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3 Captains Quit Deadliest Catch


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May 11, 2010
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adannews said:
Deadliest Catch 3 captains quit amid Discovery Channel’s Hilstranded lawsuit. Brothers Jonathan and Andy Hilstrand are being sued by the Deadliest Catch channel for failure to live up to their end of a spin-off program. Captain Sig Hansen is also rumored to have quit the show.

Deadliest Catch follows the lives of crab fishermen in the Bering Sea. It’s a deadly job, and one of the most dangerous in the world. However, during crab season, many are able to earn enough money to live well the rest of the year.

The death of Captain Phil Harris after complications from a stroke saddened the crew and many fans. His sons will be featured on the seventh season and are the only reason that many loyal viewers will tune in with Jonathan, Andy, and Sig gone.

Film.com indicates that Captain Sig may return, and speculates that that might occur if the Hilstrand lawsuit is dropped altogether or settled to the Hilstrand brothers liking. However, until there’s a concrete statement from the captain of the Northwestern himself, we can only assume that he’s gone.

The lawyers for the Hilstrand brothers say that the lawsuit amounts to extortion, and that in order to settle the suit to the Discovery Channel’s liking the men would have to sell their boats and fire their crew.

Fans are outraged. This was a very popular documentary series. Documentary series are different from reality series, as they are not supposed to be scripted.

This is crazy and it will really hurt the show.

For me my favourite boat is easily the Northwestern so no Sig is huge. My favourite deckhand besides Edgar is Mike from the Time Bandit so this is terrible.

The lawsuit seems excessive by Discovery. They would have made so much money off this show and ones based on this show and the Hilstrand brothers would have made plenty as well. No reason to sue them for $3 million because they didn't finish some voice-overs for the spin-off show which focusses on them outside the crab season.

Seriously Discovery should drop this lawsuit and the brothers should just do what their contract states so that the show doesn't suffer. It was going to be completely different anyway without Captain Phil Harris and now three main players won't be there. I hope that they settle their differences and are all back for Season Seven.

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