutal spear to Godfather in mid train move like he gets him right in the hip and Godfather goes flying. That allows Dean to go after his head instead GOD DAMMIT! The Radicalz never even get a heat segment as Godfather hits a scoop slam and tags in D’lo who cleans house, Godfather stops the Cloaverleaf try by kicking Dean out but Perry comes off the top with a flying elbow drop for the win.

Backstage: The Dudleyz and The Outlaws argue who will lead the match.


Edge & Christian & The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz & The New Age Outlaws
HOLY SHIT! Gunn fakes out saying the “SUCK IT” part to hit Christian in the head with the mic :lmao Christian shows great fire and outsmarts both Outlaws, this takes a little time to get going but thankfully it’s given time and it does. Jeff is fuckin’ awesome on his bumping he dies twice on barricade spots which allow the heels to work on him, it’s fuckin’ brutal Jeff bumping here is magnificent and his willingness to make everyone’s shit look great is a huge plus. Edge gets a great hot tag and the crowd is super into it which makes every move look better. Matt hits a nice moonsault to the Dudbleyz on the floor, as Gunn hits the jackhammer on Edge. Christian then accidently takes out Matt with his springboard placha. Back in the ring, Gunn hits the fame-asser as D-Von pulls Road Dogg out. The ref is distracted so Bubba hits Gunn with a chair to the head, Jeff then hits Gunn with the Swanton bomb and he covers but during he count someone pulls Jeff out and Earl Hebner continues to count to three and the bell rings :lmaolmoa:lmao Everyone is confused. E&C and The Hardyz argue about the finish and the HARDYZ being spotlight stealers. **3/4

The APA & Mark Henry vs. Viscera, Hardcore Holly & Crash Holly
This happens it’s punches and kicks for 3 minutes, not enough Crash killing. Until the end when the APA give Crash the double team powerbomb. After the match; Mae puts the boots to Crash but Hardcore clotheslines her and Big Vis kills her and the child with the big splash. Mae is stretched out RIP!

Mae Young is being loaded into the ambulance.

Chris Benoit vs. Test
HOLY SHIT! TEST BEING RANDOMLY PISSED AND TAKING THE FIGHT TO BENOIT IS AWESOME! Benoit being Benoit doesn’t take his shit but Test doesn’t take his shit, so we get about 2 minutes of them just beating the shit out of one another. Eddie sneaks down to the ring, and he has the pipe again. Test goes for the pump-handle but Eddie pulls Benoit down and whacks Test in the back with the pipe, which allows Benoit to hit Test with the diving headbutt for the win. **1/2

Rikishi comes on three crutches taped together into a mega crutch :lmaolmao:lmao Eddie comes out and says he’s not looking too cool, what happen did he put too much weight on it :lmao He says he hurt it 2 stepping, no he hurt it doing the bump. Now, wait a minute. Since this is a NoDQ he’s gonna show him a new step. Rikishi then hits him with the triple crutches and seems to be moving fine. DA FUCK? SO LET ME GET THIS RIGHT! YOU CAN GET YOUR ANKLE HIT WITH A STEEL PIPE LIKE 8 TIMES IN A ROW, THEN 4 DAYS LATER GET IS SNADWHICED INBETWEEN A STEEL CHAIR AND STEEL STEPS THEN IN 4 DAYS SOME BANDAGES MAKES EVERYTHING OKAY?

No Disqualification Match: Rikishi vs. Eddie Guerrero
Rikishi pulls him to the corner and places his injured arm on his chest, Rikishi then hits the Bonzai Drop for the win. After the Match; The Radicals run down but so does Too Cool everyone in the Radicalz gets hit with a crutch show and Perry gets killed by the Rikishi Driver. They Dance and Rikishi is just fine, smh.

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Cactus Jack, he says he doesn’t care if he takes another ride on the DX-Express, he makes Cole lay on the ground and he scares him standing over him. He says that same feeling Triple H will have when his 23 feet in the air, he can’t get the thought out of his head. But he needs to win first, so he will also fly off the cage and if that means he has to show up at Mania on crutches he will do it.

In the parking lot; DX open the baggage compartment and Triple H says someone is going for a ride.

Tazz vs. The Big Bossman
Bossman is officially done IDK what he did in a month but he gives no fuck, Tazz tries to violent it up but Bossman no sells it. Tazz locks in the Tazzmission but Bossman grabs the nightstick and hits Tazz for the DQ. Tazz refuses to break the hold until Prince Albert comes down and they beat him down.

The Big Show, X-Pac & Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Tori) vs. Kane, Cactus Jack & The Rock (w/Paul Bearer)
Hey remember the days when, when the main feuds of the PPV would team up the week before the PPV and hurt each other. Good times. Cactus and Kane don’t even wait for the Rock as they bull rush the ring, huge chaotic awesome brawl before it settles down. Rock/HHH interactions are awesome, the babyfaces control the majority of the early portion with Pac and Triple H bumping for them. I love Show being the muscle he had a one man heat on Cactus before Rock does his usual awesome hot tag, I love that the crowd do that “oooooh” sound every time Rock would hit someone. Anyway, he cleans house but Triple H low bridges the top rope stopping the People Elbow. That allows he and Pac to put the boots and The Rock plays the awesome face in peril role, Cactus gets the hot tag and cleans house he takes out all three and tries to bring out a fire extinguisher. Kane has finally had enough and chases Pac to the back, Show and Rock brawl which leaves Triple H and Cactus Jack alone. Triple H hits him with the extinguisher for the win. ***

After the match; everyone continues to brawl as DX run away, Triple H does all he can to slow down Cactus but it doesn’t work as he ramming a large pipe through the passenger side windshield, the the express backs out and leaves with everyone on it.


