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Kris/beaninator from TellyTV

Kris (beaninator)

New Member
Sep 23, 2018
Hello everybody,

my name's Kris. I used to be extremely active on a wrestling forum called "TellyTV" which doesn't exist anymore. I made lots of friends there (Rob/Crusade, Lars/larsosc, Scott, Nicolai, Kevin/wtfhanh, Connor, Nathan, Matt) and I know some of them migrated to this forum here. Just wondered if some of them are still around and wanted to say hi :D
I am really grateful for you guys, because my time on that forum und talking to you guys on skype helped me elevate my english grades from Cs and Ds to straight As up until I finished school. So huzzah for wrestling, forums and skype calls! What still baffles me today is why people liked me. Back then I was like 14-16 and an aaaaaabsolute moron. I even became a moderator at some point which is CRAZY considering what a dumbass I was. Anyways, a few years down the road I'll probably be thinking the same thing about the me of today lol.

I recently considered getting back into wrestling, which is why I'm posting this in the first place. So there's that.

ALSO: I know that the nickname "beaninator" fucking sucks, but I wanted to use my old alias just in case someone from the old guard remembers me.