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  1. Krisis

    A Day Late and A Dollar Short

    The scene opens up with Adam Faulkner stepping out of a cab as it pulls to a stop in front of his home. The smile on his face slowly disappearing as he notices there is a visitor waiting for him on his front porch. ADAM FAULKNER Well I’ll be damned, didn’t think I’d ever see your ass again…...
  2. Krisis


    Name's Chris and you'll see me lurking about. Most likely I'll be mostly RPing but you'll probably see me talking about video games too. I've seen some familiar faces already and look forward to getting to know the rest of you.
  3. Krisis

    "Most Dangerous Man Alive" Adam Faulkner

    [CHARACTER INFORMATION] Ring Name: Kriminal Nickname(s): - Contract Killa - Texaz Outlaw - Most Dangerous Man Alive Billed From: Houston, TX Debut: Alignment: Heel Wrestling Style(s): - Brawler - Show Stopper Twitter Username: @CremeDeLaKrim [TALENT INFORMATION] Birth Name: Adam Faulkner Date...
  4. Krisis

    I'm Back Bitches

    Pretty much that. it's been way too long.
  5. Krisis

    I'm Back Bitches

    That is all.
  6. Krisis


    This is awesome
  7. Krisis

    Minecraft to Aid Redesign Efforts Around the World

    - IGN I heard a little bit about this a while back. Glad to see its actually going.
  8. Krisis

    "The Genius" Dawson West

    Name: Dawson West Nickname: The Genius Real Name: Dawson West Name of Your Picture Base: Charlie Haas Date of Birth: 08/27/88 Place of Birth: Colorado, TX Currently Residing: Colorado, TX Height*: 6 ft. 3 in. Weight*: 249 lb. Gimmick: Cocky and arrogant he is a true showman who...
  9. Krisis

    Chaka's Star Wars Stuff

    So I recently started dabbling in photoshop and have been trying my hand at some stuff for a Star Wars site that I visit... I thought I'd put some stuff here to see what you guys think since so many people here are so good.
  10. Krisis

    Super Smash Bros.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUyoUfy5hGs IGN
  11. Krisis

    No Man's Sky

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRpDn5qPp3s No Man's Sky is an upcoming science fiction video game developed and published by Hello Games. It will feature a procedurally generated open world. For those who don't know what that means, procedural generation refers to content generated...
  12. Krisis

    The Upcoming Video Game Trailer Thread

    There's one for movies... so why not video games? I give you The Elder Scrolls Online. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH9fCA3dmGc
  13. Krisis

    Terminator: Genesis


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