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WWF Smackdown Episode 27
February 24th, 2000
Nashville, Tennessee

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Kurt Angle
Hardcore Champion: Test
Light Heavyweight Champion: Essa Rios
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

Recap of Rocks’ trolling promo along with the 6-Man main event from RAW.

Backstage: Crash and Hardcore are talking; Hardcore is upset at Crash challenging Test to a Hardcore title match. Crash says he’s gonna prove to him he’s more Hardcore than him and he shoves Hardcore to the floor FUCK YEAH! YOU GO CRASH!

WWF Hardcore Championship: Test vs. Crash Holly
This is fun due to Test throwing Crash around like the small child he looks like, Crash uses the fire extinguisher for some separation. He hits a ‘rana as Hardcroe comes out on the stage. Crash hits Test in the dick with a cane for two, but he sets up the steps on the floor and as he runs them Test hits him with a chair in mid-air. Back in, Test sets up two chairs and goes for the pumphandle but Crash low blows out of it. He hits a Plancha onto Test and Hardcore comes down, he goes to hit Crash with a chair but Crash ducks and he hits Test with it. Crash covers for the win :mark: After the match; Hardcore raises Crash’s hand like he didn’t just try to hit him with a chair.

The DX-Express pulls up, it has the whole of DX and The Radicalz in it. Triple H says the whole back scratching thing seems to be working, he books Gunn/Bubba, Perry/Dean in a tag match, Kane/Benoit, Dogg/HHH/Pac against Too Cool and Rikishi. Triple H says Cactus Jack is off limits.

The Big Show arrives at the building; The Rock is in his locker room.

The Big Show comes down to the ring and gets on the mic, he says he lays awake at night and wonders why the booooo’s. Just 2 months ago i was getting cheered. What’s changed? I like the Rock, but he insulted me. That may be funny to you but it hurt my feelings, does that make me a bad guy cause I won’t put up with that. Then I lose the belt to Triple H but do I get a rematch, and I do everything he wanted and still no rematch. I won the Rumble, but because of bad officiating I didn’t does that make me a bad guy. He again rolls the footage three times and on the third he has it shown in slow motion. He says you people would cheer for a loser, rather than the actual winner me? Kurt Angle then comes down, he says he’s been listening to what he says and he shakes his hand. Kurt shames the fans, and says finally someone else out here has some integrity and he gets booooo’ed. He says some people do care about the rules and what’s right and wrong. Kurt says it’s was back in 1992…..But Chris Jericho’s music hits and out comes Jericho along with Chyna. He says here’s something you don’t see every day. An Olympic hero with no neck, and a ridiculous giant with no testicles. He says he knows Kurt likes to talk about his 3 I’s but he has an I of his own, I WISH YOU WOULD SHUT THE HELL UP! Kurt says this is exactly what he’s talking about and challenges him right now, or better yet a tag match. He says Kurt will be his tag partner and THE ROCK COMES OUT! Rock says Tag wrestling isn’t his thing, but he will team with him just to shut Kurt up. Then again, he could care less about Kurt. He’s teaming with him just to get his hands on the Big Show. He says The Big Show is right about everything, he say you know why they bo him and shows the video of him doing the CHOKESLAM TAUNT :lmaolmao He airs it again in a different angle, then one more time in slow motion to fully mock shows earlier promo AMAZING! Big Show the great one says this he realizes you are 7 foot and 500 pounds but don’t worry about the crowd, just worry about how he’s gonna kick his ass and go onto WrestleMaina.

Bum Ass Titans team is in the crowd.

A video Package of past Hell In A Cell matches air, minus Taker/Bossman lol And a video package of Triple H/Cactus Jack. GOD DAMN WWE SURE USE TO KNOW HOW TO DO VIDEO PACKAGES.

Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Chris Benoit
Kane attacks the Radicalz before the match, so the Radicalz just defend themselves and beat him up. So the Referee just sends the Radicalz to the back. Benoit does Benoit things; he kicks Kane’s leg from out of him getting him to his back and connects with the diving headbutt. But Kane sits up, he goes to chokeslam Benoit but Benoit again goes to the knees. Kane hits a shitty tilt-a-whirl slam and heads up top for the flying clothesline. He sends Benoit to the floor and Tori comes out blowing kisses at Kane, she slaps Paul and Paul grabs her so the ref signals for the bell DA FUCK! Kane follows Tori up the ramp and Pac appears; he has a FUCKIN’ FLAMETHROWING AND BURNS KANE AGAIN! EMTs and Bearer tend to Kane.

