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Impact: March 24, 2020

Sexpun T'Come

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Apr 17, 2019
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Scotland via Jabberwock Island
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No thread? hm

Things that happened in this one:

X Division Championship Number 1 Contender's Match - Mack vs. Bey vs. Romero vs. Daga vs. Raju vs. Jake Crist vs. Trey vs. Cousin Jake

Moose vs. Chase Stevens

Rosemary segment at a bar

Reno Scum vs. Rascalz (Wentz/Dez)

Cancel Culture challenge the Deaners to a match

oVe (Fulton/Dave) vs. Rhino/Sabu

Undead Realm - Su Yung vs. Havok

Tessa/Eddie vs. Taya/Elgin

More Undead Realm stuff (holy shit did they literally just kill off Father James Mitchell? That will play hell with the Impact lore)


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Dec 23, 2011
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Just West of Parts Unkown
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Wait Father Jimmy is dead? :CENA


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Feb 23, 2015
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New Castle, Delaware
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Yeah that is on me not making a Thread sorry. Been so busy this past two weeks and stressed out of from work and this Coronavirus has been messing with my money so Wrestling hasn't been on my mind to watch. So fuck with that negativity now it's time to give my thoughts on Impact this Week shall we. First of all I like to say I'm worried about Impact going forward with this Coronavirus going on. They already cancelled Lockdown, and Rebellion, and they'll be fine it terms of Tapings, but they need that PPV money. Hopefully this all gets worked out in the end. I don't think I would of went with Willie Mack being number one contender for the X-Division Title. I get it to further the Storyline with Ace Austin, but you could of gotten there without the win. I rather of wanted to see Bey get this to really push him to the Moon, but still the Match itself was quite entertaining.

Very interesting to see what is going on with OVE and Sami since his return. OVE seem to be confused themselves on what is Sami doing is cool to see, and who's to say that Sami is going to create a new group and get rid of his alliance towards OVE? Jake Crist thinks this is a test from Sami towards them, but Dave and Fulton aren't believing it as much as him. Moose squashed Chase to no end and I'm like wait you made Chase seem like a guy who could give Moose problems with the fight last Week, and then he gets his ass kicked just like that? Moose gets introduced to Suicide who is not TJP because TJP is going to be Manik coming up soon, so I wonder who was the guy in the Mask this time around?

Rosemary doesn't know what to with herself and Raven had me laughing on his perspective. The longer the hate and feud goes it's more fun says Raven. I don't know where they are going with this with Rosemary and Taya, but Rosemary kinda needs right now. She's been doing the same thing it's felt like for awhile, and this could spark something. Just skip Rhino/Sabu vs OVE, not really interesting enough at least for me to talk about. We might need to Cancel Culture like those guys want to do towards the Deaners.

Tessa/Eddie vs Elgin/Taya. Damn a shame we won't be getting Edwards vs Elgin vs Tessa anytime soon because this Match was a good tease for it that made me mouth water. We will get it in the future and I'm sure they'll be great together.

I don't know how to feel about what happened with Su Yung and Havok in the Undead Realm. James is dead and seemly in his own Hell with Abyss and Cats apparently, but what does this do for Su Yung and Havok going forward?

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