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PPV's back to dual brand


Super Moderator
Dec 17, 2010


Split feelings on this. On one hand i'm glad that the PPV's might actually have a bigger feel about them by combining the two the rosters and not just feeling like a glorified RAW / SD. It's also going to mean that a lot of undercard matches generally won't be on the show as there will be literally no room after just all the title matches alone being added.​


Well-Known Member
Aug 6, 2010
Cutting down on the number of events per year is a good thing for me. Its just over kill having as many as they do and make each one feel less special. I like the idea of both brands being featured on PPV. Except it could lead to too many title matches and for it to work WWE have to push a SD VS. Raw feud.

Champagne Charlie

Well-Known Member
Jul 28, 2011
United Kingdom
I have mixed feelings. Too many PPV's is def an overkill but of course they will end up making the ppv's like 4 hours which is overkill. Not really been watching lately anyway though.