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WWE Star Ratings Archives


New Member
Nov 23, 2018
This is an archive that I'll keep updated with every show that happens, this way I can make a match of the year list much easier at the end of 2019. I'll do one match at a time, because I don't want the posts to be too long.

NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool

(January 12th 2019)

Match 1- Mustache Mountain Vs. Zack Gibson And James Drake- Tag Team Match To Crown The Inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Match Summary- This was an excellent tag team match with a great pace. It started out very slow with a lot of basic holds, and it picked up very organically, before you knew it, both teams had kicked out of double team finishers.

Eventually, after an AMAZING assisted suicide dive spot, Gibson and Drake hit a double team version of the Ticket To Ride. They than covered Trent Seven and shockingly won the match.

I think we were all expecting a Bate and Seven victory, but I don't think this was a bad decision. The match was great and the booking was a nice surprise. And not only that, Gibson and Drake proved to me that they were a good enough tag team to carry the NXT UK tag division for the next several months, before Moustache Mountain inevitably win the titles.

Final Rating- ****1/4

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