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Splice the movie! 2010!


Jun 3, 2010
Manchester UK


Well i recently got back from a festival and i couldnt sleep so i decided to sit down and watch splice which alot of people had rated quite highly! it starts of slow and quite boring but i hung in there! and to my suprise it turned out to be a very decent movie! not saying it was a masterpeice but it was a decent fun movie to watch!

It reminded me of the first time i watched Species! it was a different movie to the normal horror movies i had watched at the time! and this is no different! if you can get past the similarities to the film and just enjoy the crazy bio-engerneering in this movie then you should have fun!

Now to the creature itself! its a random mixture of creatures and a human! and it really gives u the effect of this thing has been created out of everything! when its a child its a freaky rat looking thing but as the movie grows and it does as well it looks better and better!

So if you get a spare couple of hours check it out!

i rate it 8/10!


Well-Known Member
May 11, 2010
Streets Ahead
I haven't seen this movie before but the trailer looks intriguing. Good concept for a science fiction movie and it sounds original to me. Rather than sticking with the often used cloning theme they splice the DNA with other animals aswell. Seems like a decent rental movie if I can find it at my local store.