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Search results

  1. What Are You Watching Now?

    Slumber Party Massacre (1982)
  2. Remembering Owen Hart

    Was just 18 when Owen passed away and was totally in shock watching the PPV on TV at the time. Its one the most tragic losses of the last 20 years. He was a great performer and one of the most consistent and underrated of his era. Not to mention he brought so much joy to us fans and to his...
  3. What Are You Watching Now?

    Greta (2019) Really fun thriller/horror with a Fatal Attraction vibe. Great performances from Isabelle Huppert and Chloe Grace Moretz. Its tense with some nice twists.
  4. AEW Double or Nothing Discussion Thread

    Isn't Pac the ring name that Finn Balor used to go by? I maybe remembering it wrong but did see someone wrestling under Pac at indie shows like ten years back? Decent looking lineup. I'm always down for some "Aja Koooonggggggg"! action:mark: Makes sense for a promotion like this to go the...
  5. What Are You Watching Now?

    The Good Place S1E08 - Most Improved Player
  6. General AEW Thread

    It is about time there was an alternative to WWE again. Would be nice to have a solid second company. Time will tell, but I will keep an eye out for them.
  7. What Are You Watching Now?

    Khan's a boss villain! Second only to the Voyage Home for Trek movies IMO.
  8. What Are You Watching Now?

    Daria S3E08 - "Lane Miserables"
  9. What Are You Watching Now?

    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982/2009) (Director's Cut) Got this on Blu-ray. Its everything a classic Trek movie should be!
  10. Best Theme Song Finals: Wolfpack is Back (Wolfpac) vs Line in the Sand (Evolution)

    Am with @Grim on this one. Underwhelming final. I went with the Wolfpac song.
  11. WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Discussion Thread

    Yeah but nobodies binging WWE PPV's especially when their four hours long. You cannot compare it to 8 part drama/comedies which can easily be consumed in a couple of hours. @Chris I would be with you if this was the Attitude era. But when the products as hit and miss as it is right now then...
  12. WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Discussion Thread

    As a causal watcher of the current product I tend to pick and choose which PPV's to watch. MITB is one which always stands out to me as one with enough going on to be worth a watch. This show looks solid enough. The Lynch situation does add intrigued too. Might watch it in chucks though...
  13. Divas Search winner Ashley Massaro dead at 39

    Tragic news. 39 is no age for anyone to die. RIP. My thoughts go out to her friends and family.
  14. What Are You Watching Now?

    Veronica Mars S1E02 - Credit Where Credit's True
  15. What Are You Watching Now?

    Stumbled upon this gem today :lmao
  16. Rate the Harry Potter films

    Only seen 3 of them and bits of the one of the later ones. Seen the first one which is rubbish. The third one which I loved! And part 4 which is decent but not great. Only seen the second Fantastic Beasts film which was a mess. Heard good things about the first one though.
  17. What Are You Watching Now?

    Hanna S1EO2 - Friend
  18. New Tournament Suggestions

    True, also its more fun knocking bad stuff than talking up good stuff :lmao
  19. What are you listening to now?

  20. New Tournament Suggestions

    Plus its the culture we live in. I mean how often do you see the news report positive stories ?o_O