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WWF Raw, Smackdown & PPV 2000


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Dec 3, 2010
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You guys wanted it, and I'm gonna give it to you. Well maybe, IDK! The Award winning WWE NETWORK has All of the Raw's but just the first month of Smackdown's so lets just call this a trial.

720p BITCHES!!!!​


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Dec 3, 2010
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WWF Raw Is War Episode 345
January 3rd, 2000
Miami, FL

World Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman
Women’s Champion: The Kat

The 1st Raw of the new millennium.

The Rock comes down to the ring and gets on the mic; As JR tells us about the pink slip on a poll match last week when Rock Beat Mick Foley, ‘causing Foley to be fired. Rock does his finally…. Opening with him saying HOME! He begins to cheap pop some of Miami’s favorites including the Dolphins and the Ziggy Marley (who is in the front Row) Rock talks about how on this in the year 3000, historians are going to ask what sound encompassed this millennium and the answer will be the fans chanting his name. Rock then makes a New Year’s Resolution to once again become WWF Champion. Rock also brings up Mick Foley being fired last week, calling the way it went down was the biggest pile of monkey crap the rock has ever seen. And speaking of Monkey crap, the Rock then calls him out. Well, here Comes Triple H along with Stephanie (Young Steph, JESUS!) Huge ASSHOLE chant that lasts a good 30 seconds :lmao Trips H mocks Rock leopard print jacket before saying he would love to beat his ass in front of all these jackasses in his home town. But he’s got bigger fish to fry, he then says the Rock doesn’t have anything he wants and just like the rock he has a New Year’s Resolution and that is tonight to face the Big Show for the World Championship. He then says he knows Rock likes to be a history maker, so tonight he gets to be in the first ever handicap “You’re Fired” match. Tonight Rock will go 1-3, and if he does not win his ASS IS FIRED! And to make things fair, if anyone interferes they will be fired on the spot. The Rock then asks who is his opponents and before Triple H can talk IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO HIS OPPONENTS ARE. Triple H then says it’s only fair he wants to know, so he’s gonna show the people first hand who are his opponents it’s DX (X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) they beatdown Rock until refs make the save, Triple H doesn’t like it at all so he says he tried to give him a warning last week. If you screw with him he gave him 2 choices 1st he gets his ass kicked, then he gets his ass fired.

Too Cool (w/Rikishi) vs. The Dudley Boyz
Replay is shown of the Mean Street Posse helped the Dudleys beat down the Acolytes and before this match gets underway the Posse come out to the stage. Too Cool get the early advantage, it’s weird seeing the worm not getting the pop it would get later in the year. D’von hot shots Scotty on the top rope leading to a Dudleyz short isolation. Sexay hot tag goes nowhere as the Posse attack Scotty on the floor which brings out the Acolytes to chase them to the back. They go to do the WAAAZ UP but Scotty pushes D’Von off and Rikishi superkicks Bubba for the DQ. Post-Match: Rikishi hits D’Von with the sit-down piledriver. And they dance.

Backstage: Michael Cole is with the Acolytes, and Cole wants to know why they got involved (dumbass must not watch smackdown, even though he’s on commentary with King) Bradshaw says if you wanna pick a fight with them, they better stay to see it through. Faarooq says if they had a dollar for every ass they've kicked, they'd both be billionaires and they're gonna take three punk ass kids and beat their asses with one arm tied behind their back.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie are watch this on TV, and Steph says that’s a great idea. Triple H says that’s fair it’s 3-2. Blackman walks in and Triple H told him he is not allowed to hit Kane with that kendo stick or he will be fired. Steph is confused and is asked why. So Trips says his 2nd New Year’s Resolution is to see Kurt Angle’s winning streak end. Stephanie doesn’t seem too happy as we go to commercial.

Kane (w/ Tori) vs. Kurt Angle
Before the match, Kurt Angle gets on the mic. He says people think this may be the end of his streak, but tells his fans to fret not. He says he has to advantage, and it is a handicap match. He says he sees a 7 foot tall, 300lb bag of muscle who hides behind a mask and does not speak, because he lacks integrity and intelligence. He says he definitely has intensity, but that's only one I. But he has all 3 and he asks the fans to cheer for him as he beats this big lug Kane. This is crazy short like 2 minutes of Kurt pretty much getting his ass kicked until Blackman comes down to ring-side, he hesitates before nailing Kurt in the head with the Kendo stick for the DQ.

Backstage: Triple H and Steph are watching, Steph is delighted as Trips is face palming, as he accuses Steph of having a convo with Blackman. She says if she thought that was tricky, he should wait to see what she's done with the Intercontinental Title.

Stephanie comes out to the ring with a trio of referees, one of which is carrying the Intercontinental Championship. She says just who is the IC champion, is it Chyna or is it Y2J? And everyone has their opinion. She then shows the footage of Smackdown last week with the double pin. She asks Jim Korderas for his opinion on who won the match. Korderas says Chyna did and Stephanie asks Chyna to come out and Chyna appears with The Kat in tow. Stephanie then asks Chad Patton who feels Jericho won the match and Jericho also comes out to the ring. Jericho and Chyna both plead their case before Stephanie says she’s made a decision, claiming business is being done as it has never been done before in the WWF. Thus Stephanie announces that Jericho and Chyna are BOTH the Intercontinental Champion. Stephanie explains they will co-hold the belt and each will take turns defending it but should one of them lose, they both lose the championship. Hardcore Holly comes out to the stage with Crash gets on the mic saying he doesn’t care who the champion is and demands a title shot right now (don’t you miss the days when someone would just come out and ask for a title match, and it would happen)

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Hardcore Holly (w/Crash Holly) vs. Chyna (w/The Kat)
Jericho joins the announcers for commentary and complains about this travesty of justice :lmao thankfully this is only 2 minutes, they do a bunch of fill shit until Holly connects with s sloppy Sunset Flip back into the ring. Hardcore sits down on Chyna’s shoulders but the Kat is distracting the referee from making the count. Suddenly Jericho grabs the IC Title belt and waffles Hardcore in the head with it enabling Chyna to roll Hardcore into a pin for the win. Chyna gets her hand raised as Jericho takes off with the title belt but Chyna follows after him. In the ring Crash makes fun of Hardcore for losing so Hardcore kicks him down, and they fight through the crowd.

Backstage: Triple H is with the The Big Bossman and Prince Albert, he says last week they beat up Test in a 2-1 match well this week, it’s only fair that Test gets some partners. Bossman says it doesn’t matter who’s teaming with Test before saying they do what they do best. Stephanie then wishes Triple H luck in his title match with the Big Show.

Replay is shown of Triple H/Show/Foley saga

Backstage: Michael Cole tries to get a quick work, but Show shoves him away.

WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show vs. Triple H (w/ D-Generation X & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley)
Triple H comes out with Stephanie and the rest of DX but tells them to stay back on the stage. GOD’S GOT THIS BABY! Triple H does his pose on the apron but Show pulls him into the ring to start the match, Show begins to beat the shit out of him. It’s all Show early on until Hunter uses Show own momentum to shove him into the barricade into the crowd. Hunter then takes this huge him toss from the crowd back into ringside. But he ultimately no sells it to shove Show into the steps. He begins to beat on Shown on and under the announce table. He bounces his head off a chair then on the ring bell before rolling him back in. Face buster and high knee only get two. Punches make Show mad, which leads to a Show comeback with a series of close falls. Show hits the chokeslame but Triple H was way too close to the rope. Show then goes up and misses the elbow drop. Triple H sets up for the Pedigree but Show counters with a backdrop. X-Pac starts coming down to ringside and the referee stops him but takes his eyes off the match. Show grabs Triple H by the throat but Triple H counters with a low blow followed by the Pedigree for the win. YES! YES! YES! GOD HAS DONE IT 3 TIME WORLD CHAMPION AND HE DID IT ALL BY HIMSELF! Post-Match: They celebrate fireworks go off while green and black balloons and confetti fall from the ceiling. You know what shocking Show and Triple H have chemistry but it’s only good when Triple H is the heel and can control good stuff. **3/4

Handicap Match: The Big Bossman & Prince Albert vs. Test & The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young
Triple H and Steph troll job :lmaolmao:lmaolmao more 2 minutes of nothingness, Test takes a beating. Mae goes give Bossman the bronco Buster for lulz. Post-Match: Mark Henry runs in and pounds on Albert but Bossman takes him out with the nightstick. Harvey Wippleman then comes in but Albert dispatches him with ease. Test does manage to clothesline both men to send them out of the ring.

Backstage: DX are still partying in their dressing room. Elsewhere The Big Show is shown leaving the arena without saying a word. JR says there will be another day for Show and this is only the beginning.

The Acolytes vs. The Mean Street Posse (Acolytes' Hands Tied Behind Their Backs)
I don’t think it’s even 30 seconds before the Dudley Boyz run out for the DQ :lmao Bradshaw tries to fight everyone off until Bubba Ray nails him with a chair. Faarooq comes in but D’Von takes him out with a pipe and the Acolytes suffer a 5-on-2 beatdown. Bubba slams Faarooq to the mat and sets him up while D’Von comes off the top with the headbutt to the groin. The Dudley’s then depart while the Posse whips the Acolytes with their leather belts.

Backstage: DX are still living the life, Steph now has the Championship around her waist :mark: Road Dogg says the Dudleyz deserve a bonus and Triple H agrees.

Steel Cage Match: Al Snow vs. Jeff Hardy (w/Matt Hardy & Terri Runnels)
Snow attacks Matt during his entrance and starts by attacking Jeff by slamming his head into the door, he follows up with a chair shot to the back and he brings Terri into the cage too. He proceeds to pull a chain and padlock out of his pants and locks the door shut. Snow continues to beat on Jeff and begins taking off the corner padding or trying to. He tries to pillman Jeff ankle but Terri breaks it. Snow backs Terri into a corner but sees Matt trying to climb the cage, so he swings the chair into the cage onto Matt’s fingers. Snow continues the assault which includes a weird scoop slam off the top. Jeff begins a comeback but gets cut-off and Snow rams Jeff’s head into the cage 7 or 8 times, before picking him up and lawn dart throwing him into the cage, he tries to do it again but springboards off him and up and out of the cage for the win. Post-Match: Terri is now left alone with Snow in the cage. Terri tries to climb out of the cage but Snow cuts off her escape. However Matt manages to climb into the cage and whacks Snow with the chair. The referees finally get the door unlocked and Matt helps Terri out of the cage. **1/4

Backstage: Gerald Briscoe and Pat Patterson are in the Rock locker room and they say they're going to miss him. The Rock says nobody's going to miss The Rock, because he's not going anywhere. He says he'll fight the entire crew or the locker room, and he'll slap the yellow off of all their teeth.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie remind DX about what needs to be done.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie are getting X-Pac and the Outlaws fired up about their match. Triple H reminds them of their objectives; someone knocks on the door and Billy Gunn goes to check as he does the Rock barges in to attack them before leaving.

Handicap “You’re Fired” Match: The Rock vs. X-Pac & The New Age Outlaws
Triple H and Steph are cudderling on the stage with a bottle of champagne; Triple H gets on the mic and makes the match no-DQ. The Rock takes the fight to all 3 early but the numbers games catches up as they take turns beating on Rock. The Rock would counter a whip with an Elbow to Gunn, he shoves Dogg into the steps and crotches X-Pac into the ringpost. But just like that Gunn is up to jump on Rocky, once they roll him back in its more let’s take turns doing stuff. Even though this is taking way too long I love that Rock can only get one move in before someone new jumps him as JR says they are like a pack of wolves. Finally Rock gets an amazing comeback as he ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Road Dogg. Rock DDT’s Billy, hits X-Pac with a Samoan Drop and plants Road Dogg with a spinebuster. Rock follows up with the People’s Elbow on Road Dogg and covers but Billy pulls the referee out. X-Pac nails Rock with a spinkick and Billy follows up with a Jackhammer then the Outlaws place Rock in a corner allowing X-Pac to hit the Bronco Buster. Road Dogg then tells DX to hold Rock while he goes out and gets a chair. Suddenly Mick Foley jumps the rail from the crowd and blindsides Road Dogg then brings the chair into the ring and clobbers Billy and X-Pac with it. Triple H runs into the ring but he gets nailed with the chair as well. Foley then takes off back through the crowd as all four DX’ers are down. Rock and Billy get back to their feet and Billy charges but runs into a Rock Bottom and covers for the win. Way too long and the majority of this was just filler heat until Foley showed up. **1/4


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Dec 3, 2010
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WWF Smackdown Episode 20
January 6th, 2000
Orlando, FL

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho & Chyna
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman
Women’s Champion: The Kat

Backstage: D-Generation X and Stephanie are all sitting around, as Stephanie says Triple H regaining the WWF Championship was a proud moment in WWF history but Monday wasn’t a proud night for all of DX. She blame them for failing to defeat The Rock and get him fired and while she does mention Mick Foley’s intrusion, she still points out they couldn’t beat one person anyway. Stephanie says she and Triple H have a warrant out for Foley’s arrest should he trespass tonight before announcing that she and Triple H have decided to show their comrades some tough love. Stephanie tells Road Dogg they don’t have any plans for him right now but will later then gives X-Pac a chance to redeem himself, by facing The Big Show. X-Pac complains but Triple H points out he beat Show all by himself and feels X-Pac is good as he is. Stephanie then turns to Billy Gunn and mentions he and Road Dogg saving the Acolytes for the Royal Rumble but decides to give Billy the chance to soften both of them up tonight, in a handicap match. Billy takes exception but Triple H says they’re not the only ones who are going to sacrifice tonight. Stephanie says tonight Triple H is going to defend the WWF Championship against a random opponent who will be determined by a lottery so it could be anyone, even someone from DX.

The Big Show vs. X-Pac
This goes about a minute with Show throwing him around until a ref tries to pull him off so Show shoves him for a DQ. Show isn’t happy with that and chokeslams the referee. X-Pac nails Show in the back with a chair but Show is unfazed and punches the chair into X-Pac’s face then follows up with a kneedrop. A swarm or referees try to break it up but Show scares all of them away then shoves the referee out of the ring.

Backstage: Chyna and Jericho are arguing about being forced to tag tonight, Jericho calls it a fait worse than death, they begin to walk to the ring as Jericho tells her to stand on the apron and try to look good as he does all the work.

Michael Cole tells us that police officer are patrolling the area just in case Mick Foley shows up.

Crash & Hardcore Holly vs. Chris Jericho & Chyna (w/The Kat)
This was short thankfully and was mostly Jericho; Chyna refuses to tag in, and attacks Jericho on the floor. She rolls him in, and Bob hits the Hollycaust for the win. The Holly cousins celebrate while Chyna grabs the Intercontinental Title belt and walks off.

FAKE Mankind is at Universal Studios, scaring away all the children. A man tells him to stay away from the kids so Mankind tells him to have a bad day.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie are watching this on a monitor thinking it really is Mick Foley and Triple H says he hopes Foley comes to the building and gets arrested before he steps out. Tori then comes in saying all the bathrooms are occupied and asks Stephanie to use her’s as we go to a commercial

Back from break: Road Dogg is talking to Stephanie wanting to know what his “punishment” is but Stephanie says it’s Triple H’s decision. So Road Dogg asks to speak with him and Stephanie claims Triple H is in the bathroom but when Road Dogg goes in looking for Triple H he instead finds Tori who screams. Road Dogg yells at Stephanie for not telling him and Stephanie claims she forgot. Road Dogg then storms off.