Edge & Christian & The Hardy Boyz vs. Head Cheese & The Radicalz (Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn)
Super short match up, Christian is the face in peril but he only gets beaten up by Snow and Dean smh, Jeff gets a hot tag and cleans house. The match breaks down and Snow shoves Matt into Edge on the floor and The Radicalz hit a double team Leg Lariat/Tiger Suplex for the win. After the match; All 4 have words and it leads to a brawl.

Too Cool & Rikishi vs. D-Generation X (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Tori)
This goes 6 minutes or so and is super fun, but it’s like a 12 minute match condensed into 6, short heat on both Gradmaster and Scotty leads to Rikishi hot tag but it’s cut short and they smartly target Rikishi’s ankle. He does a great job selling it and selling the beating. The match breaks down and Scotty hits the worm on Pac for two. Rikishi goes for the bunzi drop on Pac but the Triple H hits him in the back. Too Cool double Dogg and the ref is busy with that so he doesn’t see Triple H place Rikishi on the steel steps and hit him in the ankle with a chair. Scotty goes to fight Triple H on the floor, back in the ring. Grandmaster misses the hip hop drop and Pac hits him with the X-Factor for the win. Man Rikishi and Triple H are going all out to show they are not accomplices 8D After the match; Triple H again hits Rikishi in the ankle with a chair. **3/4

Backstage: Too Cool is helping Rikishi into the trainers office.

The Godfather & D’lo Brown (w/Hoes) vs. The Big Bossman & Prince Albert
This is short and terrible, thankfully Tazz comes out and attacks Bossman for revenge. He rakes Albert’s eyes while D’lo has the ref distracted and Godfather hits the pimp drop for the win.

JR is in the ring and introduces Cactus Jack; He says the question of the hour is will he realize his dream this Sunday. Cactus says he won the WWF title 3 times, tag title 8 times, first hardcore champion, king of the deathmatch and even a new York times best seller. Looking back, Mick Foley has done everything. So 5 months ago, when he would find it hard to walk around he had a meeting with Vince. And he told him it’s time Mick Foley finishes up, yeah I was making people laugh and yeah The Rock ‘N’ Sock connection was pretty damn good. But the truth is when I thought about my dreams, I didn’t think about making people laugh. I THOUGHT ABOUT BEING CACTUS JACK! And my entire life changed when I saw a 25-year-old-fight. We’re all heard about the thrill in minilab. He says he watched the tape and saw Joe Frazier sitting on a stool not being able to finish, and what he saw was him. Because deep down he did not want to end his career sitting on a stool, and at the Rumble he tore the house down and lost to the better man. He says he sat back and thought of another way of getting back at Triple H and he thought of Hell in a Cell, he says does anybody remember the last Hell in a Cell with Taker, HE GOT HIS ASS KICKED! 2 TEETH KNOCKED OUT! HE GOT KNOCKED OUT COLD FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, DISLOCATED SHOULDER, DISLOCATED JAW, 14 STITCHES BELOW MY LIP, TWO BROKEN LEGS, KIDNEY DAMAGE THAT WOULDN’T MAKE FEEL THE GAME FOR 10 WEEKS! It was without a doubt the worse beating of my life, and without a doubt the greatest day of my career. Do you know why? After it was done, I trying to stick my tongue through the hole in my lip. I GOT UP! I FINISHED THE MATCH! When I think of retirement matches I think of the last 5 or 6 I’ve seen, and I see guys prostituting their names for a couple of extra bucks. But I’m telling you this the 2 things he holds dear are his name and his word, and I gave you my word that if I couldn’t beat Triple H it would the last time I step foot in this ring as an active wrestler (Welp, this promo just lost a little meaning) He says looking out at everyone out here, and tonight might be the last time he gets to talk so what he would like to say is…..THANKS A LOT! He says he guarantees he will not end his career sitting on a stool, you see at February 27th, Mick Foley will go down swinging or he will not go down at all.

Stephanie comes out, she says Cactus is a dreamer and passionate, but so is she. She has a dream and last Monday that dream turned into a nightmare when a lunatic caused over $5,000 worth damage. She says she paid over $350,000 for that bus, but Sunday night he will be the one to pay when Triple H ends him, and guess what she has a warrant for his arrest. Police come out and he accepts the handcuffs and leaves. Triple H comes out just to watch, but he has this fearfull look on his face and Jack has this AWESOME Creepy smile.

Back from a commercial and the Police say the station is way downtown, so they’re gonna hold him into a holding cell for the time being. Cactus says it looks like a cage but accepts and hey put him in.

Backstage: Jonathan Coachman says Kane is suffering from 2nd-degree burns and vision problems. He says the mask may have saved him.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie come in, and the police officer hands Triple H the key when Triple H says they’ll take watch from here and says don’t forget to look in those envelopes.

Backstage: Steph and Triple H are trollin’ Jack in the cage with pizza and the key.

Billy Gunn vs. Bubba Ray-Dudley (w/D-Von Dudley)
So Road Dogg is too tired from his match to come out and join his partner? This goes about a minute D-Von lowbridges the top rope sending Gunn to the floor and the ref DQ’s him lol. After the match; D-Von pulls out a table but Road Dogg comes down to save, Gunn hits Bubba with a Fame-asser through the table.

