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How would I fix a WWE program.


Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2010
Drop the 3rd hour if Raw...duh obviously.....if I want to keep those advertisers, I'd put their logos on my barricades like a hockey game.

Erase gimmicky characters, fuck off all dancers, road warriors and whatever insults people's intelligence, it's a tv show, yeah, but it's still in a real world setting.

Institute weight classes, if the vanilla midgets can draw, then they can do it with their own title, if they want to move up, gain the weight and anyone on a losing skid can go down a weight class incase I want to pump fresh blood into divisions.

Zero secondary titles and tag teams are strictly tag teams, avoid multiple matches between the same people, the roster is big enough to not have that problem

Gimmick matches go back to strictly blow angles, and if I'm going to book cold matches for tv time, than I explain it with a simple ranking statement.

No convoluted angles, because wrestling fans are stupid, shit the "smart" ones can't even tell you what a story of an actual match is.

Anyone can't cut a promo, the ones that can will be given leeway, the ones who can't will be limited to 30 seconds or given someone who can....cut out the 3 man booth, the black guys never talk and it's noticeable, put them on the shit shows until the other guys get too long in the tooth.

Put time limits on matches and use my commercial time accordingly. Long matches with commercial breaks kills the match.
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Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
Tell em' Deezy, fuckin' tell them. Pretty sure we've had this discussion at least once a week in the shoutbox so I don't disagree on a single thing.

You did miss out hire me to write for these shitty bookers tho, but I'll let it slide.
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Super Moderator
Dec 17, 2010
They really need to keep a close eye on NXT in my opinion because for the amount of the talent they've actually brought up to the main roster from there, they've also been allowing a ton of shit through too that you just know were going to fail from day one.

Time and time again we've seen dancing and model gimmicks fail, yet they still persist forward with these characters even though they're gonna flop hard if they get the call up. Fandango, Tyler Breeze and Adam Rose are all recent examples who just haven't worked at all yet we still similar variations to them right now in NXT like No Way José, Ty Dillinger and Wesley Blake.

Getting rid of the third hour too is the most obvious one because there's nothing worse than seeing something like Nia Jax, Braun Strowman and Bo Dallas all being involved in squash matches over the space of a single hour.
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Well-Known Member
Feb 25, 2012
The third hour is the worst thing on WWE programming. It's hard on everyone, from the people watching at home, to the live fans and especially on the writers. It's been bad for a while but with the brand split, it's become even more noticeable.

Triple H has said it himself, if he had it his way, Raw would be 2 hours again.