Handicap Match: The Acolytes vs. Billy Gunn
So this just here to remind us that the Acolytes and the Outlaws are still kinda feuding and are in a tag match at the Rumble lol. I’m not the biggest Billy fan but he’s is pretty damn good in this, tons of weird babyface heart along with bumping throughout. He does get murdered by a Bradshaw clothesline from hell that turn him inside out . Backdrop/neckbreaker double team leads to Road Dogg running out for the DQ. Post-Match: Road Dogg hits the juke ‘n jive punches on Faarooq but Faarooq interrupts with a spinebuster. Faarooq then throws Road Dogg to the floor and the Acolytes brawl with the Outlaws through the crowd.

Backstage: Triple H and Steph, are in their locker room when Kane gets pissed for having to wait. He then slams his fists on the table and says he wants a match with that pervert Road Dogg :lmao Triple H is confused and Steph says she has no idea, but it will be one hell of a match.

Backstage: Road Dogg is with Triple H and Steph, Trips says he appreciates what he just did, but if Billy helps him he’s gonna have to let him go. Steph says his match with Kane is next and he gets pissed. Triple H tells him to back off. After Road Dogg leaves Triple H asks Stephanie what that was about but Stephanie again plays dumb.

Kane (w/Tori) vs. Road Dogg
Road Dogg can’t even get his bars off before Kane chases him up the ramp and they brawl down to ringside. Kane pretty much dominates until X-Pac then comes out and causes a distraction. Road Dogg gets in a little bit of offense, but then promptly loses to a Chokeslam. SQUASH!

Backstage: The Rock is pacing back and forth, as we cut to Steph and Trips. Steph wonders who he will be facing and Triple H says Kurt Angle.

We cut back to Universal Studios and find FAKE Mankind on a water ride. “Mankind” rants to the tourists that he was hardcore and didn’t fear anything until Triple H fired him. Once the Jaws shark pops up out of the water “Mankind” nearly has a heart attack. After they pass by it “Mankind” says he doesn’t have to be scared about that anymore.

WWF New York HYPE!!!!!

The Rock makes his way down to the ring and get on the mic; he talks about how Triple H threw every member of his crew at him on Raw but he still came out on top and says this is the millenium of the Rock and he is the people’s champion. Kurt Angle comes out to the stage with his own mic. Angle talks about being an Olympic champion, an American hero and a representative of this great nation. Kurt mentions how he did battle in the Olympics and came out a winner and how he’s undefeated in the WWF thanks to his three I’s, so he feels he should be the People’s champion. Angle scoffs at the notion that the fans prefer a “GQ, smooth talkin’ smart aleck” over him. As Angle climbs in the ring Rock gets back on the mic to respond to his comments. Rock tells Kurt he did something he should never have done, and that’s annoy The Rock. Rock says Kurt is an American hero then points out Angle’s gold. He tells Kurt to shine them up real nice, turn them sideways and stick him straight up his candy ass.

The Rock vs. Kurt Angle
First ever meeting, which at the time doesn’t feel that big but in 9 months :mark: after exchanging some blows Kurt suplexes Rock on the steps but gloats way too long allowing Rock, to get a breather. Rock would run into a belly-to-belly and his first WOOOOOOOOOOO! Rock’s bumping in this is phenomenal as he’s making Kurt look not like a rookie but someone that should be in the ring with him. And Kurt came to play his bumping and selling is on par with Rock’s after a samoan Drop Blackman comes down but Rock meets him, he first hits Blackmen with the kendo stick then Kurt for another DQ. JESUS! Post-Match: Rock is pissed and delivers a Rock Bottom to Blackman. Kurt does the amazing over the top celebration so The Rock comes back and delivers the spinebuster-People’s elbow to send the fan home happy.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie and watching as Steph gloats and Trips is PO’ed. We then get a shot of a spinning tumbler containing the names of Triple H’s potential opponents. Outside we also find the cops still patrolling for some sign of Mick Foley as we go to commercial.

Edge, Chrisitan & Jeff Hardy (w/Matt Hary & Terri) vs. The Dudley Boyz & Al Snow (w/Head)
Snow and Jeff still have their issue and now they’ve each recruited a tag team. Matt also has bandages on the fingers Snow broke during the cage match on Raw. As the Dudleys walk out they talk about the bonus DX gave them: having Snow as a partner :lmao Christian and D’Von start, they go for like 20 seconds before Jeff tags in so Snow just attacks him because he’s still pissed that allows D’Von to attack and the heel team take over. Oh look the WAAAAZ UP! Is behind the ref’s back because it’s a FUCKIN’ LOW BLOW! Someone tell WWE to watch some old footage. Jeff tags in Edge as the match breaks down, Snow stalks Terri on the outside. Matt stands between Terri and Snow while Jeff leaps over the ropes catching Snow with a plancha. In the ring Edge comes off the top but Bubba catches him with a clothesline. Bubba then clubs Christian from behind and sets him up while D’Von readies for the 3D but before they can hit their move Edge spears D’Von and Christian flips out of a suplex into a Slop Drop. Edge hits the Downard Spiral on D’Von and gets the pin while Christian keeps Bubba from making the save. Post-Match: Snow grabs Head and lays out both Dudleys with it while yelling at them for losing. They sure did pack a shitload into a match that felt like 3 to 4 minutes. **1/4

Back to Universal Studios where we find FAKE Mankind trying to get into Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster. “Mankind” walks up to the security guard wanting to get on the ride but he is informed the ride is closed. “Mankind” pleads his case and even offers a bribe of a quarter but the guard radios for backup. “Mankind” then tricks the guard and runs away.

Test vs. The Big Bossman (w/Prince Albert)
Bossman showing why he’s a HOF’er by trying to break Test’s once already broken nose :mark: Once again I’m no Test fan but he is really good in this maybe it’s just because it’s two guys basically beat up one another, and it’s mostly Test who is getting is ass kicked. The match would end when Bossman holds Test as Albert comes in with a bicycle kick but Albert misses Test and nails Bossman. Test shoves Albert down and covers Bossman for the pin, Test walks away holding his nose while Bossman yells at Albert for his botched interference. **1/4

Backstage: Triple H calls Test’s win an upset and Stephanie hopes Triple H doesn’t get upset in his match but Triple H says that ain’t going to happen.

FAKE Mankind is still at Universal Studios, he comes across the “Back to the Future” ride. “Mankind” decides he wants to turn the hands of time back to his first WWF Championship win last year. “Mankind” then changes his mind and wants to go back to March 15, 1982, the last time his wife found him attractive.

Mean Street Posse are coming out to the ring for a match. We cut to the DX room where Stephanie asks Triple H what the Posse are doing out there and Triple H says he wanted to reward them by giving them possibly their first tag team win.

The Mean Street Posse vs. Kai-en-tai
This is short. TAKA rules. The Posse does some offense and then Funaki rolls up Rodney to win. Kai-en-tai celebrate while the Posse can’t believe they lost again.

Backstage: The entire roster is in a meeting room as Stephanie tries to get their attention but the roster ignores her until she slams down a chair to finally get them to quiet down. Stephanie reminds everyone that one of them will get to challenge Triple H for the WWF Championship tonight then rambles on how the WWF Champion is defending his title against a random opponent for the first time. Stephanie says everyone’s names are in the tumbler and that Triple H will defend against all comers, calling him a champion with spirit and pride and that she’s proud of him. Stephanie then brings Triple H out as about three people applaud him :lmao Triple H talks about taking this opportunity to be a leader and role model to everyone. Triple H also brings up how anyone in the room can take his place after he retires as a leader and reminds everyone how historical this is, that anyone has a chance to be champion. Stephanie pulls out a container and opens it to reveal … Andre the Giant. Triple H complains about this being a real deal while saying he’d beat Andre but he’s not here. Stephanie picks another name out of the tumbler but this one ends up being … The Fabulous Moolah. Triple H says that match would be one for the ages but wants a more serious challenger and decides to have a more impartial person draw a name. Triple H asks Howard Finkel to do the honor and Finkel walks over but trips and accidentally knocks over the tumbler, spilling all the containers. Finkel picks a ball off the floor and after some difficulty opens it to reveal … Rikishi! Triple H acts unhappy and Stephanie glares at Finkel while the rest of the room cheer for Rikishi.

At Universal Studios, FAKE Mankind is getting off a ride a little queasy when he finds the real Mankind waiting for him. Mankind yells at his doppelganger for talking about his wife and family before tearing into him. Mankind throws the impostor around the park and slams him into several objects while ranting about Triple H. Eventually Mankind leaves the fake laying while telling him “Have a nice day.”

WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon Helmsley) vs. Rikishi
As Rikishi comes out he sends Too Cool to the back because he wants to do this alone. Stephanie comes out with Triple H and again joins the announcers for commentary, Triple H attacks Rikishi as his back is turned to him, but Rikishi fights back and gets the upper hand. Triple H is taking a beating and is bumping like a young Flair, his idol. He would reverse a whip and send Rikishi into the steps before bouncing his head into the announce table. He would roll Rikishi back into the ring, and delivers a huge clothesline that he does the inside out bump :mark: for only a two count. Triple H throws Rikishi through the ropes then goes out and rams him into the barricade. Triple H goes for a whip but Rikishi reverses and sends Triple H into the barricade. Rikishi follows up with a clothesline before throwing him back in the ring. Rikishi whips Triple H into a corner then hits the running butt splash followed by a Samoan Drop but only gets two. Rikishi hits a belly-to-belly suplex and drags Triple H toward the corner then climbs up and hits the Banzai Drop for two. Great near fall, Rikishi sets Triple H up for the sitdown piledriver but Triple H escapes from it and sets up for a Pedigree. Before he can hit it Rikishi counters with a backdrop then connects with a superkick for two. . Rikishi goes for the sitdown splash but Triple H avoids it as Stephanie slides a chair into the ring. Stephanie hops on the apron to distract the referee while Triple H clocks Rikishi with the chair. Triple H covers Rikishi as the referee turns back but Rikishi still kicks out! Stephanie passes the title belt to Triple H who drills him in the head with it for the DQ! Yep another DQ and the only DQ I can understand. Post-Match: Triple H brings another chair into the ring and clocks Rikishi in the back. However Rikishi again starts getting up so Triple H grabs his belt and bails form the ring. Backstage we find the rest of DX saying they weren’t going to help Triple H this time. Triple H yells at Rikishi as he begins his post-match dance with Too Cool. Great fuckin’ main event, really made Rikishi look good and deserving of a potential main eventer down the road. Just not the way it turned out to be lol. ***1/4



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Dec 3, 2010
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you know i was gonna make that joke in the review but totally forgot to type it down. But i'm guessing it's like what JR says "GOD IS WILLING TO DESTROY HIS OWN GRANDMOTHER TO KEEP THE WORLD TITLE"


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Dec 3, 2010
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WWF Raw Is War Episode 346
January 10th, 2000
St. Louis, MO

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho & Chyna
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman
Women’s Champion: The Kat

Raw opens up with the entire roster making their way down to the ring, and surrendering it. The Rock makes his way down to it. JR and Lawler ask what's going on, as we cut to the back and find Triple H, Stephanie and DX watching; The Rock gets on the mic and says; you are probably wondering why everyone is out here, well they have all asked the Rock to be their spokesperson. And he’s agreed. He then calls out Triple H and Stephanie. Triple H and Stephanie get up to head out expecting the Outlaws and X-Pac to follow them, but the three of them stay behind telling the Helmsleys its them The Rock wants. Rock again calls out Triple H and Stephanie, who eventually appear on the stage, Stephanie gets on the mic to try and work things out but Rock puts up his hand for her to talk to. And tells her to KNOW HER ROLE, AND SHUT HER MOUTH. Rock says the entire roster is ready to walk out and join the World ‘Rock’ Federation unless their demands are met. Rock says first of all everyone wants Mick Foley reinstated to the WWF immediately and the Helmsleys confer before agreeing to rehire Foley claiming they were going to do it anyway. Rock then brings up the various firing matches lately and demands they are to never be done again and that no one can be fired without just cause. Triple H and Stephanie agree and Rock says there are 15,000 Rock fans calling Stephanie a slut. Triple H says he thought they were talking to The Rock, and he ignores him. Rock says they like to throw around their weight, but as of tonight, there is no one who will get fired without just cause, and they agree too. Mankind's music hits, and he comes out through the crowd and into the ring. Mankind acknowledges the DOZENS AND DOZENS of Mankind fans for the cards, and secondly, he thanks The Rock for this. Mankind then brings up DX for ridiculing him and mocking his family over the past week. Mankind challenges Triple H to a WWF Championship match at the Royal Rumble, Mankind starts to talk again but Rock cuts him off and announces himself as the first entrant in the Rumble itself. Rock then goes into how he’s going to throw out 29 other jabronies to win and go onto Wrestlemania. Mankind then suggests that he and Rock use the leverage they currently have to book tonight’s show. Mankind suggests they find out which of the New Age Outlaws is the toughest by having them fight each other then reminds Triple H everyone is still ready to walk out so Triple H is forced to make that match. Mankind then mentions Triple H saying X-Pac was as good at him and suggests they fight each other tonight with Stephanie accepting that as well while X-Pac just shakes his head backstage. Triple H and Stephanie start to leave but Rock says they’re not done, that there’s one more match. Rock then books all of DX against The Acolytes and their partners, The Rock & Sock connection.

Back from a commercial; DX argues and Triple H says they had to do it or everyone would have walked out, but Road Dogg tells Triple H he should have let them walk, feeling they could have done a show by themselves. The Outlaws complain about facing each other while chastising Triple H for the way he handled the pressure. The rest of DX storms out, with X-Pac saying he’ll see Triple H out in the ring.

Road Dogg vs. Billy Gunn
Right off the bat I’m pretty sure JR says we’ve never seen this match or who would have thought we would have seen this match, his accent is mad strong plus it’s really early in the morning. As for the match; it’s the normal partners go at it kinda match. They lock up hard and stiff but clean break. Well it was until Road Dogg turned his back and Billy attacked him from behind to gain control. Billy begins to work the head and neck area; the match would end when Dogg catches the Fameasser into a side one legged Powerbomb for the win. Post-match: Road Dogg offers a hand but Billy blows him off and leaves the ring.

Backstage: Mankind walks into a room and begins to tie up FAKE MANKIND, Telling him he’s a funny guy and to tell him some jokes.