Backstage: Triple H breaks down the face walls and show that they suckered Jack into a cage which is chained to the DX-Bus, he says he’s gonna drag him all the way to Hartford.

Kurt Angle & The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho & The Rock (w/Chyna)
Oh man what could have been, this is about 4 minutes. Everyone gets some shit in and it just a general good time. Kurt and Show work over Jericho, and Rock never gets his hot tag as the match breaks down and FUCKIN’ CHYNA HIT SHOW IN THE BACK WITH A CHAIR FOR THE DQ! FOR NO REASON! FUCK OFF! Anyway it has no effects on him so he goes to chokeslam her, but Rock saves and hits the Rock Bottom. Jericho puts Show in the walls, Angle tries to come back in but Chyna pulls him back off and refs restore order. Jericho charges back in the ring and to get more of Angle. Rock and Show brawl on the stage, Chyna DDT’s Angle and Jericho puts him in the Walls of Jericho.

Backstage: Show and Rock continue to fight, Show sends him into A FUCKIN’ WINDOWN :mark: Triple H and Steph celebrate with H giving him the tumbs up, they get into the DX-Express and drive off with the bus dragging the cage with Cactus in it.



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WWF No Way Out
February 27th, 2000
Hartford, Connecticut

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Kurt Angle
Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly
Light Heavyweight Champion: Essa Rios
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

Kurt Angles comes out and he has a mic, he says once he defeats Chris Jericho and becomes your EuroContinental champion. And just like the Hartford whalers he too will be leaving Hartford. But unlike the whalers, he will someday return and give you the hero that this town so truly deserves. Chyna comes out next, because she needs her own entrance smh. Jericho follows her out, he calls Kirk Angel a jackass, he calls him an idiot, an imbecile and an ignoramuses.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho (w/Chyna)
This takes a little time to get going but once it does it’s really good, this is also Kurt real first fig match. Granted he’s had 2 matches with Rock but those were short TV 5 minutes matches, I liked that they went right at one another. Jericho gets the better in the ring with high flying but shocking Kurt gets the better on the floor, they do this spot where Jericho shoulder and arm gets rammed into the ring post, but he no sells hit and hits this shitty moonsault off the steps. IDK if he slipped or Kurt was too par back, but he knee hits Angle right in the face. Kurt gets the advantage hitting a belly-to-belly off the top, but Kurt doesn’t really do anything with it. You can see he’s still green, and is feeling his way through this. He does a good job keeping Jericho grounded and Jericho has a couple of cool false hot comebacks. Idk if it’s part of the match or Kurt still being green but he would look like he would go work Jericho’s arm just to instead hit punches or suplex. Kurt gets frustrated that he can’t win so he brings the IC belt in, but the ref takes it away and Jericho locks him in the walls. Kurt manages to get to the ropes, they brawl on the floor and Kurt goes to hit Chyna with the Euro title but Jericho shoves Kurt into Chyna and they both hit the steps. Back in Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Kurt hits him with the IC title for the win. After the match; Earl Hebner comes down to tell the ref what happen but Kurt has already left and Tm White doesn’t care. ***

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews The Dudleyz, Cole says they got a taste of their own medicine when Gunn put Bubba through a table, he says they were given a title match tonight. D-Von says they weren’t given a title shot they took it and they took their respect too. Bubba says the people have already seen a title switch and they better get ready to see another “OUTLAWS WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YOU…..3D”

WWF Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws vs. The Dudley Boyz
All 4 brawl in the early going, and the Outlaws play face because the Dudleyz have been amazing heels for the past month. Early double team low blow headbutt allows the Dudleyz to isolate Dogg; it’s a fun, time those damn Dudleyz cheat and get as much heat from the crowd when they can. King says Teri is here tonight but she’s hired the APA for protection. Gunn distracts Bubba long enough allows Road Dogg to hit a superplex off the middle rope, Gunn’s hot tag is alright but he’s injured his arm so he’s one armed and can barely lift it so that hurts. Bubba nails Gunn in his injured shoulder with a steel pipe and hit Dogg with a 3D for the win. After the match; Gunn and Dogg exchange words. **1/2

Backstage: Kurt Angle is having a victory celebration with the fans.

Earlier tonight on HeAT; Viscera and Mark Henry brawls, which brings us to this.

Mark Henry vs. Viscera
This happens, Mark plays a fun pisses off man and Vis is just here to take the blows. Mae Young comes out, so Visc tries to kill her and the baby with the Big Splash, but Mark saves her and hits Visc with a slam for the win.

Backstage: Lilian interviews Chris Jericho, he says there is no friction between he and Chyna. His problem with the Real Olympic Jackass, who used the belt to win the belt, and if continues to run around doing his stupid celebration, he'll make sure that he will never EEEEEVER be able to walk around looking like an idiot again.

Backstage: EMT’s are with Billy Gunn, who can’t raise his shoulder.

