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  1. Wang Chung

    Andre the Giant Biopic could be greenlit.

    Who could portray Andre? Would be cool to see.
  2. Wang Chung

    Yes, a Slender Man Movie Is Happening

    This could be a dark film if they use the stuff from that website. Might not be a good thing.
  3. Wang Chung

    Alden Ehrenreich is Officially Young Han Solo

    This guy has some serious shoes to fill and if he does a bad job he will be hated as much as Jar Jar and Hayden Christenson.
  4. Wang Chung

    Comic Rumble Day 6- Single Elimination.

    well two heros get tossed. Silver Surfer gets attacked by just about everyone on his way in and he goes flying out of the ring just as fast as he enters the competition. The Flash who has survived merely by speed gets caught by Thanos and is tossed way into the sky and Dr. Doom hits him on...
  5. Wang Chung

    ‘Three’s Company’ Movie in the Works at New Line

    I am afraid that this will blow and there is no one out there that can fill John Ritters shoes.
  6. Wang Chung

    ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ New Series Greenlit by Netflix

    Booty will be happy about this. A second season for this is alright by me.
  7. Wang Chung

    Will Ferrell Pulls Out of Ronald Reagan Movie After Outcry From Family

    I haven't like the idea of this film to start off with and glad Ferrell dropped out and hope this film dies a long slow death.
  8. Wang Chung

    ‘Shinobi’ Video Game Being Adapted Into Movie by Marc Platt

    There is alot of ways that this could go but with recent video game movies they usually suck but here is hoping that this is decent since we need some good ones.
  9. Wang Chung

    ‘Puppet Master’ Reboot in Development With ‘Transformers’ Producers

    Always a fan of the Puppet Master series just hoping the Transformers producers don't screw this up.
  10. Wang Chung

    ‘Space Jam’ Sequel Starring LeBron James to Be Directed by Justin Lin

    Still don't want a sequel, but it looks like we are getting one.
  11. Wang Chung

    Russell Crowe in Talks to Join Tom Cruise in ‘The Mummy’ Reboot

    Still not sure I want to see another Mummy reboot and this could be a battle of the egos with Cruise and Crowe.
  12. Wang Chung

    Comic Rumble: Day 5: Single Elimination round.

    Superman and Punisher have Loki and Bane in the corners and are lifting them up when they get help from a surprise person in Magneto. Magneto begins to pull the corners of the rings up from the ring so Loki and Punisher can be tossed out by Sups and Punisher. Loki and Bane hit the floor when...
  13. Wang Chung

    Comic Rumble: Day 4: Single Elimination Round

    Gambit gets overrun by Dr. Doom and Magneto who tosses him out of the ring. Darkseid gets manhandled by Superman who fists him out of the ring. The rest of the entrants in the ring are standing tall looking at each other as the countdown clock begins to countdown. The first one out is...
  14. Wang Chung

    Comic Rumble day 3.

    Sorry for the day delay so now we will have a DOUBLE ELIMINATION ROUND. Superman comes in ad sees the bodies all entwined in battle. Heakes a beeline towards Carnage who has absorbed Flash into him. Superman punches him in the air and out of the arena. Somehow Flash was still standing in...
  15. Wang Chung

    Comic Rumble day 2

    Sorry for the delay but back to the action. Loki and Darkseid have Shazaam in the corner beating him down. Gambit and Deadpool are taking turns hitting Bane. Carnage is just standing there with tentacles flinging everywhere. Magneto is waving his arms for help from the back when...
  16. Wang Chung

    Warner Bros might be making less movies

    Stupid idea. All studios have flops. How about getting good screenwriters and directors for these films or choose things people want to see not shit. Do you smell what Tap a Talk is cooking?
  17. Wang Chung

    21 Jumpstreet/MIB crossover movie.

    Thisbhas to be one of the dumbest ideas ever and if Will Smith and Tommy both say no then this wont go anywhere. Do you smell what Tap a Talk is cooking?
  18. Wang Chung

    Comic Royal Rumble 2.0

    As the lights kick on we are welcomed to the second ever Comic Hero and Villain Royal Rumble, but as the announcers are getting started the lights go out. The crowd is in a hush. General Zod in the center of the ring. He is pissed because he didn't get to enter the rumble so he says no...
  19. Wang Chung

    Do you have a movie or movie franchise that you can watch anytime?

    Like the title says. Do you have a movie movie regardless of the time its on you must watch or one you watch multiple times through out the year? For me. Tombstone Matrix- the first one only Star Wars- all but the prequels Big Trouble in Little China Last Dragon Goonies Just for starters...
  20. Wang Chung

    Sherlock Season 4 on its way

    Great news. Cumberbatch is so great and if you have netflix give this a watch you wont regret it. Do you smell what Tap a Talk is cooking?

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