Backstage: Terri is seen signing the Hardy Boys up for a match, I forgot to mention that just for tonight The Rock and Mankind have a signup sheet for the boys to make their own matches (since they have leverage and all)

Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman vs. The Hardy Boys (w/Terri Runnels)
So before the match, Kurt gets on the mic and says. He says he has a lot in common with the St. Louis Rams. They both have the three I's, but unlike the Rams, he beats people with actual winning records. It's true :lmao He asks why they would boo an Olympic champion but cheer for Kurt Warner, who is only on a lucky streak. Which is a good question, but I have a better one WHY THE FUCK WOULD THE HARDYZ WANT TO FACE Kurt and Blackmen?!?! Well as dumb as that is this was a short and sweet blast. Hardyz completely dominate Kurt and get some crazy near falls off some simple moves. Blackmen and Jeff do some cool reversals, but Jeff goes for one too many high risk moves which includes and almost botched ‘Rana on the floor to which Blackmen holds on and swings Jeff into the steps. Jeff hits this sweet dropkick off the top to Kurt who was on the apron, which leads to a brief Matt hot tag. Blackmen tries to bring in a stick but Jeff again goes up top and dropkicks him into Matt who delivers a twist of fate for the win. Post-Match: Kurt is upset at Blackman for losing the match before storming off. **1/2 - **3/4

Backstage: Mankind is playing mind games with FAKE Mankind, and says that if asked, he'll tell them that fake Mankind is all tied up, and yells at him to laugh at the funny joke, and fake Mankind is clearly weeping.

Backstage: Edge is standing near the sign-up sheet when Christian walks up. Christian asks Edge if ‘he’ was happy about facing him and Edge says he was cool with the idea.

Backstage: Chris Jericho, Chyna and The Kat are at the sign-up sheet which is hanging on the door of the McMahon-Helmsley locker room :lmao Jericho tells Chyna she showed him something on Smackdown and then apologizes for his actions. Jericho talks Chyna into signing a rematch with the Holly’s claiming together they can destroy them. Jericho offers to take the belt but Chyna insists she carry it so Jericho walks away as Chyna signs the match.

WWF European Championship: Val Venis vs. Edge (w/Christian)
Oh look someone is putting the signup sheet to good use unlike those retard Hardyz; JR also tells us that Edge is engaged to Val’s sister :lmao Edge is a dick, not only is he banging the guys sister but now wants to take his title from him. Val gets on the mic and says; Edge may win his sister’s hand but he’s not man enough to win his title. Edge comes out when entrance is interrupted by the glowing orange symbol on the TitanTron :mh: So this was a ton of fun, it’s jam packed with action with both guys just beating on one another with moves. Everything looks clean and is impressive, the match would end when Edge goes for a spear but Val throws him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Val then follows up with the Fisherman’s Suplex for the win. Post-Match: Edge and Val shake hands after the match before Edge gets on the mic and tells Val he was the better man tonight but will not be the best man at his wedding. Edge says that honor goes to Christian and Val seems cool with it **1/2 - **3/4

Backstage: The Outlaws argue and X-Pac tries to keep the peace. Gunn says Road Dogg got extremely lucky, and says he can find his own ride home, and he storms off.

Chris Jericho & Chyna (w/The Kat) vs. Crash & Hardcore Holly
As the Hollys come out, Jericho gets on the mic and claims he and Chyna are going to destroy them. He then mentions how he got a bigger response despite Chyna coming out with the championship. Jericho and Hardcore do some things, but when Jericho tags out so Chyna gets isolated and goes to tag, but Jericho doesn't bother reaching out for it, that allows Hardcore to pull Chyna away and hits the Hollycaust on her for the win. Post-Match: Jericho grabs the IC Title and leaves, and points to his head. Meh angle advancement trash.

Backstage: Mankind keeps torturing Fake Mankind, and throws hot coffee in his face.

Backstage: Triple H is AMPING himself up when X-Pac comes in, asking if he’s ready to do this. X-Pac brings up Triple H saying he’s as good as him and says he intends to prove it in the ring. Triple H says the problem is he meant it as we go to commercial.

X-Pac vs. Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley)
Some really good technical wrestling to start, and just like the Billy/Dogg match the tie-up are stiff and Triple H jumps him after a clean break. That just pisses Pac off who comes with some great babyface heat and quickness to get the jump on Hunter. Triple H would put a stop to Pac’s shitty chops by slamming his head off the announce table and steps. Back in, the Pedigree is countered with a low blow right in front of the ref who pretends he was distracted and JR tries to cover it up :lmao more spinkicks lead to the bronco buster but when he heads up Steph pulls his leg under him crotching Pac on the top rope allowing Triple H to pedigree him for the win. AWESOME 3 MINUTE MATCH! No rest and jam packed with action. **3/4

Back from break we get a replay of Stephanie costing X-Pac his match with Triple H. X-Pac says it's the broad that's ruining things here. Gunn says DX was fine until Stephanie showed up, and says she's the one whose really running the show, and they don't care about them.

Too Cool & Rikishi vs. The Headbangers & Al Snow (w/Head)
Even though it was never mentioned I’m guessing the Headbangers put this on the signup sheet, Snow is too crazy and Too Cool and Rikishi are simi-over and get TV. The Headbangers get no air time so yeah; I’m guessing it was them. This was 2 minutes of nothing until Rikishi comes in and kills everyone; he drills Mosh with the sitdown piledriver for the win. Post-Match: Al Snow lays out The Headbangers with Head, and he leaves. Rikishi and Too Cool dance.

Backstage: Mankind tells FAKE Mankind that if he hasn't learned his lesson, it's an hour of Al Snow matches for him. He then says he's thinking about untying him because he likes his fashion sense.

Back from break we find Mankind untying the FAKE Mankind. He then tells the fake he better not mistake kindness for weakness. Mankind also orders him not to leave the room, or he’ll regret it.

The Godfather & D’Lo Brown (w/Hoes) vs. The Dudley Boyz
The Dudleyz waste no time and run to the ring; which backfires as they get their asses handed to them until a Bubba powerbomb and the WAAAZZZZ UP (not called the WAAZZZ UP) is hit and is behind the refs back because it’s a FUCKIN’ LOW BLOW. The Dudleyz take over and isolate D’Lo for like 2 seconds before he hits the low down powerbomb and Godfather gets the hot tag. He cleans house, as the Dudleyz regroup on the floor but instead take one of the Godfather’s women and start walking out but Godfather and D’Lo head out to cut the Dudleyz off and everyone ends up getting counted out. JR calls them Hoe stealers :lmao

Backstage: Tori and her tight ass are walking, when Mankind calls her. He says he’s been looking for her all night. He says they don’t get the chance to talk like they use to. So he wants to take the time to tell her how much he admires her sweaty, Voluptuous breasts. And he knows that she’s head he’s a good kisser. He also make a list of 17 other things he’d like to do to the bad boys, if she wants to go over that list he’s be in his dressing room and SLAPS HER ASS! DRESSING ROOM #3 :lmaolmao He then says bring a friend because there’s plenty of Mankind to go around.

Test & The Big Show vs. The Big Bossman & Prince Albert
So don’t know who signed this but it really doesn’t matter as it makes sense. This goes literally one minute, Bossman accidentally hits Albert with the nightstick and Test hits Albert with the Flying Elbow to win. Post-Match: Albert and Bossman argue in the ring, and Albert shoves Bossman down! The Big Show comes back in and he hits them with a Double Chokeslam.

Backstage: Kane is storming his way to room #3 with Tori right behind him. Kane then breaks into the room and sure enough comes across the FAKE Mankind. Kane proceeds to destroy him throwing him all over the room and into a nearby stairwell. Kane throws a pipe at “him but misses and the FAKE Mankind runs off.

Backstage: Footage is show of everyone walking toward the entrance way.

D-Generation X (w/ Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. The Acolytes & The Rock n' Sock Connection
Triple H tries to rally DX and offers a hand but his teammates refuse to shake it. Rock exchanges words with Billy Gunn to start and Billy goes for a sucker punch but Rock blocks it, and hits some right hands. Billy/Rock is cool and after like a minute Rock hits the Rock bottom for two, Rock proceeds to clean house on DX before tagging in Bradshaw, but just as he tags in Road Dogg gets tagged in too. They do some stuff but Road Dogg wants no part so Pac tags in and gets murdered by the Acolytes. The faces isolate Pac for a beat with everyone but Mankind getting a lick in. X-Pac tags in Triple H while Faarooq tags in Mankind and Mankind goes to work on Triple H, beating him down in a corner and hit the running knee. Mankind whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H crawls to his corner looking for a tag but the Outlaws and X-Pac back away off the apron. Mankind grabs Triple H and pokes the eyes and again looks for a tag. The other DX’ers refuse to tag in and even walk out on Triple H as he throws a tantrum in the ring. The Acolytes and Rock brawl with them to the back, leaving Triple H and Mankind to fight one-on-one. Mankind goes for a whip; Triple H reverses but Mankind ducks a clothesline and hits the double-arm DDT. Mankind pulls out Mr. Socko and looks for the Mandible Claw when Stephanie grabs his leg from the floor. Mankind pulls Stephanie onto the apron looking to put the Claw on her but Triple H breaks it up. Triple H kicks Mankind through the ropes to the floor then goes out and tends to Stephanie. Triple H goes over and rams Mankind into the ringsteps and then into the announce table. Triple H grabs the ring bell and clocks Mankind with it, knocking him onto the table. Triple H then climbs up and Pedigrees Mankind through the table, busting him open! Triple H rolls Mankind back into the ring and hits a second Pedigree for the win. Post-Match: Triple H decides he’s not done and continues working over Mankind. However Mankind fights back and even rips off his mask before throwing Triple H through the ropes. Mankind goes out to the floor and grabs the ringsteps then clobbers Triple H with them! Mankind grabs a piece of the announce table and waffles Triple H with that as well, Mankind then throws Triple H into the table piece before doing his bang-bang motion. Mankind throws Triple H back into the ring and clotheslines him back out over the ropes. Triple H and Stephanie decide enough is enough and begin to retreat. AWESOME MATCH! And was just a little taste to what we would get later in the month or is it February I can’t remember either way AWESOME! ***1/4 - ***1/2



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WWF Smackdown Episode 21
January 13th, 2000
Chicago, IL

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho & Chyna
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman
Women’s Champion: The Kat

Triple H and Stephanie come down to the ring and get on the mic; Steph says would like to clear up a misunderstanding…..as it potains to Raw, no wrestlers are leaving and they have written the wrong. She also says they don’t understand why anyone would leave, their door is always open. She then says there is only one McMahon running the company right now and that’s her. And she so happens to be married to the WWF Champion THE GAME! TRIPLE H! Triple H grabs the mic and says, after Monday he can’t help but feel the need to humbly apologize. Not to the people and not to the ingreats that surrounded the ring on Monday; Triple H says he is going to apologize to the rest of DX, saying he was wrong and they all made mistakes. He explains he tried to fix those mistakes with tough love, doing to them what they should do to him, and that the Outlaws and X-Pac showed him tough love back by walking out on him. He says that action showed him the error of his ways so he’s out to right the wrongs, tonight he will show them how sorry he is. And that starts with the Outlaws; tonight he will make a match. In this very ring the two of them will face in a no-DQ handicap match against Bradshaw of the Acolytes, adding if Faarooq interferes, the Acolytes lose their tag title shot at the Royal Rumble. Triple H then says the Outlaws have a second handicap match tonight, this time against Faarooq, warning Bradshaw not to interfere in that match or they still lose their title shot. Triple H then says he and X-Pac are going to team up against The Big Show and The Rock. Triple H says as for Mick Foley, Mankind if he thought he didn’t have him backed against the wall like he thought on Monday he was dead wrong, because he pinned him in the center of the ring and left him laying in a puddle of his own blood. AT THE RUMBLE YOUR BLOOD WILL STAIN NEW YORK CITY! :mark: and will beat him worse than ever, but he knows Mick is in the back. He calls him out deciding to finish what he started on Monday. Welp, out comes the “FAKE” Mankind instead, He gets on his knees and says Triple H is the best of all time and apologizes for even trying to stand up to him. Suddenly the real Mankind comes out wearing the blood stained shirt from Raw. He asks if this is was he gets off on? First by taking his job then his dignity, and in what should have been a great night on Monday, he takes him and he ruins his shirt and his face, and he'll be honest, when he took a shower and he looked at the blood swirling the shower drain, he started to think about what Mankind was. Mankind is an entertaining son of a gun, a pretty damn good author, one tough SOB, and one hell of a fighter, but one thing Mankind is not ready to face him at a Street Fight in the Garden. As Triple H smiles Mankind calls him the best in the business while he’s a beaten up, pathetic fool. Mankind then says the fans deserve a substitute in that match. AND AS A MATTER OF FACT! I THINK YOU KNOW THE GUY! HIS NAME IS CACTUS JACK!!!!

Cactus makes his way to ringside saying his first act is to kick Triple H’s teeth all over Chicago. Cactus charges in the ring and hammers away at Triple H and beats him down in a corner. “Mankind” brings a chair in the ring and whacks Cactus in the back with it but it has no effect. Cactus tees off on “Mankind” and throws him through the ropes while Triple H bails out to the floor. Cactus hits a baseball slide that sends “Mankind” sprawling over the announce table. Cactus grabs a chair and elbowdrops it from the apron onto “Mankind” before doing his “bang-bang” motion. Triple H looks on from the stage, shocked at what he’s unleashed as Cactus climbs back in the ring and grabs the mic saying Triple H may make him bleed, it will not be the first and it will not be the last. He has a lot of blood to give. Cactus then promises to tear Triple H apart and take what he holds dearest his WWF Championship :mark: AMAZING! I gotta go watch it again.

NoDq Handicap Match: The New Age Outlaws vs. Bradshaw
Before the match; Road Dogg gets on the mic and says if you are a foe or fan of you don’t like them they can SUCK IT! As Bradshaw runs down he throws powder in Doggs eyes to even the odds kinda. He throws Gunn into the steps and begins to pound on Dogg, he sticks to the keep the match as 1-1 as possible until Dogg hits him in the back with a chair. The Outlaws isolate Bradshaw, with moves and the occasional chair shot. Bradshaw tries to fight back but a chair shot to the head ends it.

Backstage: Johnathan Coachman tries to interview Rock about tagging with The Big Show, but Rock cuts him off mid-sentence. He asks Coachman what his name; Rock says he can answer him. Coachman answers his question and Rock welcomes him to the WWF and to Smackdown. Coachman says his nickname is “Coach” for short and Rock pokes some fun at it. Coach then proceeds to ask Rock about teaming with the Big Show tonight. Rock says it doesn’t matter whether he teams with Big Show or Big Bird as long as he gets a piece of Triple H. Rock then talks about having Show as his partner, saying he’s cool with teaming with the former WWF Champion. Rock then turns to Coach and asks how he got that nickname and Coach Tries to answer but this time Rock cuts him off with “It doesn’t matter!”

Too Cool & Rikishi vs. Dem Fighting Holly Cousins & Al Snow (w/Head)
This was short and crappy; Rikishi beats up everyone and beats Crash with the Bonzai Drop. Post-Match: Snow hits the Holly’s with Head and leaves, and says he needs a partner he can trust :mark:

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie are congratulating the Outlaws on their win over Bradshaw with Road Dogg and Billy proudly proclaiming “one down, one to go”. They all then notice X-Pac is nowhere to be found as we go to commercial.

Gangrel (w/Luna) vs. Test
TRASH! Luna interferes for a DQ, so Test lays out Gangrel with the Big Boot and hits Luna with the Pumphandle Slam.

Backstage: Chris Jericho and Chyna are talking with The Kat standing nearby. Chyna tells Jericho she’s not upset at what happened on Raw and she’s sorry if she upset him. Chyna tells Jericho she wants to let bygones be bygones and make this work and Jericho seems to believe it. Jericho and Chyna shake hands promising no more headgames before Chyna and Kat depart.