The Hardy Boyz (w/Teri Runnels) vs. Edge & Christian
Before the next match starts, The Acolytes come down to ringside wearing leather gloves to stand guard over Terri. So this is great, very back and forth in the early going. Everything is very fluent and spotty, Hardyz are playing the more aggressive and a slightly more heelish role which is dope, despite getting the thots wet during the t-shirt taking off spot. They work over Christian; it’s really good as Christian is the 2nd best bumper and seller in the match. Plus, we get a great Edge hot tag. BUT WAIT! The match doesn’t break down, we now get a heat segment on Jeff WHAT! When was the last time we got a double heat segment, let alone both teams getting heat. E&C work on Jeff’s back trying to ground him, but also try to out trash talk the Hardyz and one up the other team in being aggressive. Jeff isn’t on game, here almost fucks up a powerbomb and some of his bumps are too forced like instead of just taking the regular bump he wants to make the extra thud so he almost really dies instead of “wrestling dies” Christian randomly comes in and puts the boots to Jeff which allows Matt to hit an elbow drop off the top for two, Edge and Jeff exchange high risk moves that don’t pay off and both men tag out. Matt cleans house, Matt sends Edge to the floor and they hit their double team Legdrop/Splash combo off the top for two. Edge murders Jeff with a spear in mid-air, and Matt hits Edge with the twist of fate. Teri then shoves Jeff off the top rope, which allows Christian to hit Matt with the unprettier for the win. After the match; Edge & Christian are confused with Terri and leave. Matt grabs Terri and yells at her, and since they've been paid to protect Terri, The Acolytes run in and kill them. Tag match was great. ***1/4 - ***1/2

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Edge and Christian, Christian says they knew they would have won. But didn’t expect it would go down like that, Edge says that the Hardyz would have taken the win, and all that matters is that they're going to WrestleMania and fighting for the tag titles.

Backstage: Lillian interviews Big Show, Show says his feelings are still hurt from the SD when he got boooo’ed but hopefully tonight the fans will be different, Show again shows the footage. He says tonight is about redemption.

Earlier Tonight on HeAT the Bossman and Albert attacked Tazz, so we get this. So 2 backstage brawls lead to matches :lmao

Big Bossman (w/Prince Albert) vs. Tazz
This goes a minute before Albert runs in for the DQ! YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK YOU! They both beat up Tazz in the ring. He keeps getting up and fighting back, and they yell at him to stay down. Bossman breaks the fuckin nightstick over Tazz's head. He keeps getting up as they try and leave, and officials have to come down to break it up.

Backstage: Kurt is still with the fans in the cheap seats, he has a megaphone and says he knows the people don’t have much to love for, by my ambition is to done one closer step to greatness.

NoDQ Match: X-Pac (w/Tori) vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)
Kane show no signs of being burnt only 3 days earlier GOD DAMMIT! They immediately brawl all the way up the entrance way and Pac tries to climb the cage mesh entrance way, it doesn’t work. But what does work it using the trash can to hit Kane in the head with it. Pac takes some awesome bumps bending guard rails; he also does a great job of running and luring Kane in so he can hit him with a weapon. Bearer interferes and starts hitting Pac so Tori makes the save, wait shouldn’t that be the other way around? Pac tries to do all his usual moves but once he notices it’s not keeping Kane down, he finally smartens up and goes after Kane’s leg. Kane being the monster doesn’t sell and uses the other leg to simply kick him off, they then skip over the whole leg work and move right into the finish. Kane has Pac up for a tombstone but Pac slides out and low blows him, again no effects. So Pac nails Paul who gets onto the apron, but walks into a big boot. Kane goes up top again, and this time hits the flying clothesline. Tori gets on the apron but Kane doesn’t fall for it, he chokeslams Pac and Tori jumps on his back, so Kane pulls her over and hits the tombstone on her. Kane goes to use the steps as a weapon but Pac dropkicks them back in his face and covers for the win. Kinda pointless match, ugh it just means it’s gonna go on for another month smh. **1/4

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews The Radicalz, he asks are they nervous as this is their first WWF PPV. Dean says the only people that should be nervous is Too Cool and Rikishi, Benoit says they are here to make a statement and nothing less. Perry says, this isn’t proem and the only dancing that should be done is on top of the tables for money, Cole runs the tape of him getting squashed and Eddie says he’ gonna be at ringside for moral support and pulls out that steel pipe which is wrapped up.

So before the bell rings The Radicalz attack Rikishi and Too Cool, Eddie goes to use the pipe as a weapon but Rikishi blocks and whacks him in the injured arm with it. Eddie is sent to the back.

