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Brock Lesnar re-signs with WWE; will face Roman Reigns at the Greatest Royal Rumble

Dark Phoeni⦻

Evil Owner
Jun 28, 2010

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar re-signs with WWE;
will face Roman Reigns at the Greatest Royal Rumble

STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon announced today that Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has re-signed with WWE. Lesnar’s next appearance is scheduled for the Greatest Royal Rumble event, where he will compete against Roman Reigns in a Steel Cage Match for the Universal Title at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Friday, April 27, at 7 p.m. AST.

The Greatest Royal Rumble will stream live on the award-winning WWE Network with a tune-in time of 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT, with a special, one-hour Greatest Royal Rumble Kickoff starting at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. It will be available on pay-per-view outside of the Middle East with regional broadcast information forthcoming. Tickets for this historic event will be available on Friday, April 13.

The event will also feature the first-ever 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble Match, John Cena vs. Triple H and six other championship matches.

General Sports Authority of Saudi Arabia Chairman, His Excellency Turki Al-Sheikh, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, invite the world to celebrate this signature event.
WrestleMania is just a lead-in for live events now. :MJ:

Kairi HoHo

Super Moderator
Feb 23, 2015
New Castle, Delaware
It's just not how you win a Match to me, is where you win it. A Wrestlemania win lasts forever in my eyes, and a win for Roman even know this is suppose to be big is just something I'll forget quickly when Roman drops it back to someone later.


Super Moderator
Dec 17, 2010
Lol they really are going all out for this show, guess they did get paid a fucking fortune to run this.


Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2010
Its just like the UK in the early 90s....when houses are down in your own country, you look for other revenue sources.

And unless they get a better TV deal and the network subs that went past 2 mil for Mania stop being freebies. You can't rely on house shows like you used to.
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Well-Known Member
Aug 6, 2010
I did think it was a bit suspect the idea that Brock would go back to UFC at this. I still think him going over Reigns at Mania was the wrong outcome, but hey they fooled us, gotta give them that:D