The Hardy Boyz (w/Terri) vs. The Big Bossman & Prince Albert
Albert and Bossman give one another death stares as the walk to the ring :mark: but as soon as the bell rings they are one, sadly as fun as this was the shortness makes it way too hard to love. I really wish they would have cut one of the 2 prievius suckfests matches and give this the extra time. Both Hardyz get murdered but it’s mostly Matt, Bossman grabs Terri but Jeff makes the save and helps her to safety. Allowing Matt to regroup and hit a desperation twist of fate before tagging in Jeff who cleans house. Albert goes for a corner splash but hits Bossman by mistake, that leads to the two of them having words so Jeff dropkicks Bossman into Albert, knocking him through the ropes. Jeff then quickly rolls Bossman up for the win. Post-Match: Bossman and Albert exchange blows until refs, and agents break it up. **1/2

Earlier Tonight Lillian caught up with the Big Show asking him how he felt about the tag match. Show says he is he’s excited because he gets a chance to get his hands on Triple H, pointing out that he’s the only former WWF Champion to not get his rematch. Show says he also wants revenge on X-Pac for pinning him several weeks back with the help of DX. Show then talks about The Rock, how everyone supported him as their spokesman last Monday only for him to talk about how he’s going to win the Rumble while calling everyone else a jabronie. Show says he took that personally, that he’s not a jabronie and that he’s going to win the Rumble. Show adds there’s no way Rock is throwing him over the top rope because he’s going to toss Rock into the 7th row. He says he is a professional and he’s going to be Rock’s partner tonight, however he finishes by saying he doesn’t like The Rock.

Backstage: Chyna runs into Tori and says got something bad to tell her but they can fix it as they walk off.

Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman vs. Edge & Christian
Pre-KEC amazingness, this was another great 3 minute match. Edge and Blackman do some cool shit, Christian and Kurt do okay as Kurt distracts the ref allowing Blackman to poweslam Christian on the floor allowing them to take over. Kurt tries to wear down Christian with a chinlock but fights out and counters the Olympic slam into the inverted DDT, he tags in Edge and we get more Blackmen/Edge goodness until Val’s music hits and he’s on the Tron leading to a distraction long enough for Christian to come off the top with a missile dropkick knocking him into a bridge suplex from Edge for the win.

Backstage: Chyna is still with Tori, she says she hasn’t even told The Kat this but Chris Jericho is crossing the line. She says she can’t stand being around him. Now, that all he does it talk about is Tori. And his fantasies about her in a flight attendant’s uniform with no panties on. Chyna then tells her to not tell kane but if she does the match should be non-title. THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL!


NoDQ Handicap Match: The New Age Outlaws vs. Faarooq
Yeah this wasn’t good at all, this goes about a minute and isn’t smoke and mirrored with weapons like the Bradshaw match. Faarooq is beat after a Jackhammer and Shake Rattle & Roll in succession and both Outlaws covering him. Post-Match: Bradshaw runs out with a steel pipe and the Outlaws bail.

Backstage: DX and Steph are celebrating them going 2 for 2 against the Acolytes. Triple H again points out that X-Pac is still M.I.A, and Gunn says well they’ve been a bit busy.

The Godfather & D’Lo Brown (w/Hoes) vs. The Headbangers
Before the match; a symbol comes on and his voice says THE MOOD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! Appears on the tron, as for the match it’s a pretty basic tag match, just realized this is the 5th match with multi-people in it so it’s nothing we haven’t seen already tonight.

Backstage: Johnathan Coachman interviews both The Rock and Big Show on teaming up tonight. Rock starts to say something but Show cuts him off and says he doesn’t care what he has to say. Show tells Rock he doesn’t like him to his face and to stay out of his way during the match. Show storms off and Rock says Show may be a lot of things but he’s not the People’s Champion. Rock says Triple H will get the back of his hand and X-Pac will get the front.

Kane (w/Tori) vs. Chris Jericho
So this angle is ways better than that fuck shit they do for Survivor Series or is it Armageddon later in the year. I still can’t believe 16 years later that a feud happen over hot coffee. Before the match; Jericho comes out with the Intercontinental Championship, and says e has no problem facing Kane. Jericho tries to explain that Chyna is trying to set them up but accidentally calls Tori a liar. Jericho then tries to recover but accidentally says Tori is unattractive. Jericho continues to dig his own grave by accidentally calls Kane a retard, Tori ugly and stupid, and so on. Jericho finally accidentally calls Tori a lunatic and Kane grabs his throat to end his rambling and the match is on. Jericho fights out of it and comes off the ropes but runs into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker as we get a quick shot of Chyna and Kat laughing and watching this from the back. Kane whips Jericho into a corner and charges but Jericho gets the boots up, Jericho floats over out of a slam and comes off the ropes with a forearm. Jericho goes for a ‘rana but Kane counters with a powerbomb, he heads up top and connects with the flying clothesline and Jericho bails out to the floor. Kane goes out and leaps off the steps but Jericho ducks it and hits some knees but Kane comes back with a right hand. Kane rolls Jericho back in the ring but Jericho snaps his neck on the top rope then hits the springboard dropkick, knocking Kane back off the apron. Jericho goes for a baseball slide but Kane sidesteps and decks Jericho with an uppercut. Kane rams Jericho into the steps then picks them up but misses Jericho with them. Jericho trips Kane into the remaining steps and Kane rolls back in the ring while Jericho climbs to the top rope and connects with a missle dropkick. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho when he looks over and sees Chyna and Kat coming out. The distraction allows Kane to grab Jericho by the throat and hit the chokeslam. Kane then follows up with the Tombstone for the win. Kat then runs down and grabs the IC Title belt before giving it to Chyna and the two walk off while Jericho is left laying in the ring. **1/2 - **3/4

Backstage: Triple H & Stephanie are both saying how sorry they are to X-Pac, he accepts Triple H’s but laughs Stephanie off. Trips says he’s gotta have faith in the deal just look at the Outlaws. Pac says this will be like before Pac go get his ass kicked. And Triple H says no we’re in this together, Trust me ALLERGIES!!!

Triple H & X-Pac (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. The Rock & The Big Show
Pac and Hunter show dat unity by coming out to Break it down; Young Steph doing the crotch chop is awkward as fuck :lmao Triple H then takes Tony Chimel’s mic and says he wants to guess who’s coming out next. Triple H says The Rock is going to come out last because he has to get the big pop so he brings out the man Rock called a jabroni, the Big Show. Sure enough Show comes out next followed by Rock. Show tells Rock he wants to start while Triple H starts off for DX; it’s good they do the usual Show dominates and refuses to tag in Rock because he can do it by himself. Show throws Pac and Hunter around for a bit, but when he signals for the chokeslam Rock tags himself in and cleans house. Spinebuster to Hunter and as he goes for the people’s elbow, Show has the ref distracted allowing Pac to hit him in the back with a steel chair (I miss these heel tactics) DX takes over and is mostly Rock bumping and selling for 5 minutes, with the occasional mini-comeback so it’s fuckin’ glorious. Big Show refuses to tag back in, and he walks out on Rock. So as the ref is yelling at Show Triple H hits a low blow and the Pedigree for the win. Post-Match: Triple H and X-Pac celebrate before Show goes back in and chokeslams the Rock. Show walks off and Rock is left lying. **1/2


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WWF Raw Is War Episode 347
January 17th, 2000
New Haven Colliseum, CT

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho & Chyna
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman
Women’s Champion: The Kat

Dr. Martin Luther King day, also we will get an update on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s spinal surgery.

Cactus Jack comes out to open the show, and he gets on the mic. He congratulates Triple H on doing something he never knew was possible and that was making Mankind mad. Cactus asks why Triple H would do that when Mankind was friendly, funny and downright huggable. Cactus tells Triple H that deep down inside Mankind’s soul was a sick person waiting to be woken up. When he hit him with that ring bell last week that woke him up, Cactus adds he liked feeling his blood running down his face because it reminded him who he really was. Cactus tells Triple H he should remember Cactus Jack and even has a reminder for him as he turns to the TitanTron and shows his WWF “debut” against Triple H from Raw in September 1997 in Madison Square Garden, saying that hardcore match was a little inking of what he’s going to do to him in the street fight. He says that he took a lot of beatings lately and no normal man should be walking around after that punishment, but he’s not a normal man and therein lays the secret. Cactus says he spent last year worrying about not being the man he used to be, yet the fans forgave him. Mankind will one day return to make everyone laugh but there will be no laughter this Sunday, he’ll be better than the man he used the bee and regrets nothing that made him who he is. Because he is one bad son of a bitch, Cactus adds once he suits up at the Royal Rumble it’s a change in mindset that says he will not be denied. Cactus says he can’t wait for his WWF Championship title shot and wants a piece of Triple H ass right now. Triple H comes out onto the stage alone; He says he’s thought about nothing else but Cactus for four days. He then says at the Rumble in a street fight wouldn’t have been his first choice but he’s okay with it. Triple H then tells Cactus as sadistic as he his, he will reach down and be that much more twisted and evil. Triple H says he has a serect to share: as sadistic as Cactus is, Mick Foley hates his guts and may even be afraid of him. Triple H explains that every time Cactus his crippled and maimed someone, Mick Foley dies a little inside. Unlike Foley, when he gets that sick and sadistic he loves every second of it. Triple H tells Cactus what he’s bringing to the Rumble will be more than he can handle so he should be afraid. Cactus tells Triple H that’s real good but again challenges him to go at it right now. Triple H takes a minute to think and agrees, he begins to walk down to the ring but stops and says he wants to invite a few more guests. On that note the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac make their way out and Cactus tries to meet all of them at ringside but the numbers advantage catches up to him. Suddenly, The Rock comes out to make the save but the Big Show follows him and pulls him out of the ring. Show headbutts Rock down and throws him into the ringpost, sending him over the barricade. Show then climbs in and starts attacking the DX’ers with headbutts while Cactus fights with Triple H. The Acolytes then join in to even the odds clears the ring. Show and the Acolytes brawl with the other DX’ers through the crowd while Cactus is left standing in the ring.

WWF Hardcore Championship: The Big Bossman vs. Test
During Test’s entrance he gets cut off with THE MOOD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!?! Bossman goes to to meet Test at ringside and they begin to brawl through the crowd to the back. At one point Bossman breaks the light making the room pitch black to we don’t see the beating :lmao They brawl into a bathroom as someone is taking a shit, we can guess it’s a shit because Test breaks the door and tells him is stinks. They continue to brawl as Test’s nose looks to be broken again :lmao his first match without the protective mask and he’s already bleeding :lmao Bossman throws Test into a wooden crate then tries choking him with a garage door for a two count; Test grabs some bandages and begins to choke Bossman back to ring-side. Albert then runs down but Bossman nails him with the trash can just because, he hits Test again with it but only gets a two count. Albert begins to attack Bossman, which allows Test to nail Bossman and him with the nightstick. He then finishes Bossman off with a nightstick elbow off the top for the win.

Backstage: Stephanie and DX are upset, when Steph says this isn’t last week and they will repect us. Triple H says she’s damn right. Triple H makes a match with the Outlaws vs. Rock/Show, unless they take themselves out first. He then books The Acolytes vs. Pac and Himself. Pac seems upset, and Steph tells him to trust them.

Backstage: Terri’s ratchet ass is looking in the mirror at her hard nipples.

Backstage: Johnathan Coachman is with the Bossman; Bossman says Prince Albert stuck his nose in his business and nobody does that then vows revenge against him tonight and storms off.

The Godfather & D’Lo Brown (w/Hoes) vs. Edge & Christian
They are really going all out with this Edge marriage angle, I wonder how it will end 8D D’Lo and Christian start, they do a good series of counters until Edge tags in who gets a great pop from the hoes in the crowd. Godfather and Edge do some stuff, with Edge eating the majority of the moves leading to him being isolated. They work the back or try to it a short match so it’s a fail. Poor Christian he gets 0 pop for his hot tag, he cleans house leading to an Edge spear on the Godfather. So one of the Hoes gets onto the apron and D’Lo whips Christian into her and she takes the hilarious hold onto the ropes slow motion bump :lmao Edge goes to check on her because he’s a THOT allowing D’Lo to hit Christian with Sky High for the win. Post-Match: Godfather then gets on the mic and shows they’re not player haters by offering E&C their ladies. Edge tries to protest saying he’s engaged but the ladies don’t care as they lead him up the ramp while Christian is left in the ring giving Edge a funny look. Nice little angle match, that Edge is a real slut. **1/4

Michael Cole and his AMAZING FANNY PACK is at a hospital in San Antonio, and JR says he'll be on later to give a report on Steve Austin's surgery.

Backstage: Bossman and Albert are brawling. Bossman throws Albert into a room and Tori runs out screaming, and Bossman laughs and leaves.

Kurt Angle is making his way down to the ring and JR tells us that Kurt will face a mystery opponent at the Royal Rumble. Mr. & Mrs. Helmsley are watching on a monitor, with Triple H telling Stephanie he has a surprise for her. Suddenly Tori bursts in stammering about Albert and Stephanie wastes no time making Albert vs. Kane tonight. Back in the ring Kurt gets on the mic and talks about his mystery opponent tonight saying he’s confident he’ll come out on top because he knows everyone like the back of his hand and he also has his three ‘I’s. Angle’s opponent turns out to be … Steve Blackman, and Stephanie is not happy with this in the back. Triple H smiles, that GAME! So smart.

Kurt Angle vs. Steve Blackman
Kurt is about 3 months in so he’s not learnt to carry those less talented yet, and this is a none gimmick Blackman match so it’s meh. They do some back and forth moves and strikes until The British Bulldog runs out to ringside, he grabs Blackman’s kendo stick as he delivers a low blow then nailing Blackman out with it on the apron. Blackman stumbles back in the ring and Angle covers for the three. Steph is happy and Trips is salty.

Backstage: Johnathan Coachman interviews The Big Show about teaming with The Rock again. Show starts off by reminding us he doesn’t like The Rock and that what happened on Smackdown was the result of Rock calling everyone a jabroni. Show says it was personal against the Rock and nothing against the fans who he still respects and wants a good rapport with. Show hopes they understand his issue with the Rock and again promises to win the Royal Rumble and regain his WWF Championship at Wrestlemania. Show says tonight he’s going to take care of the Outlaws and tells Rock to stay out of his way.