Too Cool & Rikishi vs. The Radicalz
This too takes a little while before it gets going but when it goes it’s a fun time, the reason it does take time is because Too Cool control the early portion it’s not the best, Rikishi however is great I still gotta throw a fuck you out there because he acts like his ankle has not been targeted for the past 3 weeks, and it doesn’t have a bit ass leg wrap around it. Thankfully, Dean stops a Rikishi driver with a chop block. I liked that Rikishi is too but so even on one leg he just too much of a man to keep down, he manages to tag In Scotty and goes for the worm on Perry but Dean was like fuck that and forearmed the shit out of him :lmao Scotty gets iso’d and the Radicalz viciously work his back, and neck depending on who’s in the ring. This has some cool, cut-off spots and false tag spots before Rikishi has a great hot tag, and he still selling the ankle. Rikishi kills Perry with the Rikishi Driver, but Grandmaster stops him from going for the cover so Scotty can hit the worm. Rikishi gets chop blocked twice and gets taken out, Grandmaster hits the hip hop drop but Benoit comes off the top with the diving headbutt. Scotty/Perry/Benoit/Sexay all fall to the floor and Rikishi hits Dean with the Rikishi Driver, followed by the Bonzi drop for the win. Too Cool and Rikishi dance. ***

Kurt is now celebrating in the lobby area

#1 Contender's Match: The Big Show vs. The Rock
So Rock has no cuts or scars after being thrown through a glass window 3 days earlier GODDAMMIT! Kayfabe wise god bless Earl Hebner as he allows them to brawl around ringside and into the crowd for like 5 minutes and doesn’t count them out, that was the true highlight of this, well this brawl and Rock bumping once Show does his slow “methodical” beating in the ring. This just felt filler until the Shane shocking return, after the ref bump. I stand corrected the real highlight was Shane flying chair shot HOLY SHIT! Show covers for the win. After the match; Shane and Show embrace with a big hug and leave, Rock is PISSED! *3/4 - **

In the parking lot; Kurt is still in his gear and is putting his belts in his car when Kurt and Chyna attack him from behind and thrown him in the trunk of his own car.

TITLE vs. CAREER: Hell In A Cell for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. Cactus Jack
HUGE AMAZING! “FOLEY WILL DIE” sign :mark: The cage door has at least 12 chains locking it shut making sure Cactus can’t leave trough the door. Cactus comes out totally taking the fight to Triple H early, they tell a great story early with Triple H being tentative about the Cell early so he’s not fully in “THE GAME” mode but as the match slowly moves along he stops fearing the Cell and picks up the viciousness. He first knees Cactus sending him back first into the cell, then sends him knees first into the steps. Triple H finally gets it as he throws the steps and it nails Cactus in the arm and head, but he’s not done, with the steps on Cactus’ head Triple H whacks the chair on the steps which are again ontop of his head. Cactus takes all of Triple H’s big weapons shots and begs for more, which one messes with Triple H’s head as he has to think about it and 2 it suckers him in allowing Jack to mount his comeback. Awesome back and forth, with both men beating on one another as the violence escalates one spot after the other. Cactus counters a pedigree on the steps on the floor, into a catapult sending him face first into the cage mesh. Jack sees this and this gives him new life, he begins biting at the head and raking it across the face. Cactus does the chair drop from the middle rope onto Triple H on the floor. He then goes for revenge with the steel steps but Triple H moves and the steps break through the cell :mark: Cactus then launches himself to further open the cage up, HOLY SHIT! Cactus’ arm is not bleeding, he decides its not enough and sends Triple H through it and both men are out. He piledrives Triple H on the announce table and tries to climb the cell but Steph pulls him down, Cactus pulls out a 2x4 in barbed-wire and Triple H tries to escape but it doesn’t work as Cactus pulls him back and nails him in the face. Well, Triple H’s only option is to climb and he does. He climbs to the top and Cactus follows him up. But he throws the barbed wire 2x4 up top and Triple H uses it, he rakes it over his face and steps on his hands…….and CACTUS FALLS FROM THE CELL THROUGH THE ANNONCE TABLE AND EVEN HITTING HIS HEAD ON ONE OF THE CHAIRS! HOLT SHIT! CACTUS GETS UP! HE TRIES TO THROW CHAIRS UP TOP BUT HE’S TOO WEAK SO HE SAYS FUCK IT AND CLIMBS BACK UP BECAUSE HIS DREAM WILL NOT DIE! Triple H uses the 2x4 and beats the shit out of him with it, but Cactus will not stay down, there is this amazing spot where he punches Triple H and H falls but one part of the cell almost breaks and Triple H had to save himself. They continue to fight up top, and Jack picks up the destroyed 2x4 he then goes into his boot and pulls out a lighter he sets it on fuckin’ fire and hits Triple H with it :mark: He goes to piledrive him on hit but TRIPLE H BACKDROPS HIM THROUGH THE CAGE AND HE BREAKS THE RING! HOLY SHIT! Triple H slowly scales down, but he’s in complete shock as the Foley chants rain in, he kicks Jack’s hand and CACTUS BEGINS TO MOVE! TRIPLE H IS STILL IN SHOCK SO HE STARTS HITTING HIM HARDER AND HARDER WITH RIGHTS, BEFORE ENDING IT WITH A PEDIGREE FOR THE WIN! After the match; Triple H and Stephanie leave, as Foley begins move and refuses medical help and walks on his own accord and there is this amazing shot of him leaving with his arm raised high. AMAZING MATCH, AMAZING MOMENTS, AMAZING SHOTS! ****1/2

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WWF Raw Is War Episode 353
February 28th, 2000
Madison Square Garden: New York, New York

