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  1. Champagne Charlie

    AEW's deal with TNT extended to 2023

    Absolutely agree with this part. Like in the tag match on Dynamite (which I did really enjoy) they had that bit where the Young Bucks hit about 20 superkicks in two minutes and it just seems so pointless.
  2. Champagne Charlie

    Wrestlers on your favorites list that no one else likes

    Charlotte is one of my favourites and not a lot of people seem to like her from what I have seen, not sure if that's her or her booking though.
  3. Champagne Charlie

    Hangman Page Discussion

    I really hope those kind of interactions keep happening and eventually lead to animosity between the two, want a Hangman heel turn badly.
  4. Champagne Charlie

    Favourite wrestling youtubers

    Anyone got any wrestling youtubers they would recommend to watch? I love Wrestling With Wregret and Cultaholic personally but would love to find out about more.
  5. Champagne Charlie

    Booker T Says Tessa Blanchard’s Impact World Title Win Is the Worst Idea in Wrestling History

    That's definitely exaggerated, we've seen some god awful decisions in wrestling this doesn't even scratch the surface.
  6. Champagne Charlie

    Hangman Page Discussion

    I'd love him to turn on Omega and turn into a monster heel, I think he's got it all and he can be a big star if they book him right.
  7. Champagne Charlie

    Make Impact Great: Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread

    That old school TNA show they have advertised Mania weekend looks so awesome, the branding that is. I hope we see some old school TNA guys there.
  8. Champagne Charlie

    WS 2019 Awards: Tag Team Of The Year

    Undisputed era, love those guys
  9. Champagne Charlie

    AEW Revolution - February 29, 2020 Discussion Thread

    Quite like the logo, really liked every bit of AEW's graphics I have seen so far.
  10. Champagne Charlie

    AEW Bash At The Beach: Dynamite January 15th, 2020 Live Discussion

    Only just got around to watching this, really enjoyed the show. Loved the opening tag match, some top guys in there. Loved Moxley's match too, I do enjoy most of his matches though.
  11. Champagne Charlie

    Football 2019-20 Season Thread: Premier League, Champions League etc

    Didn't even realise we had this discussion. Some good games this weekend, can't see Liverpool slipping up this season think they will dispatch United easily.
  12. Champagne Charlie

    IMPACT Wrestling Banned From Twitch

    That is hilarious. Don't Impact have a partnership with Twitch so I imagine this will be sorted out soon.
  13. Champagne Charlie

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Friday Night Dinner, one of my favourite shows
  14. Champagne Charlie

    Favorite WWE Moment of the Decade

    Miz cashing in - I was a big Miz fan at the time and I loved it, felt like years of hard work paying off for him Seth Rollins turning on the Shield - Just felt a huge moment for him, I always felt like Ambrose or Rollins would be the guy to turn and it really shocked me it was him Charlotte...
  15. Champagne Charlie

    Royal Rumble Entrant Guessin' Game

    20 Please good sir
  16. Champagne Charlie

    WS Best Indy Wrestler Of 2019

    Love Nick Aldis and David Starr, will go for Aldis for British bias
  17. Champagne Charlie

    AEW's deal with TNT extended to 2023

    Great news for AEW and for the wrestling industry as a whole, love to see it.
  18. Champagne Charlie

    Official 2020 NFL OffSeason Thread

    Shit is so sad about Kuechly, one of my favourite players to watch and sad that he couldn't continue anymore. Glad he's made his money and can get out before any further damage is done to his body.
  19. Champagne Charlie

    WS Best Finisher of 2019

    Black Mass is beautiful, that for me

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