Backstage: The Kat is rubbing some kind of oil on her thighs.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring with the THOTS of the “Miss Royal Rumble” swimsuit competition at the pay-per-view and begins to ask each of the women their thoughts on the competition. Terri says she’s going to top her recent Raw magazine spread by showing less is more. The Kat says she doesn’t need any strategy, bringing up her win at Armageddon. Ivory calls everyone perverts and says there’s no way she’ll participate in such a contest. Jackie and Luna tell Ivory if they all have to do it so does she before they attack her. Everyone starts going at it as the referees try to restore order when Mae Young comes out to the ring. Mae says she’s going to give everyone what they want and starts to disrobe. Fortunately, Mark Henry, Harvey Whippleman and the Fabulous Moolah quickly come out to cover Mae up. Some many L’s

X-Pac & Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon Helmsley) vs. The Acolytes
Stephanie joins the announcers for commentary YES! Pac and Hunter attack the Acolytes as they slide in the ring but Faarooq and Bradsahw get the upper hand. All 4 brawl around ringside as Bradshaw and Hunter go into the crowd. Faarooq/Pac are in the ring with Pac using his t-shirt to choke him. Bradshaw slams Hunter on the ramp and head into the ring to double team Pac. They get a few shots in before Triple H makes his way down as the ref finally gets the match settled down. So this is when the match gets weird, Pac is the one who gets isolated leading to a Triple H hot tag :lmao did they just resort to ’99 DX vs. Corporation :lmao Bradsahw murders Pac with a clothesline leading to the Outlaws running down for the DQ. Post-Match: 4-2 beatdown. The Outlaws each grab their tag title bets and whack an Acolyte with them. Billy Gunn then drives Bradshaw into one of the belts with the Rocker Dropper while Road Dogg places his belt over Faarooq’s face and hits the shake, rattle ‘n kneedrop on it. Triple H caps off with a kneedrop to Bradshaw’s groin and DX leaves the Acolytes laying, BREAK IT DOWN!!!! **

Michael Cole reports that Austin’s surgery was a success. And that his surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Youngblood, says everything went well. Youngblood comes in and reports the problem was bone spurs that were pressing on his spinal cord. Youngblood says the procedure took 2½ to 3 hours due to Austin’s muscular condition but Austin was stable was the whole time and was able to walk around after the surgery. Youngblood is optimistic that Austin can return to the ring, saying it could take 3-12 months :mark: Kinda, AUSTIN COMING BACK THO!

Backstage: The Rock is seen watching what we were just watching. He then cracks a smile and I think he says “Son Of A Bitch” GET HYPE!

Backstage: DX congratulating themselves on a job well done as we get a replay of them laying out the Acolytes. Triple H says he’s glad Austin’s surgery went well but he’ll end up like the Acolytes if he comes back. Road Dogg adds The Rock and Big Show can’t co-exist but they can get beaten by the Outlaws. High Five’s

Backstage: Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock, he goes to ask about team with the Big Show when Rock cuts him off, he says before he talks about anything he’s gotta talk about the Rattlesnake. He says they’ve been through it all. And says if he was in that hospital room right now he would pick up a beer and toast with him with a “HELL YEAH” Rock says Austin is now free to go hunting, to go fishing, and to return to the WWF. Kevin then asks Rock about his issues with the Big Show, especially with calling him a jabronie. Rock says Show isn’t a jabronie, instead he’s a big 500-pound pile of monkey Crap. Rock says he did call Show a jabronie along with twenty others, even spelling it out for him. Rock guarantees he’s going to win the Royal Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania then says he doesn’t need or want Show as a partner, tonight or any night. Rock then pokes fun at Show’s chokeslam taunt which still cracks me up to this day.

Jeff Hardy (w/Matt Hardy & Terri Runnels) vs. Bubba Ray Dudley (w/D’Von Dudley)
This is crazy short and is just here to make a match for the rumble, you’ll see. Bubba bull rushes to the ring and takes the fight to Jeff who flies to knock Bubba of his game. A sitdown powerbomb gives Bubba the advantage back, as he proceeds to beat on Jeff until Terri hops onto the apron. D’Von pulls Terri off prompting Matt to attack D’Von and whip him into the steps. Matt charges at D’Von but gets dropped on the barricade. Bubba slams Jeff to the mat then hops to the middle rope but misses a senton. Jeff hits a neckbreacker then climbs to the top and hits a senton bomb for the pin. Post-Match: D’Von comes in and stomps down Jeff then whips him into a 3D and Matt comes in but gets hit with the 3D as well. Bubba then slides a table in the ring and the Dudleys set the table up then place Jeff onto it. Bubba hops to the middle rope as D’Von hands Matt over to him and Bubba superbombs Matt through Jeff and the table! Bubba then goes into a trance before he and D’Von leave the Hardys dead in the ring. It begins :mark:

Backstage: Hardcore Holly is talking to Crash and can’t figure why Chris Jericho is defending the Intercontinental title defense against Rikishi tonight when he has the three-way match at the pay-per-view. Hardcore then asks why he’s talking with Crash when he doesn’t know anything.

Backstage: Chyna asks The Kat the same question about Jericho defending the title tonight. Chyna feels Jericho is going to lose the title for both of them and Kat feels Rikishi will destroy him. Chyna says Jericho’s ego is getting as large as Rikishi’s rear end.


WWF Intercontinental Championship: Rikishi vs. Chris Jericho
So just like his WWF Title match, Rikishi sends too cool to the back. Jericho comes out with a mic and says Chyna and Hardcore’s questions on why he’s doing this, saying that’s what honourable and legendary champions do and that he’s the undisputed champion. Jericho offers to show Rikishi some of his dance moves but decides to destroy him instead. Well, that doesn’t go well as Rikishi destroys him in and out of the ring to start. Once rolled back in Jericho hits the springboard dropkick, but as he goes for the plancha Rikishi catches him and sends him into the ringpost. Back in the ring now, Rikishi connects with a leg drop for two. He ducks a flying forearm and the ref gets taken out. That leads to a belly-to-belly but out comes Hardcore Holly to protect his title shot. And Crash is here too, they both get taken out as Jericho runs into a superkick. Rikishi scoops Jericho up for the sitdown piledriver when Chyna runs in and low blows him. Chyna berates Jericho for putting the title on the line when Rikishi clotheslines both of them. Rikishi then plants Chyna with a belly-to-belly suplex and sets her up for the Banzai Drop then starts climbing up when Hardcore nails him with a chair, drawing a DQ to save his title. Post-Match: The Kat pulls Chyna out of the ring while Hardcore hammers Rikishi with the chair. Too Cool runs out to make the save, passing by Jericho who just walks out with the title belt. Rikishi’s pals take care of the Hollys and even whip Hardcore into the chair. Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay then whip Crash into Rikishi’s sitdown piledriver. Too Cool and Rikishi dance even though Rikishi didn’t win the title. Fun while it lasted until all that fuckshit with pieces of shit that should never get air time. **1/4

Backstage: Cactus Jack is trying to convince Big Show to work things out with The Rock, saying he’s had problems with Rock in the past as well but they need to work together against DX. Show politely thanks Cactus for the advice but says he’s not going to have anybody calling him a jabroni.

Kane (w/Tori) vs. Prince Albert
Total Squash match for Kane, I don’t even wanna talk about it. But this match in about a year and 4 months time tho :mark:

Backstage Cactus Jack now tries to convince Rock to make nice with The Big Show. Cactus tells Rock that DX attacks in a pack and he needs to work together with Show to survive. Rock says he doesn't work well in tag teams. Cactus says to just give it a shot, and Rock says fine, and leaves.

The New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock & The Big Show
This is a none title match; Once Show and Rock both make their entrances. The Rock immediately attacks Show :lmao knocking him over the ropes. Rock continues working over Show as the Outlaws calmly watch in their corner. The Outlaws then attack Rock from behind and double-team him as we look over and see X-Pac, Triple H and Steph watching from the stage. Show stays on the floor not even getting on the apron just watching the Outlaws pick apart the Rock. Rock has these amazing mini-comebacks that always get me, like I know he’s just gonna get cutoff in like 5 seconds but the crowd get so into it that I forget. Plus his selling and bumping is amazing. Rock hits a desperation Rock Bottom on Dogg but gets broken up by Billy as the crowd chant “Big Show Sucks” Spinebuster leads to Rock getting thrown out and now Show attacks Rock before rolling him in for more punishment. Road Dogg tags in and sets Rock up for a pump handle slam while Billy looks for the Rocker Dropper. However Rock kick Road Dogg below the belt then catches Billy into a slam. Show then pulls Rock out to the floor and slaps him then goes in and takes over on the Outlaws, although I don’t see how this is a legal tag. Show headbutts both Outlaws then knocks their heads together. Show whips Road Dogg into a boot then whips Billy into a powerslam. Road Dogg tries to bring a chair in the ring but the referee stops him. Rock then brings in his own chair and whacks Show in the head with it then rolls back out as Billy covers Show for the three. The Outlaws celebrate as the Helmsleys’ and X-Pac applaud; Rock goes back in and drops the People’s Elbow on Show then glares back at the applauding DX’ers as the show goes off the air. **
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WWF Smackdown Episode 22
January 20th, 2000
Providence, Rhode Island

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho & Chyna
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: The Kat

Backstage: DX and Stephanie are in their locker room, they sarcastically say welcome to Providence as Pac gives the thumbs down. Triple H praises the Outlaws for destroying the Acolytes on Raw and rewards them with the night off. Triple H tells X-Pac he doesn’t get the night off but will instead face Test. X-Pac protests until Triple H explains the winner of his match gets the #30 slot in the Royal Rumble match and once he beats Test he’ll be a shoo-in to win the title shot. Triple H then says Cactus Jack is not here tonight due to a “family illness” but feels he’s just scared of him. Steph says let’s make this a night to remember.

The Big Show comes down to the ring, and gets on the mic. The crowd is now full on booooo’ing him even though he never really did anything wrong apart from stand up to the Rock :lmao Show gets on the mic and asks if he should start off by apologizing for not being what the fans want, for what he can’t be or never will be, and that is The Rock. Show chastises the fans for booing him when he takes time from his family to shake their hands and sign autographs. Show says he knows why the fans boo him and why no one in the lockerroom likes him. It’s because no one else can be a 7′2″ 500-pound giant and the dominating force in the WWF. Show mentions the fans chanting for The Rock and asks if they think he’s going to win the Royal Rumble. Show says for Rock to win the Rumble he has to get past him and feels no one will stop him this Sunday. Show says he will be the one to win the Rumble, go onto Wrestlemania and get back his WWF Title. Show then proceeds to call The Rock out, Rock comes out onto the stage with a mic. Rock calls Show one of the most amazing physical specimens the WWF has ever seen yet wants to understand why a 7′2″ 500-pound former WWF Champion is whining about the fans booing him. Rock tells Show when he insults the People’s Champion, he insults the people and that leaves him with two choices. 1. He could go into the back and wait until Sunday to eliminate him from the Rumble or 2. He could also come down and inhale the fan’s electricity before beating Show all over Providence. Rock starts to walk down as Show awaits him. Suddenly, Kane’s music plays and out comes Kane with Tori. Tori gets on the mic and says huge egos are running amok on Smackdown after what Rock and Show said. Tori mentions there are 28 other people capable of winning the Rumble and feels Kane will be the winner. Kane and Tori start walking down when Triple H and Stephanie come out to join the discussion. Triple H gets on the mic and says he hates egomaniacs with Rock and Show always putting themselves over. Triple H reminds them their goal is to win the Rumble so they can face him for the WWF Title at Wrestlemania but says the winner of the Rumble will be in for a long night of disappointment on April 2nd because he’s going to leave Wrestlemania the way he came in, as WWF Champion. Triple H then tells the three of them he and Stephanie can accommodate their desire to fight tonight by booking Rock, Kane and Show in the first-ever triple-threat, over the top-rope lumberjack match which he says will have 27 men surrounding the ring as they try to throw their opponents over the top rope. Triple H adds the winner of this match doesn’t get a ticket to Wrestlemania; Rock then cuts him off but the Big Show goes out and attacks Rock from behind. Show and Kane then start going at it when Rock grabs a chair and nails both of them with it. Rock then walks off with the chair as Kane and Show are left laying on the floor.

Footage is played of the last time the WWF was in Providence, where The Acolytes fought local drunks at The Friendly Tap.

Winner is #30 In The Rumble: X-Pac vs. Test
Test is back to wearing the nose protector :lmao Test uses the power advantage early but Pac rips off the protector and uses intronf of the ref. He then uses the quickness to avoid Test before spitting in his face. That would lead to a chase around ring side but Pac suckers him in and drops him into the steps. Back in, Pac runs into a big boot and heads up top for the elbow. With that the Outlaws run out with Billy pulling Test down crotching him on the rope as Dogg has the ref distracted. That allows the X-Factor to be hit and Pac covers for the win.

Backstage: DX are celebrating as Pac begins to buy into the Steph, Hunter love. The Outlaws then decide to head out and find something to do in Providence on their night off. Triple H tells X-Pac he’s a lock to win the Rumble and that it could be the two of them at Wrestlemania.

Backstage: Al Snow is walking with Steve Blackman (Snow seems to not be crazy anymore) Blackman warns Snow if he hits him with Head, his skull will be split, not just his personality. Snow says this isn’t the Kansas City baggage claim and the aggression level is way too high. Snow then tells Blackman he could be the perfect partner he’s been looking for since his last partner (Mick Foley) had three personalities while Blackman doesn’t have any. Blackman takes offense to that remark and warns Snow he’s treading :mark:

Kurt Angle & The British Bulldog vs. Al Snow & Steve Blackman
This sadly goes about a minute until Blackman hits the Bulldog with the bicycle kick for the win. This was just here to establish the new team of Snow/Blackman. Snow tries to celebrate but Blackman wants none of it while Angle blames Bulldog for giving up the pin.

Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy & Terri Runnels) vs. D’Von Dudley (w/Bubba Ray Dudley)
Cole announces these two teams will fight in a tag team tables match at the Royal Rumble. Again this goes about a minute or so, and ends when Matt hits the twist of fate but when he covers Bubba pulls him out and throws him into the steps for the DQ. Post-Match: Jeff charges at Bubba but gets dropped onto the barricade. Bubba grabs a chair and whacks both Hardys with the chair then knocks out the referee for good measure. D’Von hammers Matt up the ramp as Bubba sets a pair of tables up next to the stage then goes up and sets Matt up for a powerbomb as Terri pleads with them not to go through with it. Before Bubba can do anything Jeff runs up with a chair and waffles both Dudleys with it. He knocks Bubba off the stage right through both tables below! Bubba is out as Jeff sets of a third table by the stage and places D’Von on it. Matt then leaps off the stage and legdrops D’Von through the table.

The New Age Outlaws go into the Friendly Tap.

Back from break we get a replay of the Hardyz putting the Dudleyz through tables. We also get a shot of Bubba Ray busted open as he has an odd look in his eyes.

Backstage: Crash Holly is complaining to Hardcore Holly about having no competition tonight. Hardcore says he has his own problems with having Chris Jericho and Chyna as teammates, he tells Crash to go find his own competiton and kicks him out of the room. Hardcore shoves Crash out the door right into Viscera who just happens to be walking by. Crash talks smack to Viscera’s face and challenges him to a match, with Viscera accepting.

Chris Jericho, Chyna (w/The Kat) & Hardcore Holly vs. Too Cool & Rikishi Phatu
This is here because of all the fuckshit that occurred on Raw; This is alright for 3 minutes. Mostly Jericho in. He and Rikishi continue the goodness, while making Too Cool look solid. Chyna's only offense is a low blows :lmao Hardcore, Chyna and Jericho triple-team Rikish in a corner as the referee tries to break it up but can’t get the three of them to stop so he calls for the bell more DQ’s smh :lmao Post-Match: Hardcore then turns around and clotheslines Chyna before Jericho gets in a shot on him. Jericho turns into a superkick from Rikishi who also hits the superkick on Hardcore. Rikishi then plants Chyna with a belly-to-belly suplex and drags her to a corner. Rikishi climbs up the ropes when it looks like Jericho is going to make the save with a chair. Instead Jericho clocks Hardcore with the chair and Rikishi hits the Banzai Drop on Chyna! Jericho grabs the IC belt and walks off. As Too Cool dance.