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Kurt Angle
World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz
European Champion: Kurt Angle
Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly
Light Heavyweight Champion: Essa Rios
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

Triple H and Stephanie come down to the ring; he says he should probably be out here basking in the glory of the greatest match of my life. But to tell you the truth, I can do it. After last night when he and Foley destroyed one another, about a month ago in the building they did it too, and if it’s one thing he’s learnt is he has more respect for him than anyone one else. He says Mick earned his respect; He then plays a video tribute that cuts into the DX theme and clips of Foley getting his ass kicked :lmaolmao:lmao Triple H says WWF will never be the same without him, it will be a million times better. Steph says Mick has a lot to look forward to, not only being a loser; you can be a fat, smelly, disgusting, retired loser. All thanks to TRIPLE H! Shane and Show come out, Shane says just because daddies little girl shattered his heart and drove him out of the very business that he created, don’t think he was gonna sit back and watch. He says he was waiting for his spot, and waiting to pick the right guy. The Rock then comes out; he congratulates the 4 of them. No Shane not for making your triumphant return in The Rock’s match, No Stephanie, not for being the biggest tramp walking New York, No Big Show, not for going on to Mania and NO! Triple H not for still being WWF Champion. Congratulations to the 4 of you for being the biggest group of ASSHOLES the Rock has ever seen. He says Show did win last night, but unlike him he ain’t gonna bitch and moan about it. He guarantees he will be going to mania and will win the WWF title. Triple H says this is a A.B convocation he should C himself out of it, get it :lmaolmao GOD DAMN THAT WAS CORNY! Triple H says this is between the champion and the challenger, and tells him to walk away. And since he blew his chance he has to go all the way to the bottom of the ladder, tonight he will have to face NEW YORKS OWN! BROOKLYN BRAWLER :lmao IF YOU SMEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLO WHAT THE GAME IS PLAYING! Shane says Rock's only chance of going to Mania is no chance in hell.

Backstage: The APA are drinking beer and playing cards, when the Hardyz bust in and not through the door. Matt is pissed and questions what the hell was last night about, Jeff says they want payback. Bradshaw says it’s all business, Matt says they are not street fighters and challenge them to a match, Farooq tells them to get out so the Hardyz flip he table and run.

The Hardyz vs. The Acolytes
So this starts off great, Hardyz enter first and the APA follow, but during the APA entrance Matt tries a plancha but gets caught so Jeff hits a Swanton dive onto his brother whipping everyone out. Hardyz throw out all the big double teams out early but the APA are too powerfull and end up isolating Matt. King then tells us Bradshaw was on CNBC giving financial advice, just a shame we have to wait 5 years for this to pay off. Jeff gets the hot tag but immediately runs into a fadeaway slam, and Jeff gets iso’ed for a bit. This had no real finishing run, as Matt got a blind tag and hit a quick Twist of Fate on Bradshaw for the win. **1/4

Backstage: Kurt Angle is talking with a security guard, he’s telling him what belt weights more as JR tells us Kurt has issued an open challenge for tonight.

Kurt Angle comes down and says unlike Daryl Strawberry, the only thing your Olympic hero is addicted to is capturing championships. And tonight I’m willing to defend my Euro title against anyone in the back.

WWF European Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Rikishi
This is basically a Rikishi showcase for a minute with Kurt bumping like a machine, Kurt goes after the ankle but gets cocky with strikes which backfires, that allows Rikishi to hit him with the stinkface. Kurt takes both the belts and grabs the mic, he says people came here for a wrestling match and not to see Rikishi’s butt in his face. The bell rings so I guess Kurt is counted out, Jericho’s music hits and Jericho and Chyna come out. Jericho says Rikishi may have a giant ass, but Kurt you are a giant ass. And we would love to see you get the stinkface again. They throw Kurt back into the ring and Rikishi kills him with the Rikishi driver, and finishes it off with the Bunzi Drop. The Radicals run down and attack Rikishi, Jericho, and Chyna! Too Cool then runs down and makes the save. Too Cool and Rikishi dance, and they get Chris Jericho and Chyna to join in.

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Chris Jericho and Chyna, he says he lost his IC title last night what happen? What a stupid question, Jericho says he’ll tell him what happen. Suddenly, the Radicalz come over but refs are trying to stop them. Perry and Jericho go face to face and Jericho says you wanna try and fight me? Chyna accepts on his behalf.

Terri comes down to do commentary with what appears to be dry cleaning with her for some reason. Al Snow comes out, and says he knows you need a personality and a entrance to get over. He debuts this new Blackman song with some girl singing “He's Got It!" over and over again.

Edge & Christian vs. Head Cheese
Terri says she dumped the Hardyz because while hospitalized, they only came to see her twice a week :lmaolmao This is weird, Head Cheese are super over but work as heels in this match. They get heat on Christian, it’s really mediocre. Edge’s hot tag brings life to the match for a little bit, suddenly Terri gets up and pulls a large cheesehead piece out of the dry cleaning bag and puts it on. Steve is distracted and a Missile Dropkick to the back/Spear combo wins it for E&C. **

The Rock vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Rock wins with the Rock Bottom after 30 seconds.

