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Rise and Impact Partnership.

Kairi HoHo

Super Moderator
Feb 23, 2015
New Castle, Delaware

May 11 and 12 in Pittsburgh, PA, RISE teams International Wrestling Cartel and IMPACT Wrestling to present RISE – Lights, Camera, ACTION: The Art of TV! This is an incredibly exciting expansion, creating unique opportunities for talent development and an entirely new variety of content soon to be available to fans worldwide.

May 11 will be the first RISE – LCA Seminar and is focused in developing women wrestlers in areas specific to performance in a television environment. A wide variety of topics will be covered in this full day Seminar by some of the most influential minds involved in producing IMPACT Wrestling, all with tremendous backgrounds in in-ring performance.
Participants in this Seminar will spend their day learning from and being evaluated by Writer/Producer Jimmy Jacobs, Creative Director Sonjay Dutt, Hall of Famer and Knockouts Producer Gail Kim and Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore.

This is an unprecedented day of learning and exposure for our Prospective Talent Pool and RISE Roster!
Then, May 12, we will tape several episodes of RISE – ASCENT, our new weekly episodic program that will debut later in the month of May exclusively on our new streaming platform riseascent.com. Several Prospects will be selected from this Seminar by the facilitators and RISE and IWC Producers on hand to be part of our newest video platform where they will perform alongside talent including Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom, Shotzi Blackheart, Britt Baker, Dust, Mercedes Martinez and many more to be announced.

An even bigger opportunity lies on the horizon for one talent from the inaugural RISE – LCA Seminar and Event. One of the women wrestlers featured on RISE – ASCENT will be selected for an opportunity to perform for IMPACT Wrestling at an upcoming set of television tapings!

This is a very exciting time for RISE, and we cannot wait for fans and talents to be part of this historic weekend with our newest partners, IWC and IMPACT Wrestling!

Fans, tickets will be on sale soon.

Women wrestlers, registration is now open at rise-wrestling.com/seminar.
I'm pretty fucking happy hearing this news happen. Even know I don't know who wrestles for Rise Wrestling outside of Mercedes looking at that info, but Impact getting in bed with a company who have real Women Wrestlers yeah that's a win win for them. One of the weakest spots right now is the Knockouts Division, Allie/Van Ness is a comedic feud going on that will end soon considering Van Ness is leaving Impact, Rosemary is Wrestling with a very green Hania who is not I heard with Impact outside a few more tapings, and Taya hasn't fucking returned yet da hell is going on there? Anyways Impact needs talent and I'm going to be keeping a eye on who survives all of this and lands on Impact TV outside of their main talent in their Company.