Back to the Friendly Tap; those geeks that got murdered by the Acolytes tell the Outlaws how they’re going to beat the Acolytes. The bartender expresses his doubts saying the Acolytes might win the belts and the Outlaws take offense at that. Road Dogg breaks a bottle on the bartender’s head and the Outlaws throw him out of the building. The Outlaws then decide to have fun and invite them to a game of pool which they accept.

Backstage: The Acolytes are watching the Outlaws on a monitor. Faarooq wonder if they’re being made fun of and Bradshaw asks him if he’s thirsty. Faarooq suggests they get some drinks and they then start to head off as we go to commercial.

The Big Bossman vs. Prince Albert
Bossman comes out first, followed by Albert who grabs the mic. He says Bossman taught him that there's no cheating unless you're caught and how to kick a man when he's down, but now he'll teach Bossman how to take an asskicking. So this was awesome for 3 minutes, neither men really gain advantage for too long as their too evenly match. That just leads to great brawling and moves. The match ends when they brawl on the floor so the ref doesn’t even do the 10 count instead just calls for the bell smh; 3 STRAIGHT DQ MATCHES FUCK OFF! Post-Match: Both men are still going at it and Albert whips Bossman into the barricade. Bossman backdrops Albert over the barricade and waffles him with a chair. Both men continue to go at it as a swarm of referees try to break it up.

Backstage: Lillian Garcia interviews The Rock; she asks him how he feels about this match tonight. Rock says On one hand you have a huge, statuesque retard who you can never understand when he speaks. On the other hand, you have Kane :lmao He then says it doesn’t matter who he’s in the ring with tonight and the lumberjacks don’t matter. They don’t have the Rock Bottom or People’s Elbow. Rock adds his opponents will never have the Rock’s fans chanting his name if you smell what he’s cooking.

Viscera vs. Crash Holly
THE MOOD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!!!! SURVIVE!!!!! NO ONE CAN STOP THE PAITH OF RAGE!!!!! Viscera sells Crash’s offense for a little bit before squashing him. Literally and figuratively, NEXT!

We then get clips of Dr. Lloyd Youngblood’s press conference about Steve Austin’s surgery on Raw. Cole announces he had an interview with Austin which will be broadcast on RadioWWF this Saturday.

Backstage: Edge is walking up and down getting ready for his match, Christian is nowhere to be seen.

Edge vs. Gangrel (w/Luna Vachon)
They show the replay of the hilarious Hoe bump that I forgot to gif, I’ll make it now and add it to the Raw review :lmao Cole mentions Edge is rumored to be judging the Miss Rumble competition along with Freddie Blassie. Edge makes the mistake by allowing a clean break early so Gangrel cheap shots him. That doesn’t fair well with Edge so he beats him up with moves. He hits this amazing no hands plancha dive over the top. Luna tries to sway Edge's vote at the Rumble :lmao which leads to the other hoes in the match coming out. Mae Young come down to do the same and Mae forces a kiss on Edge, who is counted out :lmao so much fuckshit.

At The Friendly Tap, The Acolytes arrive and half the bar leaves in fear after last time :lmao As the Acolytes talk we see the Outlaws in the background, they spot the Outlaws and mock them. The two brawl in the bar, and some locals try and get revenge on the Acolytes for last time, allowing the Outlaws to bail. Faarooq points out a Boston Red Sox beer ad light thing, which obviously offends them because fuck the Red Sox I guess IDK, so Bradshaw throws a chair into it to break it.

Back from break we find the 27 lumberjacks filing out to ringside for the main event.

Over the Top Rope Lumberjack Match: The Rock vs. Kane (w/Tori) vs. The Big Show
This is 3 minutes of fuckery but it has the Rock bumping and selling so I can’t be too mad. There is some Rock/Kane vs. Show and some Show/Kane vs. Rock segments which was good. The match ends when Rock sets Show up for a Rock Bottom but Show blocks it and chokeslams him over the ropes to eliminate him. Show chokeslams Kane then looks over and exchanges words with Rock who comes back in. Rock plants Show with a Rock Bottom before Kane clotheslines Rock back out over the ropes. Show charges at Kane but Kane backdrops him over the ropes for the win. Post-Match: All the lumberjacks climb in the ring and a massive brawl breaks out to do the hard sell for the Rumble. Because the only way to sell a battle royal is to have a brawl on the go home show.

Backstage: Triple H exchanges goodbyes with X-Pac and Sephanie hugs him as he departs. All is good in DX FINALLY!

Mr. & Mrs. Helmsley come down to the ring, Triple H gets on the mic and talks about Rumbles past and the devastation unleashed at them. Triple H mentions last year’s Rumble where two best friends beat each other up before showing the Rock/Mankind “I Quit” match, pointing out the chairshots Rock gave Mankind. Triple H mentions what wasn’t shown was Mick Foley’s wife and children were sitting in the front row. Triple H says Foley’s children were crying as their father was beaten down and destroyed by the Rock because they realized Daddy was a loser and a failure. Triple H also says Foley’s wife was acting for the love of their children because she hates him. Triple H warns Foley not to bring his children to New York City or let them watch the pay-per-view because what the Rock did last year will be nothing compared to what he does to Foley on Sunday. Triple H promises to beat and bloody Foley worse than he’s ever been before, he then says he will love every second of it. Triple H then says he will revel in every drop of blood from Foley’s head and every tear his kids shed. Suddenly, Cactus Jack comes out to the stage he admits Triple H is right, that his children did suffer at last year’s Rumble. Cactus says they don’t need to see anymore so they will not be at MSG or sitting in front of the television. He says Triple H has it wrong, that he’s not worried about them seeing what Triple H does to him, he’s worried about is his children seeing what he does to Triple H. He doesn’t want his children’s innocent eyes to see how violent their father can be, he doesn’t want his son and daughter to see all the bloodshed that will take place, and he doesn’t want them to look in their daddy’s eyes and realize he will be loving it. Cactus tells Triple H he believes what he’s saying about this year being worse than last year yet he’s going to show up with a few surprises and he’s not talking about a garbage can or street sign. Cactus promises he’s going to bring sharp metallic objects down on Triple H with great vengeance and turn him into the world’s largest pin cushion at MSG as Triple H gets nervous. Cactus says his children are watching Smackdown and he doesn’t want to deprive them of a little action so he decides to give them a preview of what the world will be seeing in the street fight on Sunday. Triple H goes out to meet Cactus on the floor and they begin to brawl with Cactus getting the advantage he rams him into the ringsteps. Cactus grabs a chair and swings it but misses and hits the steps. Triple H tries to escape through the crowd but Cactus cuts him off and the two exchange blows. Cactus then rams him into the announce table and grabs a chair. Triple H whacks Cactus onto the table with the chair then goes up and sets Cactus up for a Pedigree but Cactus counters it with a low blow then piledrives Triple H into the table, which doesn’t break! Cactus grabs a chair and whacks Triple H in the head with it, busting him open. Cactus climbs in the ring and poses with the belt while Triple H is left laying as Smackdown goes off air BANG! BANG! Amazing segment.



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WWF Royal Rumble
January 23rd, 2000
Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho & Chyna
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: The Kat

Kurt Angle vs. ???????
During Kurt’s entrance I can’t help but laugh and fall off my chair, not because Kurt is a joke but because one of his gold medals looks so fake I’m sure it’s got chocolate in it. Kurt gets on the mic, saying MSG deserves to have a true champion because we’d have to wait forever for Patrick Ewing and the Knicks to deliver a title. Angle also suggests his mystery opponent may be nervous about facing an undefeated Olympian…..He then calls out the mystery opponent who turns out to be TAZZ!Huge pop, great pop that killed his WWF run right off the bat :lmao Tazz wastes no time attacking Kurt, they brawl to floor with Kurt hitting a suplex on the floor before getting a good amount of punishment in the ring. They do this terrible false finish with Taz suplexing Kurt off the top and the ref counts to three but Kurt foot was on the rope. So the match continues; both men deliver suplexs and Tazz hits 3 different variations before locking in the Tazzmission choking out Kurt for the win. Angle is still down in the ring as a number of referees come out to check on him. They eventually bring out a stretcher and Angle is given oxygen and wheeled out of the arena. The match served it's purpose in debuting Tazz as if he was going to be a big deal. Sadly, this would be the highlight of his WWE career until he becomes arguable the best commentator from 2002-2007 or 2008. **1/2

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews The Hardys and Terri about the tables match, asking if they’re ready for a war (Cole shows the two teams putting the other teams through tables) Terri says the Hardys are going to tear the roof off of MSG but Jeff quickly cuts her off and tells her to stay in the back since the match can get very violent. Matt says the Dudleys are extreme and the master of putting people through tables. Matt says tonight they’re going to put the Dudleys through tables or die trying.

Tables Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz
Before the match, Bubba gets on the mic and calls the fans ASSBACKWARDS! He can’t believe they cheer those pretty boy punks the Hardyz but boooo his new hero pitcher John Rocker. D’Von then says the fans should have elected John Rocker mayor so he can clean up the city. Bubba says he’s gonna make the Hardyz kiss their own asses. The meet on the entrance way and the brawl is on. It only takes 30 seconds until a table is brought in. Bubba goes for a back drop through the table but Matt shoves the table away. D’Von and Matt fight for a suplex attempt while Jeff murders Bubba with a chair shot to the head. Jeff tries to run the barricade but Bubba throws a table into his body :mark: Back in the ring, The Hardyz go for a superplex from the middle rope but D’Von shoves the table out of the way saving his brother. Matt then gets a ladder from under the ring and they proceed to use them as weapon. Sicker chair shots to Bubba’s head, Matt places Bubba on a table and heads up top. He fights off a D’Von stop and the Hardyz connect with the Leg drop-splash taking Bubba out. The Hardyz then set up the steps with a table as a bridge between the ring. Matt climbs to the top rope. Matt goes for the guillotine legdrop but D’Von moves and Matt crashes through the table. Jeff dives over the ropes for a placha but misses D’Von and crashes through another table. However the Hardyz didn’t get put through tables with offensive moves so the match continues. Bubba whacks Matt with the chair then throws him in the ring along with the ringsteps. The Dudleys set the table up on top of the ringsteps then Bubba hops to the top rope as D’Von passes Matt over to him and superbombs him through the table to even the score. Jeff or D’Von must now go through the table for the match to end. The Dudleys throw both Hardyz over the barricade and brawl with them in an aisle near an exit. Bubba nails Matt with the chair and the Dudleys set up a stack of tables’ right by the exit then place Matt on top of it. Jeff grabs a chair and manages to take out D’Von but Bubba blocks the shot and whacks Jeff with the chair, he drags him up to the balcony looking to powerbomb Jeff through Matt and the tables but Jeff manages to low blow Bubba. Matt slips off the table stack and Jeff knocks Bubba off the balcony through the tables below. Unfortunately D’Von must still go through the table so Matt sets a table up and rolls D’Von onto it. Jeff then leaps off the balcony and drives D’Von through the table with a Senton Bomb for the win. AWESOME MATCH! Just 10 straight minutes full of violence and fun. ***1/4 - ***1/2

Backstage: Kurt Angle is getting checked out by the trainer and asking if he won. Angle learns he got choked out and feels it’s an illegal hold and therefore he’s still undefeated.

Miss Rumble 2000 Bikini Contest
So much fuckery, fuckshit. The judges include Sgt. Slaghter, Tony Garea, The Fabulous Moolah, Johnny Valiant and Freddie Blassie while the contestants are Ivory, Terri Runnels, Jacqueline, Barbara Bush, Luna, and The Kat. The ladies then model thier swimwear except for Luna who refuses to disrobe for anyone. Lawler is then about to go to the judges for the results when Mae Young comes out to the ring. Mae then shows her tits. FUCK MY LIFE!

Johnathan Coachman is at WWF NEW YORK! (My one regret in life was never being able to go)

Backstage: Chris Jericho and Chyna are arguing on who gets to wear the title to the ring. As they continue to bicker Earl Hebner walks up and tells them neither one of them gets to wear the belt. Hebner takes the belt to the ring himself as Jericho and Chyna have some parting words with each other.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Chyna vs. Hardcore Holly
This is atrocious; I don’t want to go in to too much detail but poor Jericho. Holly and Chyna are woat, Everything Chyna does is awkward and botchy looking while Holly has some of the least dramatic kick outs ever. They boo Chyna whenever she looks to have the match won, thankfully after 5 minutes or so Jericho hits the Lionsault on Holly to finally win the title for himself and hopefully move away from Chyna’s fuckery stain terribleness. **

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews the Rock, Cole tries to ask a question but quickly gets cut off. He asks if any of the entrants concern him and Rock admits there are two wrestlers he’s worried about: Crash Holly and Headbanger Mosh. Rock says if he can get past those two he might have a chance to win the Rumble. Cole brings up The Big Show and Rock tells him to have a tall glass of ’shut up’ juice, before shoving Cole off camera. He says he wipes a monkey's ass with what The Big Show thinks. He says he hopes The Big Show makes it to the last two in the ring, so The Rock guaran-damn-tees to win the Royal Rumble and as sure as The Rock has a brahma bull tattooed on his arm is as sure as he's going to WrestleMania and being the best damn WWF Champ there ever was, if you smell what The Rock is cooking.