The Rock grabs a mic and says Triple H thinks he’s real cute, he says he doesn’t feel like leaving New York City, so he better bring his candy ass out here. Don’t worry it won’t be a title match or a #1 contenders match. It’s gonna be The Rock kicking his candy ass match. Triple H comes out but Stephanie comes out and stops him. Then Shane comes out with Show, he says he’s seen this happen before. And he will not let Rock gloat him into putting the title on the line. HOLY SHIT! CALL BACK PROMOS! HOLY SHIT! THE DAYS WHEN WWF REMEMBERED STUFF PAST 3 WEEKS! Shane says we’ve got this figured out, Rock says if Mania is gonna be Rock/Show then Mania is gonna absolutely SUCK! They huddle and talk, and Stephanie books Rock vs. Triple H/Show in a handicap match, and if Rock pins either of them, he's in the main event with them in a triple threat, but this is his last chance.

Chris Jericho (w/Chyna) vs. Perry Saturn (w/Dean Malenko)
So this was fun, it didn’t get a lot of time so they just went out beating one another up. Dean attacks Jericho on the floor, and Chyna goes to save. Saturn pulls her in the ring hits her with a back suplex, she sells it for literally 2 seconds before coming back and hitting Perry with a low blow, and Jericho uses that to hit the Lionsault for the win. **1/4

Backstage: Billy Gunn has his arm in a sling, Road Dogg says we have a shot at the tag title tonight, and by we I mean DX. He says Gunn isn’t ready; Triple H comes over and says E&C are number #1 contenders, but with a little power DX gets another shot at the titles. It will be Dogg/Pac. Gunn gets upset and says with one arm he’s twice as good as he’ll ever be HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Triple H says he’s taking this the wrong way, and to relax he then punches him and DX assault him, and throw him out the DX locker room. FUCK YEAH! SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER BILLY ASS!

WWF Hardcore Championship: Mark Henry (w/Mae Young) vs. Crash Holly
After some Crash stalling this is fine, but it could have been so much better. It’s basically and angle match for Mae’s pregnancy. Not enough Mark brutality. Mark seems to have the match I hand but Mae comes in and hits a splash, she’s in pain as Mark calls for EMT’s and helps from the back. Mae rolls around and yells my baby.


EMT’s says she won’t make it to the hospital, so Pat, Jerry, Moolah and Mark push her into some random room.

Tazz vs. Chris Benoit (w/Eddie Guerrero)
HOLY SHIT! I forgot this happen, it’s everything I hopped it would be for the 3 minutes it got. Hard hitting, no rest and great suplexs. Eddie keeps getting involved whenever Taz hits a power move, so the ref ends him to the back. Taz slaps Benoit around which fires him up and he hits a 2 Germans, but Tazz counters the 3rd into the Tazmission. Albert and Bossman run down for the DQ! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Benoit leaves, and Tazz does his best to fight back again, but the Baldo Bomb, and a Torture Rack Neckbreaker on the chair ended him. Bossman beat on him some more before saying Tazz sucks just like his hometown of New York, and that the mood has just about changed.

Backstage: Mae is giving birth but asks for a cigar, they give it to her and Pat gives her the light WHAT? She tells the EMT that the last time she had her period was 1957.

Back from a commercial, Mae is giving birth………………….AND A FUCKIN’ HAND IS BORN! FUCK MY LIFE! THANK GOD THIS IS OVER!

WWF Tag Team Championships: The Dudley Boyz vs. Road Dogg & X-Pac (w/Tori)
Dudleyz set up tables at ringside, just because. Pac and Dogg are faces by default which is good, X-Pac is way better bumping as a face and Dogg is better at getting his ass kicked then doing the ass kicking. IDK why but JR calling Tori “Tombstone Tori” is hilarious, I can’t stop laughing when he says it. It so dumb and it’s brilliant. Dogg gets iso’d which leads to a very good Pac hot tag, but the crowd hates him so we get the “X-Pac Suxs” chants, Kane’s music comes down and Pac bails, so Kane chokeslams Dogg, D-Von and Bubba. **

Backstage: Triple H, Big Show, Shane & Stephanie all talk strategy.


2-1 Handicap Match: The Big Show & Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Shane McMahon) vs. The Rock
Can we just talk about the type of champion Triple H is for a second, he has the match of the life in hell in the cell against Cactus Jack, and 24 hours later is back in the ring against the Rock. He has his arm bandaged up too, what a guy. As for the match, It’s typical Rock 2000 handicap formula he gets a shit tone of good shit in, gets beat up but the heat isn’t really the heat because he has his own hot tag, And he bumps around. Trips/Rock interaction is awesome as usual, Show is just a waste. Rock makes the big comeback and hits the Rock Bottom and People's Elbow on Triple H, but Shane runs in and attacks him for the DQ. After the match; Shane low blows Rock as it’s a 3-1 attack, Show chokeslams Rock and taunts him yelling he’s going to WRESTLEMANIA! **


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Nov 13, 2010
Say what you want about today's product.....but we would've gotten a clean finish and decent time to Benoit/Tazz if it was booked today.