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Proposed Re-vamp of Wrestling Smarks


Active Member
Sep 19, 2014
Bare with me, lads. I'm not exactly the most seasoned member on the site, but I'd like to think I have some ideas that may be able to help out Wrestling Smarks. This is going to be a detailed revampment of Wrestling Smarks. This is only a proposal. I don't expect everything, if anything, to be taken seriously. But this is just my two cents on how the site can be revamped. Also a note, some of this stuff I may've already suggested. But this is just a comprehensive list/proposal.

1. Forums - One thing that I think should be under consideration is the forums. Their arrangement, their descriptions, and the ones we have etc etc.
  • First off, the Royal Rumble (PPV) section says that TNA, ROH and other independent wrestling (i)PPVs are available for discussion, even though its under the WWE Forums section, and no TNA/ROH/Indie PPV discussion has been posted there in a long time. My suggestion is to make a separate PPV section for the Other Wrestling forum.
  • As for the Indie wrestling section; DGUSA no longer exists.
  • The Tournament section needs cleaning up as well. The title and recent thread(s) suggest a Tag Team tournament, while the description and older threads still talk about women. I think if the Tournament section were cleaned up, updated and had a sectional mod that helped put together and make brackets etc, that it would get much more active.
  • The Prediction League, I think, deserves a reboot. Though prediction contests are still being held, I the rules and champions and other info hasn't been updated in a long time. Same as the Tournament section, a clean reboot of the section once Season 10 starts.
  • I think Entertainment and Video Games & Technology should be put into one section under the Entertainment banner. Technology can be a sub-section, but aren't Video Games a form of entertainment? Would compact two sections.
  • MMA's subsection should be removed and the threads be added back to the Sports Section.
  • Spam should be renamed. Spam makes it sound rather unpleasant and kind of doesn't make sense. Spam is generally equated with unwanted junk. And the section is primarily for off-topic and games.
  • As for renaming sections, I also think "Total Divas" should be called "Divas, Celebrities & Models".
2. Add-ons - Some stuff that I think would go good to be added to the forum.
  • Thread reply bans are something that I already suggested, and I think it would be good. Nothing much to say since it's already been suggested.
  • "Who Replied" is a useful and cool tool to find old posts and just scope out threads.
  • Groups. Much like staff groups (i.e SIG Staff) which are private sections, I think it would be interesting to add those here. I say to add a price-tag, but that's just me. With it comes a special user-bar, and a private section (maybe a private shoutbox?)
  • Collapsing signatures is something that would help a lot too.
  • Another useful tool, especially for e-feds (to create unique promos etc etc) would be the Font Manager
3. Extra - Other things that I think would go well.
  • New logo would go well (though I think it would be the final step in revamping the forum). It could be accompanied with a logo contest in the Graphics section. After multiple selections are emitted, rounds of voting will take place for the community to choose a new board logo.
  • Fantasy League. I'm talking NFL. I'm sure we can bring in a few more people who like NFL and wrestling alike. Would need someone who knows whats up and who cares enough to set everything up.
  • Please add an option to hide the Twitter update bar on the side (unless there is already a way?)
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Nov 13, 2010
How about people just post actual threads?

Place is a ghost town because no one creates content to discuss.

Shoutbox is popular because theres no other place to discuss stuff.


Active Member
Sep 19, 2014
- Update TNA Impact Wrestling to the GFW Section

- Unstick all old PPV threads

- Update SummerFest to No Mercy

Please and thank you.
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