WWF Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws vs. The Acolytes
This legit goes 3 minutes :lmao and 2 of those were The Outlaws get beat up, there is a ref bump. X-Pac runs down to interfere, but also gets killed, and Gunn hits a Fame-asser on Bradshaw out of nowhere for the win. DUD

Street Fight for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H vs. Cactus Jack
The video package for this is in my top 5 all time; right behind Rock/Austin Mania X-Seven and the Triple Threat from Mania 20 or maybe it’s above it for spot #2 fuck it, AMAZING RIGHT! So before the match Triple H sends Stephanie to the back because he doesn’t want her to watch the violent, sadistic man he has to become. Big epic staredown to start as Cactus begins to talk shit, and you can see on Triple H’s face he’s taken a bit back and he untimely backs up. So like a shark that smells blood Cactus begins the match on the attack with rights. They go back and forth with dulling right hands with Cactus getting the better he goes for the running knee but Hunter slides out; Cactus follows out and connects with a swinging neckbreaker. They brawl a little on the floor until Hunter nails Cactus with the ring bell before grabbing a chair and making his way into the ring. Triple H, dares him to come in now that he has a chair and Cactus does. Chair shot to the head, puts him down for a second before Cactus makes his way back to his feet. He clotheslines Triple H and drops a leg onto a chair that was covering Hunters face for two. More brawling on the floor, with Hunter begins back dropped onto the concrete floor. They then proceed to fight into the crowd and back to the entrance way. Cactus picks up a couple of wooden pallets and suplex Triple H onto them. He follows up with a trash can to the head before whipping him into the little metal entrance way. Cactus drags him towards the ring, but Triple H puts on the breaks and up drops Cactus onto the trash can. We then get a shot on this nasty cut on Triple H’s leg lower leg it looks like a gunshot wound. Cactus doesn’t let up and does the double knees into Triple H who was sitting up against the steps. Cactus Jack then goes under the ring and pulls out the 2X4 covered in barbed wire :mark: Earl tries to stop him, which only allows Triple H time to low blow Cactus before hitting him in the gut and the back with the 2X4. You can see the wires sticking to jack :mark: Triple H goes for a headshot but Jack blocks with a low blow of his one and uses the none wired bit to low blow Triple H with it. Earl quickly takes the 2X4 and gives it to the Spanish announcers to hide :lmao Cactus hits the double arm DDT and covers for two; before asking Earl “where the fuck is the bat” Earl being the Triple H hater he is, stooges himself off and points to the Spanish table. Cactus walks over and ask where the bat is before nailing the commentators :lmao someone gives him a new 2x4 covered in barbed wire :hm: and Cactus makes his way back into the ring. Again Earl tries to stop it, which allows Triple H to charge at him. Cactus side steps and Earl gets KO’ed. Cactus then nails Triple H in the head with it and drops it on his dick for two. Another hit to the head, and Triple H is busted open. Cactus then rakes the barbed wire over his face as Triple H scrams in pain. Cactus drags Hunter around ring-side before slamming his face into the announce table. He goes for the pilediver but Triple H backdrops him onto the table and they both collapse through the table. Triple H is first up, and he limps over to Cactus. He peppers him with punches and signals the pedigree but that is countered into the catapult followed with the bulldog into the barbed wire 2X4. Cactus covers for two, running clothesline takes both men to the floor as Cactus comes charging in Triple H hip-tosses him into the steps. He follows up with a whip sending Cactus knee first into the steps. Chop block on the floor; gives both men time to crawl back into the ring. Another chop block by Triple H who now picks up the 2X4 and he hits Cactus in the leg with it, not once but twice. Triple H has lost so much blood he pretty much falls out of the ring and grabs a pair of handcuffs that Finkle has in his lap. He tries to Cuff Jack but he fights it off until Hunter kicks the knee out from under him allowing him to lock the hands. Triple H begins to tee off like Cactus is his personal punching bag. Triple H picks up the steps and comes charging in but Cactus drop toe-holds Triple H face first into the steps. He follows up with a head butt low blow and he begins biting the head of Triple H :mark: then the ear :mark: Triple H is first up and connects with a clothesline. Two huge chair shots with a piece of the steel chair flying off and almost hitting someone in the crowd. Cactus tries to leave or sucker him in and he does not after a couple more chair shots. Jack yells at him to hit him more but suddenly The Rock runs out with a chair of his own and hits Triple H with it, suddenly a police office un-handcuff Cactus Jack and they brawl back to the commentators table. This time Cactus hits the piledriver but the table doesn’t break BANG BANG! Cactus goes under the ring and pulls out what seems to be a sand bag but we then find out it’s thumb tacks :mark: Stephanie runs down which allows Jack to stop his tunnel vision and Triple H backdrops him onto the tacks; he follows up with a Pedigree for two. Triple H is shocked and Triple H Pedigree’s him again but this time into the fuckin’ thumbtacks. Post-Match: Triple H is stretchered out, but Cactus recovers he wheels the gurney back into the arena and tosses Triple H into the apron. Back into the ring, Cactus picks up the barbwire 2x4 and hits Triple H one more time for good measure. WOW JUST! WOW IDK how many times I’ve seen this match it has to be up there in most views all time; it’s to the point that I know every move before it happens I think I know all the JR and King one liners. It’s the match triple H became GOD but more importantly it’s the match he became my guy until 2006 DX ruined it. I wish I could give it the full five but to this day I still dislike and possibly hate the Rock interference. This just should have been Jack/Hunter. ****3/4 MOTYC

At WWF NEW YORK Johnathan Coachman interviews Linda McMahon about the McMahon-Helmsley era. Linda says she doesn’t have any comment but nonetheless promises that things in the WWF will be handled the “McMahon Way”

The Royal Rumble Match
This has to be the most predictable Rumble match of all time due to star power. It’s basically the Rock and that’s it; the only dark horses are The Big Show and Kane, just because he won the triple threat on Smackdown. Other then that everyone else is mid-card at best or should be on heat. D’lo gets #1 #2 is Grandmaster Sexay. They do some stuff until Headbanger Mosh comes out at #3; TAKA and Funaki try to run in, but are quickly tossed out :lmao Christian is at #4 and Rikishi is at #5. Rikishi immediately eliminates Mosh and then Christian, and soon D'Lo. Sexay and Rikishi stare one another down, until the buzzer hits 0 and Scotty 2 Hotty a #6 runs do to stop any action of happening. This leads to the one of two highlights. THEY DANCE! YEAH! Rikishi then clotheslines them both and tosses them out! :( because no dancing when you have the opportunity to headline WrestleMania and win the WWF Championship. This also shows how dumb Rikishi is, he could have had Too Cool looking out for him and they could go 3-all instead it’s just him. No wonder Triple H didn’t want to be associated with this goof :side: Steve Blackman at #7 and they do some trading moves until Rikishi throws him out. Viscera is at #8 and they do the fat on fat crime, it takes 3 Superkicks from Rikishi before he’s weakened enough to be thrown out. Big Bossman is at #9 and he refuses to get in because he’s amazing and brilliant. Test at #10, who attacks the Bossman on the floor and rolls him in. Rikishi and Test take turns beating up Bossman until British Bulldog at #11 runs down. #12 is Gangrel. And here comes TAKA and Funaki are back with TAKA taking the greatest bump in history which I’m sure breaks his nose and pops his shoulder out. IT’S AMAZING! #13 is Edge, #14 IS BOB MOTHERFUCKING BACKLUND, Bossman works over Backlund in a corner while the other five men gang up on Rikishi. Everyone then manages to get Rikishi over the ropes to eliminate him. #15 is Chris Jericho, who quickly eliminates Backlund which gets BOOOOOO’d:lmao #16 is Crash Holly, #17 is Chyna, who immediately goes for Jericho because she’s salty. Chyna kicks Jericho down and charges at him and Jericho backdrops her over the ropes. Chyna lands on the apron and shoulderblocks Jericho before suplexing him over the ropes to eliminate him. Chyna doesn’t get to celebrate as Bossman immediately knocks her off the apron to the floor and she and Jericho then start bickering again as they head back to the lockeroom. Faarooq is #18 but the Posse runs out and attacks him. They get disposed of, but the distraction allows Bossman to throw out Faarooq :lmao #19 is Road Dogg, #20 is Al Snow, #21 is Val Venis, #22 is Prince Albert, #23 is Hardcore Holly. At this point it’s a lot of corner holding and trying to push the over out so that’s why I have just been saying who comes out next. THE ROCK IS #24 and the crowd erupt and finally get into this suckfest. He quickly eliminates Bossman, Test and Val then jump Rock and beat him down as #25 is Billy Gunn as the Rock throws out his biggest threat Crash Holly :( I wonder do we ever get a Crash/Rock match? #26 is The Big Show, and he wastes no time throwing jobbers out. #27 is Bradshaw and again the Posse tries to interfere but this time Bradshaw tosses them all out, but The Outlaws team up to throw out Bradshaw, Faarooq comes down, and the Acolytes beat the Posse to the back. #28 is Kane, and he eliminates Val, Albert and Hardcore. KANE IN ABOUT A YEAR FROM NOW THO :mark: #29 is The Godfather he has hoes, but he has this one hoe in particular WOW! Funaki comes out and is again eliminated, as Lawler makes fun of Taka being on his way to the hospital. And you all know who number 30 is if you’ve been reading or watching. #30 is X-Pac; fuck this fast forward like 4 minutes and the final 4 are ROCK, BIG SHOW, X-PAC, & KANE.

The Outlaws pull Kane out under the ropes and brawl with him while distracting the referees. X-Pac goes to whip Rock but Rock reverses and swats the spinkick away then tosses him over the ropes. X-Pac hits the floor but the referees are busy breaking up the brawl at ringside to see it. Rock and Show start to go at it when X-Pac comes back in and nails Rock from behind. X-Pac and Show double-team Rock when Kane rolls back in and rams X-Pac into a turnbuckle. Show whips Rock into a big boot from Kane then charges at him but misses a clothesline. Kane grabs Show by the throat while X-Pac whips Rock and this time hits the spinning heelkick. Show fights off the chokeslam and grabs Kane but Kane breaks it and hits an enzuigiri. Show is still on his feet when Kane scoops Show up and manages to slam him to the mat! Kane is reeling on the ropes when X-Pac knocks him over the ropes with a spinkick eliminating him. X-Pac hits the Bronco Buster on Show but Show is up and presses X-Pac over his head. Show then drops X-Pac over the ropes to the floor, eliminating him for real this time. It’s down to Rock and The Big Show. Rock tees off on Show and manages to hit the spinebuster and follows up with the People’s Elbow. Rock goes to toss Show over the ropes but Show stops himself and comes back with a chokeslam. Show scoops Rock up and tries to powerslam him over the ropes but both men end up going over. Rock holds on and lands on the apron while Show hits the floor for the final elimination. Post-Mathch: The Rock grabs the mic and says, finally the rock is going to WrestleMania when the Big Show attacks him, he then throws him over the top rope as the show goes off the air :lmao So yeah the lack of stars hurt this big time.


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WWF Raw is War Episode 348
January 24th, 2000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: The Kat

The show opens with Triple H who is banged up and is walking with a serious limp is accompanied with Stephanie come down to the ring. Steph says last night Triple H proved to the world that he is the game. When he defeated cactus Jack in his own barbaric match. She says the match should never have been defended in a match like that, she says Triple sunk to the lowest of low to remain her and our champion. Triple H says Cactus Jack he’s not here to put him over, but pal he’s got to be the most sadistic freak he’s ever stepped in the ring with. He brought every trick he had, and while he might have left a piece of his leg and pints of blood. But the one thing he didn’t leave was the world championship. Triple H says as sadistic as he was, he was even more sadistic. And as bad as Jack is, he is that much badder. He says he went to level he’s never been before in his life, but he liked it. But he couldn’t help but notice Cactus Jack rolled into the hospital too. He says he doesn’t think Jack will be here tonight, but in 10 weeks WRESTLEMANIA 2000! The crowd begins a huge “Rocky” chant and Triple H says Rock has 10 weeks to be in the best shape because he will be too and…..Suddenly, the Big Show’s music hits and out comes Show who looks like he hasn’t slept in like a month. They go nose to nose before Show backs off and grabs a mic, he says Triple H has never given him a rematch because he knows he can’t beat him. Show says a crime has been committed, he was robbed. He says he’s a nice guy and he doesn’t lie. Yes he went over the top and everyone saw Rocks feet touched first. So in fact he did win, so he came out here for a favor. He says if he can prove to him, Steph and the fans that Rocks feet touched first he wants a one on one match with the Rock and the winner gets the title match with Triple H at Mania. The Rocks’ music hits and he comes out on the stage; :lmao Show does this shaking with anger face that makes him look like he’s trying to push a shit out. Rock says seeing how he just won the Rumble it makes Triple H’s days as champion numbered. But on to 500lb of whining, bitching and moaning. Rock says it doesn’t matter if his feet touched first he says the only thing that matters that he stands here as the people’s champion. Triple H then makes a match, Triple H & Big Show vs. Rock and a partner of his choosing, that is if he can find one of those “jabronis” he likes to call everyone if not it will be a handicap match. Rock says he doesn’t need it but they will smell what the rock is cooking.

Backstage: Crash is talking with Hardcore outside the woman’s locker room. Crash says if it wasn’t for Chyna he would be the champion, he says Hardcore is getting soft for not going in and challenging her to a match. Hardcore says yeah right and just walks in :lmao He brings Chyna out and says she demands his respect and Hardcore calls himself the big shot :lmao He says she cost him the IC Title, and she laughs, so he punches her right in the face. Chris Jericho comes from behind, and begins brawling with Hardcore until officials break it up. Crash laughs at him so Hardcore decks him.

Replay of what just happen and JR says Jericho has challenged Hardcore to a IC title match tonight.

Backstage: Al Snow and Steve Blackman are trying to come up with tag team names and gimmicks for Steve, Al puts a cake and a wig on him. Blackman is disgusted, so Al gives him a block of cheese and says they should be called “HEADCHEESE”

Christian & Edge vs. Head Cheese
This goes like a minute and a half, Edge and Snow do some cool stuff as a “HEAD CHEESE” chant breaks out :mark: Blackman/Christian is pretty great too, Christian hits a pretty middle rope springboard dive whipping Blackman out on the floor. Snow and Edge brawl which distracts the ref allowing Blackman to drop Christian face first onto the steel steps off the ring apron. That gives Blackman the break he needs to iso Christian by himself but he tries to go up top but that backfires allowing Edge to get the hot tag but he runs right into the Legdrop/side walk slam, but Edge is injured by it, so they stop the match. Val runs down to check on him along with that thotty WWF nurse with the big tits, she gives him mouth to mouth for no reason :lmao Anyway they all help Edge to the back.

Backstage: Crash refuses to company Hardcore to the ring, and says he’s gonna find himself another tag partner.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Hardcore Holly vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho doesn’t even do his normal entrance as he runs down and they brawl and fight right off the bat, Jericho sneakily hits a low blow that Holly sells for 0.5 seconds as Chyna comes down to watch. Jericho is super aggressive here as he isn’t taking any shit; he wins the battle of strikes, battle of moves he’s really making this good. Hardcore comes back with a powerbomb but Jericho kicks out at two. Chyna tries to get involved so Hardcore rightfully so kicks her then hits her again, and he grabs a chair. He goes to hit Chyna but Jericho stops it and slams him onto the steps. He brings in the steel Chair but Hardcore dropkicks him and Jericho ties himself up in the ropes :lmaolmao Chyna then enters the ring and pedigrees Holly onto the chair as the ref frees Jericho, Jericho then hits the Lionsault for the win. Jericho was pretty great here; Holly and Chyna kept fuckin up simple kicks and knees. **

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews the Hardyz and Terri, he asks them how their body feel after last nights match. Jeff says it’s time to forget about the pain, it’s time for the tag team titles. Matt says they are all about defining the odds. D-von says they kept them up all last night, because they did something no one else has and that’s beat them at their own game. Bubba says they are gonna make them do something they’ve never done before, or will never do again……THEY SHAKE HANDS! And Bubba says if they win the match tonight, they want the first shot. Jeff agrees. Bubba says it they need help they can just call.

Too Cool vs. Crash Holly & Viscera
This is fun, way more enjoyable then it should be. Too Cool does an amazing job selling for Viscera making all his moves look a lot more deadly than it should be. I love that Crash would just randomly try to get involved to help his partner but it would just end up backfiring on him. Scotty hits the worm on big Vis, as Too Cool hit AMW’s death sentence IDK what they call it so I’m calling it the Death Sentence. Anyway Vis breaks up the pin with a leg drop and puts Crash on top for the win. *3/4

Kane and X-Pac video package :mark:

At WWF New York; Coachman says it’s the only place to watch Raw.

Kane (w/Tori) vs. X-Pac
Pac does a great job of stick and move before getting killed by Kane, and I only say killed because Pac bumps huge for him. Pac hits a spin kick before telling Tori to suck it’s that pisses Kane off and he brawls with him around ringside. Tori runs into the ring for safety :lmao as Kane has Pac on his shoulder but Pac wiggles out and shoves him into the steel steps. He then slaps Tori’s ass and makes out with her as Kane comes to her safety. Tori yells and Kane picks her up, but Pac nails him in the back with the chair for the DQ. X-Pac again crotch chops at Tori, but Kane sits up and X-Pac bails.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie are talking when Kane and Tori barge in, Kane demands to know where X-Pac is and they tell him he left, he grabbed his bag and left.

WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. The Hardy Boyz (w/Terri)
Outlaws do the intro which I still know 16 years later word for word, Outlaws jump the Hardyz from behind and go right to work on the injures suffered from last night’s table war. The Dudleyz come out to watch but first take two tables out which distract the Outlaws. Matt’s rib selling is great, show shades of his awesome 2003 run. Matt is iso’d the whole match, but once the Outlaws get too cocky and try the poetry in motion it backfires allowing Jeff to get the hot tag which was pretty great, he also sells the injuries from the Rumble too which makes it so much better. The match breaks down with Matt hitting Road Dogg with the twist of fate and Jeff follows up with the Swanton Bomb. BUT THE DUDLEYZ PULL THE REF OUT AND PUNCH HIM DOWN!!!! The Dudleyz hit Jeff with the 3D, and another on Matt. Bubba brings a table in but Terri tries to reason with them, D-Von pulls her hair and Bubba says “WHY WOULD YOU PUNCH HER IN THE FACE WHEN YOU CAN PUT HER THROUGH A TABLE” BUBBA SUPERBOMBS TERRI THROUGH A TABLE! EMT’s and Officials run down to put a neck brace on her.

Back from a Commercials; JR show replays as the EMT’s have her on a stretcher and she is rolled out. Kurt Angle them comes out and says that kind of stuff should not happen, but you know what’s really bad. Last night at the rumble he experienced something he’s never experienced before. No not defeat, it was much worse. It was being choked out. He says that was bad and disgraceful, but not NEARLY as bad and disgraceful as the choke hold that Tazz put on him at the Royal Rumble last night. He says its okay, because Tazz has no integrity and doesn't know any better as he’s just a common street thug. Tazz then comes out to a great pop. They fight, AND TAZZ AGAIN CHOKES OUT ANGLE! And it’s all downhill from here for Tazz but at least he becomes the WWE’s best commentator from 2003-2007.

Backstage: Michael Cole asks The Rock who will be his tag partner tonight, and Rock says he’s looking at him. He says he’s gonna beat their candy ass by himself.

The Godfather & D’lo Brown (w/Hoes) vs. The Acolytes
Bradshaw and Godfather beating the shit out of one another for a minute was pretty great, D’lo is pretty washed now so when he’s not bumping and selling he’s pretty useless. The Acolytes iso D’lo it went about 20 seconds before Godfather got a hot tag, he hits the Hoe train for two before tagging D’lo back in just to get murdered by Bradshaws clothesline from hell off the blind tag.

Backstage: The ladies of the “Royal Rumble Swimsuit” competition are standing by waiting for the results.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring, and The Kat, Jackie, Ivory, Luna, B.B., and Mae Young with Moolah come out to decide the winner of the Rumble swimsuit contest. Terri, is dead so she can’t make it. Mae is the winner, and the crowd boos horribly. Mae says at least hers are real, and we get the catfight fuckery. Mae then tries to strip again, but the refs, Moolah, and Mark Henry stop her.

Backstage: The Big Show and Triple H are talking about how easy tonight will be seeing how Rock can’t find a tag partner.

Test vs. The Big Bossman
Early tonight; Droz who is in a wheelchair came to see all the WWE superstars. This is all of 30 seconds, before Stevie Richards comes out dressed as Test attacks Bossman for the DQ. He tries to shake Test's hand, but Test hits a Pumphandle Slam and the knight stick off the top elbow drop.

Michael Cole is at the medical facility, he says no reports are in but early signs are concussion and maybe a broken neck.

The Rock comes out first, but then is followed By Triple H and The Big Show. RIKISHI THEN COMES OUT TO BE THE ROCKS PARTNER BECAUSE HE DID IT FOR DA ROCK! Look at Trips and accomplice Rikishi playing games from January.

The Rock & Rikishi vs. The Big Show & Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley)
This is fun for 6 minutes or so, Rock bumps huge for Show and Triple H and works the majority of the match being the face in peril. Rikishi has a good hot tag before Show puts a stop to it with a side walk slam. That allows Trips and Show to iso him or try to but they can never really maintain control as Rikishi is too much for them. Rock makes his own hot tag and cleans house on both men. Rock tries to Rock bottom Show but Triple H low blows him, and the Outlaws run down to take out Rikishi. They attack Rikishi on the floor, and Triple H and Big Show beat on The Rock in the ring, but Cactus Jack is here with 2X4 and the babyfaces clear the ring and celebrate as the show goes off the air. **


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WWF Smackdown Episode 23
January 27th, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
European Champion: Val Venis
Hardcore Champion: Test
Women’s Champion: The Kat

The show opens with a video highlight recap of the Main Event fuckery.

Billy Gunn comes out for his match and gets on the mic and says if he thinks Snow’s gonna beat him tonight he’s got two words for him “SUCK IT!” The camera then cuts backstage to Al and Steve talking; Al says if he wins tonight they get a tag title match on Monday, Steve says it’s nice to see him finally focused. Snow then puts bunny ears on Steve’s head and says they could be called “Snow Bunnies” Steve is pissed, so Snow says they will just stick with “HEAD CHEESE”

Billy Gunn vs. Al Snow (w/Head)
They try I guess but they both suck a lot, pretty hilarious moment happens when they both go for crossbodies but Gunn hits his nose on Al’s head and is pretty hurt so he just starts stiffing Al. They go back and forth for 2 minutes until Steve Blackman runs down with the kendo sticks, Gunn takes it way and hits both of them with it, causing the DQ, so Head Cheese gets a title shot :lmaoGunn

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie are watching what just happen, Triple H says the night isn’t starting how they wanted already and he doesn’t want what happen on Raw to happen again. Steph says the Outlaws will have no problem beating them, she then questions if Rock and Rikishi are forming an alliance. Triple H says they can’t because they will be facing one another tonight. Suddenly, Show comes in and says he has proof he takes out pictures. But Triple H says he pics are fuzzy and needs something more solid like an eye witness and it’s a done deal. Triple H then says he needs a couple of favors tonight; so get himself suited up.

Backstage: Cactus Jack is day dreaming somewhere.

Cactus Jack comes down to the ring a steel pipe in hand; he says he is no idiot so he did not come out along. He says he tore New York down and had one of the greatest matches in wrestling history, but he’s also disappointed he did not bring the WWF title home. But he says a different side of Triple H, and proved he is the game. But he proved it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it how you maim the game. He says he made Triple H bleed and had a good time doing it; he challenges him to another match right now. Triple H’s music hits but Stephanie comes out instead, she calls him pathetic and that Triple H has already beat him at his own game. She says Triple H wanted to come out but he’s already proved he’s better than he it, she says there’s no point as they’ve already proved it. Cactus Jack says Triple H is one hell of a man, and she’s one hell of a woman. He then makes a joke saying Triple H has no testicles so she slaps him, he says let’s play a game “Slap me again and see what happens” he dares her to hit him harder he yells and she backs off on bails from the ring. He then says he feels like following her to the back and finding Triple H and beating the hell out of him, but the thought of them together makes him sick so he’s gonna get his bags and get out of town. BANG! BANG!

Backstage: Hardcore tries to win Crash back, but he says he’s good he and Big Vis are already 1-0 so no thanks, Hardcore gets upset and says he’s gonna take out his new partner.

Earlier Today; Edge and Christian give their hopes and prayers to Teri, and say they will beat the Dudleyz tonight.

Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz
All 4 brawl to start and Edge gets thrown out leaving Christian to a 2-1 assault, Edge then makes a return dropkicking Bubba and E&C have a brief 2-1 before the match settles down to a normal tag match. The Dudleyz iso Christian hitting the diving headbutt low blow for two. Bubba’s shit talking while beating up Christian is great he yells at him “I HOPE YOU DIE” :lmao Bubba gets caught up top and Christian hits a top rope ‘Rana before tagging in Edge who has fun little hot tag, he cleans house and Christian hits the springboard plancha dive to the floor whipping out Bubba and Edge hits D-Von with a spear for the win. After the match; the Dudleyz hit both E&C with 3D’s. Bubba brings out a table and sets it up on the floor. D-Von has Christian and places him on Bubba’s shoulders in a powerbomb position and Bubba powerbombs him through Edge and the table. AWESOME! Bubba has his cumshot face look, while Edge is bleeding from the mouth and Christian is out cold. **1/2

Backstage: Triple H calms Steph down, Kane busts in the door and demands X-Pac but Triple H says he’s not here but he can have him on Monday. Steph then says only if he can beat the Big Show tonight.

Viscera vs. Hardcore Holly
This is a huge pile of shit; they punch and kick for 2 minutes as Crash comes out to watch, the match ends when Vis squashes Holly in the corner and ends it with a Samoan drop for the win. After the match; Crash and Hardcore double team Viscera because blood is thicker than having a good tag team smh.

Backstage: Triple H and Steph are watching the show, when Show comes in to get his pictures back. He says he and Kane tonight huh? He says don’t abuse this privilege.

Backstage: Tori and Kane walk.

Kane (w/Tori) vs. The Big Show
Respectable filler brawl early on, and this goes on way too long. It’s clearly all filler until X-Pac runs down to feel up Tori, Kane sees this and goes after him but Show stops it and Gunn and Triple H run down for a 4-1 beatdown. They throw him into the steps, and Triple H kills him with a steel chair shot to the head. Show follows up with a chokeslam, they drag him to the corner and tie him up to the ringpost making him watch X-Pac who grabs Tori. Pac has the mic and says he wants to tell him the “X-Pac and Tori Christmas Story” he says Tori seduced him, like the way she undressed herself totally nude. He says she likes it rough, he says she kissed his……nevermid. And it lasted all day and night. Pac tells Tori to do whatever the hell she wants now, AND TORI KISSES X-PAC! SWERVE! KANE IS LOSING HIS SHIT! THE END! They all laugh at Kane and leave.

Replays of what just happen, we then cut backstage to Kane leaving the arena in full ring gear heartbroken. King makes jokes about Kane going to commit suicide.

The Godfather & D’lo Brown (w/Hoes) vs. Too Cool
So this happens, it’s pretty shit all 4 get a little bit of offense in until Scotty just stops the match to do the worm, the hoes then get up on the apron and Godfather says they can fight anytime but it’s clear everyone wants to dance so that’s what they do. Suddenly, Mae comes down to join in. Mark says cut the music because they have an announcement. MAE THEN ANNOUNCES SHE’S PREGNANT! Everyone in the ring is disgusted and shamed.

Backstage: The Mean Street Posse react to Mae’s pregnancy, they then see Tazz and make a bunch of short man jokes. Tazz says he’s a real mam and challenges them all to a match.

WWF Hardcore Championship: Gangrel (w/Luna) vs. Test
The immediately brawl up the entrance way and to the back, Luna gets involved and bumps better than both of the men involved in the match. They brawl into the street too and Test puts Luna into the back of a 4x4 covered in snow, Test tries some comedy but fails. They continue to brawl past the loading trucks :lmao Luna goes to his test with a shovel but the shovel part flys off and knocks him off the loading bay. Test has had enough so he powerbombs her onto a piano and hits the elbow drop onto Gangrel on top of boxes for the win.

Backstage: The Posse argue who goes first against Tazz or is it Tizz says Rodney :lmao

The Man Street Posse vs. Tazz
Cole refers to Tazz as a scrapper, and King just rips him for it. Tazz pretty much demolishes them Gas taps to the Tazzmission. After the match; Kurt Angle runs down and attacks Tazz. He hits the Angle Slam, and chokes Tazz out for revenge.

Backstage: Crash says now that he and Hardcore are back together, he hopes he doesn’t get jealous when he does what he couldn’t and win the IC title.

Chyna comes out first for fuck sake and debuts the shitty bazooka pyro entrance, Chris Jericho then comes out and Jericho has the mic. He says he doesn’t blame Hardcore for being jealous of Crash for looking like Elroy Jetson.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Crash Holly (w/Hardcore Holly) vs. Chris Jericho (w/Chyna)
So this is fun, Jericho finally has someone who is worth a damn and he show flashes of his greatness, Crash bumps tremendously in the early going and gets super aggressive when it’s him on offense. He hits this nice little ‘rana off the top for two, but he goes to the air one too many times and Jericho hits a mid air dropkick. Jericho has a sweet comeback as for one of the few times he’s the bigger man so he busts out some power moves. He goes for the Lionsult but Hardcore kills him with a title belt to the head, and he’s out. Chyna comes marching over so Hardcore just kicks her in the face :lmao like he didn’t even wait for her to stop or do anything :lmao Crash covers but only gets a two, Jericho then recovers and locks in the walls for the win. While that was going on Chyna DDT’s Hardcore on the floor. King then claims Chyna has a thing for Jericho now. **3/4

Backstage: Shots of The Rock and Rikishi walking to the ring.

WWE hype up Half time heat this Sunday.

Before the match, Rock does his corner pose and the crowd are losing their shit. He then grabs the mic and does his usual catchphrases. Finally the Rock has come back to Baltimore, he then says Rikishi he appreciates what he did for him on Raw but tonight, a different day and a different show. This is the Rocks show, which means he will be surrounded by the millions and MILLIONS of the Rocks fans chanting his name. And then over here you have a 7Foot 500-pound man chanting this “Rocky’s feet hit fist, I got pictures” Big Show you wanna run your mouth go investigate how you are gonna get all those pictures turn them side-ways and stick them straight up your candy ass. IF YOU SMELLLLLL.WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING.

The Rock vs. Rikishi
So this is low key great, they have respect for one another but it doesn’t stop them from going 100 at one another. Neither man can really gain control for long periods of time so they kinda get equal amounts of time in one upping the other. Rock randomly goes for a suplex that backfires but he musters up the power for a Samoan drop of his down. I love that Rikishi doesn’t stay down he takes everything Rock dishes out and comes back for more or it just doesn’t have enough to keep down. E.g Rock hits this pretty DDT but Rikishi bounces up and hits Rock with a superkick. Rikishi goes for the sitdown piledriver but Rock slips out he goes for the Rock bottom but I think Rikishi botches and jumps to his knees instead of on his back, I think because I can clearly hear the ref ask if he’s alright. Both men are slow and this time he hits the Rock bottom, but they work it as Rock took too much energy from himself on the 2 Rock bottoms, so he can't cover. The ref gets squashed in the corner and Rikishi hits Rock with the belly-to-belly but doesn’t go for the cover. Instead he hits the Banzai Drop. He has the match won, but The Big Show attacks both men for the DQ. After the match; Show chokeslams Rock and Triple H hits th pedigree on Rikishi. Stephanie comes down with the WWF Title, and Too Cool tries for the save, but fail as Triple H pedigrees Scotty and gives him to Show for the double chokeslam. Triple H then hits Earl Hebner just because he can :lmao Fun match, Rock looks great as the babyface main eventer not taking the pin but looks beatable, and Rikishi looked like a future main event in almost beating the Rock. TripleH/Show get their heat back. It’s a win/win. **3/4